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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | #1

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. More like tied 7th kii
  2. Okay the last week's been a nightmare and I know I missed out harvesting likes for what I'm about to say (meaning this is extra sincere!), but:


    Relentlessly, unapologetically top-tier from start to finish. Yes, even the countless displays of questionable taste - the mess was fun, and when it wasn't, @Slice of Life kept things palatable. Expertly done, unnie. (Also: the stats! Giving me everything I've ever wanted and more, we stan.)

    And honestly, what a killer inaugural year for my Kpop fixation! I've been spoiled.
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  3. Whew... being away for the week and coming back to see the gag of a double winner. Wig!!!!
    Those two songs really did deserve to be joint winners tbh, both the songs still sound so fresh whenever I listen to this day. And amazing work running all of this @Slice of Life ! your reviews and write-ups for all the songs (and in the KPJ Charts) are always impeccable and captivating to read.

    Now, justice for RBB.
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  4. I posted this in the main forum but it belongs here:

    SO+Y 2018: The TV SHOW:

    ENJOY! Saranghae!
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  5. dddd the ending is great!
  6. Watching back what an amazing selection of songs that has been. Whew, wig.
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  7. [​IMG]

    I was ready to see GOT7's Look and Lullaby fall too early but I didn't even remember how badly Taemin and my own supersarang were robbed so this opened up some old wounds ddd. Beautifully done nonetheless though sis.

    @junglefish gave an 11 to Memoria (taste), he didn't supersarang it.
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  8. Do I need to change it?
  9. Only speaking for myself, but it’s fine the way it is. You’ve done such a great job already!
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  10. Egotistic is still an incredible song.
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