#KSO⚖Y2023: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2023 Rate | #20: "The last 30 seconds...I want to hear it on my deathbed."

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Just a heads-up, unnies. There will be no elimination tonight because I’m gonna work on some stuff for the K-Popjustice Charts hehe~

See u all tomorrow night for the start of our top 60 countdown. I’ll give y’all a few spoilers for the song getting the boot tomorrow…

♡ it’s a Superjustice Song
♡ it’s a song by a girl group
♡ it received an 11!

That’s all for now. Goodnight, unnies!

Should be Kep1er

What the hell?
Back To The City is literally everything good about K-Pop, its so vintage but also current, cutesy, chill, enjoyable. Like don't come for cousins.
tOgether fOrever is kinda the best song of all time idk...
doko made mo
We can go anywhere (Anywhere)
onaji yume ni mukatte
Now Don’t let go of me zutto
te wo hanasanaide

You & I

I kinda regret not giving both full marks but they mustn't leave yet.

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My 11 is a girl group song that happens to be a superjustice one


Yeah,,,,, about that.........




HIGH: (11) @evilsin (10) @Attis, @clowezra, @eccentricsimply, @leedlelee..., @love choerry motion, @Macsun, @Rhodanthe, @soratami, @ThisIsRogue, @thommyh, @ultraviolet, @YRSHKD (9.5) @askew (9.25) @ohdenny (9) @Crisp X, @Dangerous Maknae, @He, @KimLippington, @ohnostalgia, @Oleander, @Remorque, @TéléDex, @Trinu 3.0
LOW: (2) @eliminathan (3) @Serg. (4) @savilizabeths, @Wills (4.5) @eatyourself (5) @Ana Raquel, @aux, @BEST FICTION, @Conan, @Salami, @ysev

10 voters: 74
20 voters: 60
30 voters: 71
40 voters: 70
50 voters: 60
52 voters: 60
We begin our top 60 countdown with the departure of XG's first song, Shooting Star. Definitely not a bad showing for a group that was kinda dragged hard last year with Mascara! The glow-up is real!

Shooting Star is the title track of XG's third single album. It was produced by Xansei, Seann Bowe, Clint Ford, Matt Kali and JAKOPS and written by JAKOPS, Jason Daxon, Sheldon Body, Olay, Poe Leos, Patrick "J. Que" Smith, Brooklyn Kenaisya Johnson, AMarri Gildersleeve, Xansei, Seann Bowe, Clint Ford, Matt Kali, Dayday, Rambo Kay and Amelia Moore. Shooting Star peaked at number 26 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 Chart.

Shooting Star was one of the harder songs to rate, personally speaking. It's one of those songs that I hate one day and then next day, I can't stop bopping to it. The verses are so, so diabolical, it's kinda insane that someone heard them and said, "alright, this is it!" But just when you thought the song is gonna suck so bad endlessly, here comes XG slapping you with the prettiest pre-chorus AND chorus combo to ever exist. Okay, that's kinda hyperbolic but you get what I'm saying.

I feel like I've already said this before but lemme just reiterate: until XG's producers/songwriters/whatever realize that the group's true strength is their vocals, they won't fully reach their potential. I'm not saying they have to completely remove the rap parts of their songs. Those rap parts just don't need to suck... and frankly, they don't need to be featured on two full verses. Basically, what I'm trying to say is just give us more Left Rights FFFFFFF!

@eliminathan (2): "Those verses, especially the intro, are abhorrent. Y'all must be blocking your ears for half of the song waiting for the half-pleasant chorus or something."

@Serg. (3): "What the actual F*CK was that scary ass voice at the beginning of the song I jumped???" [Slicey: LMFAOOOOOOO bye!]


@Wills (4): "Takes everything that made Left Right successful and does the opposite: arrangement is a cluttered earsore, sections have no business existing in the same song, and not a single hook worth a damn" [Slicey: I'm really living for your villain era, bestie omfg!]

@eatyourself (4.5): "The cacophony in the chorus is so grating."

@Ana Raquel (5): "I think I only really like TGIF huh fffff"

@aux (5): "I’m so conflicted about this one. On one end, the rap verses are abysmal and the choice of making these girls be doing all that really ruins the song. On the other end, the pre-chorus and chorus are excellent. It also doesn’t help that the group is super problematic, but that’s another discussion all together." [Slicey: Basically this.]

@BEST FICTION (5): "The chorus is adorable and really carries the song, but the verses are diabolical and this comes from me who loves cheesy English raps."

@boom bazooka joe (6): "There is a YouTube reactor I like who uses the chorus to this as their intro track. I always like hearing it, but finally hearing the whole song for the first time in this rate -- wow do the verses ruin it. Shame."

@codecat (7.75): "Man I'm too old for these verses"

@Crisp X (9): "They may have the cringiest rap bits in the K-Pop scene right now... but I can't make the music not bop!"

@Attis (10): "AAVE Queens I'm sorry for doubting you" [Slicey: SCREAM! You're the last person I thought would enjoy this!]

@clowezra (10): "Another absolute corker from them, I feel like this release as a whole was them taking their sound and vibe to another level, legit no other group doing it like them at the minute."

@leedlelee... (10): "Shooting Star got me through then first few months of 2023… I hope XG gives us more of this in 2024 and less of NEW DNA…"

@soratami (10): "A slay"

@ThisIsRogue (10): "I'm in love with the entire Shooting Star package, and the visuals undeniably elevate this. I love this as much now as I did a year ago." [Slicey: Right, their visuals are INSANE! Some K-Pop acts need to plagiarize be inspired by them!]