#KSO⚖Y2023: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2023 Rate | WINNER REVEALED!

My wish list for top 10 without any order

aespa - Hold On Tight
aespa - Welcome To My World
aespa - Drama
Viviz - Untie
tripleS LOVElution - Girls' Capitalism
NewJeans -Cool With You
IVE - I Am
IVE - Off the Record
LE SSERAFIM - Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard's Wife
(G)I-DLE - Queencard

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Heyyyyy, if you’re waiting, I’m sorry but there will be no new elimination tonight. From here on out, I will be taking a one-day break after every 10 eliminations… just so I can rest a little and not go crazy! I hope that’s okay with y’all! ♡

In the mean time, you can all keep posting your top 10 wishlists. Kill lists are welcome too!

That’s all for tonight! Goodnight, unnies!

Killer - Key
Rover - Kai
Fast Fowrard - Somi
C'mon - Jinni
BAPPI - The Deep
CoolAs - Key
I Don't Wanna Know - Lee Chaeyeon

It's not 10 but that's my kill list. Also...y'all let Back to the City flop over tOgether fOrever? which is good but not great????

Edit: Oh I missed the assignment...but I'm too lazy to change my list, sorry unnie.
The way this could be my top 10 list................ sis.......................
Rover - Kai
I Am - IVE
Knock - Lee Chae Yeon
Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard's Wife - LE SSERAFIM
Queencard - (G)I-DLE
Attitude - fromis_9
Fast Forward - Jeon Somi
Bubble - STAYC
Perfect Night - LE SSERAFIM
tOgether fOrever - Kep1er
My ideal Top 10 and 7 of those are my last full scores left in the rate.
And lemme not post a kill list and just say So Much shit needs to vacate.


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Of course, we're gonna start the top 50 with a tie.

First up is...

tripleS LOVElution - Girls' Capitalism

Sorry, unnie.






(10) @askew, @aux, @enjoy, @Rhodanthe, @ThisIsRogue, @Trinu 3.0, @ultraviolet, @vague, @YRSHKD, @ysev (9.75) @He, @thommyh (9.5) @love choerry motion (9.25) @ohdenny, @Slice of Life (9) @Remorque, @savilizabeths, @Serg., @Wills
LOW: (4.5) @Dangerous Maknae, @eatyourself, @Salami (5) @codecat, @eccentricsimply, @Shockbox
MY SCORE: 9.25

10 voters: 78
20 voters: 63
30 voters: 54
40 voters: 52
50 voters: 50
52 voters: 49
And with that, we're only left with one (1) tripleS song. I... genuinely didn't expect this to happen. But anyway, say your final goodbyes to tripleS LOVElution's Girls' Capitalism.

Girls' Capitalism is the debut single of tripleS LOVElution, tripleS' fourth subunit. It's taken from their debut mini album, <ↀ> or Muhan. It was written by Jeon Jieun and Jaden Jeong and composed by El Capitxn, Louis (Vendors), Nano (Vendors), Jonna Hall and Kim Jong Soo. Girls' Capitalism failed to enter the main Circle Digital Chart but peaked at 43 on the component Download Chart.

Girls' Capitalism was exactly what I needed from tripleS to make them interesting to me again after I failed to connect with Cherry Talk, their single prior to this. I mean, when I first saw that El Capitxn was producing this one, I instantly knew I would like it FFFFFFF! He produced Generation, still my favourite of all the tripleS singles we have gotten so far, and he truly didn't disappoint with the production on Girls' Capitalism as well. It's breezy, it's youthful, it's trendy and it just fits the vision of the tripleS girlies in my mind very well.

The production and songwriting are both really good that they made it easier for me to, uh, excuse the vocal failings of the group. I mean, sure, I would have loved for this song to have featured a main vocalist that could really nail that high note on the bridge. But... at the end of the day, it's not something that keeps me up the night. The vocals are alright to me; a bit faceless, sure, but it's competent enough. And I could live with that. I really could. Especially for a song this good. The la la las alone >>>>

I agree with the result that Rising is indeed the best tripleS song on this rate. However, I think we did Girls' Capitalism a bit wrong. This deserved to go a bit further.

@eatyourself (4.5): "It's a bit grating..."

@codecat (5): "Girls' Capitalism.............my god this title....when a concept and lyrics ruin a song to the ground, you have something like this!"

@Attis (6): "Was very excited during the teasers, but the full song is so boring. The melody / sing-talking is getting tiring and these girls just hitting the wrong note everytime at the end of chorus"

@Vixen (6): "Definitely sounds like a TripleS song! Some "lalalala"s and a dream. They did what they could." [Slicey: The last sentence GSFJHSAF brutal!]

@boom bazooka joe (7): "Absolutely one of the laziest choruses I've ever heard, which is a shame because it ruins what would have otherwise been an awesome track."

@soratami (7): "Again, I really don’t get why tripleS have this many songs in the rate, because the material really isn’t all that"

@Cotton Park (8.75): "that bassline just walked in and helped itself to whatever was in my fridge and it was perfectly okay with me. i didn't want that last coke zero, anyway." [Slicey: Living for this comment FFFFFF! Miss u oppa!]

@savilizabeths (9): "Truthfully, I don’t have much to say about each TripleS song except that their music quality is incredibly strong and they haven’t missed for me yet."

@askew (10): "So, is it about capitalism? Well naur. It's obvious to me that the song was originally intended for a potential Acid Angels comeback (literally a 'Generation' sequel) and the song name would've been a cheeky comedic moment of whatever for clearing 100k sales. Jaden thinks she's funny! Socioeconomic implications aside, I suspect this will exit in the bottom half because it isn't the most exciting or groundbreaking music. However, there's something to be said about the intentionality here that puts the whole thing in sharp relief, but lemme not start another manic dissertation. Probably tripleS's best overall package in '23 and my Video of the Year." [Slicey: That video.... yeah, one of the best of the year for sure!]

@aux (10): "This is such an ear worm."

@ThisIsRogue (10): "Queens of manifestation and self-love. This is uplifting and a good reminder to just "Don't Cry, Be Rich"."

@ultraviolet (10): "The only kind of capitalism I accept." [Slicey: Period!]

@ysev (10): "That scene with all the girls in white t-shirts and blue jeans always gets me. Beautiful anthem for young girls like myself."



The song's fine but my god does it really have one of the best music videos of 2023. Most K-pop videos from the past 3 years I find to be either completely vaccous or shot like a toothpaste commercial. No personality whatsoever. This one feels like peak K-pop with its absurdist humor.

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Rover - Kai
Perfume - NCT Dojaejung
Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard's Wife - LE SSERAFIM
Super Shy - NewJeans
ETA - NewJeans
Better Things - aespa
Howl - Chuu
Underwater - Red Velvet
Untie - VIVIZ
Cat & Mouse - BLACKSWAN
Sugarcoat - Natty (Kiss of Life)

Would make a great top 11. (I can’t get rid of one to make it 10 at the moment.)

Well, I'll get rid of one for you, bestie!






@boom bazooka joe
HIGH: (10) @boom bazooka joe, @Cotton Park, @eatyourself, @love choerry motion, @Macsun (9.5) @GeiPanda (9) @Conan, @He, @leedlelee..., @ohdenny, @Shockbox, @TéléDex, @thommyh, @Wills
LOW: (2) @Salami (4) @Rhodanthe (5) @KimLippington

10 voters: 50
20 voters: 61
30 voters: 44
40 voters: 53
50 voters: 48
52 voters: 49
We go back to eliminating a Superjustice Song tonight. BLACKSWAN's Cat & Mouse, take your final bow.

Cat & Mouse is one of the singles from BLACKSWAN's That Karma single album. It was written by S8S and composed by Keith Askey, Jeff Shum, Soaky Siren, John Ho and A. Wright. I'm not even gonna attempt to give y'all a rundown of BLACKSWAN's storied history because it's... messy, to say the least. Some would argue they debuted way back in 2011 under the name Rania and others would say the group debuted in 2018 under the name BLACKSWAN... but with members from Rania. Anyway, that's that. Just read their Wikipedia and Kprofiles pages if you have time because I clearly don't!

Let's put our focus on the song Cat & Mouse. From what I remember, Cat & Mouse was originally just the b-side to the single, Karma. But I guess BLACKSWAN's management saw the potential in Cat & Mouse as a single... so they gave it a music video four months after the song's initial release. That's pretty uncommon to happen in K-Pop, I would say. But I'm happy that Cat & Mouse got a second wind just because to me, it is the better song of the two.

I love that Cat & Mouse is an unexpected new sound for BLACKSWAN. I feel like a huge majority of their songs are very strong, very "girl crush", which is great! Kudos to them because they slay those songs. But it's nice to see them also slay a song like Cat & Mouse that's dreamier and more delicate.

The dreamy vocals work best on the chorus though. I feel like the verses sound a bit weird in comparison, like a cheaper microphone was used to record the vocals for those parts FFFFFFF! And I'm not sure if this is an unpopular opinion but I like Fatou better as a vocalist than a rapper, at least on this song. But overall, I think Cat & Mouse is a solid addition to BLACKSWAN's pretty sparse discography. Release more songs, girlies!

@Salami (2): "I just looked them up on Wikipedia. 20 former members! Sugababes must be laughing. Messy history and I think this reflects that. They're really awkward performers, one of them can't mime to save her life. The song is...pretty bad. 3 minutes of nothing."

@aux (6.5): "The song itself is alright but the mixing is a disaster, it really ruins the song. It sounds like they’re being drowned by the production."

@savilizabeths (7.5): "I always really want to enjoy BLACKSWAN songs but this is the first time I actually do!" [Slicey: Why is this so shady to me HGASFJHASGFJ!!]

@Vixen (7.75): "This is dreamy, but it's lacking just a little bit of that oomph to push it from the 7,75 to 8 range for me? I also wish the vocals weren't so tuned, especially Nvee's. The video does a nice job at being quite captivating despite the budget - so props to them."

@clowezra (8): "A rate discovery for me, this is divine!"

@enjoy (8): "Gives BVNDIT teas. Pretty good for a first taste. The vocal melodies at the outro are something else" [Slicey: Agreed! That outro is a moment!]

@soratami (8): "To be perfectly honest I prefer Karma, but happy BLACKSWAN made KSOTY regardless"

@ysev (8): "Oh I was ready to hate but they really made some points. The rap is horrible though."

@Cotton Park (10): "still can't get over blackswan just completely crushing it with this."

@eatyourself (10): "Like kät and mëys!" [Slicey: Bye!]

@Macsun (10): "This came out of nowhere and decimated my eardrums! More like this jebal!"

@boom bazooka joe (10): "I only knew BLACKSWAN periferally as that non-Korean K-Pop group with a Destiny's Child level number of member switchups. I hadn't heard this song when it was first released, but after the MV came out, something sparked my interest to press play. I fell in love. That throbbing base. That sparkly chorus. Fatou's rap. That warm as hell pre-chorus. Every element of the song is absolutely magical. Nothing gives me more joy than when they go viral on Twitter for being iconic, which has been happening pretty regularly on my feed lately. I can't say I'm a full stan or anything (I don't even know if I've listened to another song by them yet), but everything about Cat & Mouse is magic. The English version eats too, even if I prefer the OG." [Slicey: Nawt Destiny's Child catching strays FFFFFFFF! I will count this as Beyoncé sunbaenim gracing the rate with her presence!]