#KS⟲TY2022: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2022 Rate

I guess that's my ideal top 10 with the remaining songs dddd

INVU - Taeyeon
GingaMingaYo (the strange world) - Billlie
Bamboleo - Red Velvet
Heart Burn - Sunmi
Forever 1 - Girls' Generation
When I Move - KARA
Poppy - STAYC
Chiquita - Rocket Punch
MVSK - Kep1er
Young Luv - STAYC

It's never going to happen, but I still think 'INVU' should win the whole thing.
The fact that a fucking Kep1er bside made top 30…

Yes, the fact that it is doing so well despite being a Kep1er b-side is a testament to it being a great song!

Hm, okay. Top 10 picks, out of order.

DM - fromis_9
GingaMingaYo (the strange world) - Billlie
Love Dive - IVE
Fearless - LE SSERAFIM
After Like - IVE
Talk That Talk - TWICE
Antifragile - LE SSERAFIM
Poppy - STAYC
Young Luv - STAYC

Wow, lots of repeat artists in my top 10. I stand by it.
Shame for Sparkling… also if you haven’t already please listen to Bare and Rare, it’s great! (XXXX, California Dream, Love Me Out Loud are some standouts)

Hmmmm for my top 10 it’s difficult
In no particular order

Love Dive
After Like
Forever 1
Talk that Talk

I’m not sure where I stand on the New Jeans entries, I like them but they have been a bit overplayed now.
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Slice of Life

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Thank you to everyone who posted their Top 10 lists!

I will now be quoting your posts every time I eliminate a song that's included in your lists.


Starting with...

GingaMingaYo (the strange world) - Billlie
GingaMingaYo (the strange world) - Billlie
GingaMingaYo (the strange world) - Billlie




(10) @drod93, @soratami, @ysev, @eccentricsimply, @ohdenny, @junglefish, @lovechoerrymotion, @Crafty, @GimmeWork, @thommyh, @Trinu 3.0, @savilizabeths, @leedlelee..., @He, @Vixen (9.75) @PopZeitgeist (9.5) @boom bazooka joe, @Conan, @KimLippington, @Music Is Life & Death, @ohnostalgia (9.25) @Wills (9) @eatyourself, @enjoy, @codecat, @Remorque, @ryjm, @clowezra, @roblognick, @ultraviolet, @Hurricane Drunk, @askew, @Slice of Life
LOW: (4) @Lately, @Serg. (5) @YRSHKD, @Crisp X, @chrisjche, @ry123 (6) @Attis, @Gintoki

10 voters: 22
20 voters: 24
30 voters: 26
40 voters: 29
50 voters: 30
60 voters: 28
62 voters: 30
Sorry to the Little Billlievers but Billlie's last remaining song, GingaMingaYo (the strange world), has officially been kicked out of the competition. But whew, ranking in the top 30 is already such an achievement considering Ring X Ring, their #KSOTY2021 Rate entry, only reached number 60. So yes, congrats to Billlie!

GingaMingaYo (the strange world) is the lead single of Billlie's second mini album, the collective soul and unconscious: chapter one. It was written by Le'mon and composed by Hyuk Shin, Mrey, Ashley Alisha and Le'mon. GingaMingaYo (the strange world) failed to enter the Circle Digital Chart but it did appear at number 92 on the component Download Chart. It was more celebrated critically as it was included in the K-Pop mid-year lists of critics and publications such as Time and NME. Doing it for the arts, I know that's right!

2022 was a busy year for Billlie as they released three singles - GingaMingaYo (the strange world), Patbingsu (with Yoon Jong-shin) and RING ma Bell (what a wonderful world). The hustle! And I love that all three songs are all so different from each other but they still sound Billlie. GingaMingaYo (the strange world) is my favourite of the three though. I admit I wasn't all that gagged on my first few listens of the song. I don't know; I just felt like it wasn't as great as Ring X Ring and especially snowy night (still my favourite Billlie song FFFFFF!). But it grew on me so much thanks to the catchy as fuck chorus. Like, come on, even if you don't like the song, I'm sure that chorus will stay lodged in your head for a while even after just one listen. It is that catchy. Old Macdonald ended with ease!

Apart from the chorus, I also really love the pre-chorus. "Wel... come... to... the... strange... gee... world... wow..." So hypnotic! And of course, we can't forget that dancebreak just before the final chorus. Like??? The producers really made sure the song will be filled to the brim with all these details for the listener to discover during repeated listens. And it's so, so fun discovering them! 10/10 would recommend!

Billlie recently made their comeback with the single, EUNOIA. And surprise, surprise, it is another new sound for the beloved girl group... and yet, it still sounds like them! Ugh, these Billlie girlies are so easy to stan! If you don't stan them yet, what are you doing with your life? Stan one of the most exciting acts of this generation of K-Pop!

Let's go to the comments... starting with Ana Raquel who does not get the hype of GingaMingaYo: "Tsuki's fancam aside, I don't get much of the hype this had among the critics?" Joli Chat is also only here to stan Tsuki: "The fact that one member went viral for having facial expressions should worry some of the kpop girlies, the music… shouldn’t worry them so much." At least Salami is not a Billlie hater anymore... for now?: "I gave them a 0 last year so this is a massive step up. The chorus is a little bit annoying, but everything else I love." He gave GingaMingaYo a 7!

Let's have more Tsuki stannage, shall we? clowezra can only think of: "The Tsuki performance video. That’s the tweet." askew notes: "That Tsuki fancam being the perfect litmus test to separate the wheat from the chaff, whew." Remember when a nugu boy group member was cancelled because he mocked Tsuki's facial expressions JKSHFKHSDFJSHD!! What a flop! aux commends Billlie's creativity: "It's crazy how they manage to interpolate these nursery rhymes into K-Pop." They even inspired NMIXX to do the same! vague simply calls Billlie: "quirky queens."

While's Billlie's music has grown on roblognick, their name has not yet: "I like this Billlie song better. It's hard to write Billlie with three llls. It hurts my eyes looking at it to make sure I got it right. Maybe that middle l is a capital I and I just don't understand anything?" It's because they are #quirky! Shockbox highlights his favourite part of the song: "That rap in the second verse is the best part of the song." And I remember boom bazooka joe as one of the biggest Billlie haters last year but I guess he too has succumbed to GingaMingaYo's powers: "IDontKnowWhatTheFuckShesSayingButGirlIAmLiving.gif" As you should!

I love this comparison by eatyourself!: "This reminds me of GWSN which can only be a good thing." Right? RIP GWSN, sorry we couldn't protect you! soratami mentions a different underrated group: "Keeping the spirit of wignature alive in 2022." Wills is just happy to see Billlie winning: "Jury's still out on whether this lives up to their debut, but watching this quietly become one of the year's defining songs felt so right."

"I love these types of "welcome to our world" songs,"
ohnostalgia admits and yes, me too, bestie! Vixen finally gets the GingaMingaYo (and Billlie) hype now: "Kind of bonkers, and you might not get it at first (I certainly didn't), but it's actually crack? Billlie are really on such an interesting path right now." Welcome to Team Talent, unnie! Let's end this post with this comment from KPJ's biggest Billlie stan, thommyh!: "aaaa it’s just tew good. Quirky, fun, cool, campy, cunty... you name it! The final chorus is just perfect. Their best title track for sure."