#KS⟲TY2022: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2022 Rate


Antifragile - LE SSERAFIM

Ditto - NewJeans
Glitch - Kwon Eun Bi
INVU - Taeyeon

Love Dive - IVE


Three KPJC number 1 songs
Two non-KPJC number 1 songs
Four songs by 4th gen acts
One song by a 2nd gen act

One winner.

Place your bets!


1. Glitch - Kwon Eun Bi
2. Ditto - NewJeans
3. Antifragile - LE SSERAFIM
4. Love Dive - IVE
5. INVU - Taeyeon


1. Ditto - NewJeans
2. INVU - Taeyeon
3. Antifragile - LE SSERAFIM
4. Glitch - Kwon Eun Bi
5. Love Dive - IVE

In short, on STAYC - Poppy.

Some people preferring Japanese version to Korean version? Japanese version was obviously first, and then it got more popular lyrics (for some people). It has that "kokoro" - "no no no" moment by Yoon and "no pain no gain" by J.

About dance (Korean version of Poppy):
with Yuju:


with SEVENTEEN Jun and Vernon:
1. INVU - Taeyeon
2. Ditto - NewJeans
3. Love Dive - IVE
4. Glitch - Kwon Eun Bi
5. Antifragile - LE SSERAFIM


1. Ditto - NewJeans
2. Love Dive - IVE
3. Antifragile - LE SSERAFIM
4. INVU - Taeyeon
5. Glitch - Kwon Eun Bi


Slice of Life

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Ready for the top 5?

When it’s Antifragile and today suddenly becomes the worst day in my entire life era

We begin our top 5 countdown with the elimination of Kwon Eun Bi's final song, Glitch. But wow, what a moment for her. Glitch was one of just six songs to spend the entirety of the voting period in the top 10. And Underwater, her other song, ended its run at number 16. For a #KSOTY rookie, that is a major achievement. Huge congratulations to this unnie!

Glitch is Kwon Eun Bi's second solo single and is taken from her second mini album, Color. It was written and composed by TAK and Corbin (NEWTYPE). Sadly, Glitch didn't enter the Circle Digital Chart but it did peak at number 13 on the component Download Chart.

Do any of you remember Kwon Eun Bi's debut single, Door? Yeah, me neither. But I do remember the fact that it was so, so disappointing that it made me question Kwon Eun Bi's potential as a soloist. She was, without a doubt, one of the most talented members of IZ*ONE. She had a maturity in her... a cunty quality, if you will... that other members just didn't have. So yes, I had a lot of expectations for her. And then Door happened. I wish it didn't but it did. But thankfully, Kwon Eun Bi and her management realized the error of their ways and recognized that yes, Kwon Eun Bi deserved better material. Enter Glitch. This... this is one of the best course corrections I have seen in K-Pop. The way it immediately made me root for Kwon Eun Bi again like Door never happened... Glitch was some kind of miracle, really.

Glitch does not sound like any other song released by major K-Pop artists in 2022 so it immediately stood out from the pack. I'm not saying Glitch is some kind of new phenomenon in K-Pop because that's a lie. This type of sound ruled K-Pop years ago. And Kwon Eun Bi was just smart enough to bring it back. With this kind of production though, it's easy for a singer to get drowned out. Thankfully, Kwon Eun Bi's piercing vocals are impossible to drown out FFFFFFFFFF! We love an unexpected advantage! No but really, I love Kwon Eun Bi's vocals here. It's the right combination of sweet and powerful.

The reason why I couldn't give Glitch a perfect score is because I wish her vocals were more glitchy? Like, I almost wish some kind of Autotune was used on some of her vocals... like, after the second chorus or something. It would've been such a slay. But that's literally all I can critique about Glitch. Otherwise, it is a complete and utter collapse. She should be proud.

Kwon Eun Bi is finally making her long-awaited comeback on August 2nd with the single, The Flash. And from the teasers alone, you can tell that it's gonna be a massive serve. Also, she wisely chose to work with FULL8LOOM who composed a lot of WJSN's best singles. I sincerely hope The Flash success. I really want the mature concept to make a solid comeback in K-Pop and I know Kwon Eun Bi is capable of doing that. Let's go, unnie! Make us proud!

Comments time! Let's start with Salami who has been praying for Glitch's elimination like weeks ago FFFFFFF!: "The first minute is really interesting - that pre-chorus is great. But why have a big build up like that to deliver…nothing? I hate this chorus. It's the only thing I remember about this song so listening again I thought I'd be changing my mind, but it's still a no. It's a shame because the rest of the song is so good." aux called for Glitch's head too so congrats on the successful manifestation, bestie: "Chungha's crown slipped when this came out."

ohnostalgia gets contemplative: "I really like the idea of describing yourself as a glitch." Change your username to glitchnostalgia! Joli Chat... I can't stand you HSGFJHSGDJH!!: "“I come and go…” – EunBi’s career post debut." vague calls this: "not quite a 10 for me, but this is definitely one of the highlights of last year for me." Agreed. KimLippington rejoices: "Finally. A song worthy of her title as IZ*ONE’s main cuntress."

You heard the right lyrics, soratami!: "I fear I’m never going to unhear “I’m that glitch, perfect bitch.”" codecat starts a game: "Take a Diazepam every time you hear the word bitch in your brain as this plays on." Nawt Diazepam FFFFFFFF! I would but it's so expensive here. Woollim stan Attis stands proud: "This is a potential mother." boom bazooka joe shades another mother?: "Chung Ha FIGHT BACK." Chungha is Kwon Eun Bi's mother, no need to start a fight! And bbynewyear is totally satisfied with Glitch: "If she never releases anything else again she could still stand beside this total masterpiece and be proud."

ry123 shrieks: "Amazing amazing amazing. Especially the last 40 seconds!?" eatyourself gives Kwon Eun Bi another title: "8-bit queen!" chrisjche gives props to the production: "The production is perfect on this - so much depth and the mixing on her vocals is the perfect amount of roboticness." And here we have clowezra being the Patron Saint of Saving Locals from Tastelessness yet again: "I throw this around a lot, but 2022 really was one of the best years in k-pop I’ve ever experienced, and this is a huge factor-high key one of the best k-pop songs I’ve ever heard. Every element is perfect and tailor made to my tastes. Playing this to my mates, k-pop fans or not, and seeing their jaws drop (especially during that outro, bloody HELL), has been one of my favourite pastimes all year." Amen to you, sister!

Sorry for this loss, Crisp X! But it's time to say goodbye to your 11. Any last thoughts?: "No one came close this year. I wish I could go back to the moment it came out because my jaw was on the floor, completely disoriented and hypnotized by what I had just heard and watched. I can't say her debut prepared me for this so it was quite bold of her to comeback with something so left-field. The combination of elements from 2-step, future bass and fashion runway is already the stuff of geniuses, but I think it's the added sense of impending doom due to the eerie and name fitting production that brought the whole package together. It made it so unique and kept me on the edge all along, building up to the ending drop, so brutal and disgusting as EDM bros would say. Everytime it's about to pop, I can literally feel my neurons aligning to turn up the knob and let it decimate my speakers, my ears and accessorily my neighbors while Eun Bi shrieks "So catch me if you can, I go up & down, left & right... OH" from afar. Yeah she did a good job here."


Slice of Life

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5. Glitch - 9.08871
16. Underwater - 8.63710

1. @Crisp X - 10.50000
1. @drod93 - 10.50000
3. @Attis - 10.00000
3. @BEST FICTION - 10.00000
3. @Crafty - 10.00000
3. @eatyourself - 10.00000
3. @enjoy - 10.00000
3. @He - 10.00000
3. @junglefish - 10.00000
3. @Oleander - 10.00000
3. @ry123 - 10.00000
3. @ryjm - 10.00000
3. @Sanctuary - 10.00000
3. @tj-x - 10.00000
3. @Wills - 10.00000

16. @Slice of Life - 9.87500
16. @TéléDex - 9.87500
18. @Conan - 9.75000
19. @clowezra - 9.50000
19. @evilsin - 9.50000
19. @GimmeWork - 9.50000
19. @leedlelee... - 9.50000
19. @lovechoerrymotion - 9.50000
19. @Remorque - 9.50000
19. @Trinu 3.0 - 9.50000
19. @ultraviolet - 9.50000
19. @vague - 9.50000

28. @codecat - 9.37500
28. @thommyh - 9.37500
30. @chrisjche - 9.25000
30. @KimLippington - 9.25000
30. @Music Is Life & Death - 9.25000
30. @RUNAWAY - 9.25000

34. @Ana Raquel - 9.00000
34. @ohdenny - 9.00000
34. @roblognick - 9.00000
34. @soratami - 9.00000
38. @boom bazooka joe - 8.75000
38. @Joli Chat - 8.75000
38. @PopZeitgeist - 8.75000

41. @FunkyButChic - 8.62500
41. @Newbie Four - 8.62500
41. @savilizabeths - 8.62500
44. @ysev - 8.50000
45. @Gintoki - 8.25000
45. @ohnostalgia - 8.25000
47. @bbynewyear - 8.00000
47. @eccentricsimply - 8.00000
47. @GeiPanda - 8.00000
50. @Vixen - 7.87500

51. @Inland Empire - 7.75000
52. @askew - 7.62500
52. @Macsun - 7.62500
54. @aux - 7.50000
54. @Shockbox - 7.50000
54. @YRSHKD - 7.50000
57. @Glitterizer - 7.25000
58. @eliminathan - 7.00000
59. @Serg. - 6.75000
60. @Lately - 5.50000
60. @Salami - 5.50000

62. @Hurricane Drunk - 5.25000
And here we have clowezra being the Patron Saint of Saving Locals from Tastelessness yet again
Doing the lord’s work unnie! I’ve been a j/k-pop pusher for 20 years, my poor/lucky mates nn

This is an INSANE result (the low scorers need legitimate help get into it!) and she deserved better, but bleeding heck what a SONG. Imagine hearing this and not being sent to queer vogue house down boots church everytime??