#KS⟲TY2022: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2022 Rate

Taeyeon, WJSN and Sunmi would be the perfect eliminations now.
Oh yeah Sunmi should exit.
Submi absolutely need to go.

Sunmi dancing on your graves.
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Only two of you got it right.

The final song to miss a spot in the Top 30 is...




(10) @soratami, @codecat, @Ana Raquel, @ohdenny, @ryjm, @roblognick, @ultraviolet, @RUNAWAY, @lovechoerrymotion, @BEST FICTION, @ry123, @Music Is Life & Death, @Sanctuary, @Oleander, @Trinu 3.0, @leedlelee... (9.75) @Conan (9.5) @boom bazooka joe, @He, @TéléDex, @Slice of Life (9.25) @Macsun (9) @tj-x, @enjoy, @PopZeitgeist, @Remorque, @vague, @clowezra, @Newbie Four, @GimmeWork, @eliminathan
LOW: (3) @YRSHKD (4) @bbynewyear (5) @Salami, @Serg. (6) @eatyourself, @eccentricsimply, @Lately, @Crafty, @Gintoki

10 voters: 78
20 voters: 55
30 voters: 40
40 voters: 32
50 voters: 32
60 voters: 29
62 voters: 31
That's right, girlies. It's time for Chungha's lone rate entry, Sparkling, to exit the competition. But before I formally start this review or whatever, can I just say that I'm so sad that this is the first year since I started hosting #KSOTY Rates that Chungha is out of the top 20? From 2018 to 2021... whew, what a run! It's truly the end of an era.......... but anyway, lemme NOT be this dramatic over a fucking rate result. Let's go on with the show.

Sparkling is the lead single of the first part of Chungha's second full album, Bare&Rare. It was written by BXN and Chungha and composed by BXN and Prime Time. Sparkling did kinda good on the charts, peaking at number 38 on the Circle Digital Chart. It's definitely a major upgrade from Killing Me's peak of number 102. It also won one music show trophy. Good for ha!

Last year, Chungha dominated the rate with a total five entries - singles Killing Me, X and Bicycle and album tracks Bother Me and Flying on Faith. We really stanned Querencia huh. So it's a bit disappointing to see Chungha be represented by just one song this time around. We really didn't stan Bare&Rare, Pt. 1 huh FFFFFFFFFF! But Bare&Rare, Pt. 1 has given us Sparkling and for that I am still thankful! I think Sparkling is a solid addition to Chungha's pretty bulletproof singles run.

To be honest, I sometimes forget about Sparkling's existence but every time I listen to it, I'm always gagged at how good it actually is. Out of all of Chungha's summer singles, I think Sparkling is my favourite. I've always felt like her other summer singles, namely Why Don't You Know and Love U (and Snapping too, kinda), are some of her weaker material. So when I first heard that Sparkling is Chungha's return to summer music, I was... not exactly the most excited. But Chungha really shut me the fuck up with Sparkling. She can definitely slay a summer concept too. Love my versatile kween!

I think what really separates Sparkling from Chungha's other summer singles is the production. Sparkling's production is just... chef's kiss. It's synthy, it's bubbly, it's filled with these little details that make it such a rewarding listen. Of course, Chungha's vocals are top-tier. I do wish Chungha sang the song more... carelessly? More flirtily? Just... less rigid. I feel like, at times she's singing a super powerful song and not something that's playful and light for the season.

It's a shame that we never got Bare&Rare, Pt. 2. True, Part 1 was kind of a non-event but I'm sure there are still gems like Sparkling on Part 2. Oh well! At least Chungha's now free from MNH Entertainment. And I trust that whatever music she's cooking up right now will be worth the wait. We are rooting for you, Chungha unnie! Let's only walk on the flowery road now.

Let's go to your comments! Lowest scorer YRSHKD wants 2021 Chungha to come back: "When I discovered Chungha back in 2020, I thought I found the heaven. All of her songs are killer, Querencia is one of the best albums from 2021 (Including Bicycle, I know y'all did dirty to her) and then we came to Bare&Rare, Pt. 1. While the overall album was good and XXXX is that bitchy serve, Sparkling was... not it. Her 2017est come back, isn't it?" bbynewyear does not like this version of Chungha as well: "This is unfortunate. I'm not a Chung Ha expert but this feels like a shackled version of the Chung Ha I do know!"

"Well this one is a bit of a car crash isn't it compared to last year,"
Salami comments. "I think if it wasn't for that noise that comes after she says "Sparkle" I wouldn't have been half as generous. I like her a lot, I really do not enjoy this song." eatyourself talks about sucking: "It's like sucking on an ice cube, cool but flavourless." ohnostalgia awards this a 6.75 and says: "I wish her the best with her new company."

clowezra compares Chungha to a living legend: "Sure it’s not quite at her normal level, but bloody hell did this grow. The closest we’ve got to a successor to BoA at this rate." Sparkling proved to be a grower according to vague: "this is a bit derivative for her, but it's still super cute n fun. i like it more now than i do when it came out, i think." Macsun is all about that chorus: "The chorus really sells this song 10x over." boom bazooka joe surprises me by not giving Sparkling a 10: "The decline from last year's Chungha filled rate. A bop. MNH YOU WILL BE DEALT WITH!" aux is already looking forward to Chungha's next release: "Why yes, I do like sparkling water. I hope we get a comeback soon now that she's free."

Now onto the people who gave Sparkling a 10. ry123 defends Bare&Rare, Pt. 1: "Amazing - along with the whole album which is greatly under-appreciated." soratami tries to start a fight with Sunmi stans: "This is so good and, I feel, quite underrated. It very much feels like a perfect pop song, and if it’d been released by Sunmi (which it totally could have been) it’d be a top 10 shoo-in." ultraviolet issues an apology to Chungha: "I'm sorry, I'm a sinner. I wrongly ignored this when released. Pleek Chungha forgive me for ignoring this instant 10. The music video might also be one of my favorite music videos all time." roblognick perfectly captures the vibe of Sparkling: "A perfect pop princess song. A get a similar feeling listening to Yeeun's Barbie. The chorus when with the can opening sound effect… "you make sparkle *can pop* aaaahhhhh". Chef's kiss!!!" YATH, U GET IT!

Let's end this post with this comment from codecat who showers Sparkling and its producer with the highest of praises: "I feel like I'm helping the queer community by giving this a 10!!!! I hate Chungha's company just as the rest of you but they ALWAYS SLAY when picking a title track for her (Bicycle never existed)!!!!! And I am actually happy that they're the ones doing it because her personal taste.........let's just say her mini was not good EXCEPT for this absolute gem that once you play it, you cannot listen to it just once! I loved the art direction for this comeback, the whole aquatic and sparkly theme but also the very natural photos too – what's gonna happen to the part 2 of this project? We will never know, but at least we have this slay and we can celebrate it! Also wanna say that I'm happy that BxN got out of the shadows of S. Tiger to make incredible songs like this one and CHIQUITA!" STAN A BITSY!


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DM - fromis_9

Bop Bop! - VIVIZ
INVU - Taeyeon
Dilemma - Apink
GingaMingaYo (the strange world) - Billlie

Feel My Rhythm - Red Velvet
Thank You - Brave Girls
Bamboleo - Red Velvet

Glitch - Kwon Eun Bi
Love Dive - IVE

Fearless - LE SSERAFIM

Heart Burn - Sunmi
Pop! - Nayeon
Illusion - aespa

Last Sequence - WJSN

After LIKE - IVE
Forever 1 - Girls' Generation
Talk That Talk - Twice



Antifragile - LE SSERAFIM
Underwater - Kwon Eun Bi
Generation - tripleS (Acid Angel from Asia)

When I Move - KARA
Poppy - STAYC

Ditto - NewJeans

Attention - NewJeans
Chiquita - Rocket Punch
Hype Boy - NewJeans
MVSK - Kep1er
Young Luv - STAYC


Okay, instead of asking y'all for your Kill Lists, lemme change things up a bit.

Let me see your Top 10 Lists instead!