#KSO⚖Y2023: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2023 Rate | #7: "How could you not say cunt? Like that's cunt!! Like."

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We don't have a number 52 song because we have a tie at number 51!

Let's first meet the song that got less 10s.





(10) @enjoy, @leedlelee..., @savilizabeths, @soratami, @thommyh, @ultraviolet, @Vixen, @YRSHKD (9.5) @Conan (9) @Dangerous Maknae
LOW: (4) @Attis, @Shockbox (4.5) @Sanctuary (5) @askew, @Rhodanthe, @ysev

10 voters: 47
20 voters: 49
30 voters: 38
40 voters: 49
50 voters: 51
52 voters: 51
So, so close to the top 50 but it wasn't in the cards for Purple Kiss as their only rate entry stalls at number 51. This is Sweet Juice.

Sweet Juice is lead single of Purple Kiss' fifth mini album, Cabin Fever. It was written by Dr.JO and members Yuki and Goeun and composed by Alina Smith (153/Joombas), Annalise Morelli and Elsa Curran. Sweet Juice failed to enter the Circle Digital Chart but it peaked at number 27 on the component Download Chart. It's their highest peaking song on said chart.

Purple Kiss kind of flopped on the subforum in 2022, with their two singles, Nerdy and memeM, not really making an impact on us. So they came back swinging in 2023 with Sweet Juice (and 7Heaven, although to a lesser degree). And we welcomed them back with open arms and stanned Sweet Juice. We love our sexy anthems, don't we?

My favourite part of the song has got to be the sultry production. Love, love, love the inclusion of strings and how it makes the song sound dramatic. And we can't not talk about that chorus and the way the girls sing it so cuntily. Like, come on now, that is a chorus for the ages. You want some sweet juuuuuuuuice? Iconique!

I do feel like the song could've been improved more though. For example, I think the verses could have been better. They're not really memorable to me. Like, I could sing you the chorus right now but I couldn't for the life of me remember how the verses sound even though I just listened to the song like two minutes ago.

Purple Kiss has released their new single, BBB, and new mini album, BXX, last month. So if you haven't listened to those yet, now should be the perfect time to do so!

@Shockbox (4): "Feel like I’ve heard songs like this a million times before."

@aux (6): "I can get behind this, but I’m not sure it’s to my liking to listen outside of this rate."

@eatyourself (8): "This was a pleasant surprise! Quite classy." [Slicey: Look at you discovering some great songs, gurlie! You're welcome!]

@Cotton Park (8.5): "is the rabbit still around?" [Slicey: Wait isn't that PinkFantasy?]

@leedlelee... (10): "What a pleasant surprise… I couldn’t connect with previous Purple Kiss songs I’d heard (still recovering from having to rate Cast pearls before swine a few years ago), but this is stupendous…"

@savilizabeths (10): "This shot straight up my Purple Kiss ranking to just behind Zombie the second I heard it. They have never sounded so rich and polished. A good line distribution, gorgeous visuals, a delicate chorus of perfection, all tied in a bow with a pretty unfortunate title choice." [Slicey: HSGFKHJSDGF yeah, the title is a little hmmmmT but we bop nonetheless!]

@soratami (10): "Single-handedly keeping sexy concepts and grown woman K-Pop alive in 2023"

@thommyh (10): "This song is so good it got me to stan 'Nerdy'"

@ultraviolet (10): "Every time I remember how underrated this group is my heart aches." [Slicey: Right...... like, I just don't know what could they do to get more popular....]

@Vixen (10): "This is so good. Definitely went under the radar everywhere, here and outside of the forum ddd, but I was bopping from the start."

@YRSHKD (10): "They need more recognition, periodic table." [Slicey: Amen.]




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And the last song that's NOT in the Top 50 is...

I hate you guys omfg






HIGH: (10) @aux, @enjoy, @evilsin, @KimLippington, @Slice of Life, @TéléDex, @thommyh, @Wills, @YRSHKD (9.5) @Oleander, @savilizabeths (9.25) @junglefish (9) @Conan, @Serg., @ultraviolet
LOW: (4) @askew (5) @eatyourself, @Rhodanthe, @ysev

10 voters: 71
20 voters: 72
30 voters: 52
40 voters: 45
50 voters: 53
52 voters: 51
Sighhhhhhhh... so close to the top 50! I'm genuinely fuming! You guys are allergic to happiness! Tonight, we part ways with Kep1er's Back to the City.

Back to the City is a track taken from Kep1er's fourth mini album, Lovestruck!. It was written by JulY (Verygoods), Choi Ji-yoon (153/Joombas), Lee Su-jeong (Verygoods) and Janey (Mumw) and composed by Justin Reinstein and Jjean. Back to the City didn't enter the Circle Digital Chart but it peaked at number 79 on the component Download Chart.

2023 was the year I fell in love with Kep1er's music... specifically their album tracks. Not that their singles are bad; I think Giddy and Galileo are both good songs. I just find that Kep1er's album tracks are more suitable to my taste. Case in point: Back to the City.

I know we say this a lot about great album tracks but it's genuinely baffling to me that a song this catchy and memorable and above all excellent was not chosen as a single. Like... this was the hit that got away. The only explanation I can come up with is that maybe Back to the City was not the sound or concept Kep1er's agency had in mind for the group. But even that is very questionable to me because when I was watching the girls perform this, I can see that it very clearly suits them.

The whole song is gorgeous but that chorus is undoubtedly its crowning glory. The joy, the euphoria, the relief that chorus gives me is simply unmatched. It's just so uplifting as fuck, it genuinely makes me smile every time it comes on. I suspect it has healing properties. I really do.

@eatyourself (5): "Rural exodus anthem! This is so faceless that the song is still playing and I have already forgotten it." [Slicey: Well, listen to it again heaux!]

@chrisjche (6): "I wish the song wasn't sung so cutely and nasaly - the melody is nice but I think it would sound so much nicer if sung a bit more delicately more like how the bridge is." [Slicey: Nahhhhh their energetic delivery is what makes the song extra uplifting!]

@Cotton Park (6): "i really want to like this. and it has its moments."

@Attis (6.5): "Retro stuff is actually hard to write, they kinda nails it with Shoot! on their pre-debut era but this one not so much" [Slicey: The way I expected you to help me defend this song's honour omfg! You're losing me, sister!]

@Vixen (7.5): "Was 'LVLY' not available? This is cute, don't get me wrong, but there was better on the album…yknow? Not a bad offering, but I actually think Kep1er are kind of underrated - they have some great hidden gems in their discography…but they never make it onto these rates for some reason ddd" [Slicey: No shade but LVLY would've ranked, like, in the 90s if we're being real. And I say that as a LVLY truther!]

@clowezra (8): "Ooh a rate discovery for me, what a bop!"

@soratami (8): "Kep1er… is that still in the charts? The song is cute though"

@boom bazooka joe (8.5): "What a chorus! My favorite thing they've released since WA DA DA. (And probably the last song of theirs I will care for considering their future...)"

@savilizabeths (9.5): "I have heard so much about this all year and never got around to listening to it, what an idiot. I was missing out! I now understand the hype."

@aux (10): "As Kep1er’s number one hater, even I had to change my feelings on them… This song is brilliant and really shifted my opinion on them." [Slicey: You're welcome, bestie!]

@enjoy (10): "Regardless of how much of a flop they are and how many controversies they find themselves in, i will always remember them with this, MVSK and Downtown. A city pop masterpiece." [Slicey: Exactly!]

@YRSHKD (10): "I guess they're the realest queens of b-sides!!!"




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OMG - NewJeans

Rising - tripleS
Killer - Key

EUNOIA - Billlie
Hold On Tight - aespa
Rover - Kai
Set Me Free - Twice

I Am - IVE
Knock - Lee Chae Yeon
Perfume - NCT Dojaejung

Spicy - aespa
Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard's Wife - LE SSERAFIM
Queencard - (G)I-DLE

#menow - fromis_9
Attitude - fromis_9

Super Shy - NewJeans
Air Force One - Odd Eye Circle
ETA - NewJeans
Je Ne Sais Quoi - Odd Eye Circle
Cool With You - NewJeans

Fast Forward - Jeon Somi
The Flash - Kwon Eun Bi
Bubble - STAYC
Girls' Capitalism - tripleS LOVElution
Better Things - aespa

BYOB (bring your own best friend) - Billlie
Newtopia - Loossemble

Howl - Chuu
Algorithm - HeeJin
Off The Record - IVE
C'mon (feat. Aminé) - Jini

Drama - aespa
Maniac - VIVIZ
Underwater - Red Velvet
Untie - VIVIZ

Roller Coaster - NMIXX

Aliens - Chuu
BAPPI - The Deep
Cat & Mouse - BLACKSWAN
Chasing That Feeling - TXT
CoolAs - Key
enchanted night ~ white night - Billlie
I Don't Wanna Know - Lee Chae Yeon
Left Right - XG
Love Me Like - Odd Eye Circle
New Jeans - NewJeans
Perfect Night - LE SSERAFIM
Sugarcoat - Natty (Kiss of Life)
tOgether fOrever - Kep1er
Welcome To MY World (feat. nævis) - aespa


Thoughts? Violent reactions?

What can y'all say about our top 50 K-Pop songs of 2023, besties?

Also, I've noticed that a lot of you aren't posting your Kill Lists anymore so let's change it up this time around.

Please post the songs you want in the top 10.
And post the songs you think will be in the top 10.

Please post your lists pls pls pls!
Killer - Key
Rover - Kai
Fast Fowrard - Somi
C'mon - Jinni
BAPPI - The Deep
CoolAs - Key
I Don't Wanna Know - Lee Chaeyeon

It's not 10 but that's my kill list. Also...y'all let Back to the City flop over tOgether fOrever? which is good but not great????

Edit: Oh I missed the assignment...but I'm too lazy to change my list, sorry unnie.

Please post the songs you want in the top 10.
And post the songs you think will be in the top 10.

Please post your lists pls pls pls!

Please post the songs you want in the top 10.
  • I Am - IVE
  • Attitude - fromis_9
  • ETA - NewJeans
  • Je Ne Sais Quoi - Odd Eye Circle
  • Newtopia - Loossemble
  • Howl - Chuu
  • Maniac - VIVIZ
  • Untie - VIVIZ
  • Aliens - Chuu
  • enchanted night ~ white night - Billlie

And post the songs you think will be in the top 10.
  • OMG - NewJeans
  • Rising - tripleS (this is a bit of an odd one to put here considering the lashings they're getting in this rate, but I feel like it's a very popular/appreciated song on here and I remember it getting a shit tons of points in the monthly chart for what it's worth)
  • I Am - IVE
  • Spicy - aespa
  • Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard's Wife - LE SSERAFIM
  • Queencard - (G)I-DLE
  • Super Shy - NewJeans
  • Fast Forward - Jeon Somi
  • The Flash - Kwon Eun Bi
  • Drama - aespa

Didn't include any of the superrevive songs because I remember some leaderboard tea that said the highest charting one so far was, like, 12th or something and people woud probably not be able to guess which one it even was - so I can't be bothered. That was only midway through the rate so things very likely have changed, but I still think it's safe to look strictly at the monthly winners ddd