#KSO⚖Y2023: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2023 Rate | #19: "A reminder that us, humans, are capable of reform and repentance from our evil ways"


I just checked and it was actually………..


No, let's clock that tea actually! I BEEN knew @eliminathan was @BEST FICTION 's ALT account!


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And the last song to miss a spot in the Top 60 is........




(10) @Attis, @eliminathan, @love choerry motion, @Remorque, @savilizabeths, @TéléDex, @ysev (9.5) @ohdenny, @Oleander, @PopZeitgeist (9) @codecat, @junglefish, @Macsun, @Sanctuary, @soratami, @Vixen
LOW: (2) @Salami (4) @Rhodanthe, @Shockbox (4.5) @enjoy, @Wills (5) @eccentricsimply

10 voters: 42
20 voters: 68
30 voters: 68
40 voters: 62
50 voters: 61
52 voters: 61
When I told y'all nobody is safe, I truly meant it. Twice is the next victim as they also lose their first song. Tonight, we say goodbye to Moonlight Sunrise.

Moonlight Sunrise is Twice's second original English-language single and served as a pre-release single of their twelfth mini album, Ready To Be. It was written by earattack, Kaedi Dalley, Lee Woo-hyun and Nina Ann Nelson and produced by earattack and Lee Woo-hyun. Moonlight Sunrise peaked at number 152 on the Circle Digital Chart, number 5 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 and number 84 on the Billboard Hot 100 (US).

I was one of the people who stanned The Feels, Twice's first original English-language single, so of course, I genuinely looked forward to Twice's next English-language single. But when I first listened to Moonlight Sunrise, I hated it so much omfg. This was NAWT the The Feels sequel I prayed for. I mean, I get it, I truly get why they pushed for this more mature sound. Twice isn't exactly a "young" act and maybe they (or their management) felt it was time to cater more to an older audience. Despite knowing all of that, I still think Moonlight Sunrise is a boot. That production... delete it! I'm sorry, my Once friends, but this is my truth.

Moonlight Sunrise is still very catchy though and it contains one of the best (?) misheard lyrics ever so I have grown to tolerate it, maybe even bop to it when it comes on shuffle. And the girls' talents still shone through despite the subpar material so I wouldn't call Moonlight Sunrise exactly a failure. It's just not one of Twice's best and that's okay!

@Salami (2): "The downfall of Twice since 2019 continues and it seems to be getting steeper. I'm bored of this 2 seconds in, they've become very predictable. The only memorable thing about it is that I can't not hear "Yes I need your cock right now" since someone pointed it out. So thanks for that. I think I hate this song more each time I listen to it." [Slicey: I know you enjoyed their latest comeback though hehehe~]

@Shockbox (4): "I love Twice but not even ‘It’s I need your cock right now’ line can save it. Why has Chaeyoung suddenly hit puberty?"

@ThisIsRogue (6): "I have a case of misheard lyrics with this - instead of "it's I-need-you-o'clock right now", I hear "inside need your c**k right now". Overall clumsy writing which makes it hard for non-native English speakers to sing, but the chorus is catchy."

@aux (7): "It’s definitely their worst English title but it smacks a bit."

@Crisp X (7.5): "I don't mind a repetitive hook but this one gets annoying a bit tew quick"

@Serg. (8): "One of the lowest scores I've ever given a TWICE track but this is royalty free music mawmas, do better!" [Slicey: I didn't expect this whacking from you???]

@codecat (9): "Moonlight...sunrise...baby flick my cooc– anyway omg this song always makes me think about that one super awkward performance of this song at a Billboard thing where the intro is just Nayeon's screeches super ISOLATED and loud djkfhsdkf can't believe this song was released in 2023!"

@soratami (9): "Request to ban anyone who mentions that one misheard line in their commentary" [Slicey: FFFFFFFFF I can't ban all of them girl!]

@Vixen (9): ""I don't even know how to talk right now, yes I need your cawk right now" how can you not like this song"

@Attis (10): "How can you hate a song that intentionally put a double entendre line "Yes I need your cock rn" ? Icon behavior, forget DIA and Tinashe the real miami bass queen is here !"

@savilizabeths (10): "I had a friend who didn’t like this song. Let’s just say we’re not friends anymore."

@ysev (10): "Guess I need your cock right now."




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OMG - NewJeans

Rising - tripleS
Killer - Key
Sweet Juice - Purple Kiss

EUNOIA - Billlie
Hold On Tight - aespa
Rover - Kai
Set Me Free - Twice

I Am - IVE
Knock - Lee Chae Yeon
Perfume - NCT Dojaejung

Spicy - aespa
Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard's Wife - LE SSERAFIM
Queencard - (G)I-DLE

#menow - fromis_9
The Feeling - SHINee
Attitude - fromis_9

Super Shy - NewJeans
Air Force One - Odd Eye Circle
ETA - NewJeans
Je Ne Sais Quoi - Odd Eye Circle
Cool With You - NewJeans

Fast Forward - Jeon Somi
The Flash - Kwon Eun Bi
Bubble - STAYC
Girls' Capitalism - tripleS LOVElution
Better Things - aespa

Sensitive - Loossemble
BYOB (bring your own best friend) - Billlie
Newtopia - Loossemble

Howl - Chuu
Algorithm - HeeJin
Off The Record - IVE
C'mon (feat. Aminé) - Jini

Drama - aespa
Maniac - VIVIZ
Underwater - Red Velvet
Untie - VIVIZ

Soñar (Breaker) - NMIXX
Roller Coaster - NMIXX

Aliens - Chuu
Back to the City - Kep1er
BAPPI - The Deep
Cat & Mouse - BLACKSWAN
Chasing That Feeling - TXT
CoolAs - Key
Die For You - EL7Z UP
enchanted night ~ white night - Billlie
I Don't Wanna Know - Lee Chae Yeon
Left Right - XG
Love Me Like - Odd Eye Circle
New Jeans - NewJeans
Perfect Night - LE SSERAFIM
Shooting Star - XG
Sugarcoat - Natty (Kiss of Life)
The Way - Jeon Somi
tOgether fOrever - Kep1er
VingleVingle - Heize
Wave - IVE
Welcome To MY World (feat. nævis) - aespa


We are so close to meeting our Top 50 K-Pop Songs of 2023!

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If you don’t -

Honestly? A lot of great songs left in the rate. We’ve made some mistakes along the way but I do see a scenario where the top 10-20 are smashes only.

I’d have to look at my list to see which mid forgettable songs I gave 6s to that I’d like to get rid of, but the big glaring stain on the list are those two atrocities by Korean Troian Bellisario’s sister.
I’m glad that this one left. It is what it is… a boring mid tempo with a questionable production that really signaled the end of the Twice’s renaissance era imho. Although this years mini is a lot better than Set Me Free, I can’t help but feel disappointed when it comes to them.