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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. All I know is nobody better be touching APRIL or WJSN before Top 10.

    However what we're gonna touch is those overhyped songs by certain singers just cause we like the singer who sang it. I'm not saying no names Lee-Fernandez-Versini

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    Let's start our top 20 with the first part of a tie...





    GENEROUS UNNIES: (11) @evilsin (10) @ryjm, @Cotton Park, @yuuurei, @RUNAWAY, @vague, @He, @Love Deluxe, @Rem, @PopZeitgeist, @Vesperly, @Oleander, @Vixen, @enjoy v2.0 (9.75) @Slice of Life (9.5) @Sanctuary, @junglefish (9) @Kuhleezi, @Island, @GeiPanda
    CHEAP UNNIES: (3) @codecat (4) @Empty Shoebox (5) @Salami, @Coming Century, @Dangerous Maknae
    SHAMAN UNNIE: 9.75


    5 voters: 48 (average: 7.10000)
    10 voters: 56 (average: 7.10000)
    15 voters: 37 (average: 7.70000)
    20 voters: 34 (average: 7.97500)
    25 voters: 35 (average: 8.01000)
    30 voters: 27 (average: 8.20833)
    35 voters: 26 (average: 8.25000)
    40 voters: 27 (average: 8.28750)
    45 voters: 22 (average: 8.32222)
    48 voters: 20 (average: 8.34375)

    LOOΠΔ haters, it's your time to celebrate. Y'all finally defeated Yeolgi. But not before Yeolgi defeated some of your faves. The little album track that could. Kekeke.

    Yeolgi or Heat or 9 is taken from LOOΠΔ's first mini album, [+ +]. Produced by Brooke Toia, Daniel Caesar, Ludwig Lindell, and Adelen Steen, Yeolgi is definitely one of the better LOOΠΔ songs post-debut. And in an album like [+ +] that is filled to the brim with the immaculate bops, Yeolgi stands out the most. That is why I am not shocked that this so well in the rate. Besides, a lot of people on this very forum seem to really enjoy this. I'm pretty sure this is the only album track to chart for two months in the K-Popjustice Charts. Talent.

    Although Yeolgi is more commercial-sounding than a lot of other LOOΠΔ songs, it really doesn't deter me from enjoying it. I really like the sultry nature of the song. It's definitely a song to feel your oats to. And I live for the vocals of the girls here. JinSoul once again shows everyone why she's more than just a pretty face. Those runs and ad libs... blondes just do it better huh. And not just JinSoul. The vocal line members (minus Haseul, of course dddd) all got to flex their lung power.

    But it is Go Won who steals the show. I will never get over that cough. What an iconique little detail.

    Lowest scorer codecat is here for a vindication: "Now we know where they got the budget for the Hi High promo because it's obvious that BBC plucked this with gloves on from the garbage bin/the SoundCloud of some random unpleasant music gay who farted out this GarageBand affair and thought oh wow I did THAT well............it's like eating an almost rotten and dry orange. Orbits aspire for better." Ouch??? Empty Shoebox joins the Yeolgi draggery: "I think this is overrated. If this wasn't LOONA it would never have made it on here, and I think its deficiencies are clear." Sorry for the confusion, Ana Raquel: "I had to look it up on google to know which song was this. Oops." And Salami concedes: "I’m not crazy about it but it’s different."

    "The only thing stopping this from getting a higher score is the cheapness of the beat drop," Serg. explains. "However the verses are some of the better stuff LOONA has put out." We love a well-balanced critique. Wills offers: "Lowkey my favourite thing they did this year?? Feels a bit slight to go any higher than an 8, but a formidable album track." Ddddd why is still so shady doe? Miyawakiwi tells us: "The song really grows in power as it goes, specially at the end." And RUNAWAY roots for a favourite: "this song was definitely more in the vein of what I wanted from Loona’s debut. Definitely a better song, and I hope it goes far." I think top 20 is far enough.

    Speaking of favourites, Yeolgi is yuuurei's fave too: "Definitely the highlight of '++' for me, it's amazing and I love the lyrics. Another one of those songs I just listened to practically non-stop for a while. I think my favorite part is Yves and JinSoul's lines in the bridge before the second refrain, their voices sound really good next to each other!" I think it's He's fave as well?: "Best track of the debut mini is a tropical house one?! Yes, these girlies did that. All of them killed this, like Chuu sounding seductive in that pre-chorus? Hell yes. Go Won coughing, a vocalist! That final chorus is again, a moment." GeiPanda stans but with a bit more restraint: "An amazing album track. The quality control is insane."

    ThighHighs celebrates restraint too: "A great song with a lot more restraint that most rookie girl groups could manage." ryjm rallies for the BBC Gay Intern's song description: "We all know the BBC intern can be a bit extra when it comes to track descriptions, but did they lie? This is THE Sultry bop of the century and boy do they bring the heat! The girls have never sounded so damn sexy, every single member brings it and proves just how versatile they all are – if anything, it’s the maknae line that really standout, the cute sistren really snapped huh? The non-OEC members proved they can be just as bad ass. Go Won's crunchy cough is so damn cute. The final crescendo where everyone sings together and Kimberly Lippington goes off on the adlibs is everything. This is how you serve a tropical banger with bite ladies and gentlemen. THEY DID THAT!" eccentricsimply recognizes LOOΠΔ's legendary behaviour: "It's not everyone that gets a b-side on the top 5 and LOONA went and got two! Iconic behavior they've exhibited." And Cotton Park just needed two words to convey his feelings: "Stan Loona." YATH.

    It's really time to say goodbye to your 11, evilsin. But top 20 ain't too shabby!: "Frankly speaking, choosing an 11 was quite a challenge, all of my 10s vied for the spot, still after ruminating about the whole ordeal, I've managed to come up with the conclusion, that Yeolgi just has to be my 11. On the surface this is a standard pop affair with a breakdown-y chorus, but what an immaculately crafted one at that! Everytime I listen to this I still find some new bits and pieces I didn't hear before. The coughing, the boom-boom-kyah of it all, the tightest harmonies in the last pre-chorus, the whizzing horns in the chorus that made me feel the warmest kind of feels inside. Ugh, I love this, and this is my 11."

  3. I'm glad it managed to go top 20! Truly the little albumtrack that could.
  4. I imagine there will be a lot of:

    But YATH at Yeolgi climbing it's way to the Top 20. The talentry of it all.
  5. Can we consider Forever Young as an album track so this won't be labeled as the b-side of the year?
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  6. He


    Yas, your faves could never cough with such talentry.
  7. Yeolgi is rly good, but not top 20 of a very strong year of kpop. Some rose colored stan glasses got it here, which is fine. A lot of my fave Red Velvet album tracks overperformed last year, so I suppose this is the other side of the coin.

    Thanks for saving me the trouble of looking up this gif!
    I'm still pressed about GFriend getting the boot over this tho dddd
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  8. GFriend have a very interesting history in this rate. They were like the most hated group here last year with everyone saying their songs were bland and disappointing etc., yet they made it very far (top 10 if I'm correct).

    This year, I don't remember seeing much negative comments about them and most people were like "GFriend is great again" and then all of their songs pretty much bombed here ddd. I still don't understand what went wrong.
  9. A wave of newcomers with no taste.
  10. Just went back to check. Rough was #5 in 2016 (With Navillera at #15), and Fingertip crashed out at #16 last year. This years showing was... .truly a disgrace for the entire subforum.
  11. Maybe 'Time for the moon night' was a little bit too ahead of its time? Maybe people heard Yuju's highnote on the bridge and they were like "Ugh, my faves could never sing like that, so jealous, here's a 3!"? I guess we will never know.


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  13. [​IMG]

    The Power. The Umami. The Heat

    Hot Air Ballooning to the B-Side/Album Track Crown!

    You can't say Yeolgi didn't claw for that top 20 slot. Propa Chuffed

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  14. Well good riddance to that finally.
  15. After everything I’ve lost, I will not be tolerating Heart Attack slander.

    Heroine should’ve left ages ago. I thought the forum disliked it too, so I’m very surprised.
  16. He


    I think the only thing we agree on is that we worship the floor Sunmi walks on. So even her "lesser" songs score extremely high.

    Do we a that Rita Ora mogul gif for Sunmi? @BEST FICTION
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  17. Sunmi hasn’t really had a decent song since Gashina though, way overstayed their welcome.
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  18. Both are 10s but I like Heroine more than Siren to be quite honest.
  19. [​IMG]

    Everyone's entitled to their own opinions blah blah blah but I just don't GET IT 두 발에 빛난 my boots
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