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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. I’m glad that they made Top 10. I can’t be too mad about both WJSN & EXID leaving here even though I adore both songs.

    Momoland has GOT to go though. Really wish I tanked it now.
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  2. Whores.. the whole lot of ya!
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  3. Maybe giving Momoland a high score was a mistake
  4. I Love You is good, but I'm genuinely surprised it made the top 20.
  5. I didn’t give Momoland a perfect score but at this point I enjoy how much it’s bothering people.
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  6. He


    Kii, same.

    Like, the song is ridiculously fun. Let it beat most of our faves. I love nugu groups getting behemoth hits like this, at any rate.
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  7. I can't believe I have only two 10s left.
  8. Chuu - Heart Attack

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  9. ...


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  10. It feels good to be okay with any of the remaining songs winning or going out next. I lost a few pounds last year until we made sure Eclipse was not going to win.
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  11. He


    Being an anti keeps you healthy and nourished, I see.
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  12. Me after Eclipse made it to finale 2 in two rates

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  13. [​IMG]



    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @ThighHighs, @GeiPanda, @Wills, @eliminathan, @Vixen, @FunkyButChic, @enjoy v2.0, @Gintoki, @Coming Century, @Mikl C, @junglefish, @vague, @Kuhleezi, @Serg., @Slice of Life, @He, @eccentricsimply, @Love Deluxe, @PopZeitgeist, @Vesperly, @Oleander, @sweetlikegrande (9.75) @BEST FICTION (9.5) @RUNAWAY, @Conan (9) @OspreyQueen
    CHEAP UNNIES: (6) @Salami, @yuuurei, @askew (6.5) @Miyawakiwi (7) @Sanctuary, @Dangerous Maknae, @nikkysan, @ry123, @soratami


    5 voters: 31 (average: 7.50000)
    10 voters: 21 (average: 7.90000)
    15 voters: 31 (average: 7.90000)
    20 voters: 20 (average: 8.37500)
    25 voters: 15 (average: 8.62000)
    30 voters: 15 (average: 8.67500)
    35 voters: 11 (average: 8.72143)
    40 voters: 12 (average: 8.73125)
    45 voters: 11 (average: 8.80000)
    48 voters: 8 (average: 8.81250)

    It's the end of a dream. We say goodbye to the adorable and absolutely fantastic Oh! My Mistake at number 8.

    Oh! My Mistake is the lead single of April's sixth mini album, The Ruby. The song was written and produced by the team of MHL, Lee Je Yoon, NUPLAY and Taibian. Of course, this didn't chart on Gaon ddddd. April are probably (truly) the nuguest group in our top 10 so it's not a shock that Oh! My Mistake was a flop.

    And I'm just elated that this made it this far. If you check the leaderboard journey of the song, you'd know that this fought hard for a spot in the top 10, only reaching it at the very last minute. And it's well-deserved. Oh! My Mistake is the stuff of magic. This is the type of song that becomes a cult favourite. I've been a soft stan of April for the longest time and even though I stanned the shit out of their single April Story, I didn't really think they had the range (and resources dddd) to release a masterpiece in the level of Oh! My Mistake. I'm glad I was wrong there.

    Oh! My Mistake is a retro number but unlike most retro numbers, it's decidedly more... reserved. At least at the start of the song. But when that chorus hits... literally all scalps are unsafe. It's definitely one of my most favourite choruses of 2018. I love that all six of the girls get to sing the chorus. It could've been a gigantic mess but it's just the right amount of sweet. And just when you thought you survived the chorus, the post-chorus comes in and destroys all your remaining hair follicles, effectively rendering you bald.

    neon neukkimi neukkimi neukkimi
    neukkimi neukkimi neukkimi
    ttak neukkimi neukkimi neukkimi
    neukkimi neukkimi neukkimi

    I mean, legends only.

    I've been a K-Pop for a decade now. I'm old y'all. And I feel like I've already seen and heard everything K-Pop has to offer. But Oh! My Mistake came and bulldozed all that tomfoolery. It's the perfect cure to my K-Pop fatigue. Thanks to songs like Oh! My Mistake, K-Pop will always be a fun genre to follow.

    thommyh surprisingly hates the chorus oh my god???: "I like it, but not too big a fan of the chorus if I'm quite honest." Lowest scorer askew's comment baffles me: "That really high, frosty synth is nice." Why give it such a low score though? Empty Shoebox, who is not a low scorer, is much more critical: "I like this song, and I've played it a number of times, but I've never loved it. Why? I really don't know." Miyawakiwi is just... a mess: "Are they shading Oh my girl here? April’s vibe is like food made without salt lmao, but this is a step in the right direction."

    A lot of people had modest expectations for this bop but guess what Mimi, Oh! My Mistake got them stanning in the end. Reboot: "I initially dismissed this song because I didn’t think April were capable of releasing decent songs, but it’s good! Not a bad mini album either." Girl, they have, like, at least three more great singles. Salami too: "I thought I’d hate this when it first started but it grew on me." YATH. And ryjm finally catches up on our Oh! My Mistake stannage, girls: "Wait at this being really fucking weird but then sounding really strangely awesome. It’s all just a bit off-kilter and I think I really dig it. There’s a real nostalgic vibe from the various production flourishes and harmonies throughout and even though there’s a lot happening the song sounds suprisingly chill. Like some immaculate YouTube mashup of all the best songs over the years, this sounds pretty remarkable. I totally should’ve voted for this, please forgive me unnies." Welcome to Team Talent, unnie.

    "Amazing, show stopping, etc," He serves the gospel truth. "This was really a grower. The track is not as in your face, but that chorus is so well made. The whole lot is. It’s such a wonderful coy bop." RUNAWAY revels at April's glow-up too: "April really came into their own in 2018 as well. The Blue Bird was cute, and this song is even better. Can’t wait to see what they do in 2019." eccentricsimply shouts her feelings: "A VERY DESERVING NUMBER ONE I CANNOT STRESS HOW PERFECT THIS SONG IS THANK YOU APRIL FOR EVERYTHING." Oh! My Mistake is still one of my most favourite KPJC number one songs of all time. And Serg. would like y'all to know he's an OG April fan: "Who would've thought that APRIL would come out with the biggest and most different single of the year? Well I did! Cause I always stanned Mayday while everyone was enjoying the April Story snoozefest, the girls are totally in their element in this song with great quirky lyrics and fun choreo. It's gonna be interesting how they'll follow up this release now that they've kinda gotten the western fans attention with Oh My Mistake!" I will let that April Story drag slip for now, you heaux.

    "Likely the revelation of the year," Kuhleezi tells matter-of-factly. "If you told me I'd be stanning an April song a year ago... Well that wouldn't have been very likely let's keep it at that. But credit where credit is due: in this group of songs this song has no peers. It's as unique as a catchy 3-4 minute K-Pop single gets, light as a feather, impactful as the best pop music can be. That rap part deserves a special shout-out: I can't even begin to explain how ridiculous it is, and because of that it perfectly works." Amen to everything. And I think April should really pay ThighHighs for his ridiculous promo: "This song is a physical addiction. I get a CRAVING for it if it’s been more than a day or two since I’ve listened to it. I have friends who have become hooked on this song since I played it near them. I’m like that crazy guy in Bird Box making people open their eyes, but instead of seeing their worst fear they just see this video. ChaeKyung stays iconic." I'M SCREAMING.

    Oh! My Mistake didn't get an 11 but there are people who almost gave it theirs. Let's give them the last words.

    Wills: "One of the crown jewels of Kpop in 2018, and a strong contender for my 11; I struggle to think of anything else with quite the same brand of understated quirkiness. A triumph."

    And GeiPanda: "Another close contender for my 11. They absolutely proved that bias is not the only factor needed to snatch me, as I know absolutely nothing about the members and not much about their discography. The chorus is possibly the best moment in all my years of listening to kpop."



    I can hear God...

    Oh my god, the fact that the low scorers are mostly Orbitches... I don't know how to feel about that one ddddd
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  16. 'Oh! My Mistake' is perfectly-crafted from start to finish. Only, like, three other songs here could claim that.
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  17. I mean, I like that synth.


    BBoom BBoom for #1.
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  18. I want your scores REMOVED after this comment and your EXID score.
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  19. I have to admit that I still have to delve into April's discography properly following Oh My Mistake.
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