#KS⟲TY2022: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2022 Rate

1. Taeyeon - INVU
2. IVE - Love Dive
3. LE SSERAFIM - Antifragile

1. IVE - Love Dive
2. LE SSERAFIM- Antifragile
3. Taeyeon - INVU

Ditto is sophisticated, intricate.
It is not standard K-pop, maybe that's how it was eliminated, but NewJeans are making new K-pop standards.
In Ditto MV, these episodes, when view is outside through the door and it rains,
remind me of house with garden close to entrance, emotions and memories.
Yeah, MV is packed with details, cat means something (as they should), staredown with deer, etc.
It is so atmospheric and kinda shifts space and time for viewers.
MV has two parts, one is themed as "Hope", one is themed as "Despair".
Min Hee-jin didn't limit herself. Episode with faucets is probably what we suspect about it, but it is subtle, so she got away with it.
Deep MV with many theories about it. From obvious, some girl is filming NewJeans members in MV.
Story is set in 1998-1999, so that filming girl could represent Min Hee-jin.
But first of all, filming girl has name Ban Heesoo, represents fans, and "Ban Heesoo" is wordplay on Bunnies, NewJeans fandom.
Ban Heesoo is played by Park Ji-hu.
Maybe not coincidentally, Park Ji-hu current work is horror TV series, and one of filming locations was reportedly used before to film some thriller.
Speaking of NewJeans eliminations order, group SETUA predicted it back in January, so here is NewJeans medley by SETUA:
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Antifragile - LE SSERAFIM

INVU - Taeyeon
Love Dive - IVE


For the first ever (?), two non-KPJC number 1 songs are in the top 3! That means there's a 67% chance that a non-KPJC number 1 song will win the rate. That has never happened in #KSOTY history yet!

But for now, lemme ask y'all one last time for these rankings!

I want everyone to join pleek PLEEK!
1. Antifragile - LE SSERAFIM
2. Love Dive - IVE
3. INVU - Taeyeon

1. INVU - Taeyeon
2. Antifragile - LE SSERAFIM
3. Love Dive - IVE


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Are we ready to find out which song ended up at number 3?

I have a feeling there will be meltdowns because of this elimination.




HIGH: (11) @Lately, @Gintoki
(10) @eatyourself, @tj-x, @drod93, @enjoy, @soratami, @ysev, @Shockbox, @PopZeitgeist, @Remorque, @Ana Raquel, @vague, @Conan, @Joli Chat, @Crisp X, @ohdenny, @chrisjche, @aux, @ryjm, @Attis, @clowezra, @junglefish, @KimLippington, @ultraviolet, @lovechoerrymotion, @Crafty, @BEST FICTION, @GimmeWork, @thommyh, @ry123, @eliminathan, @Oleander, @bbynewyear, @ohnostalgia, @savilizabeths, @Inland Empire, @He, @TéléDex, @GeiPanda (9.5) @Music Is Life & Death (9.25) @Wills, @Macsun, @Slice of Life (9) @Salami, @codecat, @roblognick
LOW: (3) @Serg. (6) @eccentricsimply, @leedlelee..., @askew (6.5) @boom bazooka joe (7) @Newbie Four, @RUNAWAY
MY SCORE: 9.25

10 voters: 3
20 voters: 2
30 voters: 2
40 voters: 2
50 voters: 2
60 voters: 3
62 voters: 3
South Korea's Song of the Year 2022 earns the bronze medal on our little #KSOTY Rate. This is IVE's second single, Love Dive.

Love Dive is the lead single of IVE's second single album. It was written by Seo Ji-eum and composed by Sophia Brennan, Elle Campbell and Nick Hahn. As I've said above, yes, Love Dive turned out to be the biggest song of South Korea in 2022 as per the Circle Digital Chart. It narrowly defeated the also mammoth hit Tomboy by (G)-IDLE. It won several Daesangs, a rare case for rookies, mind you. It won Song of the Year Awards from the Golden Disc Awards, MAMA Awards, MelOn Music Awards, Seoul Music Awards, Asia Artist Awards and Asian Pop Music Awards. It also won ten music show wins including Triple Crowns from Inkigayo and Music Bank. Also a critical hit, Love Dive was included in several year-end lists of critics and publications such as Billboard, Dazed, NME, Time, among others.

When IVE debuted with Eleven in late 2021, they were already superstars. And Eleven was a massive hit in its own right, ending up as the sixth biggest song of 2022. But I honestly couldn't have predicted just how bigger they'd get when they dropped Love Dive. Without NewJeans, they'd be the undisputed biggest act of K-Pop's 4th generation. And Love Dive did all of that. Love Dive became the first of IVE's four straight number 1 songs. It truly catapulted them to catastrophic heights. And to think Wonyoung had to convince Starship Entertainment to make Love Dive as their second single... kween of hits tbh.

I can see why Starship Entertainment was nervous about Love Dive though. It's a pretty deceptive song. On my first few listens, it didn't really register to me as A Hit Song. It was nice and I thought it was a perfect fit for IVE. But I didn't think it was catchy enough. And I also didn't think it was really that public-friendly. But Love Dive proved me wrong. Even I couldn't stop singing the "narcissistic, my god I love it" line for basically the whole year FFFFFF! And maybe I underestimated the Korean public's taste level too, kii! They really clung to Love Dive, the song. As far as I know, Love Dive didn't really go viral for its dance so it's really the song that carried itself to success. That's a pretty solid achievement.

As for me, Love Dive took its time to sink its teeth on me. Like I said, I didn't think it was catchy enough and as a basic bitch, that kinda hindered it from being one of my favourite songs of the year. I think I'd settle with this: I think Love Dive is an objectively great song; I wouldn't give it a high score of 9.25 if it wasn't. But I'm glad it didn't win our rate.

Now let's go to your comments before I get dragged FFFFFF! Serg. continues his villain streak by taking down another forum fave: "No originality whatsoever. Boring and sloppy." And I know boom bazooka joe is rejoicing with this elimination: "I don't get the hype." And those are the only negative comments! Wig!

Salami vibing with a TikTok-marketed song?: "I feel like this was aimed at the TikTok market, "narcissistic my god I love it" is the sort of thing that would blow up over there. It's more than that though, musically they're an exciting group if they follow up with more like this." It's more likely than you think! aux has become a Little IVEliever after Love Dive: "Excellent. As someone who was apprehensive of IVE after "Eleven", this felt like a true turning point. It's catchy as hell, the music video is brilliant, and overall, just works." Attis gives props to the writers: "That dramatique ass oooh is truly the backbone of this song, how the writers could think such a smart hook like that wtf."

Also appreciating the oohs is clowezra: "If you’d asked me for rate this when it came out, I’d probably have scored it a fair bit lower-but the way this has grown on me along with those outrageously good end of year performances has been monumental. The ‘oooh’s are beyond iconic, they can do no wrong." Love Dive was a grower for TéléDex as well: "Something about this melody during the chorus is so haunting and mesmerising. So it's no wonder I went from 9.25 at first listen to 10 when I decided to consider it, despite rating it 9.75." thommyh lauds... the silence?: "That like half-second of silence before the chorus bursts around the 2-minute mark is AAAAAA." ultraviolet simply concludes: "Brilliant."

It's not a Joli Chat comment without them dragging someone: "I can’t believe Starship was worried about Love Dive??? Worried about what? How good it was? Luckily Wonyoung said “we’re going to do this” and they did that." Kween of Pop tbh! KimLippington also recognizes Wonyoung's mother behaviour: "Idc if she’s 4 years younger than me.. Wonyoung on that first chorus is mother!" eatyourself laments some of the forum's reactions to IVE: "It's a shame these girls seem to get some flack around this forum cause a group of supermodels who make music for the queers should always get kudos." And bbynewyear makes the ultimate tagline for Love Dive: "A song for Popular Girls by Popular Girls!" Perfection!

ry123 all-out stans Love Dive and IVE: "Brilliant, one of my most listened to songs of the year, one of the best k-pop releases of all time, one that never gets old and one I never thought I’ve would beat until they released After Like. Will be interesting to see which of the two holds up the most after a few years." Shockbox highlights his favourite part of the song: "The bridge is the best part of the song. It's so infectious." And vague's wish does not come true: "it's sick how good this is!! rooting for a top 1 finish pleek pleek (tied with my 11 nn)." Aww!

"The fact that this and After LIKE could occupy the top 2 and it would feel correct…," soratami manifests. "I fear IVE might be a bit too powerful." ohnostalgia is serving Pitchfork reviewer with this comment: "What a case study in compelling dynamics, pacing, and hook writing. Deserved every accolade and quite a few more." Iconique! And let's end this post with a little something from BEST FICTION: "This is SOTY no matter where it ranks in this rate, let us get that straight."


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3. Love Dive - 9.23387
9. After LIKE - 8.87903
62. Royal - 7.75403

1. @ysev - 10.00000
2. @Conan - 9.83333
3. @PopZeitgeist - 9.75000
4. @Attis - 9.66667
4. @chrisjche - 9.66667
4. @Inland Empire - 9.66667
4. @ryjm - 9.66667
4. @tj-x - 9.66667
9. @clowezra - 9.50000
9. @ohdenny - 9.50000
9. @ry123 - 9.50000

12. @Slice of Life - 9.41667
12. @TéléDex - 9.41667
14. @Ana Raquel - 9.33333
14. @Crafty - 9.33333
14. @GimmeWork - 9.33333
14. @Gintoki - 9.33333
14. @lovechoerrymotion - 9.33333
14. @Macsun - 9.33333
14. @Oleander - 9.33333
14. @Remorque - 9.33333
14. @soratami - 9.33333
14. @ultraviolet - 9.33333

24. @vague - 9.25000
25. @codecat - 9.16667
25. @junglefish - 9.16667
27. @BEST FICTION - 9.00000
27. @eatyourself - 9.00000
27. @GeiPanda - 9.00000
27. @He - 9.00000
27. @Lately - 9.00000
27. @Music Is Life & Death - 9.00000
27. @savilizabeths - 9.00000
27. @Shockbox - 9.00000

35. @thommyh - 8.91667
36. @enjoy - 8.83333
36. @KimLippington - 8.83333
38. @aux - 8.66667
38. @Crisp X - 8.66667
38. @roblognick - 8.66667

41. @Wills - 8.41667
41. @YRSHKD - 8.41667
43. @Joli Chat - 8.33333
44. @Vixen - 8.25000
45. @FunkyButChic - 8.16667
45. @RUNAWAY - 8.16667
47. @drod93 - 8.08333
48. @evilsin - 8.00000
48. @Glitterizer - 8.00000
48. @leedlelee... - 8.00000
48. @Trinu 3.0 - 8.00000

52. @bbynewyear - 7.83333
53. @ohnostalgia - 7.50000
53. @Salami - 7.50000
55. @Newbie Four - 7.41667
56. @Hurricane Drunk - 7.16667
57. @eliminathan - 6.91667
58. @Sanctuary - 6.83333
59. @boom bazooka joe - 6.66667
60. @askew - 6.33333

61. @eccentricsimply - 5.00000
62. @Serg. - 4.83333

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3. Love Dive - IVE | 9.23387
5. Glitch - Kwon Eun Bi | 9.08871
64. Dice - Onew | 7.70968
69. Wildside - Red Velvet | 7.64113
71. Maison - Dreamcatcher | 7.57258

1. @Music Is Life & Death - 9.80000
2. @Oleander - 9.60000
2. @TéléDex - 9.60000
4. @He - 9.55000
5. @clowezra - 9.40000
5. @tj-x - 9.40000

1. @Serg. - 5.10000
2. @Lately - 6.10000
3. @Trinu 3.0 - 6.40000
4. @Salami - 6.50000
5. @lovechoerrymotion - 6.80000