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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. I have no idea what's going on with these recent eliminations anymore. WJSN do not deserve this.
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  2. djkfhsdjfçasfjs first Chungha doesn't get her more than deserved and fought for entry in the top FIVE and now this?????
    The ups and downs...........so painful...​


    But anyway! This was a really good write up sweaty. You've managed to say everything I wanted to say about the song but didn't because I couldn't think of anything more for my commentary other than the words puta gay dancing on a loop in my brain dddd. And we love a powerful .gif... @Slice of Life and @vague you sissies did that
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  3. For some reason it's not animating for me. Anyone else have this problem?
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  4. ohnostalgia

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  5. He


    Same, it don't move.
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  6. On my phone it’s not animated but it works fine on my computer. I smell a stunt.
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  7. Oh my god...

    Can ‘Hann’ leave now...
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  8. The talent!
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  9. The woman that she is today...

    Ugh! Truly the Mother of all Lesbians.

    (More seriously, the premise of this show is actually such a good idea and very heartwarming. I hope it's a decent success for the network.)
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  11. Slice of Life

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    Kekeke luv u gurl ♡
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  14. I'm scared to say which songs I'm rooting for in case they get eliminated again.
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  15. I feel like you root for Hann.
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  16. Okay but we need @Reboot to stan I Love You.
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  17. Now I'm scared that if I say I stan I Love You, which I don't, the reverse thing will happen and the song will win.
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  18. Hann is nowhere near as good as LaTaTa.
  19. Slice of Life

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    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @BEST FICTION, @Vesperly, @OspreyQueen, @Oleander, @ThighHighs, @Island, @thommyh, @GeiPanda, @eliminathan, @Vixen, @enjoy v2.0, @Gintoki, @Coming Century, @ryjm, @evilsin, @nikkysan, @junglefish, @Conan, @Slice of Life, @He, @eccentricsimply (9.5) @Mikl C, @PopZeitgeist (9.25) @vague (9) @Rem, @sweetlikegrande, @ohnostalgia, @Wills, @FunkyButChic
    CHEAP UNNIES: (3) @askew (4.5) @Dangerous Maknae (6) @soratami (6.75) @Miyawakiwi (7) @Empty Shoebox


    5 voters: 17 (average: 8.15000)
    10 voters: 10 (average: 8.32500)
    15 voters: 11 (average: 8.51667)
    20 voters: 15 (average: 8.50000)
    25 voters: 14 (average: 8.63000)
    30 voters: 11 (average: 8.75833)
    35 voters: 12 (average: 8.70714)
    40 voters: 10 (average: 8.81875)
    45 voters: 9 (average: 8.82222)
    48 voters: 8 (average: 8.81250)

    Actual Kweens of K-Popjustice, EXID, have officially left the building. Their last song standing, I Love You, is eliminated at number 8.

    I Love You is the comeback single of EXID as five. When Solji was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism back in 2016, EXID decided to promote as four for the foreseeable future. They'd go on and release three singles: Night Rather Than Day, DDD and Lady. Honestly, I already accepted the fact that Solji might never come back to EXID. But because God Shaman Unnie is good, Solji returned to EXID and the group went on to release I Love You. The song was written and produced by the duo of Shinsadong Tiger and LE. It reached number 29 on the Gaon Charts.

    And I'm so glad this was a serve. After the pretty disappointing Lady (don't @ me), I needed the EXID unnies to come back and show everyone what they're truly capable of. And I believe that with the release of I Love You, they did just that. I Love You is a massive return to form and is up there with EXID's other excellent singles. Solji... ha impacT.

    I Love You is just... cool. It's the sound of a girl group that knows what works for them. There's maturity to it that is just so sexy to me. Hani singing the verses is an inspired choice. Her vocal tone just suits verses so much more that choruses. Solji and Potato Hyelin absolutely sing the shit out of that anthemic chorus. LE proved once again that she's peerless as a rapper and producer. And Jeonghwa is a cute girl. I love her.

    Some people might find the "I love you like la la la" lines to be grating and to be fair, I get the criticism. But those lines are seriously what makes I Love You work. They definitely make the song more memorable. I was already singing along to those lines on my first listen of I Love You. And we can't forget about *THAT* house moment in the second verse. Seriously, it's one of the best switch ups in the history of music, point blank.

    RUNAWAY can finally take a sigh of relief as a song he dislikes gets the boot dddd: "this song just isn’t it for me. The lalalalallalalas are just TOO MUCH and it makes me annoyed, so I end up skipping the song half the time." Empty Shoebox is easily irritated huh: "The 'la la la la la la la la la la' is very irritating. Bin it." Miyawakiwi would like a better chorus: "i love the beat, the beginning of the song is my favorite part, the chorus is kind of a let down tho." Serg. is a victim of snippetitis: "Will never get over that leaked snippet of the song and how it ended up being better than the whole song. Love that Solji is back though." While perennial low voter, askew, only has this to say: "The sample makes my skin crawl."

    Salami decides to drag before stanning: "Even though they continue the tradition of a strong song built around a weak and screechy chorus, this is one of their best." He overplayed I Love You but still gives it a 10: "Just queens. This is high quality EXID. I might overplayed it though. The second verse is still life." Reboot is instead living for the lewks: "The patterned suits that they wear in the first half of the video are! so! pretty! Ugh." And evilsin becomes a new Leggo: "Let me thank this song for making me go and listen to the previous efforts by the girls. It just made me click with their sound and finally let me appreciate their music. The tempo switheroo in the second verse is such a fucking moment." Bad timing, unnie ddddd. EXID are about to disband go on hiatus kii.

    The second verse switcheroo has the girls gagged. thommyh: "YAAASS! that 90s breakdown.. whew, I'm still waiting on the wig transplant list." OspreyQueen too: "I live for that random-ass house segment in the second verse." codecat needed more of that but stans anyway: "Some points: Only the natural, effortlessly talented successors to the Brown Eyed Girls have the right to appropriate their arrogant dance and make it something of their own; That huge chorus makes justice to the power that the words "I love you" contain; I wish we got more than just a glimpse of that house section after the first chorus; this is a video - after a long night of bad decisions, they've got their fun power suits and they're ready to go again - snatched LEGENDS only." YATH. I agree that they are the true successors of the amazing Brown Eyed Girls.

    ryjm gets a paragraph of his own because the good unnie went all out with ha stanning: "Oh my (KPOP) god 2018 just delivered so many huge moments. WE DID IT UNNIES! EXID OT5 finally made their comeback and now all is good with the world. I’ve honestly missed Solji so much and it just feels so damn right to see all of these amazing women back together, serving a killer bop and giving it their all. You can see how much this moment means to them, their comradery and resilience is so heart-warming, my heart can’t take it. Now let’s talk about the song, and what a fucking SONG it is! This is classic EXID (read: the epitome of excellence). It’s like they merged all of their bops together to create this monster of a track; the Sia vocal sample, the trademark euphoric Solji/Hyelin chorus, Hani’s deep house moment where she is just feeling herself (and THAT sultry lower register – decimate me queen), LE’s slick raps…everything is just so on point. I swear with each comeback these girls somehow manage to have another glow up and look even more phenomenal, all of them are serving some killer lewks and Hani has now just reached mythical levels of beauty. OH AND THE VIDEO!? Document my life a bit unnies, finally a storyline I can relate to – Hani being a drunken mess, LE beating Hani in the toilet (insert Cheryl LAST NAME joke), Solji ugly (beautiful) crying, Hyelin slaying Karaoke with a tambourine around her neck, and my baby Jeonghwa just killing it. YATH. I really don’t want this to be the last Korean release from these legends, LEGGOs are hungry for more!" Whew.

    ThighHighs details his journey to loving I Love You: "This one took a long time to grow on me, but it’s turned into a total monster. When I first heard it I loved the second verse changeup, but thought the rest was a bit too familiar to other EXID songs. But the song as a whole, while not being totally dissimilar, has enough of it’s own charms to stand on it’s own amongst it’s sistren DDD, Up and Down, and Hot Pink." Wills lauds EXID's quality control: "The level of quality of their output is just… unmatched." I Love You got eccentricsimply kinda emotional: "Honestly it hurts so much rating this song when there's the possibility of them disbanding. If they don't comeback again before them at the VERY LEAST I'll be happy with this bop. It's the typical EXID sound but like every other typical EXID sound song it doesn't sound at all like the others. The power of LE and Shinsadong Tiger, I guess. ALSO I'M SO HAPPY MY MOM IS BACK." And FunkyButChic is a satisfied customer: "If EXID are saying goodbye in 2019, I’m glad they’re ending on a high note."

    We turn to GeiPanda as he gives the final words for I Love You: "My queens. An absolute blast of a track. This is a random observation, but I felt quite... nostalgic watching this MV dd. I don't know - feel like it's been a while since Hani was put in the spotlight. She even has the same type of hair as when they were in their imperial phase. I'm so thankful for all the songs and concepts that EXID has delivered over the years, and I Love You is another gem."

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  20. P L E A S E stop mentioning songs by name guys because I know what y’all are going to call for next if it’s not m****** and I’m not ready for that particular song to leave.
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