#KS⟲TY2022: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2022 Rate

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It has to be Snap Snap or Another Life.
Need U, In My World or Snap Snap cause they are the ones I don’t remember x






HIGH: (10) @ysev, @PopZeitgeist, @Remorque, @Attis, @GimmeWork, @leedlelee..., @Macsun (9.75) @Conan (9.5) @Slice of Life (9) @tj-x, @codecat, @Crisp X, @ohdenny, @chrisjche, @ryjm, @Music Is Life & Death, @Inland Empire, @Gintoki
LOW: (4) @Serg. (5) @Joli Chat, @eccentricsimply, @ohnostalgia

10 voters: 58
20 voters: 53
30 voters: 50
40 voters: 59
50 voters: 66
60 voters: 64
62 voters: 62
And losing their first of three songs is IVE. This is the b-side to Love Dive, Royal.

Royal is taken from IVE's second single album, Love Dive. It was written by Lee Seu-ran, Rick Bridges and members Rei and Gaeul and composed by Jamie Parker, Willie Weeks, Paulina Cerrilla and Kyler Niko. Despite not being a single, Royal managed to appear on the Circle Digital Chart, peaking at number 171. IVE's digital power really is insane.

Remember when IVE were still allergic to releasing mini/full albums? Despite debuting back in December 2021, they have only released their first proper body of work like... two days ago, when they dropped their first full album, I'VE IVE. These really girls fed us with three two-track single albums for over a year and we just... let them huh. Their little BLACKPINK serve! But I'm not one to complain because I genuinely enjoy all their b-sides... one of which is of course, Royal.

Royal, to me, is a proper cunty anthem. It gives me the same vibes as Irene & Seulgi's Naughty. Well, it's maybe not as polished but the attitude is definitely there. And for a group that's barely a year old, that's fucking commendable. But the main reason why I love Royal so much is the focus on vocals... the vocals of Yujin and Liz in particular. For some reason, IVE's singles don't really highlight their pretty stellar vocals which is kinda irritating. So thank fuck for the existence of Royal (and My Satisfaction too tbh) because without it, us vocal enjoyers would not be eating.

And as someone who's not really a rap girlie, I have to say I actually enjoyed the rap verses on Royal. That Rei rap verse after the first chorus... slay a bitsy. Also, don't you just love it when all the members get to shine (almost) equally in a song? That doesn't always happen in IVE title tracks *side-eyes Kitsch* so lemme celebrate Royal's existence yet again.

As I've said above, IVE has finally released their first full album, I'VE IVE, a few days ago. I have sadly yet to listen to it but I'm gonna do so in a few days, I promise. And I hope there are album tracks that could rival Royal. I'm excited to know!

Let's go to your comments starting with ohnostalgia who shades: "They really spent all the budget on the title tracks, didn’t they?" I disagree, bestie OMFG!!!!! roblognick couldn't get past the pronunciation: "Cuz yaz know I'm a ro-yaw. I just can't get on with it, sorry." And Joli Chat calls for the immediate killing end of the royals: "oh, well… Abolish the monarchy!!" Bye.

A few of you only enjoy certain parts of Royal. It's the pre-chorus for Wills: "Don't care for this outside of that weirdly Red Velvet-ass prechorus." eatyourself is only here for the instrumental: "I love the instrumental but very little about the vocals and melody does anything for me." And boom bazooka joe is here for anything but the chorus: "With a different chorus, this would be my favorite IVE song yet, but that chorus is bad."

vague makes a confession: "i think this is probably my least fave of their b-sides, but it's still a solid track." soratami evaluates: "Obviously not on the same level as LOVE DIVE and After LIKE, but still a great little b-side." Meanwhile, aux screams at Starship: "Give them a fucking mini-album already!!!" How about a full album, precious? Hehe~

Macsun stans proudly: "Boppity Boppity BOP!!! Production on this is GORGEOUS!" PERIOD! Crisp X believes Royal: "Should've been a title track methinks." It has too much Liz, bestie! Starship doesn't like that! And speaking of Liz (and Yujin), Attis beams: "Liz and Yujin ate this up omg." Exactly.

@PopZeitgeist didn't leave a comment for their Superrevive Song so let's have codecat close this post: "Didn't expect this to make the rate so I'm pleasantly surprised! Starship should give Liz more opportunities to flaunt her voice on title tracks because I wouldn't have guessed from those that she's a real capable singer." Preach, girlypop!

BWHWHWJSJSKSKS wait I didn’t think anyone will be interested about my reaction/review.

Anyway, here’s what I sent to @Salami when he asked me in private about the concert FFFFFFF!! I’ll put it under a spoiler tag because it’s pretty long and kinda embarrassing now that I’m reading it again FFFFFFF!!
I lived for this story! Happy you had such an amazing time!
Qualified songs:
INVU - Taeyeon
Glitch - Kwon Eun Bi
Deep - HYO
The Greatest - BoA
Heart Burn - Sunmi
Pop! - Nayeon
Sparkling - Chungha
Underwater - Kwon Eun Bi
28 Reasons - Seulgi
Forgive Me - BoA

We can think, that it couldn't be Glitch, Heart Burn, Pop!, Forgive Me.
Most popular pick since Top 90 is ...

but ...
Maybe something from
(INVU, The Greatest, Sparkling, Underwater, 28 Reasons)
was voted for this #61

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And the last song to miss a coveted place in the top 60 is...




(10) @enjoy, @clowezra, @Oleander, @leedlelee..., @GeiPanda (9.5) @ry123 (9.25) @Vixen (9) @tj-x, @soratami, @Ana Raquel, @vague, @Attis, @roblognick, @ultraviolet, @Music Is Life & Death, @Sanctuary, @ohnostalgia, @He
LOW: (3) @Lately, @Trinu 3.0 (5) @aux

10 voters: 52
20 voters: 53
30 voters: 58
40 voters: 70
50 voters: 62
60 voters: 60
62 voters: 61
And finally getting the boot is Seulgi's solo debut single, 28 Reasons. I know a lot of y'all will be happy!

28 Reasons is the title track of Seulgi's first solo mini album. It was written by Jeon Ji-eun, January 8th, Jo Yoon-kyung and Yoo Young-jin and composed by Sean Kennedy, Johan Fransson, Henrik Goranson, Yoo Young-jin and Kriz. 28 Reasons didn't really light up the charts, only peaking at number 113 on the Circle Digital Chart. For comparison, Seulgi's fellow Red Velvet members Wendy's Like Water peaked at number 54 and Joy's Hello at number 10.

I don't think it's a reach if I say that of all the Red Velvet members, Seulgi's solo debut is the most anticipated by most people. I personally think she's the 'essence' of Red Velvet; the perfect face for the group. She just has that It factor. I was actually surprised when Wendy and even Joy got to debut solo before her. To me, Seulgi was the most solo-ready so I thought she'd get to debut solo first. But that wasn't the case and she was instead paired with Irene for Red Velvet's first subunit, Red Velvet - Irene & Seulgi. That subunit gave us the iconique Naughty though so I can't complain too much. But yes, in my heart, I knew Seulgi was ripe for solo superstardom. And when the first teasers for 28 Reasons dropped, it really felt like Seulgi was gonna stomp.

Well, that wasn't exactly what happened when the full song came out. And it pains me to admit that as an out and proud Reveluv. Were my expectations too much, too lofty? Probably. But I also feel like most of the focus for Seulgi's solo was given to the concept, not really the song. 28 Reasons, while not bad (lemme just say that before I get kicked out of the Church of Seulgi), just felt too simple. It didn't live up to the drama the teasers promised. Something about the song just feels... low energy, hollow even. And that's not the vibe I'd want from a title track... from Seulgi, of all people.

I still gave 28 Reasons a score of 8.5 because at its core, I think it's a good song, just not really title track-worthy. Seulgi gives a convincing vocal performance as well. And let's face it, I'm also biased and I am incapable of giving Red Velvet a low score FFFFFFF! But really, I hope the next Seulgi solo single will be better than 28 Reasons. I trust you, bby!

Let's go to your comments... which are very sharp, if I may add. First up is Lately who drags: "I love SEULGI but this is such a letdown. The "I kiss your brother" line is perhaps the most try-hard opening line ever dd I don't think it's a great song and she also doesn't sound very good in it." Fellow lowest scorer Trinu 3.0 is just as mean: "She’s trying too hard to be edgy and it comes out comical. NEXT!" Ouch. SM superstan boom bazooka joe is surprisingly not stanning: "I'm not sure what doesn't quite click with this one for me. Seulgi sounds great on this Aaliyah as produced by Timbaland-esque track, and I love the minimalist verses, but the final product leaves me mostly feeling whelmed. The rest of the mini is superior for me." Hmmm, I agree. Anywhere But Home, Dead Man Runnin' and Los Angeles >>>>>>>>>

A lot of you are unhappy with the song not living up to the concept. aux says: "The concept looked out of this world, only for the title track to be a disaster. It's serviceable, but it's really unmemorable. A shame." thommyh adds: "The Gogo Yubari School of Pop as a concept sounds very cunty on paper but sadly it doesn’t totally live up to the expectations." eatyourself needs the edges to be sharper: "SM needs to end this trend of edgy songs with no edge at all." Salami seems bored of it: "I really like her voice. This is very SM for better or worse, exactly the sort of song I expected her to come out with. So it's hard to get too excited about it."

chrisjche gives the song a passing grade: "This song is just OK for me - the chorus hits as hard as I want it to." Glitterizer has a request for Mother Seulgi: "I like the spooky vibe and production... but if this was a "Monster" then pleek release a "Naughty" next time, mother!" Amen! And even though he gave 28 Reasons a 9, vague still has some notes for those verses: "chorus is undeniably great, but the verses leave me a lil cold, so i can't give this a full 10 unforch!"

Shockbox admits: "I am every so slowly warming to this. Actually finding this to be the case with a lot of SM title tracks this year." soratami is living for the opening line of 28 Reasons: "Opening the song (and now the KSOTY playlist too) with “I kiss your brother” is such a scream, I had to look up the lyrics to make sure I wasn’t mishearing." Attis needs the Lesbians of Korea to step their game up: "Where are the lesbians in SK because I need Seulgi to be the next superstar that she truly deserves." And ohnostalgia continues to defend Seulgi's honour, as she should: "This is such a vibe, I don’t care what anybody else says. I never knew I needed two Seulgi’s dancing in unison, but I’m so happy it happened through the power of CGI."

Let's end this post with probably the biggest Seulgi stan here on KPJ, my dear clowezra: "Any song that’s going to crash straight in with ‘I kiss your brother’ was born to be an instant classic, but Seulgi and her team absolutely outdid themselves here. Am I a delusional resident Seulgi/RV stan at this stage? Yes! But that doesn’t stop her being one of the best k-pop stars of all time, and this clear as day being one of the finest k-pop solo releases ever. What a woman."