#KSO⚖Y2023: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2023 Rate | #25: "This would make for a great Drag Race lipsync song."

It's not a bad song! Maybe a 5 was too harsh, but I can't with that sound anymore...
You seem to be in the low voters a lot tho so like what sounds do you like missy?

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Another tragique elimination is coming your way, unnies.......




HIGH: (10) @codecat, @eccentricsimply, @love choerry motion, @savilizabeths, @soratami, @thommyh, @ultraviolet, @YRSHKD (9.75) @Slice of Life (9.5) @Oleander (9.25) @junglefish (9) @KimLippington, @ohdenny, @ohnostalgia, @ysev
LOW: (2.5) @Dangerous Maknae (4) @Rhodanthe, @Serg. (5) @Conan, @eatyourself, @Shockbox
MY SCORE: 9.75

10 voters: 66
20 voters: 76
30 voters: 69
40 voters: 64
50 voters: 62
52 voters: 64
There's really no saving you, girlies omfg! Kiss of Life loses their first song in the rate. Tonight, say goodbye to the bombastic Shhh.

Shhh is the debut single of Kiss of Life, taken from their self-titled debut mini album. It was written and composed by Rick Bridges, Strawberrybananaclub, members Belle and Julie and composed by Strawberrybananaclub, Rick Bridges and members Belle and Natty. Shhh peaked at number 173 on the Circle Digital Chart which is kinda iconique for a debut song of non-big 4 act. Slay a bitsy, girlies!

Kiss of Life was, without a sliver of doubt, my pick for 2023's rookie of the year. They were such a breath of fresh air on an era where everyone and their moms are releasing "easy listening" music. Not that I hate that type of music but it just gets sooo boring when everyone releases the same shit, you know? And the girls have the talent to back up their songs too which is very apparent on their debut single Shhh.

The busy as fuck as production that should not work on paper but surprisingly does in practice... the My Everything-era Ariana Grande vocals... I'm not gonna lie; on some listens, the song does get overwhelming but I can excuse it for the sheer ambition behind the song. This is a debut that was engineered to command attention. And these girls sure as fuck got my attention. Mission accomplished!

If you're not a Kiss of Life believer yet, what the hell are you doing with your life? But now is the perfect time to join the bandwagon as they recently released their new single, Midas Touch, and it might just be their best yet. I'll link it below so please stream!

@Dangerous Maknae (2.5): "Sorry but this doesn't go anywhere and I don't know what to say to justify my score. But to me, it sounds like 3 minutes of throwing everything so some of them work in the end." [Slicey: Gurl... the way I thought you were the one person who's surely gonna stan Belle's Ariana Grande cosplay... very disappointing!]

@eatyourself (5): "I haven't yet heard a song that justifies the hype these girls get online. This is pedestrian in a Jessie J way."

@Ana Raquel (6): "Wrong Kiss of Life song here, sadly."

@Salami (6): "A new group not filled with 14 year olds, good to see. It's a fun song." [Slicey: Then why didn't you give it a higher score bestie omfg!]

@Vixen (7.25): "The vocal slayage in the bridge is SAAAUR good (!!) but the rest of the song kinda mid, so I don't know how to rate this… Like I don't really enjoy the song as a whole, but I'll listen to that one bit on repeat just for the vocals..."

@aux (7.75): "This group is really promising."

@Attis (8): "A Fifth Harmony reject but that's okay because it still slaps"

@boom bazooka joe (8): "Between this and Natty's solo (and @RUNAWAY hounding me about it for ages), I should really get into them for real." [Slicey: You better watch Belle's cover of Beyoncé sunbaenim's Grammys Off the Sofa STAT!]

@TéléDex (8.5): "(Watches MV once, song plays again as performance video) Yeah, I don't really need to hear this again. They literally treated the dance as a B-side on a CD."

@codecat (10): ""YEAH I REALLY WANT WHAT I LOVE I CAN'T GET ENOUGH" written all over my tramp stamp"

@savilizabeths (10): "Belle is out here whistle toning her way into my heart. I would have submitted this if someone else hadn’t beaten me to it. I never knew how much I needed a girl group to burst onto the scene with a 2015 Ariana Grande inspired track full of charisma, harmonies and some of the best vocals I’ve heard in Kpop. If Heejin didn’t exist, this would have been an easy 11." [Slicey: You get it!]

@soratami (10): "There are sooo many cool little details to this song, both vocally and in terms of production, you can really tell it was a labour of love for everyone involved" [Slicey: Exactly!]

@YRSHKD (10): "The impact that that debut has..."

@eccentricsimply (10): "In a way, they feel like Sistar's little sisters."



Um, let's just say that Kiss of Life won't be seeing anything less than a 10 in the 2024 rate from me if they stay on the trajectory of "Midas". What a song. However, "Shhh" just wasn't for me, sorry.
Just read the H1-Key elimination omfg. Tired with Dua / Weekend sound when Key - Filler, the most Scandinavian Nordic frankenstein recreation of that sound is still here.


@codecat (8.5): "See! It's possible to make a song using the 80's template without it sounding like recycled doodoo!" [Slicey: Thank you!]

@Crisp X (10): "I know I've said I was over this soundscape multiple times but... somehow I give this a pass. For one, it doesn't feel like a pastiche. There's a certain melancholy in the melodies that help it stand out, turning it into one of my favorite songs of the year. Also, the bridge!!" [Slicey: THE BRIDGE! Exactly!]

@FunkyButChic (11): "Like every South Korean, my personal pick was Rose Blossom, but eitherway, a H1-KEY song was going to get my 11, simply because they were my favourite group this year. They were well on my radar with 2022's Run, but last year's collaborations with Hong Jisang struck a chord with me. I usually think tourism ads are stupid, but this song was less about actual Seoul and more about the idea of what it could be for people, so I give them a free pass. Seoul is any city anywhere in the world, really. I still felt what they were saying all the same, and that's what I've been missing from K-pop for a while now: stories." [Slicey: AHHHH, I LOVE HEARING YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT THIS, BESTIE!]

You girls, I love you so much. You sisters understand me.


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Another song by a male act gets the axe tonight!

SHINee stans, y'all can breathe tonight hehe~




(10) @boom bazooka joe, @Macsun, @Phonetics Girl, @TéléDex, @YRSHKD, @ysev (9.5) @ohdenny, @Oleander, @Sanctuary (9) @Conan, @FunkyButChic, @leedlelee..., @vague
LOW: (4) @Dangerous Maknae, @Rhodanthe (5) @askew, @eccentricsimply, @love choerry motion, @Trinu 3.0
MY SCORE: 8.75

10 voters: 19
20 voters: 51
30 voters: 53
40 voters: 60
50 voters: 63
52 voters: 63
We started with fifteen songs by male acts. But after this elimination, only six will remain. Let's bid farewell to &TEAM's Firework.

Firework is the lead single of &TEAM's second mini album, First Howling: We. &TEAM is a Japanese boy group but we're allowed to participate in the K-Popjustice Charts and in this rate because they released a Korean version of this song. The Korean version of Firework was produced by FRANTS & "hitman" Bang and written by FRANTS, syudou, Jacob Aaron (The Hub), Andy Love, SOMA GENDA, Alexander Karlsson, "hitman" Bang, Ohashi Chippoke, The Hub 88, Melanie Joy Fontana and Michel "Lindgren" Schulz. Firework peaked at number 93 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart.

I don't really follow J-Pop so even though &TEAM is under the umbrella of HYBE, I just never gave them a listen FFFFFFF. I did know that some of the members competed against the members of ENHYPEN during I-Land though. But really, Firework was my official introduction to &TEAM and it didn't disappoint... for the most part.

It definitely sounds like ENHYPEN's early music like a lot of people noted. Yeah, and maybe a little TXT sprinkled somewhere there for good measure. Definitely not a bad formula at all but also, it's maybe not the most exciting idea ever. I guess that's to be expected from HYBE since they're debuting a new group like every three months so an overlap is bound to happen.

Despite that, I still really like Firework though and I would probably give it a higher score if we're rating it today. A bop is a bop, okay! I do wish they find a sound and concept that's more unique to them. They're still a pretty young team so I'm sure they'll get there in time.

@eccentricsimply (5): "I think it was fine while I was listening to it but I didn't remember it at all once I was done, which says a lot about a song, in my opinion!"

@savilizabeths (7.5): "I swear I don’t want to hate boy group songs. I like this one!"

@aux (8): "I literally heard this and thought it was an early ENHYPEN song before they turned to shit." [Slicey: Not too much on ENHYPEN, bestie! Bite Me is still that cringey bawp!]

@chrisjche (8): "I enjoy the melody but is definitely giving a little derivative of TXT. Also they suffer from the hands of the HYBE vocal engineer that puts WAY too much tuning." [Slicey: FFFFFF this HYBE vocal engineer has a lot to answer for!]

@soratami (8): "This is a bit anonymous but it’s very solid"

@Crisp X (8.5): "Idk why it reminds me of Tokio Hotel but somehow it does, so thank you to the submitter"

@Salami (8.5): "A boy group in school uniforms is usually a sign I'll hate the song but it's fantasic. Those synths are kind of what a lot of groups always try and fail at."

@boom bazooka joe (10): "I like the Japanese version slightly better, but this is a SMASH! The video is also gorgeous as hell."

@TéléDex (10): "More a comment for their MV than for their awesome song. Lying on a beach after Bonfire Night, they must be really good friends!" [Slicey: Why is this making me scream KASFJHASGFHJ!!]

@ysev (10): "Gorgeous chorus and surprisingly good vocals for a Japanese group." [Slicey: This is so shady; I live!]




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No one's safe.





(10) @He, @junglefish, @Remorque, @vague (9.75) @Conan (9.5) @Oleander (9.25) @Vixen (9) @boom bazooka joe, @leedlelee..., @Slice of Life, @soratami, @TéléDex, @thommyh
LOW: (3) @eliminathan (4) @Serg. (5) @Phonetics Girl

10 voters: 32
20 voters: 32
30 voters: 56
40 voters: 67
50 voters: 65
52 voters: 62
Another act loses their first song! This time, it's VIVIZ taking the hit as we say goodbye to Pull Up.

Pull Up is the lead single of VIVIZ's third mini album, VarioUS. It was written by Lee Da-ol (153/Joombas) and Ellie Suh (153/Joombas) and composed by Dave Villa and Maddy Simmen. Pull Up peaked at number 151 on the Circle Digital Chart.

My god, before this rate, I was actually unaware that a lot of y'all hated this song with such fury? I was always under the impression that Pull Up was one of VIVIZ's more beloved songs FFFFFFFFF! I guess not! Personally, I think Pull Up is another quality single from VIVIZ even though it doesn't quite reach the level of perfection established by Bop Bop!.

While Bop Bop! and Loveade are songs that I would still consider GFriend-adjacent sound-wise, I can't really say the same for Pull Up. And I like that about it! Yath, surprise us with a new sound, unnies! I love the funky production which translates so well in the live performances. Of course, I also love the vocals. Eunha's vocals in the second verse? Perfection. The rap... well, I don't hate it but I won't say it's my favourite, kii! Overall, I think Pull Up is just a solid addition to VIVIZ's growing discography.

With that said, Love or Die is the true crowning jewel of the VarioUS mini album. Yes, I will never shut up about that song, I'm (not) sorry!

@eliminathan (3): "The post chorus is putrid like if you were to remove those parts you'd have a boring but fine song. Now they've got a beast of a song (derogatory)." [Slicey: The fact that you gave Pull Up 9 points in the monthly charts HSGFJASDGFJSD!!!! You fake fan!]

@Serg. (4): "When we pull up you know its an eviction notice."

@BEST FICTION (6): "Thank god for Untie & Maniac cause... this was making me a bit worried."

@ysev (7): "We missed you Mamamew! <3"

@Attis (7.5): "Pretty funny that their early music seems to tailored for Eunha then Pull Up / Maniac feels catered into Umji"

@aux (7.5): "OKAYYYYYYYYY." [Slicey: FFFFFFFFF why is this so funny!!]

@Crisp X (8): "I've warmed up to this. Something about it sounds like 2014 K-Pop. EXID could've released it back then I guess? Kinda reminds me of Hot Pink." [Slicey: Oh I hear it! You are onto something!]

@Salami (8.5): "I should hate this seeing as it's full of saxophones and GFriend adjacent but this is one of the more memorable ones from last year. They're a great group." [Slicey: Wait, I forgot you are (were?) a GFriend anti HSGFSHK!!]

@savilizabeths (8.5): "I can recognise that this is a fantastic song, so why did I never listen to it after it was released? It’s great, I’m sorry."

@boom bazooka joe (9): "It took me a while to convince myself to not let the sax part annoy me, because the rest of the song is so pussy. The verses are the sexiest thing they've ever done."

@soratami (9): "This mini really deserved more representation in this rate" [Slicey: Yathhhh, stan Love or Die with me hehe~]

@Vixen (9.25): "I'm sorry but VIVIZ have just been super consistent so far. I know this one won't too popular on here, but it's funky and fun and they sound good."



[Slicey: The fact that you gave Pull Up 9 points in the monthly charts HSGFJASDGFJSD!!!! You fake fan!]
Not you about to send the [VIVIZ fanbase name] on my ass DSAJKLDASL

10 points: Cotton Candy - Jinyoung
9 points: Moonlight Sunrise - TWICE
8 points: Reason - Dreamcatcher
7 points: Puzzle - SF9
6 points: Bouquet - TWICE MiMoSa
5 points: Our Miracle - Jinyoung
4 points: Letter - Jinyoung
3 points: WHEN I MOVE - KARA
2 points: INVU - Taeyeon
1 point: Sleep well - Jinyoung

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Not you about to send the [VIVIZ fanbase name] on my ass DSAJKLDASL


I just checked and it was actually………..


1. Moonlight Sunrise - Twice
2. Pull Up - VIVIZ
3. Cotton Candy - Jinyoung
4. Puzzle - SF9
5. Love War - YENA
6. OMG - Newjeans
7. Bouquet - MOMO, SANA, MINA
8. Stamp On It - GOT The Beat
9. Love or Die - VIVIZ
10. Our Miracle - Jinyoung