#KS⟲TY2022: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2022 Rate | #34

Why is 28 Reasons still in the rate nn... I don't even remember anyone particularly liking the song when it was released, bar two or three people who would have stanned a recording of Seulgi farting.

The SM privilege is real!!!
but now we said it!.gif
My memory may be failing me but I think a lot of people here enjoyed the song though, not just the usual stans. I remember being surprised by that back then dd
One of the few songs I wasn't lazy enough to write something about to justify a below 4 score.

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We had three straight non-Superrevive eliminations….. but tonight, we shall say goodbye to a Superrevive Song.


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it's mine I know it!!!!
Na it’s mine. They’ve been calling for it since day 1.






HIGH: (10) @enjoy, @ysev, @codecat, @junglefish, @RUNAWAY, @thommyh, @leedlelee..., @Vixen (9.5) @Music Is Life & Death (9) @ultraviolet, @bbynewyear
LOW: (2) @Trinu 3.0 (3) @Salami

10 voters: 59
20 voters: 70
30 voters: 65
40 voters: 74
50 voters: 73
60 voters: 73
62 voters: 73
Billlie also lose their first of two songs competing in this rate. Tonight, we say goodbye to a sign ~ anonymous. a sign ~ anonymous is taken from Billlie's second mini album, the collective soul and unconscious: chapter one. It was written by Le'mon and composed by MinGtion and Mayu Wakisaka.

The the collective soul and unconscious: chapter one was definitely one of the better K-Pop releases last year. Billlie has been quietly building one of the best K-Pop discographies in recent memory since they debuted back in 2021 and they continued that trend with this album. One of the highlights was definitely the second track, a sign ~ anonymous. If you told me this was a Red Velvet album track from, I don't know, 2015, I would've believed you. I think this would've slotted nicely on Red Velvet's The Red album. Like, between Lady's Room and Time Slip, something like that!

I guess my only critique of the song is that it doesn't stand out that much. It's a very good song, don't get me wrong. It's literally my second favourite song of the album (first is obviously overlap (1/1)). But in a rate like this where bombastic side eye title tracks are aplenty, a sign ~ anonymous kinda gets smothered.

Billlie are set to release their fourth mini album, the Billage of perception: chapter three, a few days from now - on March 28th. They have dropped various teasers for the songs to be featured in the album... but I've decided to not listen to those teasers and just wait for the whole album to drop FFFFFF! But I trust Billlie to release another landmark album filled with the best songs. They did it twice last year and I'm sure they are fully capable of doing it again this year. Make us proud, Billlie!

Let's go to comments... starting with this startling comment from Trinu 3.0: "WHERE ARE THE MELODIES????? The production is just farts?????" Complaining about the production being busy and yet you gave multiple 10s to NMIXX songs? Girl. Salami would've loved to rate RING ma bell (what a wonderful world) instead: "This group is very hit and miss for me. I'll let you work out from my score which one this is. Ring Ma Bell was also available you know?" soratami suggests a different Billlie song to rate: "This is cute but is a bit of an unremarkable b-side? Wish Patbingsu was in the rate instead." Also finding the song unremarkable is Glitterizer: "They got the name right, I listened to this multiple times and could never remember how it went."

Shockbox comments on Billlie songs' supposed lack of staying power: "There's something about Billlie songs where they don't have staying power for me. I played the shit out this song and the mini album but don't go back to any of it now." You know what, I actually kinda agree. I always forget to go back to their music for some reason. clowezra is moderately pleased: "The busy production lost half a point for me, but she’s cute!" roblognick has a question for Billlie: "Why do Billlie have these weird song titles. A bit like a cutesy platformer video game soundtrack with added lyrics." They are #QUIRKY! Let them be! vague wanted a better chorus melody: "very pretty, but the chorus melody isn't grabbing me fully."

boom bazooka joe has finally warmed up to Billlie: "I don't take all the rotten things I said about Ring X Ring last year, but Billlie course corrected in a major way in 2022. A great tune!" Character development? We love to see it! Speaking of Ring X Ring, bbynewyear also references it: "They really had something to say with this one! It feels like the follow up to Ring x Ring that I've been waiting on." ohnostalgia gives huge compliments for Billlie: "Of all the rookie girl groups, Billlie probably put out my favourite discography of 2022. I don’t care that they debuted in 2021, they are still rookies!!!" Amen! And aux compares a sign ~ anonymous to classiques: "It's giving LOONA / Red Velvet b-side excellence."

Speaking of LOONA, here's Vixen's take: "The song is fantastic, just so damn good. I know some people might not agree, but it's basically a LOONA [XX] b-side, so of course I'm stanning. Billlie possibly have my favorite b-sides amongst 4th gen groups. I can't wait to see where they go in the future. They could end up having one of the best discography in all K-Pop, and that's that." PERIOD! And we'll end this post with this comment from codecat: "Billlie delivered so much in 2022 when it comes to b-sides! When I hear the intro of this one, I always feel like the weather is changing all around me and that things are just condensing or whatever...also Haram kinda the most underrated vocalist of the 4th gen?"

Oh I really did not want to see 'a sign ~ anonymous' leave so soon, but I had a feeling it could when people were already including it in their kill list when we were, like, still in the #90s or something…

It’s so so good.
One of reasons why it lost, is repetitiveness.

Also speaking of comparisons:
it's basically a LOONA [XX] b-side
If [XX], then for me it is closer to "Curiosity"

In songs where minGtion was one of composers, maybe
GWSN - the Aerialist (Wonderboy)

and minGtion also co-composed
Red Velvet - Good, Bad, Ugly

I also have a feeling, that Red Velvet had a song with instrument from "a sign ~ anonymous" (from 0:09),
but can't remember.

And also "ireum moreul sign/ nae juwil dulleossan" part (1:46 in "a sign ~ anonymous") is giving
"nae choge jjillinabwa / heoreul jjireunikka neogsi naga"
from 1:13 in
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Hello besties!! As I’ve told you like a week ago, I’m on a seminar right now so I can’t post eliminations today and tomorrow. I’ll be back to post #72 on Wednesday and #71 on Thursday. And then we’ll have a mini hiatus after that so I can focus all my attention to the BLACKPINK concert I’m attending FFFFFFFF!! We’ll (hopefully) be back to regular programming on March 30th. Thank you all for understanding and I hope you all have a wonderful day/night ahead!! Love u all!! ♡