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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. I love them all, but I'm So Sick really was such a moment. Turning all us beige haters into Pink Pandas in an instant.
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  2. The one time I'm wrong about something and it's something I'm happy I was wrong about.
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  3. That was a bad result but I need to temper my reaction until I see what slipped into Top Ten last minute. Because it may have been one of my two remaining tens.
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  4. Heroine & Roller Coaster... Two of the best songs of the year... failing to Bboom Bboom.... AGAIN.

    Y’all truly disgust me.
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  6. Chungha rightfully not making the top 10.

    Truly one of the most overhyped songs for no good reason.
  7. I'm sorry, but how can you look at that elimination with all those 10s and 11s and still say this?
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  8. Because, to me, it's an average song at best.
  9. [​IMG]
    RBB died so Bboom Bboom could thrive. Intelleqtualles knew that two songs with a repetitive song structure with a 50/50 split of stans and antis [and iconique godly energy flowing at every nanosecond of an aural divine fantasy] for it couldn't both survive in a cutthroat rate such as this. RBB, a martyr.
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  10. Baam was the better Momoland song in this rate anyway. What do ya'll see in Bboom Bboom???
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  11. He


    It came first, it's basically the same song, and it had more impact.
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  12. This is the best day of my life.
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  13. Oh! My Mistake into Top 10

    posted in wrong thread nn
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  14. I actually really want 'Oh! My Mistake' to win this, but it just seems unrealistic dddd
    Oh well, hopefully a top 3...
  15. I've been away/on holiday/chasing boy bands for a couple of days and I hate that I've returned to Love Bomb aka the best pop song of recent years being eliminated. Yikes.
  16. Hey gizibes. I'm sorry but I cannot post our number 10 song tonight. I have decided to finish my KPJC duties first because that shit's way more overdue dddddddd.

    Expect an elimination post tomorrow though. In the meantime, please post more predictions. I love seeing how wrong y'all are. ♡♡♡
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  17. I just want WJSN to take the crown now, sobs. I still can’t believe Love Bomb is out.
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  18. I don’t know that my actual scores reflect this (it’s been awhile & things have changed), but:

    1. Siren
    2. Oh! My Mistake
    3. See Sea
    4. I’m So Sick
    5. Save Me, Save You
    6. Egoist
    7. I Love You
    8. Bboom Bboom
    9. Heart Attack or Hann
    10. Hann or Heart Attack
    I only really malign the presence of the last two - everything else is… more-or-less deserving/expected.

  19. [​IMG]




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (11) @savilizabeths (10) @Reboot, @Dangerous Maknae, @codecat, @yuuurei, @RUNAWAY, @vague, @Serg., @He, @BEST FICTION, Rem, @Oleander, @sweetlikegrande, @GeiPanda, @eliminathan (9.75) @Slice of Life, @Love Deluxe, @PopZeitgeist, @thommyh (9.5) @eccentricsimply, @OspreyQueen, @Vixen (9.25) @Miyawakiwi, @Mikl C (9) @Coming Century. @Cotton Park, @junglefish, @ThighHighs, @Wills
    CHEAP UNNIES: (5) @Vesperly (6) @Salami, @soratami (6.5) @Remorque (7) @evilsin, @Kuhleezi, @Empty Shoebox, @askew, @ohnostalgia
    SHAMAN UNNIE: 9.75


    5 voters: 8 (average: 8.45000)
    10 voters: 4 (average: 8.65000)
    15 voters: 3 (average: 8.75000)
    20 voters: 6 (average: 8.83750)
    25 voters: 5 (average: 8.91000)
    30 voters: 10 (average: 8.85000)
    35 voters: 4 (average: 8.88571)
    40 voters: 9 (average: 8.86875)
    45 voters: 6 (average: 8.88333)
    48 voters: 10 (average: 8.80729)

    WJSN successfully return to the top 10 of the K-Pop Song of the Year after narrowly missing out in the 2017 edition. This is Save Me, Save You.

    Save Me, Save You is the lead single of WJSN's fifth mini album, WJ Please? It was written and produced by the team of Full8loom who also worked with WJSN's other singles, Dreams Come True and La La Love. WJSN and Full8loom's partnership has produced some of the best songs in K-Pop huh. I'm impressed.

    Save Me, Save You is another win for the Cosmic Girls. These girls have easily one of the best singles run in K-Pop and with Save Me, Save You, they successfully continued that streak. WJSN's music has always sounded magical but with Save Me, Save You, I think they have ditched their cosmic allure for black magic. Save Me, Save You, at least to me, is a darker take on WJSN's sound. And it still works.

    WJSN have one of the strongest vocal lines in all of K-Pop. Yeonjung, Dawon, Soobin, Dayoung and Seola - damn, can WJSN donate one of their vocalists to the poor vocally challenged groups? Kii. But yes, these girls delivered on the vocal front on Save Me, Save You. I actually like that Yeonjung didn't get to hog all the lines this time around. I know the girl has lung power for days but it's nice to hear the other girls get their fair share of lines too.

    But aside from vocals, the girls also brought it as per usual in the choreography department. That leg lift in the middle 8? Gagged and gooped. And the rap is rather tasteful too. Save Me, Save You is really just difficult to fault and it fully deserves its place in the top 10. In fact, it's one of just four songs that stayed in the top 10 for the whole duration of the voting period. That's talent.

    Kuhleezi needs help getting into Save Me, Save You: "There's a reason this won them the prestigious choreography award. But I find the song a bit difficult to get into." Empty Shoebox also would rather just talk about the choreography: "They had a good year, didn't they? Despite losing three members. Unfortunately for this, the choreo is much more memorable than the song." And Salami noticed a different thing altogether: "These girls like touching each other don’t they?" Why does this comment have the same energy as this photo SKSKSKSKSKSSSKSKS:

    WJSN finally gave Wills the one song to stan unconditionally: "Much as I love them, I find a lot of WJSN’s tracks to lack a proper, central groove to latch onto - blame too many ideas, with all the accompanying changing of gears. This was the first time I felt they properly moved past that issue, and I’m delighted that it carried forward into the rest of the mini." Miyawakiwi is vibing hard to Save Me, Save You: "Loooove the chorus and the bridge, it sounds kinda familiar tho? But w/e, it manages to keep wjsn’s vibe and i appreciate that." thommyh creams for that production: "this song is so amazing tbh, esp. at the production level. And the music video whew... Hermione Granger but make it slutty teas?" HERMIONE BUT MAKE IT SLUTTY SDJGFJ. Some points were made. GeiPanda call this: "WJSN at their best. They absolutely slay at this type of dream-pop song." And yuuurei is left satisfied: "A soft and sparkly lilac song with beautiful vocals and nice lyrics - what more can you ask for?" Can I ask for the Chinese line to return to WJSN already? We need Miss Cheng Xiao's acrobatic trickery.

    Speaking of Cheng Xiao, Serg. surely misses the good sis: "The impeccable run of singles and videos continues, we like to make out like they're total flops but they're doing pretty good on physical sales.That second chorus or post chorus? With Dayoung is pretty much the best part of any song everrrr. Also this felt kinda empty choreo wise without Cheng Xiao." This is why Dreams Come True's choreography is superior tbh. ryjm has finally accepted WJSN as his new overlords: "WJSN came back even harder with Save Me, Save You and served me the mythical bop I craved. The kitchen sink production, stuttering synths, undulating bass, just yath! The track bounces all over the place but doesn’t sound messy at all. The choreography for the live performances is just beautiful. Werk it ladies, you’ve converted me." And ThighHighs highlighted the impact of strutting: "As evidenced by the new IZ*ONE video and countless others before it, the only thing you need to do to get this gay to scream is have a bunch of pretty girls in fierce outfits walk in a straight line."

    "WJSN keeps getting better with each comeback like how is this fair?," eccentricsimply asks us. "I love how they kind of also challenge the idea of a cute concept. Because I mean, nothing about them is girl crush but it's also not what people define as cute so basically fuck this dichotomy, it's what they are saying." YATH. We love a girl group which strays outside the two most common concepts in K-Pop. He has some big praise for Save Me, Save You: "Their best track maybe? I can’t really decide, but the truth is they hit it out of the park. We miss the Chinese gals, but Seola stepping up as vocalist and visual and center, while leaving enough room for Yeunjung to keep slaying, is nothing short of a success story. Queens of choreo. They really found their sound." Meanwhile, Reboot finds herself stanning just everything about this WJSN era: "WJSN are finally back to form with this amazing song AND a video that doesn’t look like it was put through nine different Instagram filters. I love that their – good – songs always feel like they’re taking me to a different world. Amazing choreography, too. If Yeonjung accidentally kicked me in the face with her legs during the middle 8 I’d probably thank her."

    Our 11-giver, @savilizabeths, didn't leave a comment so I'm gonna give the honor of closing this post to my lovely boo codecat: "The evolution of their core sound is beautiful to witness. Save Me, Save You is impossible to categorize. Cosmic pop? Gothic magical girl pop? Whatever it is, it's phenomenal so puta gays unite someone PLEASE GIVE IT AN 11 it deserves one of those so much DO THE RIGHT THING." I can never un-hear puta gay thanks to you bih.

  20. Thank you, @vague unnie, for this gif. @vague unnie made the gifs for our top 10 and I can't wait for y'all to see all of his masterpieces. I stan.
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