#KS⟲TY2022: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2022 Rate

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I actually feel physically sick saying goodbye to this song.


But it must be done.

Farewell, my 11.





HIGH: (11) @vague, @Joli Chat, @KimLippington, @lovechoerrymotion, @Slice of Life
(10) @eatyourself, @tj-x, @drod93, @ysev, @YRSHKD, @PopZeitgeist, @Remorque, @Ana Raquel, @boom bazooka joe, @Crisp X, @ohdenny, @chrisjche, @aux, @ryjm, @clowezra, @junglefish, @Wills, @Newbie Four, @Lately, @RUNAWAY, @Crafty, @BEST FICTION, @thommyh, @eliminathan, @Glitterizer, @Sanctuary, @Oleander, @bbynewyear, @Trinu 3.0, @savilizabeths, @askew, @He, @TéléDex, @GeiPanda (9.75) @Conan (9.5) @enjoy, @Gintoki (9) @codecat, @Attis, @ultraviolet
LOW: (4) @Shockbox (5) @Serg., @ohnostalgia (6) @evilsin, @Salami, @Hurricane Drunk, @Macsun (7) @soratami, @GimmeWork

10 voters: 14
20 voters: 6
30 voters: 4
40 voters: 3
50 voters: 4
60 voters: 4
62 voters: 4
The cuts are getting more and more hurtful... especially for me as my 11 leaves the competition tonight. This is the last remaining song of NewJeans, Ditto. Coincidentally, this is also their last release of 2022, the story book ending of such a marvelous debut year for the group.

Ditto is the pre-release single of NewJeans' first single album, OMG. It was written by Ylva Dimberg, The Black Skirts, OOHYO (how I missed you, my love) and member Minji and composed by 250 and Ylva Dimberg. This song is currently leading the race of being the biggest song of 2023. It peaked at number 1 on the Circle Digital Chart, staying there for thirteen nonconsecutive weeks. It was the biggest song of January, February and March 2023... basically the first half of the year. And it has not stopped slaying; it's currently at number 15 on the Circle Digital Chart seven whole months after its release. It won eight music shows including four wins from Show! Music Core and a Triple Crown on Inkigayo. TL;DR, it's a fucking hit.

NewJeans' debut was one of the most successful in all of K-Pop, bar none. I don't think I have seen a group rise to superstardom upon debut since, well, BLACKPINK. The songs from their first mini album soundtracked the whole Korean summer. And that would've been enough to cement their status as 4th gen's biggest group yet. That's why I was very surprised when it was announced that nope, NewJeans are not done decimating the charts just yet and they will release their first "winter" single. Now I'm not saying that all winter singles are bad but in K-Pop, winter singles tend to be Christmas songs. And as someone who's not really a Christmas girlie, I didn't really put much expectation on NewJeans' first winter single. I thought, oh, it's probably just a fan song kind of thing where the girls sing about cheesy shit about spending their first Christmas with their bunnies or whatever their fandom is called.

Ladies and gentlemen, I was again proven wrong. Like fucking clockwork. Ditto turned out not just amazing... it's actually quietly become NewJeans' best song yet. And yes, I'm saying this one week after the release of the girls' second mini album. Yes, Ditto remains number 1. Argue with the wall.

Ditto is such a refreshing take on K-Pop winter music. A lot of K-Pop winter music can be sad too but Ditto's sadness is on another level. It's sad and cold and nostalgic and mysterious and poetic. I don't really know why but Ditto just makes me wanna weep sometimes. I don't know how NewJeans managed to do all of that in Ditto but that's exactly what they did. Ditto is said to be a reinterpretation of the Baltimore club genre, a genre that I frankly have no idea about. Whatever this genre is, it is amazing and the perfect shake-up to Korea's pretty safe idea of what winter music should sound like.

Wonderful production aside, I also wanna highlight the girls' increasingly developing vocals. To me, this is their best vocal performance yet but Cool With You is kinda knocking on its door. The girls are young and so their vocals have that natural innocent quality to them that's perfect for a song like Ditto. But I also appreciate the low notes employed very well on the song. Would you believe me when I say that hearing Danielle's low vocals on the "do you want somebody like I want somebody" line on the very first verse made my heart skip a bit? It still has that same effect to me seven months after. That line and the way Dani sang it... it's probably the reason why I gave Ditto my 11 honestly. It's really the little things.

After Ditto and OMG, NewJeans returned to their sunny selves and released the perfect summer songs in Super Shy and ETA just a few weeks ago. They're kinda the new Red Velvet with the effortless way they can switch up their sounds and concepts huh. If it's not too much to ask, I would very much love for another winter release from NewJeans. And after that, I would also love to hear their takes on spring and fall music. Yath, come on, stars for all seasons! No but really, the possibilities are endless with NewJeans and I'm sure I'll be happy with whatever they throw at me next. They are such a force in today's K-Pop landscape and I am forever grateful for their existence.

Okay, I kinda went OTT with my write-up FFFFFFFFF! Sorry about that but that's my 11 and I just wanna gush about it before officially bidding it farewell. But it's time to hear your thoughts! Let's start with ohnostalgia who continues to not vibe with NewJeans at all: "This is what you all were hyping up? Is this how people feel when they hate the SM songs I love? First one to reply yes gets a hit post!" soratami has been praying for Ditto's downfall for a while now and today, he gets to celebrate: "Cassie’s Ditto >>>" But it's Salami's comment that probably hurt the most: "I will give them points for all of their songs sounding different but not in a "make up your mind will you" way. I just don't really find this all that interesting. Kind of song you play when you're in the shower but you forgot to turn the volume up so you can only slightly hear it, but the sound of the running water is preferable." That last sentence... you will pay for this!

Ditto got ultraviolet thinking about animes: "I had a very vivid feeling when I listened to this for the first time. I knew what I needed the most. A release fully inspired by those mystery animes revolving students. "Another" is the best example I can think of. Please make it come true." Wait, that sounds promising! Lemme check it out! chrisjche flexes that: "I have learned all of the choreography and I am not sure I will ever get sick of this!" PERIOD! Crisp X continues to namedrop LOONA: "This is what I imagined a Odd Eye Circle comeback sounding like. Dreamy and melancholic K-Pop at its finest!!" bbynewyear could only whimper: "This broke me." Aww!

Nawt PinkPantheress getting these lashings from aux: "I know PinkPantheress was looking at job applications for McDonalds after this came out. This is, by far, one of the best K-Pop songs in recent memory." Not too much on my good sis! She gets another mention, this time from Glitterizer: "Their PinkPantheress SERVE." eatyourself celebrates Ditto's perfection, from song to just about everything attached to it: "It's so rewarding when you get the music AND the bling in the same package." YATH, I still get goosebumps thinking about that Ban Heesoo YouTube account FFFFFF!

Ditto got the other girlies shaking in their boots, Wills reports: "This swooping in on the quietest month of the year and completely resetting expectations for the year ahead, I can hardly blame everyone else for postponing their comeback indefinitely." clowezra marvels about Ditto's little miracles: "Wild to think this is only their second release and it’s another one of the best k-pop songs of the last few years. Delightfully weird and arguably the most addictive song of the year, the ‘woohooh’s are fully under my skin." And NewJeans continue to shatter boom bazooka joe's expectations: "I didn't expect NewJeans to be a flash in the pan, but after the mammoth success of their first EP, I wasn't sure they were going to be able to so easily top themselves right away, but Ditto is easily their best song (and video) yet!"

My four other co-11 givers all left commentary for Ditto, yay! First up is Joli Chat who decides to be honest with themselves: "I decided to give my 11 to Ditto instead of a group I like more than Newjeans because when the music bops, it bops, and who am I not to bop when I bop therefore I am and so does Ditto, low scores: do you bop therefore you are or are you bopping because I am? Didn’t think so." SLAY!

Next up is vague who simply declares that: "kpop peaked with the release of this song."

lovechoerrymotion (and his brother as well!) prove their excellent taste: "K-POP excellence, you get it from the first note and if you don't there's something actually wrong with you SORRY! I had high expectations for their first comeback and they exceeded it and then some! When my brother that has no interest in K-POP came up to me talking about it, that's impact babes."

And finally, we have KimLippington who explains the genius behind Ditto better than I could ever do: "Incredible MV aside (yes bitch I cried!!) the song is so wistful and the perfect winter companion to summer’s giddy and bubbly Hype Boy. There’s so much longing and yearning in that chorus that makes me nostalgic for those innocent secondary school crushes. And the production too! To take a leaf from PinkPantheress’ DIY production and add that kpop sheen without sanitising it completely… it just sounds so fresh in an increasingly oversaturated and homogenised landscape (cut to Korean companies driving Baltimore Club in to the ground for the next 2 years like they did Trop-House fff) Anyways SOTY! Although I fully expect this to lose out to something inoffensive enough to avoid tankings à la Unnatural."


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4. Ditto - 9.17339
7. Hype Boy - 9.00403
11. Attention - 8.81048
94. Cookie - 6.83871

1. @KimLippington - 10.25000
1. @lovechoerrymotion - 10.25000
3. @eatyourself - 10.00000
3. @Glitterizer - 10.00000
3. @Lately - 10.00000
3. @ysev - 10.00000
7. @TéléDex - 9.93750
8. @chrisjche - 9.87500
8. @clowezra - 9.87500
10. @YRSHKD - 9.81250

11. @askew - 9.75000
11. @Remorque - 9.75000
11. @Sanctuary - 9.75000
11. @vague - 9.75000
15. @drod93 - 9.62500
15. @He - 9.62500
15. @thommyh - 9.62500
18. @Oleander - 9.56250
19. @aux - 9.50000
19. @Crafty - 9.50000
19. @ryjm - 9.50000
19. @tj-x - 9.50000

23. @bbynewyear - 9.25000
23. @codecat - 9.25000
25. @enjoy - 9.12500
25. @PopZeitgeist - 9.12500
27. @Conan - 9.06250
28. @Ana Raquel - 9.00000
28. @boom bazooka joe - 9.00000
28. @Slice of Life - 9.00000

31. @Music Is Life & Death - 8.87500
32. @RUNAWAY - 8.81250
33. @Crisp X - 8.75000
33. @roblognick - 8.75000
33. @ultraviolet - 8.75000
36. @eliminathan - 8.50000
36. @GeiPanda - 8.50000
36. @junglefish - 8.50000
36. @Trinu 3.0 - 8.50000
40. @Joli Chat 8.37500

41. @BEST FICTION - 8.18750
41. @Wills - 8.18750
43. @savilizabeths - 7.93750
44. @FunkyButChic - 7.87500
44. @ry123 - 7.87500
46. @GimmeWork - 7.75000
46. @Inland Empire - 7.75000
46. @leedlelee... - 7.75000
49. @ohdenny - 7.62500
50. @Newbie Four - 7.56250

51. @soratami - 7.50000
52. @evilsin - 7.25000
53. @Vixen - 6.56250
54. @Hurricane Drunk - 6.50000
54. @Salami - 6.50000
56. @Gintoki - 5.87500
57. @Macsun - 5.81250
58. @eccentricsimply - 5.75000
59. @Attis - 5.62500
60. @Shockbox - 5.25000

61. @ohnostalgia - 4.50000
62. @Serg. - 4.12500

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4. Ditto - NewJeans | 9.17339
81. LOVETICON (♡TiCON) - CSR | 7.25806
87. Phantom - WayV | 7.13306
95. Chase - Minho | 6.81452
96. Candy - NCT Dream | 6.76613

1. @tj-x - 9.60000
2. @Music Is Life & Death - 9.10000
3. @RUNAWAY - 9.05000
4. @boom bazooka joe - 9.00000
4. @junglefish - 9.00000

1. @Shockbox - 4.80000
2. @Gintoki - 5.30000
2. @Hurricane Drunk - 5.30000
4. @eccentricsimply - 5.60000
5. @clowezra - 5.90000
5. @eatyourself - 5.90000
5. @Salami - 5.90000

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Antifragile - LE SSERAFIM

INVU - Taeyeon
Love Dive - IVE


For the first ever (?), two non-KPJC number 1 songs are in the top 3! That means there's a 67% chance that a non-KPJC number 1 song will win the rate. That has never happened in #KSOTY history yet!

But for now, lemme ask y'all one last time for these rankings!

I want everyone to join pleek PLEEK!


I really really did not expect this teebs. I love all three songs left but Ditto missing the top 3 is shocking.

1. Love Dive
3. Antifragile

1. Antifragile
2. Love Dive

I think Love Dive could take the crown but IVE have more vocal haters than LE SSERAFIM here, so... we shall see.
Don’t hate me, but I played Ditto (and to a lesser extent Attention) so much for months that I now find it unlistenable…
I could, however, listen to Hype Boy a hundred times a day and never grow tired of it…
I look forward to seeing Super Shy go head to head with Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s wife as our top 2 in the 2023 rate…
I don't really know why but Ditto just makes me wanna weep sometimes.
Girl the amount of times I bawled my eyes out to this song..........it's wonderful to see that we're not the only ones – look at those comments! Such a beautiful, special song. Also, let me do this:

1. LSFM - Antifragile
2. IVE - Love Dive
3. Taeyeon - IMVU

1. IVE - Love Dive
2. Taeyeon - IMVU
3. LSFM - Antifragile


Side note: Replace Love Dive with After Like and the top 3 would actually have been my Top 3 Spotify Wrapped of 2022.