#KSO⚖Y2023: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2023 Rate | WINNER REVEALED!

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Don't worry, unnies. No one's getting quoted tonight, hehe~

Still, this elimination stings a lot...




HIGH: (10) @aux, @BEST FICTION, @eliminathan, @enjoy, @junglefish, @Rhodanthe, @TéléDex, @thommyh, @tj-x, @ultraviolet, @vague, @Wills, @YRSHKD (9.5) @Serg., @Slice of Life (9) @Ana Raquel, @Conan, @evilsin, @KimLippington, @leedlelee..., @soratami
LOW: (4.5) @codecat (5) @askew, @eatyourself, @Trinu 3.0

10 voters: 88
20 voters: 46
30 voters: 46
40 voters: 42
50 voters: 49
52 voters: 48
Nawt the whole of Kep1er getting eliminated in a matter of four eliminations. I hate it here! tOgether fOrever, you deserved better!

tOgether fOrever is one of the b-sides of Kep1er's Japanese single I Do! Do You?. It was written by Jinli (Full8loom) and Minami and composed by Gloryface (Full8loom) and Kim Ga-yeong.

Kep1er released two great Japanese singles in 2023, namely I Do! Do You? and Grand Prix. But just like with their 2023 Korean releases, the b-side song turned out to be even better. Case in point: tOgether fOrever. This is quite literally my dream sound for Kep1er. The production is dramatic as fuck, like WJSN on steroids. And yet it also somehow sounds bright and hopeful? How did they do that? Full8loom, we love yew!

And the vocals! I feel like Kep1er's vocalists are so underrated but they did so, so well here. The way the pre-chorus ends and the chorus begins... ahh, that's herstory! Chaehyun, we love yew too!

Honestly, the only reason why I didn't give this a perfect score of 10 was because I believe Back to the City was the better Kep1er song. And I stand by that. But damn, maybe I should've just given tOgether fOrever a 10 too if I knew you'd do it wrong too!

Anyway, Kep1er are releasing their first Japanese full album called Kep1going, on May 8th. And judging from the highlight medley, I know the album is going to slay. Pls anticip8!

@codecat (4.5): "My god I hate Melodifestivalen so much" [Slicey: Gurl, I thought you were a Full8loom truther omfg!]

@Attis (6): "could've been better if it's not constantly interrupted by Hikaru's unneeded rap"

@savilizabeths (6): "I am a firm Kep1er supporter outside of the mistake that was We Fresh, but this doesn’t excite me a whole lot. ‘I Do, Do You?’ would have been a 9 or 10 though."

@soratami (9): "An IZ*Bop. They need to stop plagiarising OnlyOneOf though" [Slicey: LMAO, I admit I also side-eyed the song title when it was revealed, kii!]

@BEST FICTION (10): "I hope people put their disinterest in Kep1er aside to give them the flowers they deserve, cause this song is incredible. Deserves to be Top 10 in a perfect world."

@eliminathan (10): "A smash up there with the likes of Up! There's not much competition in their discography I fear but the song is lovely."

@ultraviolet (10): "Now why am I finding out about the existence of this song just now?! It’s kinda ironic cause they won’t stay together forever but anyway, this one is amazing." [Slicey: Say thank you @aux!]

@YRSHKD (10): "How the hell did I miss that bop?!" [Slicey: Say thank you @aux 2.0!]

@aux (10): "If you had told me in 2022 that I would be superslutting a Kep1er song, I would’ve laughed in your face. This song is unbelievably good. This is everything I want from K-Pop in one cute and perfect package. To think this was wasted as a b-side on a Japanese single is insane, but this is what the superwhore spot is for: spotlighting a song that deserved to chart originally and failed that you think deserved it. I feel like if more people had listened to this when it came out, it would’ve topped the charts (don’t @ me, let me be delusional). It’s genuinely unbelievable to think how other groups would kill for a song like this." [Slicey: PERIOD BESTIE! LET THESE HEAUXS KNOW!]




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48. tOgether fOrever - 7.87500
51. Back to the City - 7.82212

1. @aux - 10.00000
1. @enjoy - 10.00000
1. @TéléDex - 10.00000
1. @thommyh - 10.00000
1. @Wills - 10.00000
1. @YRSHKD - 10.00000
7. @Slice of Life - 9.75000
8. @junglefish - 9.62500
9. @evilsin - 9.50000
9. @KimLippington - 9.50000
9. @ultraviolet - 9.50000

12. @vague - 9.37500
13. @eliminathan - 9.25000
13. @Serg. - 9.25000
15. @BEST FICTION - 9.12500
15. @Oleander - 9.12500
17. @Conan - 9.00000
17. @tj-x - 9.00000
19. @leedlelee... - 8.50000
19. @soratami - 8.50000

21. @Macsun - 8.25000
22. @FunkyButChic - 8.12500
23. @Ana Raquel - 8.00000
23. @Remorque - 8.00000
25. @love choerry motion - 7.75000
25. @savilizabeths - 7.75000
27. @clowezra - 7.50000
27. @Crisp X - 7.50000
27. @GeiPanda - 7.50000
27. @Rhodanthe - 7.50000
27. @Sanctuary - 7.50000
27. @Shockbox - 7.50000

33. @boom bazooka joe - 7.25000
33. @ohnostalgia - 7.25000
33. @ThisIsRogue - 7.25000
36. @Vixen - 7.12500
37. @Salami - 7.00000
38. @eccentricsimply - 6.75000
38. @He - 6.75000
38. @Phonetics Girl - 6.75000
38. @roblognick - 6.75000

42. @Attis - 6.25000
42. @codecat - 6.25000
44. @ohdenny - 6.12500
45. @chrisjche - 6.00000
45. @Cotton Park - 6.00000
45. @Dangerous Maknae - 6.00000
45. @ysev - 6.00000
49. @PopZeitgeist - 5.75000
50. @Trinu 3.0 - 5.50000

51. @eatyourself - 5.00000
52. @askew - 4.50000


@aux entered this??????? Shock of the rate so far.
I honestly didn't see it coming either... but the song is just out of this world. I was originally going to submit tripleS' "Colourful" alongside NMIXX's "Roller Coaster" which were honestly my two favourite songs of last year, but NMIXX legitimately entered the charts and I felt there was too many tripleS songs in the rate already and y'all are fickle. This was a song that genuinely surprised me when I first heard it and felt that this definitely went under the radar and others would've liked it. I'm glad to see that @ultraviolet and @YRSHKD discovered the song this way and love it too!

I already said it but I genuinely did not give two fucks about Kep1er since their debut. On the off chance, I was sent "tOgether fOrever" when it came out, was told it was really good, and I pressed play. I just instantly fell in love with it. It's so infectious and ticks all the boxes for me. I was hooked. I just love the drama of the strings, the catchy melodies, the lil' guitar in the background, the explosive chorus... It all just works. It's a hit!


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Another kween loses their first song.........




HIGH: (10) @He, @junglefish, @love choerry motion, @Sanctuary, @TéléDex, @Trinu 3.0, @Vixen (9.5) @aux, @boom bazooka joe, @Conan, @Oleander (9.25) @FunkyButChic (9) @clowezra, @GeiPanda, @Phonetics Girl, @soratami, @thommyh, @tj-x, @ultraviolet, @Wills, @YRSHKD
LOW: (3) @ysev (4) @askew, @codecat, @Rhodanthe, @Shockbox (5) @Serg.
MY SCORE: 8.75

10 voters: 78
20 voters: 72
30 voters: 60
40 voters: 50
50 voters: 47
52 voters: 47
Chuu loses her first song as we say goodbye to Aliens tonight. Aliens is a track taken from Chuu's first mini album, Howl. It was written by Seo Ji-eum and composed by Daniel Wessborg, Carlyle Fernandes, Maydar and Lina Hansson.

The last time Chuu graced our rate as a soloist was way back in 2018, when Heart Attack finished sixth. God, that was a lifetime ago FFFFFFF! We're so old, bye! She's since left LOONA and became a full-fledged soloist in 2023. One of the standout tracks from her excellent debut mini album is Aliens.

To be honest, the production is not exactly the freshest out there. It's yet another Blinding Lights-inspired production and we all know how that sound has infested the K-Pop scene for years now. And yet! I still bop. I really do. One day, I will get over this sound but that day is not today. And I think Chuu's vocals really complement the production. Although I would've loved a more dramatic vocal performance to match the production's urgency, Chuu's crystal clear and hopeful vocals work just as well.

I guess my only critique is that the song ends quite anticlimactically. There should've been a proper middle 8 because I just know Chuu would devour that. A bombastic final chorus would've been very welcome too. But despite all of that, I would still consider Aliens a win in my book.

@ysev (3): "Sick and tired of these type of songs. I thought we left this garbage in the pandemi."

@codecat (4): "A 2018 shart of a song.....Chuu can do it!" [Slicey: This is soooooo..... HFHASFJHSDFHJ!!]

@Shockbox (4): "I quite liked this and then I was bored off my tits by the halfway point. Way too repetitive."

@Attis (6): "My Palace should've been here with us :("

@Salami (6): "It's nice enough to listen to but not a lot happens? I like the instrumental I think, but she's a great singer and you don't really get that from this." [Slicey: Hmmmm, I guess you can say that because there are no crazy vocal gymnastics...]

@enjoy (7): "Look Chuu can go throat singing and i will like it because it is her but this is a bit of a wet fart nn. Sounds like a fromis_9 comeback." [Slicey: I will pretend I didn't read the last sentence...]

@Crisp X (8): "I thought I was over the Blinding Lights inspired songs that's saturated pop music from 2020 onwards but I like this. I wish the mix was slightly tweaked though. I feel like it should pop off more, but something about it sounds oddly distant to my ears."

@leedlelee... (8): "We’re never getting away from Blinding Lights, are we???" [Slicey: The K-Pop girlies love it still so I guess not in a while!]

@savilizabeths (8): "While it’s not my favourite Chuu b-side, I do love the urgency of the verses."

@Ana Raquel (8.5): "Honestly, this is the only track on Chuu do LOONA's ep that I find really good. I swear I am still an orbit!!"

@eatyourself (8.5): "What I like about this song is that it's not just a random Bebe Rexha song in a 80's lacker, it actually sounds like an 80's song. Very well crafted." [Slicey: I will consider this comment as Bebe Rexha's KSOTY debut! Soobin would be proud!]

@clowezra (9): "Whew I love when a Blinding Lights knock off is done right, she said this is one for the faguettes!"

@soratami (9): "Best soloist to (properly) debut in 2023, yup"

@YRSHKD (9): "This song will always remind me "'Til I Die" from Kings Elliot (complimentary). "

@aux (9.5): "Every year I always post something that says ‘She made this for the LGBT’. Well, this is this year’s song. It’s so great hearing an 80s-inspired song with an actual vocalist after years of Key terrorising this rate with his croaking vocals on similar stuff." [Slicey: Nawt the pitting of two 80s divas omfg!]

@boom bazooka joe (9.5): "I don't go here, but Chuu devoured this year with this mini album. One of the best for sure."

@Vixen (10): "Now *that*'s a classic. Ended The Weeknd and all the other 80s inspired tracks. This is how you do retro. This is how you mother. Take notes, guys x"



Although I would've loved a more dramatic vocal performance to match the production's urgency, Chuu's crystal clear and hopeful vocals work just as well.
One thing I'll agree with is that her producers are definitely holding her back vocally. Like why was she doing all of that at a random soundcheck during her US tour, but not in the studio?

Like give me all the good belting, this isn't a DozenS²⁴ song!11!1!