#KS⟲TY2022: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2022 Rate

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Sorry unnies for not posting eliminations for two days straight. I just had a lot on my plate.

Come on, rhyme!

Anyway, shall we eliminate another song?

A song that could have gotten my 11?





(10) @eatyourself, @tj-x, @ysev, @codecat, @Conan, @Joli Chat, @aux, @junglefish, @KimLippington, @ultraviolet, @RUNAWAY, @lovechoerrymotion, @Crafty, @BEST FICTION, @ohnostalgia, @savilizabeths, @He, @GeiPanda, @Slice of Life (9.5) @Serg., @ry123, @Music Is Life & Death (9.25) @TéléDex (9) @YRSHKD, @eccentricsimply, @ryjm, @Attis, @FunkyButChic, @Oleander, @Trinu 3.0
LOW: (4) @Shockbox (4.5) @Hurricane Drunk (5) @soratami, @Macsun (5.5) @PopZeitgeist (6) @vague, @Crisp X, @clowezra, @GimmeWork, @Sanctuary

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20 voters: 47
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62 voters: 29
You all have failed the K-Pop genre with this elimination, unnies. Tonight, we say goodbye to Nayeon's debut single, the larger-than-life pop perfection that is Pop!

is the lead single of Nayeon's first solo mini album, Im Nayeon. It was written by Lee Seu-ran and composed by Kenzie, Hayden Chapman, Greg Bonnick and Ellen Berg. Pop! was a commercial success, peaking at number 2 on the Circle Digital Chart and spending weeks in the top 10. It was also critically lauded as it was included in the year-end lists of critics and publications such as Dazed, NME, Rolling Stone, Teen Vogue, among others. It won five music show trophies including a Triple Crown from Inkigayo. This was truly the birth of a pop royalty!

Twice debuted way back in 2015 and has achieved so much that it would be impossible to list all of their achievements here. But despite of that, none of their members have tried going solo... which was pretty shocking to me. Honestly, it's shocking to me that JYP haven't pushed the members more individually especially during the height of their popularity. Like, no solo releases, no members going the actress route? Hmmm, maybe JYP just didn't want another Suzy situation where one member got so popular that it (almost) buried the group FFFFFFFFF! But anyway, that's that. Thankfully, JYP finally came to their senses and in 2022, Twice leader Nayeon finally got to debut solo and yes, yes, YES... this is literally the best solo debut of any 3rd generation girlie. Pop! was a fucking event! It's what Nayeon deserves!

I have talked about my feelings about this song back in July and honestly, I still feel the same about the song today so lemme just quickly quote myself.
The thing that I love the most about Pop! is how unabashedly K-Pop it is. Like, I genuinely cannot imagine a Western pop girl releasing a song that sounds like this. And I know it doesn't explicitly show/state but I seriously love that Pop! references other female solos. I'm getting Lee Hyori. I'm getting HyunA. It's really a love letter to K-Pop and the women who paved the way. I cannot stan this song enough.

I seriously contemplated on giving my 11 to Pop! because (1) it's THEE K-Pop song of 2022 for me... like, this is the purest definition of K-Pop, (2) it's one of my most listened to songs of 2022 (#14 according to Spotify), and (3) I just think it's a really good fucking song and it deserves the 11. Ultimately, I had to give my 11 to another song for reasons I will withhold for now. But really, if I had another 11, it would have most probably gone to Pop!

I'm sure we'll get another Nayeon solo soon; maybe not this year but I'm hoping next year at the very latest. Pop! proved to me that Nayeon is ready to be the representative soloist of her generation and I cannot wait for her to take over. But for now, let's all support Mother Jihyo's solo which will be released in August!

A lot of you guys just don't get Pop! and I'm truly disappointed. Macsun calls this: "The inferior POP…" Lowest scorer Shockbox cannot handle the power of Solemmy: "I hate the chorus of this song. Every other song on the mini is far better." Sad! But it's this comment from soratami that really broke me: "I’m glad this was a Nayeon solo rather than being used as a TWICE comeback. It sounds like a Natasha Bedingfield/Jessie J album track." Girl... pray I don't catch you omfg!

Even my partner-in-crime vague is not a fan omfg: "i don't really even like this song, but its chorus still gets stuck in my head constantly." I appreciate you for still finding a way to give compliment to this song, bestie FFFFFF! My bestie clowezra also disappoints: "Great chorus, beautiful video, but that’s about it isn’t it." Looks like I have to thank Miss Daisy for this score from boom bazooka joe: "Her Emma Bunton serve! I don't LOVE this song but I bumped it up to an 8 because of Daisy's dance cover." Thank u, kween!

"More like Plop am I right?," Salami sinks the knife further. "I kid. I actually don't mind this, she's listenable here. I wonder if it's when it's just her, it's more bearable because there's no ups and downs with the others from TWICE. Or maybe she's just found a level that works for her voice. Who knows. But yeah I expected to hate this and I don’t." Be honest; I know you only gave this an acceptable score because you know I love the song! Thanks for that, babe! bbynewyear also serves an essay to accompany their score of 8: "Excellent chorus. It's interesting, its very TWICE but not a song i could see them performing as a group, so it makes sense as the first solo track - less concerned with distancing Nayeon from TWICE and more about using her solo to extend their reach. Also she's having a lot of fun." chrisjche keeps it nice and short: "That hand choreography is HARD."

aux speaks the gospel: "This is a solo debut! What a fucking blast of a song." Preach! ohnostalgia is still looking for that damn vinyl: "Literal sunshine. Now, if I only I could find the vinyl somewhere!" And Joli Chat is looking for that damn Jihyo solo: "Wasn’t so sure about this one, but eventually it got me, when are we going to get Jihyo’s solo tho? Or do we have it already?" #soon bestie!

eatyourself makes the perfect tagline for Pop!: "It's fun, it's camp, it's c*nty, it's family friendly, it's catchy, it's a hit!" And we'll end this post with KimLippington who just gets it!: "This is capital K Kpop to me, like…. this shit is in different areas!!" Right????

I'm a bit confused that this song did that well. I don't like her voice at all so it was a nice surprise to hear this and not want to rip my ears off, but it being different than what was expected doesn't mean it's a great song. #67 would've been about right.

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Shall we eliminate another song from your Top 10 lists? Kii!





(10) @eatyourself, @tj-x, @enjoy, @soratami, @ysev, @codecat, @aux, @Attis, @clowezra, @roblognick, @KimLippington, @RUNAWAY, @Music Is Life & Death, @savilizabeths, @askew, @He, @Vixen, @Slice of Life (9.5) @eccentricsimply, @ohdenny, @thommyh, @Macsun (9) @drod93, @Ana Raquel, @Newbie Four, @Oleander, @bbynewyear, @ohnostalgia, @TéléDex
LOW: (4) @Salami, @GimmeWork (4.75) @YRSHKD (5) @Trinu 3.0 (5.5) @Sanctuary (6) @evilsin, @Lately, @Crafty

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From seven songs... to now just one... Red Velvet are in danger! Tonight, we say goodbye to their final album track left in the rate, Bamboleo.

Bamboleo is taken from Red Velvet's 11th Korean mini album, The ReVe Festival 2022 - Feel My Rhythm. It was composed by the same people who did Feel My Rhythm - Jake K, Maria Marcus, Andreas Oberg and MCK - with lyrics written by Cha Yu-bin. Jake K should be familiar to some of you as he has worked with KPJ faves such as WJSN (Dreams Come True, Save Me, Save You, La La Love), Weki Meki (Cool), Sunmi (Sunny), GOT7 (Lullaby), among others. This guy is the real deal and I want all my faves to work with him. Anyway, Bamboleo, despite only being an album track, managed to reach number 124 on the Circle Digital Chart. See when you do talentry!

The ReVe Festival 2022 - Feel My Rhythm is my most listened to album of 2022. To me, it is an almost perfect Red Velvet mini album. At this point, it's probably tied with RBB as my favourite Red Velvet mini albums. It's that good. And on my first few listens, Bamboleo stood out as the best song. That claim wouldn't last long as I quickly became an In My Dreams truther but I still consider Bamboleo as one of the highlights of such a remarkable mini album. It was released during a time when even I have grown tired of the K-city pop genre. I don't know; it just felt like I have already heard everything K-city pop has to offer. I was just about to make a statement saying it's time to retire K-city pop for good... and then Bamboleo shushed me. Bamboleo breathed new life to a dying subgenre. And for that, I will always be thankful.

I consider Bamboleo as a sister to Feel My Rhythm. Both are very delicate, very soft, very elegant and all that jazz. But that doesn't mean they don't pack some serious punch. On Bamboleo, Red Velvet proved again that they are A Vocal Group. I love how the song makes you believe that it's all gonna be soft falsettos and harmonies... and then bam, here comes Wendy with those powerful high notes just before the final chorus. I'm also obsessed with Joy's outro. A vocalist! Joy, wherever you are, I miss you my love and I hope you're doing okay!

I had the pleasure of witnessing Red Velvet perform Bamboleo live and yes gawd, it was simply magical. For some reason, I thought it wouldn't translate well live but I'm glad I was proven wrong. The girls devoured Bamboleo live. I hope we get more Bamboleos from Red Velvet in the future!

I talked too much again FFFFF! Let's go to your comments! Salami is back to being my enemy: "This sounds so much like something else but I'm not sure what. I probably don't like whatever it is very much because this is just average. It sounds like that city pop you all love so much which just bores me." I did expect you to hate Bamboleo so this doesn't hurt that much. Joli Chat looks down on b-sides???: "it does sound like a B-side!" And here comes fake ReVeluv boom bazooka joe: "I'm going to say something controversial but brave: this is my least favorite song on the mini? I still gave it an 8, but she's a little cute next to gorgeous." Nawt when Good, Bad, Ugly exists, beast! That's the only non-10/10 song on the album!

Glitterizer gets it!: "I think we are going through a bit of City Pop fatigue at the moment but the girls managed to make it feel fresh here." Even Red Velvet doubter vague is kinda stanning!: "i'm far from a hxc revelon or w/e but this is really nice and very soothing." Red Velvet has also blessed Shockbox with a live performance of Bamboleo!: "So glad I got to see them perform this at MIK. It's even better in a live setting." Right? Crisp X references one of the best songs of all time: "This reminds me of one of my favorite f(x) songs, "All Night", but dreamier. They sound like angels in the chorus."

chrisjche calls this: "My favorite song on the album!" Seeing you only give your favourite song on the album an 8.5 makes me wanna side-eye you, unnie! But I'll let you live for today. bbynewyear beams: "A euphoric surprise!" ohnostalgia gives love to the entire album: "This entire mini is a masterpiece." Macsun complains: "Why the fuck isn’t this a single??!!!" Attis gives a short but sweet review: "REAL music." Red Velvet got eatyourself singing religious hymns?: "Ave Maria!" Meanwhile, soratami managed to promo a different song while stanning Bamboleo: "The best girl group b-side of 2022 (that isn’t called LOVE and released by STAYC)." Talent!

Wait at aux all-out stanning a Red Velvet song and actually giving it a 10?: "Up there as one of the best b-sides ever. It's gorgeous, glistening and everything I love about Red Velvet." The world is healing! Of course, my dear clowezra is stanning all-out as well: "Red Velvet releasing masterpiece b-sides, who knew! Such a lush and euphoric track, and so quintessentially them." And you know what, I think LOONA would slay Bamboleo too, Vixen unnie!: "One of their best songs ever. I don't think you understand how obsessed I am. It's so dreamy, so ethereal, so perfectly lush and enthralling… Like aaaah…..... You know when you listen to a song and you wish your favorite group (starts with a L ends with a OONA) recorded it instead because it's SO good? Yeah... yeah...."

And we'll end this post with codecat who gives one of his most glowing reviews to Bamboleo: "Never in my life I imagined RV to release something so...WJSN! SM getting Jake K on board for Feel My Rhythm was a really great decision. That chorus! Oh BAMBOLEOOOO........wig. Do we still say wig? Is it still something that is relevant? In this economy? Anyway, probably one of the best bridges of the year. What do you mean there's an electric guitar soaring at the same time Wendy and co. are harmonizing? And FINALLY! MISS WANDA SCREAMS A LITTLE! Makes me wanna cry!" EXACTLY!

Aw I suspected this would be out soon, so gagged it made it so far! Agreed that Feel My Rhythm’s mini as a whole is one of their best, they’re following the BoA blueprint and starting at a 10 and somehow getting even better as their career goes on, it’s a joy (nn) to witness.