#KSO⚖Y2023: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2023 Rate | #24: "Brandy and Monica been really quiet since this dropped"

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Day 1
Gocheok Sky Dome, Seoul, South Korea.
November 28, 2023.
6:00 in the evening.

I was alone in my dressing room, fiddling with my phone. I forgot if I was Facetiming with Lisa... or stalking the Instagram account of my ex, Ahn Bo-hyun. He always posts thirst trap Instagram stories around this time... But yes, I was alone, awaiting for my manager's signal that it was my time to take the stage.

It was the night of the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMAs).

Then all of a sudden, I heard guttural screams not far away from where I was. I thought to myself, that has got to be NMIXX's Lily and her nuclear lungs. This girl can sing, I know, but let's leave the screaming at home, sweetie. Anyway, I was pissed off and I headed towards the door. And when I opened the door, I was greeted by Lily...

And at least three hundred idols who were running for their goddamn lives. What the fuck is happening?

Things happened so fast after that, I couldn't even ask anyone what's happening. I just found myself getting pushed by all of these idols towards the main exit. And when we all realized the exit door was locked, everyone took out their phones to try and call for help, only to see our phones shutting down almost simultaneously. And then people started crying. As if that's gonna help us. Ugh.

A few minutes afterwards, we heard someone speaking through the arena's big ass speakers.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I know you all are in the exit door. I'm sorry to say but all the doors have been locked and there is no way for you to leave the premises. You are all under a lockdown and I am ordering you to return to the main stage right now. Please follow the order now or shit's about to get violent. NOW!"

And there we were, running towards the main stage like our lives depended on it. And when we got there, that's when I realized who spoke through the speakers a few minutes ago...

Bitch, is that Park Bom unnie?

And why is she dressed like a policewoman? Is she a policewoman now? Since when?

Again, what the fuck is happening?

"Alright, thank you for listening to my order. I am Park Bom and I am the officer assigned on this case. I'll keep this simple. The producers of MAMAs couldn't decide on which song should be awarded the Daesang - the Song of the Year Award. I know all your fans have ceaselessly voted for your songs for months now but the producers figured it would be best if a different set of judges judged your songs to determine which one is the best of the year. And those judges are the lovely people of the K-Popjustice subforum. They will rate all 101 songs and in a few months, we will know the winner. It's that simple," Park Bom explained.

"And what the fuck that's got to do with us?" aespa's Ningning shouted, not needing the speakers to be heard.

"Is that how you speak to your sunbae, missy?" Bom unnie side-eyes the aespa girlie. "And to answer your question, this has everything to do with you. All of you will be prisoners while the contest is ongoing. And when your song gets eliminated from the rate, you will also be set free. In the end, only one act will remain in this stage."

"And what's in it for the last remaining act?"
LE SSERAFIM's Yunjin asked. "...sunbae-nim?" she added.

"Well, they'll win the Daesang. Isn't that enough?"

the idols shouted in unison.

"I'm sorry, my dear hoobaes, but this has been decided already... not by me but the MAMA producers. I'm just here to facilitate this contest... which should begin right now...

This is..."


Did you enjoy the new story I wrote for this edition of our #KSOTY Rate? Breathe if yes, die if no! Exactly!

But anyway, y'all can skip that part and just read this one.

What exactly is the #KSOTY2023 Rate?

It is a yearly rate where the people of the K-Popjustice subforum gather and rate 101 K-Pop songs released this year and decide which one is The Best K-Pop Song of the Year 2023.

How are the 101 K-Pop songs chosen?

They are chosen through these procedures:
60 songs are taken from the monthly K-Popjustice Charts. These songs placed in the top 5 of the charts.
40 songs are submitted by you, the voters, through a process called SUPERJUSTICE. It is explained in detail in the next post.
1 song is submitted by me, @Slice of Life, the host of this rate.

How are we rating these songs?

By rating all 101 songs on a scale of 0 to 10. The complete set of rules is explained in this post.

Alright, I've said enough for now. Shall we get down to business? Let's go!


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What is a SUPERJUSTICE SONG? It's a song, released in 2023 of course, that you love but didn't place in the top 5 of the monthly K-Popjustice Charts and therefore isn't included in our initial list of songs to be rated. It can be any song as long as you love it. No other qualifiers.

By becoming SUPERJUSTICE SONGS, they will be included in the final list of songs that we will be rating.

But here's the catch: we only have space for FORTY SUPERJUSTICE SONGS. Because not every song deserves justice.

There will be four rounds of SUPERJUSTICE. The first 10 people to complete the missions in a round shall be entitled to submit one (1) SUPERJUSTICE SONG. If you already won in one round, you cannot enter the other rounds. Every round will happen spontaneously so you better click that "WATCH THREAD" button to not miss any updates. For the first two rounds, only the 62 people who voted during the #KSOTY2022 Rate can participate. The third and fourth round will be open to all.

So for the first round, here are the mechanics:
1. Like the opening post.
2. Write two facts about this person.
3. On the same post, insert a different photo of this person.
3. No repetitions of answers allowed. You cannot copy an already entered answer. PLEASE POST YOUR ANSWERS IN THIS THREAD.

First round will close when all 10 slots are filled. I will post and tag the 10 people who successfully won the round. They will need to submit their SUPERJUSTICE SONG before January 2, 2024, 23:59 GMT.

The first round starts now.

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Finally, here are the songs we will be rating for this edition of the KSOTY Rate.

#menow - fromis_9
Air Force One - Odd Eye Circle
Algorithm - HeeJin
Aliens - Chuu
Alter Ego - GOT the beat
Amigos - BIBI & Becky G
Attitude - fromis_9
Back to the City - Kep1er
Baddie - IVE
BAPPI - The Deep
Barbie Dreams (feat. Kaliii) - Fifty Fifty
Best Friend (feat. Woo) - Sumin
Better Things - aespa
Broken Melodies - NCT Dream
Bubble - STAYC
BYOB (bring your own best friend) - Billlie
Call My Name - Sunmi
Cat & Mouse - BLACKSWAN
Chasing That Feeling - TXT
Cherry Coke - Yeeun
Cherry Talk - tripleS +(KR)ystal Eyes
Chill Kill - Red Velvet
C'mon (feat. Aminé) - Jini
Cool With You - NewJeans
CoolAs - Key
Die For You - EL7Z UP
Discord - QWER
Drama - aespa
Dubi Dubi - ARTBEAT v
enchanted night ~ white night - Billlie
ETA - NewJeans
EUNOIA - Billlie
Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard's Wife - LE SSERAFIM
Fast Forward - Jeon Somi
Firework - &TEAM
Flower - Jisoo
Get A Guitar - RIIZE
Girls' Capitalism - tripleS LOVElution
Good & Great - Key
Guilty - Taemin
Heartris - NiziU
Hold On Tight - aespa
Honestly - Limelight
Howl - Chuu
I Am - IVE
I Don't Wanna Know - Lee Chae Yeon
I Want To Be Closer To You - Yukika
Invincible - tripleS EVOLution
Island - The Wind
Je Ne Sais Quoi - Odd Eye Circle
Just Do It - tripleS NXT
Killer - Key
Knock - Lee Chae Yeon
Left Right - XG
Love Me Like - Odd Eye Circle
Madness - Moonbin & Sanha
Maniac - VIVIZ
Moonlight Sunrise - Twice
New Jeans - NewJeans
Newtopia - Loossemble
Off The Record - IVE
OMG - NewJeans
Perfect Night - LE SSERAFIM
Perfume - NCT Dojaejung
Picture - HYO
Pull Up - VIVIZ
Queencard - (G)I-DLE
Rising - tripleS
Roller Coaster - NMIXX
Rover - Kai
Sensitive - Loossemble
Seoul (Such a Beautiful City) - H1-KEY
Set Me Free - Twice
Shhh - Kiss of Life
Shooting Star - XG
Smooth Sailing - cignature
Soñar (Breaker) - NMIXX
Speed Love - tripleS LOVElution
Spicy - aespa
Stamp On It - GOT the beat
Sugar Rush Ride - TXT
Sugarcoat - Natty (Kiss of Life)
Summer Comes - Oh My Girl
Super - Seventeen
Super Shy - NewJeans
Sweet Juice - Purple Kiss
Teddy Bear - STAYC
The Feeling - SHINee
The Flash - Kwon Eun Bi
The Way - Jeon Somi
tOgether fOrever - Kep1er
Underwater - Red Velvet
Unforgiven (feat. Nile Rodgers) - LE SSERAFIM
Untie - VIVIZ
VingleVingle - Heize
Wave - IVE
Welcome To MY World (feat. nævis) - aespa
You & Me - Jennie
Zero - NewJeans

1. #menow - fromis_9:
2. Air Force One - Odd Eye Circle:
3. Algorithm - HeeJin:
4. Aliens - Chuu:
5. Alter Ego - GOT the beat:
6. Amigos - BIBI & Becky G:
7. Attitude - fromis_9:
8. Back to the City - Kep1er:
9. Baddie - IVE:
10. BAPPI - The Deep:
11. Barbie Dreams (feat. Kaliii) - Fifty Fifty:
12. Best Friend (feat. Woo) - Sumin:
13. Better Things - aespa:
14. Broken Melodies - NCT Dream:
15. Bubble - STAYC:
16. BYOB (bring your own best friend) - Billlie:
17. Call My Name - Sunmi:
18. Cat & Mouse - BLACKSWAN:
19. Chasing That Feeling - TXT:
20. Cherry Coke - Yeeun:
21. Cherry Talk - tripleS +(KR)ystal Eyes:
22. Chill Kill - Red Velvet:
23. C'mon (feat. Aminé) - Jini:
24. Cool With You - NewJeans:
25. CoolAs - Key:
26. Die For You - EL7Z UP:
27. Discord - QWER:
28. Drama - aespa:
29. Dubi Dubi - ARTBEAT v:
30. enchanted night ~ white night - Billlie:
31. ETA - NewJeans:
32. EUNOIA - Billlie:
33. Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard's Wife - LE SSERAFIM:
34. Fast Forward - Jeon Somi:
35. Firework - &TEAM:
36. Flower - Jisoo:
37. Get A Guitar - RIIZE:
38. Girls' Capitalism - tripleS LOVElution:
39. Good & Great - Key:
40. Guilty - Taemin:
41. Heartris - NiziU:
42. Hold On Tight - aespa:
43. Honestly - Limelight:
44. Howl - Chuu:
45. I Am - IVE:
46. I Don't Wanna Know - Lee Chae Yeon:
47. I Want To Be Closer To You - Yukika:
48. Invincible - tripleS EVOLution:
49. Island - The Wind:
50. Je Ne Sais Quoi - Odd Eye Circle:
51. Just Do It - tripleS NXT:
52. Killer - Key:
53. Knock - Lee Chae Yeon:
54. Left Right - XG:
55. Lit - STAYC:
56. Love Me Like - Odd Eye Circle:
57. Madness - Moonbin & Sanha:
58. Maniac - VIVIZ:
59. Moonlight Sunrise - Twice:
60. New Jeans - NewJeans:
61. Newtopia - Loossemble:
62. Off The Record - IVE:
63. OMG - NewJeans:
64. Perfect Night - LE SSERAFIM:
65. Perfume - NCT Dojaejung:
66. Picture - HYO:
67. Pull Up - VIVIZ:
68. Queencard - (G)I-DLE:
69. Rising - tripleS:
70. Roller Coaster - NMIXX:
71. Rover - Kai:
72. Sensitive - Loossemble:
73. Seoul (Such a Beautiful City) - H1-KEY:
74. Set Me Free - Twice:
75. Shhh - Kiss of Life:
76. Shooting Star - XG:
77. Smooth Sailing - cignature:
78. Soñar (Breaker) - NMIXX:
79. Speed Love - tripleS LOVElution:
80. Spicy - aespa:
81. Stamp On It - GOT the beat:
82. Sugar Rush Ride - TXT:
83. Sugarcoat - Natty (Kiss of Life):
84. Summer Comes - Oh My Girl:
85. Super - Seventeen:
86. Super Shy - NewJeans:
87. Sweet Juice - Purple Kiss:
88. Teddy Bear - STAYC:
89. The Feeling - SHINee:
90. The Flash - Kwon Eun Bi:
91. The Way - Jeon Somi:
92. tOgether fOrever - Kep1er:
93. Underwater - Red Velvet:
94. Unforgiven (feat. Nile Rodgers) - LE SSERAFIM:
95. Untie - VIVIZ:
96. VingleVingle - Heize:
97. Wave - IVE:
98. Welcome To MY World (feat. nævis) - aespa:
99. You & Me - Jennie:
100. Zero - NewJeans:


Slice of Life

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1. Rate all the songs from 0 to 10. You can use the following decimals if you want to be very precise with your scoring: .25, .50 & .75. All other decimals are not allowed.

2. You may give one song - and just one - your coveted score of 11.

3. Commentary is not mandatory but is very welcome. I love commentary! Bury me in commentary, unnies!

4. You must rate every song. No exceptions.

5. Please please please submit your scores in the order I list them. It makes everything easier for everyone.

6. You may change only one score after you submit your votes. Once your scores are in, they're locked. If you reconsider, you may have one change on one single song. This is to cut down on spreadsheet errors and miscommunication, so please think things over before you send!

7. Absolutely no trolling allowed. Trust me, I know what trolling looks like and I will not hesitate to publicly shame you for being a twat, I mean, troll. Trolling does not achieve anything except be an annoyance so please do not engage in such activity.

8. To combat trolling more effectively, you must give commentary to any song you scored below a 4.00. I will further examine the commentary if it is acceptable.

9. Free Palestine! If you are pro-Israel, please don't vote in my rate!

10. Accept Shaman Unnie as the goddess of justice.

Slice of Life

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92. You & Me - Jennie
91. Smooth Sailing - cignature

90. Super - Seventeen
89. Best Friend (feat. Woo) - Sumin
88. Cherry Talk - tripleS +(KR)ystal Eyes
87. Broken Melodies - NCT Dream
86. Alter Ego - GOT the beat
85. Heartris - NiziU
84. Lit - STAYC
83. Teddy Bear - STAYC
82. Honestly - Limelight
81. Madness - Moonbin & Sanha

80. Stamp On It - GOT the beat
79. Guilty - Taemin
77. Baddie - IVE [TIE]
77. Summer Comes - Oh My Girl [TIE]
76. Sugar Rush Ride - TXT
75. Just Do It - tripleS NXT
74. Unforgiven (feat. Nile Rodgers) - LE SSERAFIM
73. Zero - NewJeans
72. Picture - HYO

70. I Want To Be Closer To You - Yukika [TIE]
70. Call My Name - Sunmi [TIE]
69. Invincible - tripleS EVOLution
68. Chill Kill - Red Velvet
67. Good & Great - Key
66. Speed Love - tripleS LOVElution
65. Seoul (Such a Beautiful City) - H1-KEY
64. Shhh - Kiss of Life
63. Firework - &TEAM
62. Pull Up - VIVIZ
61. Moonlight Sunrise - Twice

60. Shooting Star - XG
59. Wave - IVE
58. Sensitive - Loossemble
57. The Way - Jeon Somi
56. VingleVingle - Heize
55. Die For You - EL7Z UP
54. The Feeling - SHINee
53. Soñar (Breaker) - NMIXX
51. Sweet Juice - Purple Kiss [TIE]
51. Back to the City - Kep1er [TIE]

49. Girls’ Capitalism - tripleS LOVElution [TIE]
49. Cat & Mouse - BLACKSWAN [TIE]
48. tOgether fOrever - Kep1er
47. Aliens - Chuu
46. Rover - Kai
45. Perfume - NCT Dojaejung
44. Algorithm - HeeJin
43. Chasing That Feeling - TXT
42. BYOB (bring your own best friend) - Billlie
41. Killer - Key

40. Set Me Free - Twice
39. Knock - Lee Chae Yeon
38. #menow - fromis_9
37. Perfect Night - LE SSERAFIM
36. Better Things - aespa
35. enchanted night ~ white night - Billlie
34. Love Me Like - Odd Eye Circle
33. BAPPI - The Deep
31. Howl - Chuu [TIE]
31. Bubble - STAYC [TIE]

28. Left Right - XG [TIE]
28. I Don’t Wanna Know - Lee Chae Yeon [TIE]
28. Drama - aespa [TIE]


So for the first round, here are the mechanics:
1. Like the opening post.
2. Write two facts about this person.
3. On the same post, insert a different photo of this person.
3. No repetitions of answers allowed. You cannot copy an already entered answer. PLEASE POST YOUR ANSWERS IN THIS THREAD.
She published a memoir called 'Who Am I'.
She was originally only meant to be in prison for 3 years and then had the sentence extended for 20 years.