#KS⟲TY2022: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2022 Rate

VIVIZ - Bop Bop!
Kwon Eun Bi - Glitch
LE SSERAFIM - Fearless
aespa - Illusion
IVE - After LIKE
LE SSERAFIM - Antifragile
NewJeans - Hype Boy
STAYC - Poppy
NewJeans - Ditto

Is the top 10 in my fantasy.


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Thank you for your comments, unnies!

Unfortunately, none of you got this elimination right.


But a lot of you will be happy with this elimination regardless.





HIGH: (11) @Attis, @RUNAWAY, @savilizabeths
(10) @drod93, @ysev, @Ana Raquel, @clowezra, @Newbie Four, @Lately, @BEST FICTION, @Music Is Life & Death, @Oleander, @leedlelee..., @TéléDex, @GeiPanda, @Slice of Life (9.75) @thommyh (9.5) @ohdenny, @junglefish (9) @eatyourself, @codecat, @boom bazooka joe, @Crisp X, @ryjm, @roblognick, @KimLippington, @ultraviolet, @lovechoerrymotion, @Crafty, @He
LOW: (4) @Salami (5) @Trinu 3.0, @askew, @Vixen (5.5) @Gintoki (6) @GimmeWork

10 voters: 53
20 voters: 46
30 voters: 29
40 voters: 23
50 voters: 22
60 voters: 25
62 voters: 25
And with that, we say goodbye to all of fromis_9. This is their last song on the rate, DM. A shame because fromis_9 songs have consistently placed in the top 20 for a few years now, even entering top 10 last year with We Go. And now, they are completely out of contention... fromis_9 just can't catch a break huh!

Anyway, DM is the lead single of fromis_9's fourth mini album, Midnight Guest. After working with a different producer for their previous single Talk & Talk, fromis_9 reunited with Lee Woo-min (collapsedone) for DM. He composed the song alongside Justin Reinstein, Louise Frick Sveen and Caroline Gustavsson. Jo Su-jin and Gu Tae-woo wrote the lyrics. DM did decently on the charts, peaking at number 57 on the Circle Digital Chart. It won music show trophies from Show Champion and The Show.

DM was released way back in January 2022 and really, what a way to open this year with this song. Reuniting with We Go and Feel Good producer Lee Woo-min (collapsedone), DM is classique fromis_9. And as a fromis_9 x collapsedone truther, of course, I ate this shit up. fromis_9's brand of pop music will always be a winner in my book. It's bright, it's positive, it's wholesome - it's really what I inherently look for in K-Pop. Whenever I listen to fromis_9 songs, I just always feel... happy. DM is no exception. I will always be thankful that it was released in January which meant that it accompanied me the whole year. So whenever I feel like I needed to listen to something fun and feel-good, DM was always there, ready to rescue me.

My favourite part of the song is definitely the chorus. Oh my god, that chorus is ginormous. Jiwon and Hayoung singing their little lungs out, screaming "DOZEN MATTA" like their lives depended on it... I stan singers! And then the middle 8 hits and from them on, it's just... nonstop high notes galore with Hayoung serving dolphin realness with those whistle notes... lives were changed, including mine.

fromis_9 finally released their long-awaited first full album this month called Unlock My World which contains ten new songs including the lead single #menow. And judging from the reception #menow got from this subforum on release day, I'm already preparing my heart for it to perform really badly in the next #KSOTY Rate, if it even qualifies at all, kii! But whatever, I'm just happy that fromis_9 are still around, releasing pretty girl music for pretty people. Hopefully they'll release more and HYBE doesn't just disband them out of nowhere, GFriend-style.

Let's go to your comments. Vixen breathes a sigh of relief as we kick one of her lowest scores instead of her faves: "The "doesn't matter!"s are kinda grating not gonna lie… like oof don't strain like that my sisters!!! Love me some vocals, but not like that, unnies...." Straining is essential in K-Pop, unnie! One of fromis_9's biggest haters, Salami, must be feeling really happy too: "The chorus is too squeaky. I feel like I've heard maybe 10 fromis songs from these rates over the year and only Feel Good stands out, the rest all sound the same. It's obviously their thing, but it's not mine." And ohnostalgia admits: "This isn’t my favourite fromis_9 title, but I’m so happy that it probably led to us finally getting a full album!!!"

Joli Chat feels for the fromis girlies: "With the amount of hate these girls get through social media I can only imagine what goes through their minds when they read “DM”." Bye! Speaking of DM (as in, direct message), soratami comes clean: "A bit embarrassing how it took me until listening to the rate playlist to realise DM here doesn’t stand for “direct message” but rather for “doesn’t matter” nn." boom bazooka joe had a hard time deciphering what fromis_9 actually meant with DM too: "I can't tell you how fully stupid I felt when I realized that DM stood for "doesn't matter." A solid song elevated by an AMAZING chorus."

vague awards DM an 8.5 and calls it: "very pleasant." bbynewyear gives it the same score but is a bit more enthusiastic: "Love that explosive move they do during the chorus. They've always had hits and this one definitely displayed their growth into more seasoned idols." aux also highlights the brilliance of the chorus: "felony_9's title tracks in recent memory have always been a slay and this is no exception. They just know their way around a brilliant chorus." eatyourself is also all about that chorus: "This song had me yelling "DOESNT MATTAAAAAAAAA" to things I did not care about for a while." And clowezra finally gets fromis_9: "By far and away the best song they’ve ever put out, what a slap and a half?? Cured my depression, had me in a chokehold all year, pure unfiltered joy." YATH!

Two out of the three people who gave their 11s to DM submitted commentary. First up is RUNAWAY: "I've played this song more than any released last year (of the songs in this rate at least) and it just gets better and better every time. The vocalist in me just loves practicing the runs at the end of the song it's such a slay."

And then we have Attis: "DM is the perfect combination of their signature sound, city-pop esque melancholy and great performances from fromis_9 themselves. The chorus is just excellence, how Hayoung and Jiwon just keep demolishes. Everybody say thank you to fromis_9 for bringing good luck to 2022!" THANK YOU, FROMIS_9!


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25. DM - 8.35484
77. Stay This Way - 7.44355

1. @Attis - 10.50000
1. @RUNAWAY - 10.50000
3. @BEST FICTION - 10.00000
3. @leedlelee... - 10.00000
5. @savilizabeths - 9.87500
5. @thommyh - 9.87500
7. @Music Is Life & Death - 9.75000
8. @codecat - 9.50000
8. @Slice of Life - 9.50000
8. @TéléDex - 9.50000

11. @Oleander - 9.37500
12. @Ana Raquel - 9.25000
12. @ohdenny - 9.25000
14. @GeiPanda - 9.00000
14. @Lately - 9.00000
14. @ysev - 9.00000
17. @aux - 8.75000
17. @clowezra - 8.75000
19. @Newbie Four - 8.62500
20. @boom bazooka joe - 8.50000
20. @Crafty - 8.50000
20. @lovechoerrymotion - 8.50000
20. @roblognick - 8.50000
20. @ryjm - 8.50000
20. @soratami - 8.50000
20. @tj-x - 8.50000
20. @ultraviolet - 8.50000

28. @eliminathan - 8.37500
29. @Crisp X - 8.25000
29. @enjoy - 8.25000
29. @He - 8.25000
29. @KimLippington - 8.25000
29. @Remorque - 8.25000

34. @junglefish - 8.12500
35. @Shockbox - 8.00000
35. @vague - 8.00000
37. @drod93 - 7.87500
37. @Macsun - 7.87500
39. @FunkyButChic - 7.50000
40. @Inland Empire - 7.25000
40. @Serg. - 7.25000
40. @Wills - 7.25000

43. @Conan - 7.00000
43. @eccentricsimply - 7.00000
43. @Joli Chat - 7.00000
46. @eatyourself - 6.75000
46. @PopZeitgeist - 6.75000
46. @ry123 - 6.75000
49. @chrisjche - 6.50000
49. @evilsin - 6.50000
49. @ohnostalgia - 6.50000
49. @Sanctuary - 6.50000

53. @YRSHKD - 6.37500
54. @Glitterizer - 6.25000
54. @Hurricane Drunk - 6.25000
56. @bbynewyear - 6.00000
56. @GimmeWork - 6.00000
58. @Trinu 3.0 - 5.50000
59. @Salami - 5.25000
59. @Vixen - 5.25000

61. @Gintoki - 4.75000
62. @askew - 4.12500

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On fromis_9 - DM.
I want to highlight Nagyung (also including acting in MV) and Jiwon and Hayoung (including whistle notes).
fromis_9 sometimes are influenced by TWICE. Of course main composer of "DM" (etc.), collapsedone, composed/arranged many songs for TWICE.
I think, that "DM" is a bit influenced, for example, by "Feel Special" (which collapsedone arranged).
"Doesn't matter" corresponds (a bit) to "You make me feel special" part etc.
Lyrics tell different stories, but "DM" even also has "so special" in English.
Anyway, "DM" is different enough from other fromis_9 songs and from TWICE songs (including "The Feels").
fromis_9 did enough to get another Top 20 place here. (for me "DM" is Top 7)

I think it is interesting to look at scores, which were given to "Feel Special" and "DM".
7 or more people have 10 for both songs, etc.
@Vixen 3 and 5 (well, consistency ! We love @Vixen ! for other things !)
@Salami 11 and 4, @askew 10 and 5 (insert your commentary, y'all)
@RUNAWAY and @savilizabeths both went from 10 to 11 (my praise and I feel sorry for you)