#KS⟲TY2022: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2022 Rate

Well, at least your 11 made the top 10 this year, besties!!
Two years in a row
Wait, this is so slayful!! Well, at least your 11 made the top 10 this year, besties!!

And when I find out that you three are just the same person………


Iconique behavior. We even got to visit the set. I’m Swithel No.5 cause I had to look up what song we elevened last year.


Also empires could fall and rise based solely on Sieun’s “eh” right before the breakdown.

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For today’s elimination, we’ll finally be entering the elusive 9.00+ average mark!!

One of these non-K-Popjustice Charts number 1 songs will be the victim:

Hype Boy - NewJeans

INVU - Taeyeon
Love Dive - IVE
Poppy - STAYC

Which song do you think will end up at number 7?

Elimination will be posted a little later today. Pls anticip8!

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This is a song that really doesn't need any introductions.




HIGH: (11) @YRSHKD, @chrisjche, @Crafty, @Glitterizer (10) @eatyourself, @tj-x, @drod93, @enjoy, @ysev, @vague, @Conan, @Crisp X, @ohdenny, @aux, @ryjm, @clowezra, @roblognick, @KimLippington, @ultraviolet, @Lately, @RUNAWAY, @lovechoerrymotion, @Sanctuary, @Oleander, @bbynewyear, @leedlelee..., @askew, @He, @TéléDex, @GeiPanda, @Slice of Life (9.75) @eliminathan (9.5) @boom bazooka joe, @thommyh, @savilizabeths (9.25) @Wills (9) @codecat, @Remorque, @Joli Chat, @junglefish, @ry123, @Music Is Life & Death
LOW: (4.5) @Serg. (5) @Gintoki (5.5) @ohnostalgia (6.25) @Newbie Four (6.5) @Attis, @Hurricane Drunk, @Vixen (7) @soratami, @Shockbox

10 voters: 4
20 voters: 7
30 voters: 7
40 voters: 9
50 voters: 7
60 voters: 8
62 voters: 7
And the first song to enter the 9.00+ average zone is none other NewJeans' Hype Boy. This also means that NewJeans has only has one song remaining in the rate, just like every other artist remaining. We love a level playing field!

Hype Boy is the second single of NewJeans, taken from their first mini album, New Jeans. It was written by Gigi, Ylva Dimberg and member Hanni and composed by 250 and Ylva Dimberg. Hype Boy was (still is, actually) a mammoth of a hit, peaking at number 2 on the weekly Circle Digital Chart, number 2 on the monthly Circle Digital Chart and number 18 on the year-end Circle Digital Chart. The crazy thing about Hype Boy is that it was first overshadowed by NewJeans' first single, Attention, and it only really peaked by the end of 2022 and in 2023. There was a time when it was competing with NewJeans' Ditto and OMG on the charts, eventually defeating OMG too. On July 17, 2023, it finally left the MelOn Daily Chart top 10 for the very first time since its debut on August 2022. It's the longest charting Top 10 song in the platform's history. Of course, it's also a critical hit as it got included in several year-end lists of critics and publications such as NME, NPR, Rolling Stone, Time, among others. It only won one music show trophy, winning Inkigayo on April 2nd, 2023. Yes, almost eight months after its real. Longevity kween!

Let me not mince my words: Hype Boy is the K-Pop song of the year (at least outside this forum). It's the one song that I think people will associate the year 2022 with in the coming years. It's the perfect second single and the perfect companion piece to Attention. While Attention was content being the cool, relaxed first single, Hype Boy brought the much needed energy that's needed to really make an unforgettable entrance. I will never forget the day Hype Boy dropped... the four music videos extravaganza, the unforgettable choreography that I knew would take over TikTok soon enough, the quiet confidence that, yes, this song will definitely put NewJeans in the map. It was such an event and yet, the song remained the crowning glory.

All the spectacle surrounding it aside, Hype Boy is actually a pretty simple, straightforward pop bop. It's current-sounding while not really relying on the trends that are prevalent on K-Pop at the time. It sounds modern but also isn't shy in showing its ties to past hits. Both Attention and Hype Boy (and a lot of NewJeans' other songs) are "easy listening" pop songs and I'd argue their simplicity is what really sells them to the listener. As I've said before and I'll say again and again, K-Pop thrives in chaos. I mean, what other genre of pop music openly celebrates weird song structures and over-the-top concepts other than K-Pop? While pop music has moved on to "raw," "authentic," "this is the real me" shenanigans, K-Pop remained loyal to its unnatural eccentricities. NewJeans' music kind of offers a different approach to K-Pop. Yes, the music is still very catchy like the best K-Pop songs but it's also not interested in merging three songs in one. It's like dressed down K-Pop. And it's proving to be an effective marketing strategy as NewJeans are currently taking over not just Korea but international markets as well.

Anyway, I digress. I'm not talking about Hype Boy anymore. But really, what else is there to talk about? Everyone knows this song, everyone knows its choreography. It has genuinely become a pop culture phenomenon. And the crazy thing is... I thought NewJeans would not be able to replicate the success of Hype Boy for at least a few years. But nope, Ditto has definitely eclipsed it in Korea and OMG has replaced it as NewJeans' international crossover hit. And Super Shy has all the makings of becoming NewJeans' most popular song yet. It's actually crazy and I expect more craziness from NewJeans soon. I mean, they're actually just getting started. Mad!

Let's now go to your messy comments! Let's start with the number 1 NewJeans anti ohnostalgia: "Oh now I remember why I preferred Attention to Hype Boy: One, the pacing of this song is just off with some parts being way too slow and others being unnecessarily rushed. And two, that short prechorus is truly dreadful. I could say I would like to know why they subjected us to it, but that’s actually a lie." soratami can't stand the marketing behind Hype Boy: "This is cute but I find it hard to buy into the whole “look, it doesn’t sound like K-Pop!!!” shtick, especially when there are tons of non-K-Pop artists releasing music that sounds exactly like this." Hmmm, I really wish you'd just focus on the song and not on the marketing behind it.

Nawt boom bazooka joe trying to sabotage Hype Boy's chances of winning the rate: "My rule for scoring is basically "You get a 10 if I love you and I'd want you to win and you get a 9.5 if I love you but I kind of don't want you to win." Hype Boy is that girl, though. The ONF and SF9 soldier boys dancing to this was the best thing to happen in 2022." Salami actually likes this?: "This is their best song so far. The new groups are killing it this year! I could really see this group crossing over outside of Korea, there's something exciting about them." I'm shqqk! eliminathan loves the excessive extravaganza of Hype Boy: "The 10 music videos for this one song idea was cute!" And codecat... is feeling envious?: "I envy every teenager that's experiencing their first crush as they play this song on loop in their phones!" Aww!

How come you're always in a party, clowezra bestie?: "I’ve played this at every party I’ve been to/hosted since this came out and it slaps effortlessly every single bloody time. A perfect song that has no right being on a debut mini, outrageous." Extrovert legend! I could never! Crisp X invites comparisons with an extinct girl group: "I hate to make that comparison over and over again but this captures a certain pre-debut LOONA vibe so perfectly that I was instantly head over heels with this." I hear it. I know LOONA was on Min Hee-jin's moodboard when she was planning NewJeans. roblognick needs the song to be longer: "This is great. It ends far too soon and could easily be twice as long." A mood! eatyourself gets real and raw: ""Malhebwa yeah neukyeobwa m-hm" is the hook of the year. When people look back at 2022 this is the song that will come to mind, I believe it!" PERIOD!

"You don't understand... everything changed when New Jeans attacked," bbynewyear argues with me. "Like this really felt like nothing I'd ever heard before, which is crazy because its not shy about referencing all the eras that came before it. But the girls, the art direction, the delivery of it all made it feel so unique!" ultraviolet agrees and adds: "This is what I call a groundbreaking debut. Everybody and their mothers were listening." vague simply calls Hype Boy: "an all-time classic already." Oh for sure! And KimLippington is ready to add Hype Boy to the K-Pop summer staples list: "Sits with Red Flavor and See Sea as one of the truly great post-SISTAR summer singles for me. Listening to it now takes me back to learning the choreo at the beach with friends <3 Song of the summer!"

aux was the fastest person to Superrevive Hype Boy so I think he deserves a paragraph of his own: "A smash hit of epic proportions. It's an outstanding song that deserved to smash and it did! We can't say that about many songs that are universally loved on the forum. It's a fucking thrill of a song. It's one of my favourite releases ever."

And now we have the 11-givers! First up is chrisjche: "An undeniable classic - it just keeps growing and growing on me!"

Glitterizer wants to start a discourse with this comment: "Their debut saved K-Pop. No it's true, it's true." Yath, stay messy, sis!

And finally, we have YRSHKD to end this post with this wonderful comment: "This needs a commentary: This song has changed everything about 2022 for me. Dance, vocals, vibes, everything about this song screams perfection. This was my 2nd most listened song of 2022 - also currently, my 2nd most listened song ALL TIME (and still counting)."


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7. Hype Boy - NewJeans | 9.00403
11. Attention - NewJeans | 8.81048
13. Young Luv - STAYC | 8.72177
17. Chiquita - Rocket Punch | 8.62500
22. MVSK - Kep1er | 8.47984
32. Space Mulan - Bébe Yana | 8.21774
34. SMiLEY (feat. BIBI) - Yena | 8.18548
36. Not In Public - Summer Cake | 8.15726
37. In My World - Rocket Punch | 8.14919
38. Pretty Boys - Yena | 8.12500
41. Pity Party - Jamie | 8.07258
43. Sharp Objects - Sorn | 8.04435
46. Another Life - Key | 8.01210
49. Snap Snap - Red Velvet | 8.00806
51. Need U - LOONA | 7.97177
53. In My Dreams - Red Velvet | 7.96774
54. Last Dance - Youha | 7.96371
59. Copycat - Apink CHOBOM | 7.85081
60. WooAh HIP - MAMADOL | 7.81048
62. Royal - IVE | 7.75403
63. Venom - BVNDIT | 7.73790
65. No Celestial - LE SSERAFIM | 7.70565
67. Rollercoaster - woo!ah! | 7.69355
70. Pop? Pop! - CSR | 7.62097
71. Can't Control Myself - Taeyeon | 7.58065
73. a sign ~ anonymous - Billlie | 7.54839
77. Stay This Way - fromis_9 | 7.44355
80. Mascara - XG | 7.28226
83. Pop - bugAboo | 7.20968
84. Real - CRAXY | 7.18952
85. ズルい女 - OnlyOneOf | 7.18548
86. Like A Fire - Wonpil | 7.17339
88. Euratcha! - CSR | 7.06452
88. Ring The Alarm - KARD | 7.06452
91. I Hate You - WOODZ | 6.96774
93. Hot - Seventeen | 6.93145
94. Cookie - NewJeans | 6.83871
98. Tank - NMIXX | 6.28226
99. Sag - youra & Mandong | 6.18548
100. Dice - NMIXX | 6.12500
101. O.O - NMIXX | 5.27823

1. @Music Is Life & Death - 9.35366
2. @thommyh - 8.82317
3. @TéléDex - 8.78049
4. @RUNAWAY - 8.64634
5. @tj-x - 8.63415
6. @Slice of Life - 8.50610
7. @Remorque - 8.45732
8. @ultraviolet - 8.39024
9. @Oleander - 8.36585
10. @Inland Empire - 8.29268

11. @soratami - 8.26829
12. @enjoy - 8.23171
12. @vague - 8.23171
14. @junglefish - 8.10976
15. @leedlelee... - 8.09756
16. @drod93 - 8.07927
17. @Crisp X - 8.02439
18. @Newbie Four - 8.01220
19. @He - 7.98780
20. @Conan - 7.98171

21. @ysev - 7.97561
22. @Macsun - 7.96341
23. @BEST FICTION - 7.94512
24. @ryjm - 7.90244
25. @Ana Raquel - 7.87805
26. @Wills - 7.85366
27. @codecat - 7.84756
28. @eliminathan - 7.84146
29. @roblognick - 7.82927
30. @evilsin - 7.80488

31. @Vixen - 7.69512
32. @ohdenny - 7.60976
33. @savilizabeths - 7.57927
34. @GimmeWork - 7.53659
35. @FunkyButChic - 7.52439
36. @lovechoerrymotion - 7.51220
37. @clowezra - 7.50000
37. @Glitterizer - 7.50000
39. @aux - 7.46341
40. @boom bazooka joe - 7.41463
40. @GeiPanda - 7.41463
40. @PopZeitgeist - 7.41463

43. @ohnostalgia - 7.39634
44. @Joli Chat - 7.32927
45. @Crafty - 7.31707
46. @KimLippington - 7.23171
47. @chrisjche - 7.21951
48. @ry123 - 7.15854
49. @Attis - 6.96341
50. @Trinu 3.0 - 6.85366

51. @Lately - 6.81707
52. @Sanctuary - 6.74390
53. @eatyourself - 6.70122
54. @Gintoki - 6.59756
55. @eccentricsimply - 6.57317
56. @YRSHKD - 6.50000
57. @Shockbox - 6.48780
58. @askew - 6.45122
59. @Hurricane Drunk - 6.39024
60. @Serg. - 6.36585

61. @Salami - 6.24390
62. @bbynewyear - 6.21951