#KS⟲TY2022: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2022 Rate

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Slicey tagging two entries already from my "ideal top 10" list………………… oh it was bad for me…………………….

Well... let's make it three, shall we?



No one actually chose this song for their Top 10.

But it did receive an 11 so there's that!





HIGH: (11) @Inland Empire
(10) @eatyourself, @tj-x, @soratami, @codecat, @Attis, @junglefish, @roblognick, @RUNAWAY, @Hurricane Drunk, @Oleander, @He, @Macsun, @TéléDex, @Slice of Life (9.5) @vague, @Conan, @chrisjche, @KimLippington, @thommyh, @Music Is Life & Death (9) @Ana Raquel, @Crisp X, @ryjm, @Newbie Four, @ultraviolet, @FunkyButChic, @Serg., @Glitterizer, @Trinu 3.0, @GeiPanda
LOW: (5) @ysev, @eccentricsimply, @lovechoerrymotion, @bbynewyear (5.25) @askew (6) @boom bazooka joe

10 voters: 48
20 voters: 56
30 voters: 32
40 voters: 30
50 voters: 28
60 voters: 27
62 voters: 26
Another March 2023 song exits the competition. Today, we say goodbye to Brave Girls' Thank You... which leaves Red Velvet's Feel My Rhythm as our last March 2023 song standing.

Thank You is the title track of Brave Girls' sixth mini album. It was written and composed by Brave Brothers, Maboos and JS. Thank You peaked at number 39 on the Circle Digital Chart. It was Brave Girls' last promoted single under Brave Entertainment.

2022 was kind of a quiet year for Brave Girls in terms of music releases... which is very odd for a group that had quite the breakthrough in their career just a year before. They released just one mini album, a remake of Brown Eyed Girls' How Come (for some reason?) and an original song called Whistle for season 2 of Queendom, a program Brave Girls competed on. And speaking of Queendom 2, Brave Girls were also the only group that didn't have a comeback after the show. Brave Entertainment's incompetence knows no bounds. Thankfully, the girls still served HARD on the Thank You mini album (seriously one of the best minis of 2022) so I can't fault them or Brave Brothers that much. And Thank You (the song) is quite possibly one of Brave Girls' best singles too.

Disco has been overdone in K-Pop, I think we can all agree on that. But that couldn't deter Brave Girls from releasing one of the best disco bops ever in Thank You. Seriously, Thank You somehow manages to sound so fresh even today. Other disco-peddling chanteuses can't relate! The production... oh my god, it sounds so expensive? And no shade to Miss Brave Brothers but I don't necessarily associate him with "expensive-sounding productions" so props to ha for this surprise! The vocoder use in the chorus is such a great little detail too.

I would also like to commend the vocals. I know Minyoung's vocals are a bit of a hit-and-miss but in Thank You, I think it's undoubtedly a hit. It's the first time in a while where I didn't wince when I'm listening to her high notes so props to ha too! And that cute ass rap from Yujeong! She's not a serious rapper or whatever but I love, love, love her little rap here. Thank You might have been a little too sophisticated for the average Brave Girls enjoyer (I think most people, especially locals, expect just mindless bops from them) but I think it's a great showcase of the growth of Brave Girls' sound. It still sounds them; more mature than usual but still very fun!

Earlier this year, we all thought Brave Girls were disbanding when they dropped the ballad single Goodbye, and left Brave Entertainment. And when Minyoung said it's only a temporary disbandment, I didn't actually believe her FFFFFFFF! I mean, can you blame me? We have seen so many groups say the same promise but in the end, couldn't keep their word. So colour me surprised when Brave Girls actually signed with a new agency just two months ago and promised to release new music this summer. And this time, I'm believing this promise. Let's go, Brave Girls! Or should I say... let's go, BB Girls!

Let's go to your comments... starting with boom bazooka joe who distracts me with this ok comment to hide his not-ok score of 6: "Good for them." You ain't slick, bestie! Joli Chat gives Thank You a 7 and answers: "you’re welcome!" Bye. ohnostalgia expects better from Brave Girls: "I think we all know they can do way better than this." And Wills stans the Thank You (the album), not Thank You (the song): "Solid but unspectacular, which is fine since this is easily the weakest thing on the album EDIT: nooooo rip" THE EDIT FFFFFFFFFFFFF!

vague agrees but still gives Thank You a very high score: "man, this whole album is great that i think this is actually my least favorite song on it - and it's still a 9.5! that's talent." BEST FICTION not hating a Brave Girls song?: "It is nice to hear Minyoung sing in a tone that actually compliments the song for once." I'm gagged! Vixen grooves along: "Such a funky and groovy listen." aux leaves a sweet message for Brave Girls: "If this is really the end for Brave Girls, this was a brilliant finale. It's a really sweet song." It's not the end yet!

Macsun would rather delete Brave Girls' disbandment song from their discography: "Come to find out this was their farewell album. Perfect send off single. "Goodbye" does not exist." Attis defends disco: "Disco has been overdone, but there is something charming and fun about this. I love the vocoder effect and how groovy the bass is." roblognick does the same: "I know people were tired of this sound already when this came out but to me, it was exactly what I wanted. Plus the message is so sweet. I could listen to this all day." And soratami shades: "The best BG song in the rate ;)" Bye!

eatyourself almost gave his 11 to Thank You: "I could give this my 11 because it was probably my most played K-Pop track of the year. This whole mini is perfection." But you know who actually gave their 11 to Thank You? It's Inland Empire, that's who!: "One last salute for our troops."


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First, my sincerest apologies for not posting eliminations for almost a week. I was literally just fighting for my life at work and so this rate had to take a backseat last week. Hopefully, this week will be a lot less busy at work because I really finish this rate before July ends FFFFFFFF! Pray for me, unnies!

But anyway, I have a new elimination for y'all tonight!

And it's a song that's very dear to me...





(10) @enjoy, @soratami, @boom bazooka joe, @vague, @Conan, @aux, @clowezra, @junglefish, @lovechoerrymotion, @Crafty, @eliminathan, @Oleander, @He, @TéléDex, @Vixen, @Slice of Life (9.75) @YRSHKD (9.5) @Serg., @Music Is Life & Death (9.25) @Macsun (9) @tj-x, @Shockbox, @Remorque, @Ana Raquel, @Newbie Four, @thommyh, @ohnostalgia
LOW: (4) @Gintoki (5) @eatyourself, @Hurricane Drunk, @bbynewyear (5.25) @askew (6) @Attis

10 voters: 37
20 voters: 22
30 voters: 27
40 voters: 22
50 voters: 26
60 voters: 26
62 voters: 26

Sigh. Another song that's in my personal Top 10 Best K-Pop Songs of 2022 list gets the chop. Tonight, we say goodbye to Sunmi's lone rate entry, Heart Burn. This is actually the first time that we won't have a Sunmi song in the top 20... like, truly the end of an era. I'm kinda upset actually! This is not my K-Popjustice!

Anyway, Heart Burn is the only real single released by Sunmi in 2022. It was written by Sunmi, Kyuwon "Q" Kim and CobiCudi and composed by Kyuwon "Q" Kim and CobiCudi. Heart Burn did quite well on the charts, peaking at number 23 on the Circle Digital Chart, which is definitely an upgrade from You Can't Sit With Us' peak of number 46. Maybe Korea is not that tasteless after all?

What else can I say about Sunmi at this point to be honest? She just keeps on getting better... which is scary because she's like perfect already. What is there to improve? And yet, her art continues to reach unprecedented highs year in, year out. She continues to surprise and give us something new every single time... seemingly without breaking a damn sweat. I love and hate her! Heart Burn sees her ditching the glossy pop of You Can't Sit With Us and replacing it with the effortless cool of Heart Burn. This... this is how you do an underrated, unexpected summer classique.

First of all, Sunmi sounds regal in Heart Burn. She somehow manages to sound dreamy and sexy at the same time too. Just the way she pronounces "eh oh" in the chorus absolutely decimates me every single time. And then she takes it up a notch during the middle 8 which is literally one of the most satisfying climaxes of 2022 for sure! And then there's the production. They sound nothing alike but Heart Burn's production is somehow giving me spiritual sister of Wonder Girls' Why So Lonely vibes. Both songs' productions just ooze cool... the kind of cool that's not usually present in K-Pop.

And I'm glad it paid off for Sunmi as Heart Burn proved to be a sleeper hit. I love when talent and art are recognized! Since Sunmi likes to switch things up every time she makes a comeback, she's probably not gonna repeat Heart Burn's sound any time soon. But I sure hope she revisits it down the line. It's gonna break my heart if Heart Burn turns out to be just a one-off. Pleek don't break my heart, Sunmi unnie!

Speaking of breaking my heart, let's read some of your nasty comments. Gintoki does not get it: "I mean I understand she wanted to try something else, but this is so flat." Wills too?: "Points for trying something different, but it's a bit staid." Oh it was bad for you, bestie! Sunmi was a nonentity to Salami last year: "I didn't think she released anything last year. It's not too bad even if it is a bit "thunder only happens when it's raining"." At least roblognick still stans the vocals: "I think she's done better but that voice is killer."

Let's go to the girlies that get it! I know I could trust ohnostalgia: "I love a good Sunmi band moment and would kill for a mini full of this vibe." Same! I wish we got a mini album at the very least! clowezra showers Sunmi with praises, as he should!: "Sunmi fully just gets it, her taste level is through the roof. The song of the summer for sure. Comes alive even more when she performs it." boom bazooka joe also flexes seeing Sunmi last year: "Seeing Sunmi perform this live was one of the highlights of my 2022. This song oozes sex, and any MV that is entirely dedicated to killing men gets extra points from me." I'm jealous of you, heauxs!

"I barely listened to this song in 2022," eliminathan begins and oh I was just about to tag @BEST FICTION to kill you! "But it's probably her best solo post-JYP (If we pretend Siren doesn't exist)." Nice save, girlie! vague perfectly describes the vibe Heart Burn is giving: "oh, i love this. it's so dreamy and warm-sounding, like a blanket fresh out of the dryer in aural form." Yum! aux gets very descriptive too: "Fantastic. There's no other word to describe it. It's such a perfect summer comeback. I can feel that warm summer breeze the moment I press play." Double yum!

Vixen makes a brave proclamation: "Her best single since 'Noir'. I said what I said." It is my favourite Sunmi single now, yes. And I'm afraid your fear has become a reality, soratami: "This is so good, so lush and warm. It’s genuinely one of Sunmi’s best ever to me and I hope it doesn’t suffer here for being a bit on the lowkey side (but deep down I know it will because these girls can’t be trusted)."

Of course, Miss BEST FICTION gave his 11 to Heart Burn so let's listen to him before he kills us all: "Would it be a KSOTY rate if I didn't give my 11 to Sunmi? I know people will question; is this just because it's Sunmi? But no... It's because it is the best song of the year and deserves that title. Sunmi kinda ended Stevie Nicks, I know Miley Cyrus is MAD."

I guess that's my ideal top 10 with the remaining songs dddd

INVU - Taeyeon
GingaMingaYo (the strange world) - Billlie
Bamboleo - Red Velvet
Heart Burn - Sunmi
Forever 1 - Girls' Generation
When I Move - KARA
Poppy - STAYC
Chiquita - Rocket Punch
MVSK - Kep1er
Young Luv - STAYC

It's never going to happen, but I still think 'INVU' should win the whole thing.
Ya'll might want to take a look at my Ideal Top 10 list because at this point it turns out it's more of a "Songs That Won't Make the Top 10" prediction list....................................


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Elimination in an hour or two! This next song received not one, not two… but THREE 11s! What song do you think it is? Hehe~

The remaining songs:
DM - fromis_9

Bop Bop! - VIVIZ
INVU - Taeyeon
Dilemma - Apink

Feel My Rhythm - Red Velvet

Glitch - Kwon Eun Bi
Love Dive - IVE

Fearless - LE SSERAFIM

Illusion - aespa

Last Sequence - WJSN

After LIKE - IVE
Forever 1 - Girls' Generation
Talk That Talk - Twice



Antifragile - LE SSERAFIM
Underwater - Kwon Eun Bi
Generation - tripleS (Acid Angel from Asia)

When I Move - KARA
Poppy - STAYC

Ditto - NewJeans

Attention - NewJeans
Chiquita - Rocket Punch
Hype Boy - NewJeans
MVSK - Kep1er
Young Luv - STAYC

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