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Been a while since I last lost a 10...

This one hurts a lot though...




(10) @codecat, @Ana Raquel, @Crisp X, @roblognick, @Wills, @ultraviolet, @Lately, @thommyh, @eliminathan, @Hurricane Drunk, @Oleander, @savilizabeths, @GeiPanda, @Gintoki, @Slice of Life (9.5) @Conan, @RUNAWAY, @Music Is Life & Death, @leedlelee..., @askew (9) @soratami, @TéléDex
LOW: (2) @Trinu 3.0 (4) @Sanctuary (6) @Shockbox, @PopZeitgeist, @ryjm, @Crafty, @GimmeWork, @ohnostalgia

10 voters: 55
20 voters: 39
30 voters: 44
40 voters: 35
50 voters: 34
60 voters: 36
62 voters: 35
You girlies make me sick! This is top 20 material, what the fuck! But tonight, we say goodbye to Alice's lone rate entry, the magical Dance On.

Dance On is the title track of Alice's first single album. It was written by Charlotte Churchman, Kella Armitage, Jeongwon Gyo (JamFactory), Han Nu Ri and Yoon Ye Sung and composed by Charlotte Churchman, Kella Armitage and Nicklas Eklund. Dance On may not have entered the Circle Digital Chart but at least did appear at number 86 on the component Download Chart. It's the group's first song to appear on that chart, let's celebrate that!

The last time we talked about an Alice song on a KSOTY Rate was back in the 2020 edition, when No Big Deal finished at number 53. The group was still named Elris back then! So many things have happened to the group since then. After the release of the Jackpot mini album in February 2020, the girls went on an extended hiatus for most of 2020 and 2021. Then in December 2021, it was announced that the girls were transferring from Hunus Entertainment to IOK Entertainment. It was also announced that the girls were rebranding to the name Alice and some of the members changed their stage names too. Their first release as Alice was the digital single Power of Love which the girls didn't promote on music shows. Five months later, they finally made their "real" comeback with Dance On. Whew, these girls went through a lot. I'm actually quite shqqk that none of the members left the group even though they went through two years with no real work. Patient kweens tbh!

The girls first teased Dance On during a concert in Bangkok, and lemme tell you, unnies: I was already stanning that song even though I've only heard like five seconds of it FFFFFFF! It was that serious to me. It just sounded like a smash to these ears. And my suspicions were validated when the song was finally officially released. Dance On just might be Alice/Elris' best song yet. This is the comeback of the century, I don't care! The first verse was a little too quiet for my liking (although it doesn't really bother me now) but then that pre-chorus came on and I knew... I fucking knew the song was gonna end me and my hair follicles. And true enough, I was practically bald when the first chorus was over.

And speaking of that chorus, can we just take a minute and acknowledge how gigantic and beautiful and heavenly it is? It's in the top 5 choruses of 2022 for sure. "Dance on... on my own..." The power that that has, the strength that that has, the grace that that has. It's such a simple line but it's so heartfelt. And the Alice girlies didn't stop there. They had to make the middle 8 a moment too... which then leads perfectly to the bombastic final chorus. These Alice girlies, they truly were on a mission with this song, the mission being:


Alice has already released their follow-up to Dance On and it's called Show Down. It's already really fucking good so please stream it once or ten times. Hopefully Alice releases another comeback before the year ends (and I hope it's a mini album at the very least!) just because my greedy ass deserves it, kekeke. No but really, I just need more Alice in my life!

Now let's go to your comments. Lowest scorer Trinu 3.0 continues to mystify me with some of their comments FFFFFF!: "This is… a boyband song." Girl, are you sure you're listening to the right song? There is no boyband song that sound like this wtf! ohnostagia is unmoved: "You’re going to need to give me better than this to earn that title, Alice." boom bazooka joe compares Dance On to a fromis_9 song: "The chorus has a similar cadence to DM by fromis. Not as good though!"

Salami would disagree with that comment though: "This is so sickly but I can't help it I really like it. This is how you do a cute song well, fromis 9 could learn a thing or two from them. Definitely reminds me of the Calvin Harris song." aux is moderately into Dance On: "It's cute! More than anything, I think it's great that the group managed to redebut under a new name." And even though she gave Dance On an 8, Vixen has a lot notes for Alice: "The song's good. My only gripe is that the chorus sounds a tad too busy/unclear instrumental-wise, and in terms of vocals, it also doesn't sound as crisp as it should sound? Like there's a bit of static, maybe? ddd I can't explain it, but it's bothering me a little. Still, a solid 8."

The chorus has some of you shaken and yes, super relatable! bbynewyear tells it like it is: "Super powerful chorus." vague is a lot more descriptive: "the chorus is so effervescent and fun." clowezra claims Dance On is: "A straight up smash!" PERIOD! I'm also glad that a few of you have discovered Dance On (and Alice) through this rate. ry123 screams: "Discovered this song through the rate and I love it!!!" Lately has a question: "First time hearing this and why isn't this talked about more???? So fucking good." Right?????

"Despite the atrocious name change, they continue being iconic," ultraviolet begins. "I once considered Jackpot as my favorite kpop song ever. They proved they're yet to lose their spark with Dance On." Wills speaks his truth: "Love them, but this blows all their other stuff out of the water idc idc." soratami spills: "The most successful reboot of the year, at least as far as K-PJ/soratami charts are concerned." codecat too: "DANCE ON!!!! ON MY OWN!!!! Now this is a perfect song for a group that rose out of the ashes of flopation!!!!!!!!"

Let's end this post with this praise-filled comment from Crisp X: "My brain may be rotten from recency bias but I really believe this is an instant K-Pop classic with a contender for best hook of the year. SNSD hags, manifest yourselves because this was genetically engineered for you!!" You know what, yeah, Girls' Generation would've bodied this song as well!

I really can't say enough nice things about this song! I love a zany composition as much as the next Kpop fan, but sometimes you get the sense they're throwing everything into the mix to distract from the fact that, in isolation, no one idea is all that great. Not here: Dance On knows exactly what it has going for it (a gargantuan chorus), and everything else is carefully calibrated to support that hook. Having the confidence to give a brilliant idea room to breathe goes a long way in making a modern classic.

SNSD comparisons are apt, and I love the parallel of both groups experiencing rebirth with songs that feel a bit back-to-basics. Great stuff!
I just wanted to publish these 5 posts after SUMMER CAKE elimination.
I am first promoter of Minkyung in Popjustice.
In 2020 she was using alias Classy.
Classy (Kim Min-kyung, 16th in MIXNINE, 4th in The Voice of Korea 2020)
Classy - I Know But

Then in 2022 I saw "Not In Public" recommendation on Popjustice.
But it was recommended by person, who tends to recommend songs, which (songs) I and surely, some other people here, usually find not so interesting. My expectations were low.
And speaking of music video, watching it, I got impression, that this song was selected not because of music per se, but mainly because of highlights/emphases in artist appearance.
And some reactions only confirmed this impression.
Also I didn't recognize Classy with her new name.
But in preparation to "members selected songs" KSOTY phase I listened to "Not In Public" more,
and it is actually very good.
It is in my 33 suggestions for KSOTY2022 selections.
SUMMER CAKE - Not In Public
(someone could superlove it)
We make these super<something> names, and I suggested to use "superlove" for "Not In Public".
Because of course. Summer Cake/Classy kinda said "I'm sophisticated. I'm super Classy".
I think "Not In Public" complements Tinashe "Superlove" well. Summer Cake brought something her own into it, in a good way.

I mean Tinashe - Superlove

Some people also would mention Ghost Town DJs - My Boo for these conversations.
Kim Minkyung/SUMMER CAKE was MIXNINE and The Voice of Korea contestant.
16th and 4th place, in both cases she was eliminated on last day of show.

Some MIXNINE performances:
IT HURTS (SLOW) (orig. 2NE1)
Shin Jiyoon (Weeekly, ex), Lee Hyangsook (2Eyes), Kim Yoohyeon (Dreamcatcher), Jo Yuri (RBW trainee), Kim Youngseo (RBW trainee), Lee Seungmi (MAJOR9 trainee), Kim Minkyung (SUMMER CAKE) , Moon Seungyou (START Ent trainee), Kim Sooyeon (Xooos), Kang Sihyeon (ARIAZ), Hwang Woolim (Playback, etc)

('Cause) I'm Your Girl (orig. S.E.S.)
Kim Hyunjin (LOONA), Ng Sze Kai(Shin), Nam Yujin (Eyedi), Park Haeyoung(A.De, ex), Go Junghee(FAVORITE), Kim Minkyung (SUMMER CAKE), Kim HyunJung (Berry Good, ex), Shin Jiwon (Berry Good, aka Johyun), Park Sumin (DreamNote)


Like A Star/After this night
Kim Hyunjin (LOONA), Shin Ryujin (ITZY), Jeon Heejin (LOONA), Kim Suhyun (Billlie), Kim Minkyung (SUMMER CAKE), Heo Chanmi (F-ve Dolls, HIGHCOLOR pre-debut with New-A (future SUMMER CAKE), aka Huh Chan Mi), Kim Bowon (FAVE Ent trainee), Baek Hyeonju (SEEART, AQUA), Kim Minju (FAVORITE)

Last edited:
Speaking of HIGHCOLOR, group that Minkyung/SUMMER CAKE was member of,
some examples:
Entire pre-debut HIGHCOLOR lineup participated in MIXNINE:
Minkyung, Huh Chanmi, Darin, Suha (Choi Sujeong aka Choi Tae Eun)
Bang Bang (orig. Jessie J ft. Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj)

Minkyung with Suha when HIGHCOLOR became duo:
Whistle (orig. BLACKPINK)

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Ready to say goodbye to another Superrevive Song?

And to another act?




HIGH: (11) @GeiPanda (10) @eatyourself, @tj-x, @Attis, @Newbie Four, @ultraviolet, @Lately, @RUNAWAY, @Crafty, @BEST FICTION, @thommyh, @ry123, @Music Is Life & Death, @Trinu 3.0, @savilizabeths (9.5) @drod93, @codecat, @FunkyButChic, @eliminathan, @Sanctuary, @ohnostalgia (9) @soratami, @Remorque, @Conan, @roblognick, @GimmeWork, @leedlelee..., @He, @TéléDex, @Slice of Life
LOW: (3) @Serg. (3.5) @Gintoki (4) @Shockbox, @boom bazooka joe (5.5) @Salami, @askew (6) @PopZeitgeist, @ohdenny, @bbynewyear, @Inland Empire

10 voters: 21
20 voters: 61
30 voters: 57
40 voters: 36
50 voters: 28
60 voters: 32
62 voters: 34
From having two songs in the top 40... to having zero songs in the top 30... Poor Yena! But yes, it is now time to say goodbye to her final song in the rate, SMiLEY, which features BIBI.

SMiLEY is the debut solo single of Yena. It was written by TWLV, BIBI, Yena and 72 and composed by Olof Lindskog, Gavin Jones, Hayley Aitken, TWLV, BIBI and 72. Unlike the debut singles of Kwon Eun Bi and Jo Yuri, two other IZ*ONE girlies that debuted solo before Yena, SMiLEY turned out to be a hit! It peaked at number 8 on the Circle Digital Chart and also won a music show trophy. Talent!

I didn't really follow IZ*ONE but even I was aware of Yena's potential as a star. I think it was during the Panorama era when I first saw her star potential and made me quietly root for her. So yes, I definitely looked forward to her career post-IZ*ONE. And you know what, I think SMiLEY really is the perfect way to (re-)introduce her to the world. I'm not just talking about the song. The whole package of SMiLEY really was suited for Yena perfectly. Whenever I think of Yena now, I also think of SMiLEY. Come on, effective branding!

The song itself is great though... although yes, it's definitely not the best song of the album... which is why I'm still kinda pressed that it defeated Pretty Boys in this rate. But my feelings aside, I can objectively say that SMiLEY is the perfect single choice. I mean, that chorus alone... that's a chorus is engineered to stay in your mind and take residence there for weeks, maybe months. It is so damn catchy! If I have to change one thing though, I'll definitely shorten Miss BIBI's rap. I don't hate it but I feel like it overstays its welcome. Other than that, I think SMiLEY is a winner.

Sadly, Yena couldn't quite replicate the success of SMiLEY. Her follow-up singles, Smartphone and Love War, underperformed in the charts. Those songs also weren't as well-received in the forum as SMiLEY. But again, I just can't give up on Yena yet. I know she will rise from these hindrances and release a winning bop soon. Trust and believe!

These girls definitely do not trust and believe Yena though. Lowest scorer Serg. shades: "I really don't like this I preferred her work or lack of work in I*ZONE." Not lack of work KHSADFGSJHDFG!! Gintoki does not wanna smile: "There's nothing to smile about in this economy Yena!" Damn! Number 1 Yena hater boom bazooka joe joins the smile boycott: "This song does not make me smile. :(" And Shockbox has forgotten his roots!: "I would love this if I was a pre-teen. But that was a LONG time ago *gets on zimmer frame back to gen 2 artists*"

aux is determined to promo Lxxk 2 U: ""LxxK 2 U" should've been the title track, don't @ me." soratami joins the Lxxk 2 U stannage: "This is great but Pretty Boys and Lxxk 2 U >. This mini really was something else." Wills comes out as a Smartphone shooter: "I swear if Smartphone had come out first, we'd all be praising that as the better song (a correct opinion) and complaining about this as the retread." Honestly, I really like Smartphone now too, kii! vague pens a strongly worded letter for Yuehua Entertainment: "this is cute or w/e, but Yuehua is wasting her potential by not giving her early Chungha-level bangers instead of stuff like this. let her show off her excellent performance skills, pleek! I'm begging!!!"

Joli Chat's comments continue making me scream: "Not Yena telling us to just smile away! Pfizer is trembling." I hate you SHDGFSDHKG!! ohnostalgia gets very specific with this comment: "The music video makes a great pilot for a lesbian tv show that will inevitably be cancelled after one season but retain a forever cult following." Sounds like an Emmy winner to me! And Attis gets real: "Can't believe her career is peaking at this." FFFFFFFFFF, she has not peaked yet!

"I cannot believe someone had to superyena this," eatyourself complains. "She's in her own lane crafting her own genre!" SMiLEY is tailor-made for Yena, ultraviolet reports: "There couldn't have been a better debut song for Yena." And ry123 tells a story of how SMiLEY helps him in real life: "This song literally helps my anxiety whenever I fly because it is so happy and uplifting. I really struggle with takeoff but putting this song on repeat through my noise cancelling headphones helps me so much." Oh I know this feeling so well as I'm also an anxious flier FFFFFFF!!

Let's hear the reason behind Lately's decision of Superreviving SMiLEY: "Well I just superrevived this simply because I don't think you can rate 2022 songs and leave out one of the biggest solo hits of the year. This is a perfectly crafted pop song, if you're a hater you simply never felt happiness in your life I'm sorry!"

And finally, we have GeiPanda who bestowed his precious 11 to SMiLEY: "I didn't follow I*ZONE that much, so it really came as a surprise to me how much I've ended up stanning Yena. And an equal surprise is how much this bright, feel-good concept appeals to me; an everlasting sadboy. I think it's the conviction that sells it - Yena seems to fully embrace being a positive beam of light, confidently projecting those optimistic lyrics (with a rap by iconic kween BIBI). The song has a message that can appeal to most people - that all of your troubles can seem lighter with a positive attitude - and it's wrapped up with that catchy af hook, striking artwork, colorful MV, and adorable styling. This is one of those rare cases where every element of the whole package matches up to the song that's being delivered. I literally love everything about it. And these same feelings apply to SMARTPHONE. I really loved the image that Yena had been establishing for herself with that stream of feel-good music. I'll support her whatever she does, but I am a little disappointed that her latest comeback is such a big diversion from the cheery image established by her first two singles - I felt Yena fit a niche that I didn't get from other solo artists. No matter what though, I'm a solidified Jigumi (Yena's fandom name) for life <3" PERIOD!


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34. SMiLEY (feat. BIBI) - 8.18548
38. Pretty Boys - 8.12500

1. @GeiPanda - 10.50000
1. @thommyh - 10.50000
3. @eatyourself - 10.00000
3. @Music Is Life & Death - 10.00000
3. @savilizabeths - 10.00000
3. @Trinu 3.0 - 10.00000
7. @eliminathan - 9.75000
8. @BEST FICTION - 9.50000
8. @roblognick - 9.50000
8. @soratami - 9.50000
8. @ultraviolet - 9.50000

12. @Slice of Life - 9.37500
13. @junglefish - 9.25000
13. @Lately - 9.25000
13. @RUNAWAY - 9.25000
16. @drod93 - 9.12500
17. @Attis - 9.00000
17. @Newbie Four - 9.00000
17. @ryjm - 9.00000
17. @TéléDex - 9.00000
17. @tj-x - 9.00000
17. @Wills - 9.00000

23. @codecat - 8.87500
23. @Conan - 8.87500
23. @He - 8.87500
23. @Oleander - 8.87500
27. @FunkyButChic - 8.75000
27. @ry123 - 8.75000
27. @Vixen - 8.75000
30. @KimLippington - 8.50000

31. @Remorque - 8.37500
31. @vague - 8.37500
33. @lovechoerrymotion - 8.25000
33. @ohnostalgia - 8.25000
33. @Sanctuary - 8.25000
36. @Crafty - 8.00000
36. @Crisp X - 8.00000
36. @GimmeWork - 8.00000
36. @Inland Empire - 8.00000
40. @YRSHKD - 7.87500

41. @chrisjche - 7.75000
41. @enjoy - 7.75000
41. @evilsin - 7.75000
44. @Glitterizer - 7.50000
44. @leedlelee... - 7.50000
44. @ysev - 7.50000
47. @Macsun - 7.37500
48. @clowezra - 7.25000
48. @Joli Chat - 7.25000
50. @Ana Raquel - 7.00000
50. @eccentricsimply - 7.00000

52. @PopZeitgeist - 6.87500
53. @aux - 6.75000
54. @Hurricane Drunk - 6.25000
55. @bbynewyear - 6.00000
55. @Salami - 6.00000
57. @Gintoki - 5.50000
57. @ohdenny - 5.50000
59. @askew - 5.25000
59. @Serg. - 5.25000

61. @boom bazooka joe - 5.00000
61. @Shockbox - 5.00000
Yena already switched from cute to mature image in IZ*ONE by time of "Panorama"-"Sequence" and "D-D-DANCE" eras.

She is member of IZ*ONE runners team, she is strong, has certain attitude, to a degree.
And solo debut with the concept, which we see, was unexpected. But hey, it worked.
I think that "SMILEY" is good. At the same time "LxxK 2 U" is better for me.
Pop-rock, pop-punk. Excellence.


"LxxK 2 U" was 3rd in line for my selection for KSOTY.
Yena 2nd album SMARTPHONE mirrors songs of 1st album
It has continuation of "LxxK 2 U", "WithOrWithOut", by almost same composers.
"LxxK 2 U" is better, but some points were made.