#KSO⚖Y2023: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2023 Rate | #24: "Brandy and Monica been really quiet since this dropped"

Now why is the GIF getting smaller.





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You stan 3 groups and said dont mention one of them like what
We can talk about biases for days though

Which 3 groups do I stan?

But also sure let's talk biases! Which one would you prefer? Taemin? Ningning? Seohyun? Zhang Hao? Sohee? Han?

I'll concede on Yeri, but all the others are better vocalists than Jisoo! And that's fine! I'm sure she's good at... something!

I can actually kinda get why songs like Cherry Coke, Discord and Amigos would be out already I'm excluding ISLAND, because that one could choke from the beginning, but...

Jisoos being out already? Like what the fuck. I'm a sucker for some struggle vocals and the production's acute attempt at sounding so empty it reverts back to full... I love it.

That and the fact she seems stoned out of her brain the entire video... Relatable.


Y'all fucking crack me up. This is the funnest rate happening at the moment.
Never change.


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As it should be!

But for real, all the calls for Get a Guitar, or really any song, to be out and OVERSTAYING its welcome when there have only been 4 eliminations is hysterical to me ddd.

For a song whose worst criticism I can imagine is “boring,” it sure is living rent free in a lot of people’s minds! Almost wish I’d given it full marks now.