#KSO⚖Y2023: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2023 Rate | #19: "A reminder that us, humans, are capable of reform and repentance from our evil ways"


I'm sorry, my dear...




HIGH: (11) @codecat (10) @Attis, @BEST FICTION, @TéléDex, @ysev (9.5) @KimLippington, @ohdenny (9) @He, @Slice of Life, @ultraviolet
LOW: (2) @Shockbox (3) @clowezra (4) @eatyourself, @Rhodanthe, @Trinu 3.0, @Wills

10 voters: 59
20 voters: 82
30 voters: 88
40 voters: 80
50 voters: 84
52 voters: 85
I am aghast at this leaving so early. But yes, it's time to say goodbye to NiziU's Heartris.

Heartris is the first Korean-language single of NiziU. It was written by J.Y. Park, Jung Na Gyeong (153/Joombas) and Liljune and composed by chAN's, DeePy, Boran, Tea Belle and Suyeon (from Weki Meki omfg!). Heartris failed to enter the Circle Digital Chart but it peaked at number 94 on the component Download Chart. It did better in Japan, peaking at number 10 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 Chart.

For the unaware, NiziU is a Japanese girl group under JYP Entertainment and they have been active since 2020. But it's only in 2023 that they released their very first Korean single Heartris. I'll be honest; I don't really follow J-Pop so Heartris is actually my formal introduction to NiziU. And wow, what an introduction this is. Heartris is giving early fromis_9 and that's very, very slayful as far as I'm concerned.

It also reminds me of, yes, early Twice and I could just imagine how this song would've been such a hit if Twice released it in like, 2017 or something. (This would've performed A LOT better in the rate too if this was released by Twice but I digress.) The production is very playful and quite interesting. The vocals could've been more engaging but I like it enough. But really, what a solid Korean debut for these ladies. I hope they continue blessing Korea (and us!) with another bop like Heartris in the near future.

@Shockbox (2): "This just hurts my ears." [Slicey: Better see a doctor for that, bestie!]

@clowezra (3): "It's not awful like but this sound has been done to death?? Down to the chord progression, it's a flat out copy+paste."

@eatyourself (4): "This sounds like every other girlgroup song ever."

@Salami (6.5): "I've heard of NiziU and I thought they were an ancient group around forever. They look about 12 years old! It started off so sugary fluffy I felt my teeth rotting but the chorus is really catchy." [Slicey: FFFFF nawt ancient! But yes, they have been around for a while.]

@aux (7): "It’s cute… for her age."

@boom bazooka joe (8): "Bleep bloop production done right." [Slicey: Now why did I think you'd hate this??? Kii!]

@FunkyButChic (8): "Like Lovelyz but not as good is still better than most groups manage, to be fair."

@savilizabeths (8): "This is exactly my kind of song! I don’t usually listen to them but this really impressed me."

@soratami (8): "Not a lot to say about this one, but it’s a very cute bop"

@Attis (10): "I don't get the Lovelyz comparison tbh, it's a bit more fromis_9 earlier stuffs and ofc I still loves it. Come back sisters !" [Slicey: Yath sister, preach it!]

@BEST FICTION (10): "I was gonna say this is the 10 that Chopstick was robbed of, but this song actually deserves it too."

@ysev (10): "As if Lovelyz and pre-Fancy Twice had a baby and gave birth to 9 Momos. Debut of the year. JYP having the guts to debut an all-Japanese group in Korea. And on top of that: instead of going the safe route, they chose a song with genuinely interesting chord progressions and a key change. A much needed break from the (sadly too frequent) current West pandering in K-pop." [Slicey: The last sentence... too real.]

@codecat (11): "I love this song because it's so me...and because I love myself, it deserves my 11...the one I almost gave to another song LOL!!"



Not the general consensus for the song being exactly this...

It's a very cute and harmless song that I thought would go at least a bit farther but I guess not.
Oh Jesus gross

Anyway prob one of my favorite K-pop song these days which is predictable ofc. Well written musically, both from melodical and lyrical standpoint (using Tetris analogy along with the shape of n & k Korean alphabet ? Soyeon found studying at public school) along with simple, clean, precise and well-thought visual and performances like wow this sh*t is in different areas

Also recently they perform this alongside legendary Perfume like this is my Avenger / Beautiful Liar / Bang Bang omg Jesus when good music and artists collides


Slice of Life

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This is an elimination that a lot of you have been waiting for...

STAYC ghorls.......

you're going down!





(10) @Attis, @eatyourself, @love choerry motion, @ysev (9.5) @codecat, @Sanctuary (9) @Crisp X, @evilsin, @He, @YRSHKD
LOW: (2) @enjoy (4) @Conan, @Trinu 3.0, @Vixen

10 voters: 61
20 voters: 78
30 voters: 89
40 voters: 83
50 voters: 84
52 voters: 84
Teddy Bear stays. Instead, we say goodbye tonight to STAYC's Lit.

Lit is STAYC's second original Japanese single. It was written by BXN, Esme Mori, Keebomb, Prime Time and Rado and produced by Black Eyed Pilseung. I for sure thought Lit didn't do that well compared to Poppy, STAYC's first Japanese single. But nope, Lit actually had a higher peak than Poppy on the Oricon Singles Chart, peaking at number 3 (compared to Poppy's number 13 peak). Interessante!

My, my, my, I never thought we'd ever come to this: eliminating a STAYC song this early in the competition. But this is the reality now. Anyway, I think y'all have been way too harsh on Lit. Obviously, Poppy is better but I feel like Lit is just way too overhated just because it isn't as good as Poppy. You feel me? No? Okay.

I love the bleep bloop production of Lit although I wish it went harder and even more bleep bloop-y. Like, take us THERE, girlies! And I also really vibe with the very catchy chorus although I totally get if it's not up to your taste. It can get very annoying, I get that, especially the "my life is so lit, lit, LIIIIIIT" hook... but I don't know, it just somehow makes total sense in my brain FFFFFFF!

TL;DR: I don't think Lit is STAYC's best song ever but I also don't think it is as bad as everyone makes it out to be. It's... fine! Fun even.

@enjoy (2): "Moonlight Sunrise, you are SAFE. What is even this song? Somebody from their company has to be sabotaging them like The Mole style."

@Vixen (4): "I already wasn't the biggest StayC truther out there, but they've really lost me lately nfkgfkjgfkj I'm sorry this isn't good"

@Serg. (4.5): "This song just proves that nobody's perfect." [Slicey: Okay, ouch!]

@chrisjche (5): "The tuning and effects really annoy me in this."

@Salami (5): "It's a bit of a NewJeans rip off." [Slicey: FFFFFFFFFF, yath, be messy!]

@aux (6.5): "This is… not the tea."

@boom bazooka joe (7): "I love the production to this, but I am way too old hag to be able to take a song seriously where the hook is some 19 year old girls singing "my life is so lit" over and over." [Slicey: Someone's life is not so lit, I see!]

@soratami (7): "STAYC girls… you’re better than this. I mean, the vocaloid vibes are kinda cute, but yeah"

@savilizabeths (7.5): "I’m so sorry to my girls I really am but I keep forgetting this exists!"

@Crisp X (9): "Less of Teddy Bear and Bubble, more of this next STAYC pleek I'm begging!!"

@codecat (9.5): "My style is so lit lit lit lit lit LEEEET enjoy my cli– INTERNET CONNECTION REVOKED" [Slicey: goodbye!!!!! *skull emoji*]

@Attis (10): "This is probably the closest take on Pinkpantheress song, or Erika De Casier who fucking knows they all call it Y2K anyway"

@ysev (10): "Release this in Korea @Rado you dumb fuck."