#KS⟲TY2022: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2022 Rate

Slice, you are an inspiration. In a world where everyone is lazy and depressed, you're out there having a job, running five million things because you like that and still you think you're not giving enough. Delusion! Your rates are definitely the IMAX-only experience when it comes to rates in this forum, but that doesn't mean we won't have fun with a direct-to-TV version.

- Less superthing songs: loves it
- No commentary: some commentary is worth reacting to and commenting on, some is more straightforward. On both rates I hosted I only added something when I thought it was worth adding.
- No side rate: loves it too. I'm a lazy fook and find it hard to rate so many songs fff

I know some people don't appreciate some of shady quips, kii!
I might occasionally react, but I always appreciate!
I feel so sorry for eatyourself because this is the third straight year in a row that he hates the winner:
And I can't wait to hate next year's too! Probably Set Me Free
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In terms of personal preference, I’d take less songs for you to write about over less contents in a writeup, but obviously I am all for whatever you ultimately decide. I was disappointed to not submit a song for tanking this year, but in the end it didn’t really affect my participation or enjoyment.

And I have to echo others that 101 eliminations in 161 days is nothing to sneeze at.
I’ll reiterate what everyone is saying that you do whatever you need to do to make it easier and less stressful for you.

My only suggestion, if the supersaves stay the same amount, is bundling elimination posts for the first half or so. Full post for only #101 and then top 60. But I don’t know if that is actually less work or just more work all at once so take this suggestion with a big grain of salt.
@Slice of Life
3) Side rate. Obviously that is entirely new feature to KSOTY, and you seemingly agreed to outsource side rate. Solved.
4) Maybe less superselections? I don't recommend it. Highly.
Also don't recommend related @BEST FICTION amendment project.
That way people can strategize and work together to get songs into the rate
Let's just say:
we avoid campaigns
Instead of losing value on reducing supersongs amount, for example, similarly to what @PopZeitgeist said,
you can make some system and give most superselections (and maybe some of "Monthly Top 5" songs?) absolutely minimalistic elimination post. Possible exceptions: top "x" superselections, low "x" superselections, or songs, that you absolutely want to write about (I know you like many, but you yourself hinted, that you may write less about certain songs).
Currently, We have less superslots than people who want it I think.
Also 100-101 songs is good for rate grandiose status, for promotion.
Monthly Top 5 doesn't answer all questions when February 2022 has 7 songs in KSOTY Top 30
and two Superselections in Top 17
Supersongs amount can be changed, but I mean you can just make posts with scores instead and it seems better choice and that might be relatively easy as well.

2) Differently featured commentary. Same. There could be songs, for which you may still want to do commentary reactions. People love it.
1) Shorter elimination posts. Tagging changes won't work.
Just... writing less
will, but again, maybe for some songs you'll use no limits mode.

And yeah, writing less is (sadly) best solution we guess.
We also can use Monthly top 4 or top 3 for autoqualification instead of Top 5.
We also can use Monthly top 4 or top 3 for autoqualification instead of Top 5.
I guess this is a good chance to propose using the total number of points regardless of where a song placed within a specific month. For example, the Top 45 (or whatever number) highest scoring songs of the year are auto-qualified, instead of 5 per month / 60. Often the #4 of a weak month is not nearly as popular as the #6 of a different, much busier month, for example. This allows Slice to reduce the number of automatic entries while still reflecting popularity and having space for interesting supersubmissions.

I would prefer more songs (maybe less than 101) with shorter write-ups than the opposite. I really like Slice’s reaction to commentaries, so I would also like to still have those even if the commentary is just listed sequentially rather than incorporated into text.
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The only change mentioned that I'm not a fan of is limiting the number supersubmission songs. I just think they add a much needed variety to the rate and make it more enjoyable for me personally. Everything else doesn't bother me very much. Though one of my favourite parts of your elimination posts is the commentary reaction, I understand how time consuming that must be for you.

However, even with the supermess songs I would be happy to sacrifice them if it meant an easier ride for you. Your mental health is more important than anything. Like others I have not noticed any delays whatsoever or been bothered by them if they have occured so please do not think this rate had any of the shortcomings you think it did. Thank you for hosting, you're an icon!
For example, the Top 45 (or whatever number) highest scoring songs of the year are auto-qualified
For example, non - Top 5 "Chiquita" and "YOUNG LUV" are placed higher than "Candy" (NCT Dream, 2nd in December) using Monthly Charts points comparison. However that might require testing and I'm not sure what @Slice of Life thinks about such innovation,
it kinda destroys whole existing kitchen, like song "y" got to Monthly Top 5 (4, 3, 2) and ... didn't qualify.
+1 for shorter write-ups, partly for the reason that I (and maybe others?) just simply have less time these days to keep up with the forum and read every single word. I hate saying that, because it's Slicey, so you know it's gonna be top-notch material... but I sometimes find myself skimming, and I fear that's only going to get worse as real-world responsibilities pile up. I'd be perfectly content to just see a few short sentences that sum up how the host feels about the song, plus maybe a punchline or two. Simplifying the format for commentary also sounds like a great idea!
(Now let's see if I can take my own advice and actually crank out some eliminations in my own rate...)

Oh and @Slice of Life & @vague – I haven't said it yet, but incredible work once again ♡♡♡ The winner was... perfectly adequate, but the journey to get there was a joy as always!
Finally caught up (love a mental health week from hell) and what a perfect result, over the moon-INVU truly is a masterpiece and deserves, big time.

And now, I'll take my final bow.

Thank you to all of you for... everything. Not just for voting, which I appreciate, by the way. Thank you for really participating and making this rate interactive and fun to follow along. Thank you for your comments that truly made me laugh out loud. Thank you also for, uh, not fighting too much? I don't know; this year feels like we didn't have a fight that really went overboard. You know I live for drama but I also like peace sometimes, kii!

Thank you to @vague for being the best partner ever. This was really a collaborative effort and y'all should know I won't be able to host this rate successfully without all of his help. I look forward to many, many more collaborations with you.

Thank you to all the friends that checked in me during the many, many delays this rate has gone through FFFFFFFFF! It was well-appreciated.

Speaking of those delays, damn, they really made me feel bad. I am so incredibly sorry for those delays but please know that most of them were out of my control. I don't know what the hell happened this past six/seven months but I just get sick all the time. Thankfully, the rate's over so I can better take care of myself... and maybe see a specialist or something FFFFFF!

I want to talk about the future of this rate. This has been in my head for a while now and I'd really love to hear your thoughts too so please listen, besties! This is important!

For a while now, I have been thinking about quitting running this rate. It's been five years since I took over the #KSOTY Rate and while it's still very fun to host, it's has also taken a huge toll on me, physically and mentally. This year, my (real life) work has been busier than ever and almost made it impossible for me to run this rate as well as I wanted to. Add the fact that I've also been pretty sickly for a while. So I felt like I needed to quit one thing and maybe it has to be this rate. If it were up to me, I'd quit my real life work instead but I have a family to feed so I can't do that, kii!

But I realized I can't just quit running this rate without at least trying to make it more manageable to run. So yes, I am still planning to run the next #KSOTY Rate but there will be changes on some (major?) parts of it.

These are the possible changes I would like to discuss with y'all.

1. Shorter elimination posts

I think this will solve like 90% of my problems FFFFFFF! Some things that I can do to shorten the elimination posts include:
- Only tagging the 10-givers as the high scores.
- Only tagging limited low scores.
- Just... writing less FFFFFF! I don't think you'd kill me for not writing five paragraphs about a song that ranked 92nd, right?

2. Still accept commentary but they will be featured differently now

I like receiving commentary so much that I'm willing to suffer organizing them FFFFFFF! But for next year's rate, I won't be reacting to them anymore. This will also lessen some fights since I know some people don't appreciate some of shady quips, kii!

The commentary will now be written something like this:

@eatyourself (5): "Her voice sounds like Seulgi's at times! Too bad the song is so meh."

@Joli Chat (8): "It’s WILD that taeyeon, THE Taeyeon, had to fight to get this out! It’s like SMs hearing got fried by the number of ugly songs they’ve been giving their groups lately, hope they can get better and start recognizing when a song is a bop!"

@soratami (8): "I feel like something’s missing for this to be truly great. Not sure what, maybe it’s that the lyrics are a bit on the corny side? Still it’s very solid."

Or maybe I'd put a star after the comments that I really like, kii! But yeah, I think this will really lessen the amount of work that I do for the rate.

3. Removal of the side rate

Oh mawma, this one hurts. I had so much fun running the 2012 Side Rate but I also have to admit that I was so fucking exhausted by the end of it. I didn't expect it to take up that much energy tbh. I can still run a Side Rate but it's gonna be not as extra as this year's FFFFFFF! I could just post the results and not include my write-ups. But really, if anyone wants to host the #KSOTY2013 Side Rate and like, make it an actual rate, feel free to do so! You have my blessing. It's pretty easy too if you employ the Eurovision method.

4. (Maybe) Less Superredacted Songs

This is gonna be controversial and I'm really not sure about this yet. But it wouldn't hurt to ask y'all, right? So yeah, I have been accepting at least 40 Superredacted Songs for four years now. And I love Superredacted Songs, don't get me wrong. But do y'all think it's time to reduce their number? I'm thinking instead of 40, why not just accept 20 Superredacted Songs next year?

- Less songs to rate!
- Less songs for me to write about which means we can finish the rate earlier too.

- Less variety in songs to rate.
- It's gonna be harder to submit Superredacted Songs since the available slots are much more limited.
- There might be fewer voters since they don't have a song to support? Idk?


These are just the changes that are on top my head right now. I'll definitely come up with more in the coming weeks/months. And I'll for sure discuss them with y'all. But I would really love to hear your thoughts on these! Please help me out so I can still run the next #KSOTY Rate!

You can leave your comments on this thread. You can PM me too. And if you wanna remain anonymous, you can send me a message on retrospring.net/@shamanslicey.

Once again, thank you all so much!

You are FAR too sweet for you own good babe, we are so grateful for these incredible rates, it makes my year on this forum every time! Thank you so much for all you do, any iteration of this rate will be a joy to take part in, and thanks for making this sub forum such a fab and fun platform and escape bb!
Thank you for yet another amazing rate @Slice of Life , and to @vague, beautiful work as always! I've been super busy outside of the forum but its been something for me to look forward to with every elimination. The top 10 are all in my daily rotation and INVU is a well deserved winner - I'm in awe of each of its elements and every time I listen to it is better than the first!

I think anything you can do to prevent burning out for next year's, we will all be accepting of. But I personally would love if the number of super____ were at least >30, as they've helped me discover a lot of songs/artists I wouldn't have heard otherwise, so it's been a feature of the rate I've always looked forward to.

I'm already anticipating the meltdowns in KSOTY23!
Did I miss the party? I wasn't here sorry T_T

Throughout the rate both of @Slice of Life and @vague served us how the high quality rate can be, both visually and narratively, so a BIG kudos to you friends! Without your efforts, KSOTY wouldn't be the same.

The winner is perfect, Taeyeon deserved snatching the title! I love how INVU is effortlessly cool and bittersweet, the choreo is a big plus. My fearless LE SSERAFIM girls would be also pretty cool, yet, I'm happy they've landed on 2nd spot.

Even though you friends delivered a fabulous rate to us, you definitely shouldn't stop considering your personal life, space + physical and mental health. So I read your options about making the rate more managable, and even if you'll do every option at once I'll be joining this fun activity anyway so do what is the best for you.

So, thank you so much!!! I had the best time following this rate, can't wait to see how KSOTY 2023 will roll out dd