#KS⟲TY2022: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2022 Rate | #34

If that was released by a boy group it would have left AGES ago.
Say it louder! You’re right, the boy groups could never do it justice or hit the notes!


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All these flop guesses.............


The actual song that's getting the eviction notice tonight is...




HIGH: (10) @drod93, @soratami, @codecat, @Attis, @junglefish, @Wills, @FunkyButChic, @thommyh, @savilizabeths, @TéléDex (9.5) @aux, @RUNAWAY, @Music Is Life & Death, @Slice of Life (9.25) @Oleander (9) @ysev, @vague, @Joli Chat, @Crisp X, @roblognick, @KimLippington, @Newbie Four, @ultraviolet
LOW: (3) @chrisjche (4.5) @YRSHKD (5) @Salami, @Shockbox, @clowezra, @lovechoerrymotion, @GimmeWork, @Trinu 3.0

10 voters: 65
20 voters: 73
30 voters: 73
40 voters: 72
50 voters: 67
60 voters: 69
62 voters: 70
And with this elimination, we finally say goodbye to CSR. This is their last remaining song, their debut single Pop? Pop!

Pop? Pop!
is the lead single of CSR's first mini album, Sequence: 7272. It was written by Kim Jin Hwan and danke (lalala studio) and composed by Kim Jin Hwan. Kim Jin Hwan should be familiar to some of you as they worked on a lot of songs of Red Velvet and Apink. Pop? Pop! sadly didn't enter the Circle Digital Chart but it appeared at number 87 on the component Download Chart.

Once again, the K-Popjustice subforum fails another soft girlypop song and I can only sigh. Can y'all be any more predictable? To me, Pop? Pop! is one of the best debuts of 2022... it's in the top 5 for sure. So it's a shame that it didn't really make that much impact on a lot of you. It's true that this type of sound has been noticeably absent in today's K-Pop landscape. I'd like to say it's because a lot of K-Pop songs right now, especially the ones released by newer acts, are more focused on capturing the global market. And sadly, this type of sound doesn't really cater to the West's tastes. So I'm just extra appreciative of CSR's existence because without them, this type of sound won't exist anymore in K-Pop. And that's not a world I'd like to live on. No thank u!

My favourite part of Pop? Pop! is definitely the production. It is so refreshing and I love how it literally sounds like something is really popping FFFFFFFFF! It's playful without being annoying. And the aegyo is just right which is always a win in my book. I also really like the girls' vocals. I know some of y'all will complain that the vocals sound childish... but that's because these girls are super young. Plus the song does call for vocals that are more high-pitched than usual. Can you imagine if the girls sang this song using their low notes and growls? Scream!

Ultimately, I know that this type of sound is an acquired taste and frankly AND sadly, it can be seen as outdated for this generation of K-Pop. So I don't really have ill feelings for the low scorers. But I hope that CSR and other upcoming rookies can continue releasing songs like Pop? Pop! because believe it or not, there is still a market for this type of songs. Anyway, lemme end this by promoting CSR's latest single, Shining Bright, and mini album, Delight. Stream them today!

Now, let's go to your comments. Lowest scorer chrisjche admits: "This type of cutesy girl group song is just really not my thing." That's too bad, bestie! clowezra is not here to relive 2006: "It’s giving ripping an anime OP on Winamp in 2006 but I’m an old and bitter gay now sorry xo." Oh Winamp, how I miss you, my love! Salami slaps this a 5 and adds: "This group is the new Gfriend isn't it. Sorry to the fans of this song, it just is too sweet and cute for me to enjoy. It's not offensive or horrible it just isn't what I'm after. That little 'rap' section about two thirds in was good!" @junglefish k-word him!

GFriend comparisons continue as eatyourself says: "Something about it is very GFriend." He gave Pop? Pop! a 7. boom bazooka joe surprises me with this comment: "This is cute?!" Since when were you into this kind of songs, hmmmmT? Joli Chat decides to promo Nayeon's Pop! instead: "Pop? Pop! Damn right, Pop! By Im Nayeon is the #1 song with Pop in its title! This one is pretty good too." And ohnostalgia has a request: "I need someone to blow bubbles for me to pop and then we can go play jump rope and make sidewalk drawings. As soon as possible, preferably." You heard her!

"Bless this group for not letting that particular sound die in the current gen," Crisp X utters and I say amen! ultraviolet joins our prayer: "Unnies!! Let's go to the church walking through this flowery path in this cozy winter as we wear our uncomfy school uniforms <3." Nawt uncomfy school uniforms FFFFFFFFFFF! And finally, here's a real nice GFriend comparison, thanks to aux: "This is a brilliant debut. I adore this. It really brings me back to early GFRIEND and honestly, I adore it."

vague gets nostalgic: "ah~ this really takes me back to the kind of music i loved when i was younger. there's just something really fresh but still nostalgic about this. super good debut single!" Attis enumerates Pop? Pop!'s various charms: "Immaculate melodies, production and vocals. REAL Music." PERIOD! While soratami simply calls Pop? Pop!: "Best debut of 2022."


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70. Pop? Pop! - 7.62097
81. LOVETICON (♡TiCON) - 7.25806
88. Euratcha! - 7.06452

1. @junglefish - 10.33333
1. @Wills - 10.33333
3. @Attis - 10.00000
3. @TéléDex - 10.00000
5. @thommyh - 9.83333
6. @FunkyButChic - 9.66667
7. @savilizabeths - 9.41667
8. @Music Is Life & Death - 9.33333
8. @soratami - 9.33333
10. @KimLippington - 9.16667

11. @Slice of Life - 8.91667
12. @RUNAWAY - 8.83333
13. @Newbie Four - 8.66667
13. @ultraviolet - 8.66667
15. @vague - 8.58333
16. @Crisp X - 8.50000
16. @drod93 - 8.50000
16. @Oleander - 8.50000
19. @codecat - 8.41667
20. @roblognick - 8.33333

21. @ysev - 8.25000
22. @aux - 8.16667
22. @He - 8.16667
24. @Remorque - 8.08333
25. @enjoy - 8.00000
25. @GeiPanda - 8.00000
27. @Ana Raquel - 7.83333
28. @Serg. - 7.66667
29. @eliminathan - 7.41667
30. @Joli Chat - 7.33333
30. @tj-x - 7.33333
30. @Trinu 3.0 - 7.33333

33. @Glitterizer - 7.16667
33. @Inland Empire - 7.16667
33. @ohnostalgia - 7.16667
36. @BEST FICTION - 6.75000
36. @Conan - 6.75000
38. @eatyourself - 6.66667
38. @Gintoki - 6.66667
38. @Lately - 6.66667
38. @leedlelee... - 6.66667
38. @Macsun - 6.66667
38. @ryjm - 6.66667

44. @boom bazooka joe - 6.50000
44. @evilsin - 6.50000
46. @Crafty - 6.33333
47. @PopZeitgeist - 6.00000
47. @Sanctuary - 6.00000
49. @bbynewyear - 5.83333
50. @YRSHKD - 5.75000

51. @Hurricane Drunk - 5.66667
51. @ohdenny - 5.66667
51. @ry123 - 5.66667
54. @askew - 5.58333
55. @Vixen - 5.41667
56. @clowezra - 5.33333
56. @GimmeWork - 5.33333
58. @Salami - 5.16667
59. @eccentricsimply - 4.50000
60. @Shockbox - 4.00000

61. @chrisjche - 3.33333
62. @lovechoerrymotion - 3.00000