#KSO⚖Y2023: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2023 Rate | #25: "This would make for a great Drag Race lipsync song."

There's literally nothing to understand, some people just think Unforgiven is shit and always have. You don't need a reason to hate a song other than thinking it's bad, like...

Anyway. Picture, Cat & Mouse, Best Friend, Guilty, Cherry Talk, Chill Kill gtfo
Oh and Shooting Star while I'm at it
Not me always interrupting Unforgiven lashings FFFFFFFFFF!

Anyway, the first non-Superjustice Song to meet the exit door is...




((10) @Conan, @love choerry motion, @Remorque, @Serg., @Slice of Life, @soratami, @TéléDex, @tj-x, @Trinu 3.0, @ysev (9) @He, @junglefish
LOW: (1) @Attis, @eccentricsimply (4) @chrisjche, @clowezra, @codecat, @eatyourself, @FunkyButChic, @Rhodanthe, @Wills

10 voters: 91
20 voters: 94
30 voters: 97
40 voters: 97
50 voters: 96
52 voters: 96
The disrespect to my mother Jisoo... far too much! But yes, tonight, we say goodbye to her lone rate entry, the hit single Flower.

Flower is the debut solo single of Jisoo. It was written by 24, Kush, Teddy, Vince and VVN and produced by 24. Flower was a MASSIVE hit in Korea (and in other areas but more so in Korea, I feel), peaking at number 2 on the weekly Circle Digital Chart. It eventually ranked 17th in the year-end Circle Digital Chart, making it the second highest ranking song by a female artist. It won 9 music show trophies and was hailed the Best Dance Performance - Female Solo in the MAMA Awards. Not bad for BLACKPINK's allegedly least talented member hehe~

I'm not here to convince you guys that Flower is the best K-Pop song of 2023 because even I don't believe that. I would argue, however, that it is an unfairly maligned song because, I don't know, I guess it's cool to hate on pretty girl pop songs with choreo that regular pretty but uncoordinated people like me can dance along to? Sad! Lighten up a bit, unnies! It's not supposed to be that serious!

Kkochyanggiman namgigo gattanda~

@Attis (1): "I can buy myself flower, or another musician demo that 99% will sounds better than this regurgitated Teddy's leftover"

@eccentricsimply (1): "I'm so sorry, Slicey, I know you love this song but it's just so painfully boring. It's such a typical basic YG song, with no substance to it, and accompanied by a vocalist that is honestly so subpar it's surprising to me she has any career whatsoever! Anyway. Not to be a hater, but this is terrible."

@chrisjche (4): "Annoying "chorus". I just find this so boring - it doesn't go anywhere, she SOUNDS bored in these vocals, and the video showcases zero charisma."

@clowezra (4): "Beige."

@codecat (4): "This whole thing is a good example of what I detest about YG groups overall: laziness and greed. The smoke and mirrors aren't even captivating enough to distract you from the fact that the choreo is terrible, that the song is a bunch of nothing, and that this release is just one more stepping stone in a money-grubbing, product placement strategy. Unnecessary!"

@eatyourself (4): "Uneventful."

@boom bazooka joe (5): "For a day or two, I thought I was turning around to this song, but no. This basic ass Julia Michaels beat over some truly questionable singing and vocal production that only did anything because of an equally basic ass TikTok dance trend. Great gowns, beautiful gowns, but Jisoos Chirst really didn't do anything of note here."

@savilizabeths (5): "It wore out it’s welcome after two listens. Just kinda dull."

@Crisp X (6): "Her Marina Diamandis serve"

@Salami (6): "Well this was disappointing. Lazy AF chorus if you can call it that. I love Blackpink but I don't find Jisoo interesting at all on her own." [Slicey: Bestie, there are like 3 remaining BLACKPINK stans on this forum. We should stand together wtf!!!!!]

@ultraviolet (6): "The instrumental of this song is awfully empty. There’s only like 2 layers on it."

@Vixen (6.5): "This is serviceable I suppose, but then it's not like I thought any better of the other BP solo songs. I guess the chorus choreo was cute."

@aux (8): "Hearing this live last year… Try not to say mother challenge: IMPOSSIBLE!" [Slicey: I'm so fucking jealous?????]

@ysev (10): "My god this is honestly so bad and lazy and actually embarrassing, considering her company has all the resources to hire the right people for some more polished song rather than dusting off some tired ass vault track from 2014. But man did I bop to this when it came out." [Slicey: Gurl, I feel like you mistakenly given this a 10? FFFFFF but I'll take it!]

@Serg. (10): "I'm just a little biased girl sitting in my little biased chambers." [Slicey: EXACTLY!]

@soratami (10): "Visionary queen serving you mid–10s revival years before that becomes a thing"



Most of my issues with the song were already mentioned except for one which is that the instrumental is giving...

By the way, my "mid-10s revival" commentary was (partly) serious, I mean I think it can be fun when an artist goes for a sound that's definitely not on trend anymore, but at the same time hasn't been on trend for such a long time it feels less dated/tired and more like something that can be fun to revisit and might make a comeback eventually? It's a bit like if one of the girls decided to serve dubstep or something.