#KS⟲TY2022: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2022 Rate | #34

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Ready to say goodbye to another 11?





HIGH: (11) @Music Is Life & Death
(10) @Remorque, @Conan, @Attis, @thommyh, @Hurricane Drunk, @GeiPanda (9.75) @TéléDex (9.25) @eliminathan (9) @Ana Raquel, @vague, @ohdenny, @ultraviolet, @Vixen
LOW: (5) @evilsin, @ysev, @Shockbox, @boom bazooka joe, @Lately, @lovechoerrymotion, @askew

10 voters: 88
20 voters: 83
30 voters: 78
40 voters: 78
50 voters: 72
60 voters: 72
62 voters: 72
The first song to not receive a score below a 5... and yet, it still flops at number 72. This is Dreamcatcher's Maison.

Maison is the lead single of Dreamcatcher's second full album, Apocalypse: Save Us. It was written and composed, as always, by LEEZ and Ollounder. Maison did not enter the Circle Digital Chart but it did appear at number 10 on the component Download Chart. Finally, Maison won two music show trophies, marking Dreamcatcher's very first music show win. Congrats again, girlies!

I'll obviously get dragged for saying this but I feel like 2022 was the year that K-Popjustice dropped Dreamcatcher from its List of Faves. I feel like the two singles they released in 2022, Maison and Vision, didn't really get talked about. Vision even failed to enter the top 5 of the K-Popjustice Charts for October 2022, becoming Dreamcatcher's first Korean single to miss the top 5 since 2018's What. And now Maison has become Dreamcatcher's least successful Korean single in the history of KSOTY. What the fuck happened?

Personally speaking, I don't think Maison is a bad song. The lyrics in the chorus make me wince but apart from that, there's really nothing about Maison that I find bad. I guess my biggest issue about Maison is that it just doesn't spark anything in me, be it positive or negative. It still has the quintessential Dreamcatcher sound which is a sound that I have loved in the past. Operative phrase: "loved in the past." I just feel and know that I have outgrown this sound and now I just feel nothing but numbness when I'm listening to it. I guess this is how former BLACKPINK fans feel for BLACKPINK's music FFFFFFFFF! Now I get y'all, heauxs! x

I want to say I would love for Dreamcatcher to try a new sound for their singles because I desperately want to love their music again. Try a new producer maybe? But I also know that this sound is Dreamcatcher's bread and butter, their signature sound, and changing it is just too risky for them at this point in their career. This sound is what made them stand out from the pack in the first place, it's what gotten them to this level of success (great album sales, successful tours, etc.). Drastically changing their sound would quite possibly alienate a huge part of their audience and that's not something a mid-tier girl group in its sixth year would ever want to happen. So I won't spite them for playing it safe music-wise. I'll always have their brilliant b-sides anyway. Stream Starlight today!

Let's go to your comments! Is former Dreamcatcher anti boom bazooka joe returning to his villainous past?: "I've gone so back and forth with Dreamcatcher, and I really wanted to like this -- but I don't." bbynewyear shades: "i keep forgetting Dreamcatcher are a little on the edgy side..." clowezra laments Dreamcatcher's failure to live up to expectations: "It just feels a bit like they’ve fallen off the rails quality wise, it’s such a shame as a couple of years ago they felt like a force to be reckoned with! I was lucky enough to see them perform this at Primavera festival and they can sell the hell out of it, but it feels a bit half baked for them." RUNAWAY has totally given up on Dreamcatcher: "y'all hear sumn?" Bye!

Wills goes hard on those lyrics: "Someone really thought they did something with those lyrics and built the whole damn chorus around them." FFFFF right! soratami calls Maison: "Probably the least memorable Dreamcatcher title… ever? I think the nothing music video probably helps too. But, well, it’s still good." 2022 was not Dreamcatcher's year according to Salami: "Bad year for Dreamcatcher. Fortunately this wasn't as bad as Vision…I wish this was better I really do. I feel like it doesn't really get going until the end." But KimLippington disagrees and defends Vision: "Hmmmm Vision should have made it in instead of this methinks." Ana Raquel is also firmly Team Vision: "I'm glad their first win came with this one but tbh I would rather be rating Vision, which is a better song imo (a 10 btw, what a hit!!!!)."

"I'm sorry I'm unable to dislike them!,"
eatyourself shouts at me. "And I believe this is a change for them, even if it's still sort of safe." vague is still here for Dreamcatcher: "i still enjoy their shtick, what can i say??" aux joins the Dreamcatcher Protection Squad: "I know the girls are tired of their rock songs, but I find this to be really fun? The entire album was really solid too. I got the chance to see them live in London this year and they were great performers too!" eliminathan is just happy to forget Dreamcatcher's disappointing 2021 releases: "A refreshing change of pace after their awful 2021 showing but it still leaves me wanting more."

Some of the girlies are LIVING for Dreamcatcher's Greta Thunberg cosplay. ohnostalgia asks: "Will the Dreamcatcher ladies join aespa in planting trees during the Kpop greenwashing convention organized by LSM?" LSM gets another mention, this time courtesy of Vixen: "Rumor has it 'aespa' were supposed to release this if LSM had his way xo." Bye! And this comment from thommyh....: "I’m sawry but them doing this and then releasing NFTs literally right after is the funniest thing. They cleaned up the mother lake then polluted it again right after." JGASFJGSAJGASF THE LAST SENTENCE!!!!! BICH!

Let's end this post with this simple but still gaggy proclamation from Attis: "Their best single since Boca I fear."

Tea that Vision was the stronger DC title last year. And even better:

Maison is just such an awkwardly-constructed song. Now that the novelty of their schtick has worn off, unless they have a bulletproof song to build on, they're much better off exploring other soundscapes.

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I only know the lyrical content vaguely so if anyone can confirm, please do, but is this song meant to have some sort of environmental message behind it? If so, that's nice.
According to Wikipedia/Genius.com:

The title track "Maison" is a song described as a "cry for help" to save the Earth from the apocalypse caused by global warming, environmental pollution, and human indifference. The title of the song was hidden through the morse code '321124433433' in the first album teaser. Maison is French for home, referencing the only known habitable planet; Earth.

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And the last song to miss the Top 70 is...





HIGH: (10) @Salami, @tj-x, @boom bazooka joe, @RUNAWAY, @lovechoerrymotion, @thommyh, @Music Is Life & Death, @Oleander (9.5) @aux (9.25) @Macsun (9) @Remorque, @Joli Chat, @junglefish, @Sanctuary, @Trinu 3.0, @leedlelee..., @TéléDex, @GeiPanda, @Vixen
LOW: (2) @eatyourself (4) @ysev, @Attis

10 voters: 93
20 voters: 85
30 voters: 84
40 voters: 82
50 voters: 73
60 voters: 70
62 voters: 71
It's time, my dear @Salami. Tonight, we say goodbye to our first Taeyeon song, Can't Control Myself.

Can't Control Myself is taken from Taeyeon's third studio album, INVU. It served as the album's pre-release single. It was written by Taeyeon with Moon Seol-ri and composed by Celine Svanbackm Kauritz Emil Christiansen, Mich Hansen, Jacob Ubizz and Ryan Jhun. Of course, Can't Control Myself was a hit, peaking at number 8 on the Circle Digital Chart. Taeyeon's power!

Can't Control Myself was Taeyeon's follow-up to the Doja Cat-aping bop that is Weekend and on my first listen, it truly sounded like a major letdown. Girl, this is not how you follow up such a bop! No but I'm actually not disappointed that Can't Control Myself is not a bop. I have a lot of love for Taeyeon's ballads/midtempos (U R and Drawing Our Moments are two of my most favourite Taeyeon songs ever!) but there's just something about Can't Control Myself that didn't land for me. It's really just... a bore. The hook "cause I can't control myself, oh oh, oh oh," while catchy, just did not do it for me.

I promised @Salami I'll give Can't Control Myself a chance to grow on me and it actually did... sort of. I now recognize that Can't Control Myself is quite refreshing coming from Taeyeon considering it doesn't really sound like any of her past singles. And Taeyeon really is a gifted vocalist and she sounds marvelous in Can't Control Myself, like she always does. Still, I just couldn't give Can't Control Myself a higher score especially if we compare it to her other competing song, the mammoth that is INVU.

Comments time! Lowest scorer eatyourself can finally breathe a sigh of relief as he has finally successfully killed Can't Control Myself: "What sort of Dido adjacent P!nk cosplay is this?" Attis disrespects Taeyeon omfg???: "This gayle ass song." Take this back! And codecat is sick of Taeyeon's Christian rock agenda: "This song is kinda a struggle to get through why do we always have to rate some sort of Christian rock adjacent music from Taeyeon every year." Did someone say Christian rock adjacent music? Stream Stacie Orrico's music today!

"Points for deviating from her usual sound," Wills prefaces. "But there isn't much here to return to." I think vague is just whelmed: "it's nice. not her best, but far from her worst." And bbynewyear baits the BLACKPINK haters: "Perfectly normal? It makes me want to listen to Rosé's 'On The Ground' instead..." Pleek! Us Blinks do not need new enemies especially now that Jisoo's solo is just around the corner!

soratami describes Can't Control Myself as: "A little something for the Avril Lavigne stans." Oh, it's for @eliminathan then! Joli Chat loves a good acoustic moment: "Miss TaeYeon giving us acoustic in a sea of drops, amazing." ohnostalgia suffers trauma... thanks to me?: "Finding out @Slice of Life was not a fan was a very challenging ten minutes of my life." I will not take slander from a Fine hater!

boom bazooka joe gives love to the music video: "A stunning song and a STUNNING video. Her Amelie-era." Agreed, I would actually love for Taeyeon to take on acting! aux celebrates Taeyeon's great guitar-driven songs: "This is such a perfect song for Taeyeon. I love how it ramps up out of nowhere. I really like the guitar-driven songs that she has in her discography, now that I think of it. The chorus is such an earworm."

Of course, I have to give the final word to the number 1 Can't Control Myself stan, Salami!: "Nearly a year old and I'm not bored of it. I know it's not the most exciting song, but Taeyeon can sing anything and make it work. Is there a more versatile Kpop star than her? I don't think there is. It's a nice pop rock ballad, she sounds fantastic in it and the way it goes off at the end...2023 really brought out the SNSD fanboy in me."


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DM - fromis_9
Super Yuppers! - WJSN Chocome
Wa Da Da - Kep1er
Play - Yuju

Bop Bop! - VIVIZ
INVU - Taeyeon
Dilemma - Apink
GingaMingaYo (the strange world) - Billlie

Feel My Rhythm - Red Velvet
Thank You - Brave Girls
Love In Space - Cherry Bullet
Bamboleo - Red Velvet

Glitch - Kwon Eun Bi
Love Dive - IVE
Dice - Onew
Wildside - Red Velvet

Fearless - LE SSERAFIM
Deep - HYO
The Greatest - BoA

Flip That - LOONA
Heart Burn - Sunmi
Pop! - Nayeon
Up! - Kep1er
Illusion - aespa

Last Sequence - WJSN
Sparkling - Chungha
Beautiful Monster - STAYC
Loveade - VIVIZ
Girls - aespa

After LIKE - IVE
Forever 1 - Girls' Generation
Talk That Talk - Twice
Flash - Rocket Punch

Yeah Yeah Yeah - BLACKPINK
Eye To Eye - Limelight

Antifragile - LE SSERAFIM
Underwater - Kwon Eun Bi
Generation - tripleS (Acid Angel from Asia)
28 Reasons - Seulgi
Dance On - Alice

When I Move - KARA
Poppy - STAYC
Forgive Me - BoA
Limbo! - Nature

Ditto - NewJeans

Another Life - Key
Attention - NewJeans
Chiquita - Rocket Punch
Copycat - Apink CHOBOM
Hype Boy - NewJeans
In My Dreams - Red Velvet
In My World - Rocket Punch
Last Dance - Youha
MVSK - Kep1er
Need U - LOONA
No Celestial - LE SSERAFIM
Not In Public - Summer Cake
Pity Party - Jamie
Pop? Pop! - CSR
Pretty Boys - Yena
Rollercoaster - woo!ah!
Royal - IVE
Sharp Objects - Sorn
SMiLEY (feat. BIBI) - Yena
Snap Snap - Red Velvet
Space Mulan - Bébe Yana
Venom - BVNDIT
Young Luv - STAYC