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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. Also more proof that Sunmi is the QUEEN. And that I have the best taste of all xoxo
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  2. Hey girls. I'm alive and I survived that exam KGKSFG.

    Sorry for not posting a result last night. Lemme make it up to y'all.




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Cotton Park, @nikkysan, @junglefish, @RUNAWAY, @vague, @He, @eccentricsimply, @Oleander, @thommyh (9.75) @yuuurei (9.5) @Rem (9.25) @Mikl C (9) @Reboot, @ryjm, @codecat, @Ana Raquel, @Serg., @Love Deluxe, @BEST FICTION, @OspreyQueen, @ThighHighs, @Island
    CHEAP UNNIES: (4) @askew (5) @savilizabeths (6) @Kuhleezi, @soratami


    5 voters: 21 (average: 7.90000)
    10 voters: 16 (average: 8.07500)
    15 voters: 9 (average: 8.63333)
    20 voters: 12 (average: 8.65000)
    25 voters: 11 (average: 8.74000)
    30 voters: 14 (average: 8.69167)
    35 voters: 16 (average: 8.59286)
    40 voters: 17 (average: 8.58125)
    45 voters: 20 (average: 8.45000)
    48 voters: 19 (average: 8.34896)

    Yubin finally exits the competition. Her last song, Thank U Soooo Much, leaves at number 19. TALENT.

    Thank U Soooo Much is the second solo single of Yubin. The song was composed by Albi Albertsson and Yubin is credited as a co-lyricist. Thank U Soooo Much, like Lady, also didn't chart on Gaon which is a travesty of epic proportions. I'm honestly shqqk she's flopping this much.

    I'm also honestly shqqk at my score for this bawp. 8.5??? What was I smoking omfg. This deserved at least a 9. I know it's not really appropriate to compare this to her previous effort, Lady. But I love being inappropriate so lemme compare the two kekeke. And yeah, Thank U Soooo Much is definitely the stronger track. While Lady genuinely and lovingly sounded very throwback-y, Thank U Soooo Much is much more forward-thinking. Yes, the retro vibes are strong on this one too but it also sounds very futuristic to me??? Weird.

    Lady is definitely the catchier of the two but Thank U Soooo Much feels more... Yubin to me. It's sexier, moodier and I love that she got to rap on it albeit just briefly. My biggest issue with Lady was the exclusion of Yubin's rap but thankfully, Yubin is back as a rapper on Thank U Soooo Much. And her rap is definitely a highlight. Yath, cuss for me, unnie. Spit on me too. xoxo

    I'm super in love with Yubin's whole deal. Like, I love that she already found a signature sound in just two singles. She just oozes coolness, Heize is literally quaking. And I really hope that despite her floppage, JYP would still give her comeback(s) this year. And hopefully Korea will finally recognize her talentry.

    GeiPanda has high expectations for Yubin: "I echo the same sentiment as my Lady commentary - I wish Yubin would push herself a bit more sonically. Still, I can't deny this is a fun little track." And that's the lone negative (which isn't even that negative) comment for Thank U Soooo Much. We love a universally beloved bawperoo.

    Fellow Stop! stan, Empty Shoebox asks a question: "Remember how supremely talented The Wonder Girls were? I do. The chorus on this just doesn't hit quite hard enough, hence 'only' an eight." Salami highlights the tight choreography: "One of my favourite choreographies from last year, it’s so much fun to watch." RUNAWAY, like Yubin, cusses at me: "this song is fucking great. Yubin slayed this year." And yuuurei is all about that Yubin sass: "Love this funky discoish sound and the sassy lyrics and Yubin's voice and ... everything! What a great track."

    ryjm is living for Yubin's ability to stretch the budget: "Yath destroy everything in your path, decimate us all with your laser guns, and eviscerate the patriarchy (represented here in the form of a rather fabulous neon triforce-inspired triangle). I am living for her retro future (RIP Triple H) fantasy, what kind of low budget high gloss masterpiece is this!? Segway saviour protecting us heathens from all the bullshit. This song proves that the Wonder Girls Legacy is still going strong, Queens of the retro bops will always reign supreme." ThighHighs snatches the cosmic moniker from WJSN and hands it to Yubin: "Cosmic queen flying through outer space to snatch my wig." While thommyh salutes Sunmi's intergalactic endeavours: "Queen of running an intergalactic bounty hunting empire for extraterrestial wigs located on Earth."

    Yubin's musical style impresses Miyawakiwi: "I really like the style she chose to go solo with, and the song’s good to boot." Serg. celebrates rapper Yubin's safe return from outer space: "I'm so glad we finally got a sneak peak back into rapper Yubin, more of that for the next comeback please!!!" YATHHHH AMEN TO ALL OF THIS. Meanwhile, codecat stans Yubin's hair game: "Glossy, healthy hair legend. This slow-burn neon triumph that deserved to be #1 in +100 countries." Yuri and Seohyun's Pantene commercial found dead in a ditch. And Reboot just screams: "Talent." Yes.

    Yubin shatters He's expectations of her: "Even more perfect than Lady, how? Well, besides a great chorus, wacking choreo, she raps… game over." And eccentricsimply's too: "I honestly thought that she wouldn't be able to top Lady but she went and released another disco bop that just makes me wonder how the fuck JYP wasted her talent for so long. Who'd have thought that Yubin would have this much TASTE????? A queen. I wished she had the Sunmi level of success for her stuff."

  3. I love Yubin's solos but it's not what I expected from her at all. Where. Are. The. Raps. ?
  4. I wonder if her being the rapper of WG was like Amber's situation that the company decided she should be the rapper because she can rap better than the rest instead of she choosing it herself and then she stopped being a rapper once she became a Soundcloud artist.
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  5. I can't believe this (along with like 40 other songs) is out before that April song, you gays really stan that one huh? Like, I get why Hyolyn's still here even if I personally don't care for that song, but Oh My Mistake was just ... so bland, to me. Someone make it make sense.
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  6. Yubin is a queen and I loved 'Thank U', but I feel like this should have left like...10 spots ago, so I'm not mad about this one leaving.

    'Oh! My Mistake' for #1 xoxo
  7. Oh! My Mistake is a cosmic gospel beamed down to us from the heavens. It was sent to end war, famine, and poverty. Not everyone is open to the Gospel, and those people will never know salvation nor peace. A pity.
  8. There’s nothing bland about Oh! My Mistake lol
    Sis this isn’t the K-indie thread.
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  9. Thankfully nowhere.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Yubin’s raps are amazing though.
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  12. How the fuck is Not That Type tied for 20th? When it should have won!? (Even though I gave it a 9 that I later ended up regretting because it's obviously a 10/10.) I cannot believe this. Wow.
  13. I honestly don't like OMM that much either. If I recall I think I gave it a really high score so this is kinda moot but only because I do bop to like.. 80% (please purchase %% (Eung Eung) on iTunes) of it, but I really don't like the chorus that much at all.
  14. KNOT this thread acting like Yubin wasn't the Top 3 GG rapper back in her prime.. Poor y'all.
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  15. I see, once I decided to get a breather from the forrem you axe my 11... at least it really did claw its way into Top20, what a trooper!
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  16. I'm listening to Not That Type again as I mourn its loss and it's just so good. It should be the blueprint for all "cool" girl group songs, k-pop or otherwise. The choreography, the scenes in the car, the lyrics being much more interesting than their earlier more cutesy songs, Sejeong looking amazing in her flannel outfit ..... ugh.
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  17. hadn't checked thid thread since #29 lmao
    I'm feeling like i'm actually going to get scalped when hi high get's eliminated, sorry DDDDD:
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  18. [​IMG]




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (11) @ryjm, @Vixen (10) @codecat, @nikkysan, @junglefish, @vague, @eccentricsimply, @Love Deluxe, @Rem, @askew, @Oleander, @ThighHighs, @Island, @GeiPanda, @savilizabeths (9.75) @PopZeitgeist (9.5) @Reboot, @Slice of Life, @BEST FICTION, @ohnostalgia, @FunkyButChic (9) @Coming Century, @evilsin, @Ana Raquel, @Cotton Park, @yuuurei, @Kuhleezi, @He, @thommyh, @eliminathan
    CHEAP UNNIES: (1) @Miyawakiwi (3) @Salami (4) @Empty Shoebox (4.5) @Dangerous Maknae (6) @sweetlikegrande


    5 voters: 94 (average: 5.90000)
    10 voters: 52 (average: 7.17500)
    15 voters: 30 (average: 7.91667)
    20 voters: 27 (average: 8.13750)
    25 voters: 26 (average: 8.21000)
    30 voters: 24 (average: 8.30000)
    35 voters: 22 (average: 8.37143)
    40 voters: 19 (average: 8.48750)
    45 voters: 15 (average: 8.58889)
    48 voters: 18 (average: 8.53125)

    Yes, oppa-deul and unnies. We just eliminated LOOΠΔ (well... not including Olivia Hye, Chuu and JinSoul) at number 18. I'm gaggedT.

    Hi High is the debut single of LOOΠΔ. After almost two years of solo and subunit songs and LOOΠΔverse theories that I never bothered following dddd, LOOΠΔ finally debuted as a whole group of 12. And looking back now, I think Hi High is really the perfect debut single for the group.

    Hi High wasn't an immediate hit to me... the same way I felt when I first listened to Girl Front and love4eva. To put it bluntly, Hi High wasn't the debut single that I expected from LOOΠΔ. The funny thing though is I also don't know what I expected from LOOΠΔ's debut single. Maybe I just expected something stronger. But repeated listens truly made me appreciate Hi High more. And again, in hindsight, I just can't imagine LOOΠΔ not debuting with Hi High. It's the perfect introduction to LOOΠΔ as a full group.

    What I enjoy most about Hi High is the relentless energy of it all. Like, I cannot help but perk up whenever I listen to it. It's just not possible. The song doesn't feature LOOΠΔ's best vocals but there were some great moments too - Chuu's high note in particular. That note can save lives. The production of the song is littered with interesting details too. I love how sparkly it sounds especially in the verses. The chorus properly pops off too.

    While I agree that LOOΠΔ's pre-debut era was one for the books, it also made my expectations for LOOΠΔ's full-group debut skyrocket. And why not? After life-changing bawps like Eclipse, new, and Sweet Crazy Love (just to name a few), I think people were allowed to expect nothing but perfection from the full LOOΠΔ line-up. I don't think Hi High truly and completely reached those lofty expectations but I forgive them. They have years ahead of them to not only meet my expectations but shatter them completely. I have no doubt in them.

    Miyawakiwi dragged LOOΠΔ and AKB48 with this comment: "It sounds like something akb48 would release in 2007, srsly why did their management decided to make (most of) the solos so good only to give the actual group stuff like this, what a waste of the girls’ talent." Salami is only here for Chuu's high note: "That note from Chuu is the only decent thing about this song. It’s too cutesy, not what I was expecting from Loona based on what I’ve heard previously." Hi High only brought disappointment to Empty Shoebox: "This really disappointed me. It's really not up to the standard of the solo singles. It was never going to meet our expectations, but did it really have to fall this short?" Ouch.

    Wills' expectations were very lofty too: "It pains me a bit to say it, but their finest work might always be pre-debut, and I’ll just have to learn to live with it. A banger, but nowhere near the top 5 of their discography." And RUNAWAY surprises me with this opinion: "I don’t know, this song just hasn’t aged well for me. It’s cute, but I don’t know, it just wasn’t what I wanted from their debut single."

    Hi High is still growing on yuuurei: "I don't know if this kind of hyper-happy-cute song is what I personally would have chosen for LOONA's true debut song, but it's definitely grown on me. It's very adorable and fun." He expected something different but stans Hi High anyway: "Ok, this wasn’t the debut single I wanted. But I love the continuation of the yyxy sound, and how frantic and in your face it is. I get how it can be grating for others, and maybe not the best representation of LOONA. But it’s a high energy bop, and a great one at that. Also the last part including Chuu’s note and the last HI HIGH HI HIGH part are a moment. Poor Haseul though." Serg. also laments Haseul's lack of lines: "Very strong debut, full of fun little lines and a very catchy and reusable chorus in everyday life, also the video and all subunit cameos were really fun and cute. Hope we see Haseul in the next comeback though I heard she was busy." While nikkysan calls this: "The aural equivalent of a sugar high."

    askew notes: "When every lap is lap 2 on Möbius Strip Motorway..." Reboot defines Hi High as: "One of those songs that cheers me up whenever I listen to it. I love the song’s frantic energy." codecat certainly responded well to Hi High's frantic energy: "No way in hell that favOriTe is the blueprint of LOONA's sound when they've been prepping for Hi High since almost the inception of the group!!!!! Everything leads to it!!!! Also running hunties: isn't this the best running song since the dawn of time? The adrenaline rush I get from Chuu's high note until the end sparks such a fire up my butt that I have no choice but to sprint until I puke my lungs out but it's so worth it yass." plz b saef :/ ThighHighs' shoulders are tested by Hi High: "Watch me dislocate my shoulder trying to pull off the climactic run of “Hi”s. The girls came through with this one. A perfect introduction to the group as a whole. Now WHERE. IS. THE FOLLOW-UP?"

    GeiPanda highlights the things he enjoys most from Hi High: "It's quite aegyo - something I typically hate in kpop in general - but it somehow doesn't irk me in this song. Possibly because it has such an interesting structure - I'm gagged by the cold instrumental opening, the way certain parts are delivered (Olivia's lines especially), and how the pre-chorus is so choppy in the best possible way. Chuu's belt note is so amazing. Though the choreo is quite messy, I still love watching performances of it simply because of how polished the girls are." I'm just happy BBC have given LOOΠΔ a better choreography for Butterfly. And eccentricsimply is just a happy Orbit y'all: "Perfection. Like I don't know man but LOONA warms my cold, frozen heart and after a year and a half following their journey I was really fucking relived they debuted. But also that they debuted with a BOP." BlessedT.

    Now onto our 11s...

    ryjm: "After enduring a wait that lasted eons, our girls fucking did it, LOOΠΔ finally debuted in their ultimate form. I am still so incredibly head over heels for this. I love absolutely everything about this song; the ethereal opening synths, that dramatic intro, the manic beat, our girls all singing in unison, perfection! Before hearing Hi High I was so dubious as to whether BBC would actually manage to incorporate the three unique and disparate identies of each sub-unit into a coherent sound, but they really nailed it. The song sounds like a mash up of all three units and it just works so well. The video is predictably amazing and seeing all the girls together for the first time was truly heart-warming (it made the cold-hearted bitch cry). Every single member shines here (except maybe poor HaSeul…but her revenge is almost upon us), and they are all absolutely stunning. BBC and Digipedi did a phenomenal job, building in so many references and visual motifs that harken back to everything that came before, intertwining all the existing storylines and building further upon that. Shoutout to the OEC girls stalking/saving Olivia Hye, Choerry's Harlequin moment, Olivia jumping off a fucking diving board and right into our hearts, Momseul and YeoJin frolicking in a field (gurl that is not a forest), I could go on. An epic debut and one of the most momentous events of the year. I’m just such a proud Orbitch."

    And Vixen: "'Hi High' is just... amazing. Pure brilliance. It's a debut song like we rarely see some nowadays. It feels like a classic already, I think that's why it's so brilliant. It feels like a statement! It just has a little something the other gorlz don’t have. I love how quintessentially LOONA this sounds, probably because of the synths. The high energy throughout the song is amazing. And I also like that it actually gives you space to breath at times, as well as constantly changing the beats so you don't get too tired of it."

  19. He


    I mean I thought this would go top 15, but it’s ok. I don’t use it as much anymore. Kii at the low scores though, as usual.
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  20. The "high high high" bit at the end is horrendous. Glad that the Loona antis came through.
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