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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. I’m way too scared to say who I want to be the Top 2, everyone keeps jinxing it.
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  2. Ddd, not me thinking that "Oh! My Mistake" was a name of the group and not the name of the song all this time. I mean, it's KPop, anything can be a name for a group.
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  3. If BBoom BBoom and HANN outlast Siren I'm gonna report them off of Spotify too.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Not with that score, sweaty.




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (11) @ThighHighs (10) @Dangerous Maknae, @evilsin, @Ana Raquel, @Cotton Park, @RUNAWAY, @Kuhleezi, @Slice of Life, @He, @eccentricsimply, @ry123, @Vesperly, @thommyh, @Remorque, @Vixen, @soratami (9.75) @vague (9.5) @Mikl C, @Conan, @Love Deluxe, @PopZeitgeist, @savilizabeths (9) @Reboot, @Miyawakiwi, @ryjm, @nikkysan, @Empty Shoebox, @Rem, @Wills
    CHEAP UNNIES: (4) @askew (5.5) @BEST FICTION (7) @Coming Century, @Sanctuary, @codecat, @yuuurei, @Serg.


    5 voters: 19 (average: 8.00000)
    10 voters: 5 (average: 8.55000)
    15 voters: 5 (average: 8.70000)
    20 voters: 6 (average: 8.83750)
    25 voters: 3 (average: 9.01000)
    30 voters: 3 (average: 8.97500)
    35 voters: 10 (average: 8.79286)
    40 voters: 11 (average: 8.78125)
    45 voters: 10 (average: 8.81667)
    48 voters: 7 (average: 8.81771)

    Stop the meltdowns, girls. The time has come for Momoland's BBoom BBoom to leave the rate. I hope y'all are happy.

    BBoom BBoom is the lead single of Momoland's third mini album, Great! It was written and composed by Shinsadong Tiger who would go on and compose Momoland's next two follow-up singles. The song started with modest success only for it to become such a sleeper hit. It has since peaked at number 2 on the weekly Gaon Charts and even ending at number 4 on the Year-end Gaon Charts, famously defeating BLACKPINK's own monster hit DDU-DU DDU-DU (ranked fifth). BBoom BBoom has also earned a Platinum certification from the Gaon Music Chart for reaching 100 million streams. So to summarize, BBoom BBoom was a phenomenon.

    And I understand the criticisms thrown at BBoom BBoom. I really do. Yes, it might have been plagiarized from a Serebro song. Yes, it has been overplayed to death (I know this because I am from the Philippines, arguably Momoland's biggest market after South Korea). Yes, BAAM might be a better version of it (I disagree obviously but I hear y'all).

    And you know what? Despite all of these, BBoom BBoom remains a gigantic, larger-than-life bop. Good God, I'm listening to it now for the first time in, what, two months? And I'm getting my absolute life all over again. It's really rather special. And it fully deserves all the success.

    Shinsadong Tiger, despite his constant brush with plagiarism, is one of my most favourite K-Pop producers ever. He's probably most notably known - at least to us, K-Pop fans - for the songs he made for T-ara. Roly Poly, Lovey Dovey, Sexy Love, Number 9, Sugar Free... the list goes on. On the other hand, Momoland were never in my radar. Sure, I bopped to JooE's Tropicana CF for a minute or two but the group just never made an impact on me. Frankly, I was already getting bored with their songs. But when it was announced that they would be collaborating with Shinsadong Tiger, I knew something magical could possibly be created. Shinsadong Tiger's knack for creating meme-y songs plus JooE's meme-y persona could actually work. And with BBoom BBoom, Momoland and Shinsadong Tiger truly came through.

    The production is just stellar. The overall vibe of the song skews towards wackiness but listening to the song in isolation - without the music video, the choreography, the memery - you can actually hear the song is meticulously produced. The opening guitars alone is already genius. I still think the chorus is bulletproof. I cannot not dance to it. It's just not possible. That rap section with Daisy and JooE still sends me to the stars. That Yeonwoo middle 8 is legendary. The whole song is just a triumph. I have heard the song played to death especially here in the Philippines. Like, good Lord, we were obsessed with this song for months. And yes, there were times were I thought the song needed to die already. But deep inside, I'm still bopping. I'm still dancing. I'm still a BBoom BBoom whore.

    Momoland may never be able to release a song as triumphant as BBoom BBoom. They tried with BAAM and I'm So Hot but I honestly believe that those songs just didn't capture the magic of BBoom BBoom. BBoom BBoom is the type of song that comes just once in a lifetime. And that's okay. The challenge for Momoland now is not to try (and fail) to recreate BBoom BBoom's magic but to try and create another song that's different from BBoom BBoom but just as good. And with Shinsadong Tiger, I know they have a shot. Should've taken Woowa from DIA, girls. What a missed opportunity. But there are a lot more Romanian bops to plagiarize pay homage to so... Hehe. Get to work, girls and S.Tiger!

    I just can feel Serg.'s teeth grinding as he typed this comment sdhfjhsd: "Wow this one is really for the books, incredible rise to fame with a completely stolen song from start to finish but at least they became national girl group of The Philippines." Sorry but MNL48 are our new overlords kii. codecat is over it: "I would have showered this with compliments a year ago but BBoom BBoom has been overworked so much that I think it developed carpal tunnel syndrome and now I just feel sad, yet empathetic towards it. I still live for the Modern Talking vocal treatment in the chorus though!" GeiPanda has had enough too: "It's a bop, but somehow feels like it was released three years ago."

    The BAAM stans are in full force. vague: "while both of their '18 singles are pretty evenly matched, i think BAAM is a touch better overall. the rap here is a lil bit better tho." OspreyQueen too: "I know it came first, but it’s basically just Diet BAAM." Meanwhile, Miyawakiwi wants the rap deleted: "had it on repeat from the moment it was released BBop BBop!, the rap keeps it from being a 10 tho."

    Salami respects the time he spent dancing to BBoom BBoom: "I don’t really listen to this anymore but I can’t score it down just because it’s a year old and I played it so much already. Love it when a song comes from nowhere and blows the group up. JooE is obviously the highlight." ryjm still gets his absolute life to this: "A suitably apt title, this ish is DY-NA-MITE! An ungodly beast of a bop, this rightfully made Momoland blow up (insert rimshot). Serving justice for EXID's Are You Hungry? Poor Nayun though having to serve sexy toilet lewks with...lab goggles? This hasn’t aged a bit for me, still sounds a fresh and ridiculous as it did almost a year ago. In the words of JooE: GREAT!" Nayun gets another shoutout, this time thanks to Empty Shoebox: "Aged? Yes. Simple? Yes. Still a bop? Very much yes. I'm clearly Nayun because of all the things in this video, cleaning a lavatory is pretty much the only thing I can manage without screwing up."

    Here comes the plagiarism deniers ddddd. Gintoki: "Yeah we all know it's ''inspired'' by T-ara and Serebro, but it's the good one." RUNAWAY: "what a jam. sure, it’s completely plagiarized but it led to the rise of Momoland, so I’m not really mad. Also MiMiMi is bad, and this is a huge improvement." But now we said it kii. And evilsin even manages to namedrop Inna too: "This is so damn infectious, I think I've managed to spend whole days spinning this. The fact that of all the song to take inspiration in they took it from Serebro (who took it from the like of Inna nad other Europop hunties) is a bit of a kii. In hindsight, taking everything into the account, I believe this is the most KPop song of the year."

    "Normally kpop songs tend to have to grow on me with repeated listens, but this one did the job instantly," notes Remorque. "I first heard it without even having seen the video and after I'd seen it I was completely sold. The song slaps and the girls sell it." He has some big words of praise too: "Catchiest song of 2018, catchiest dance of 2018, best use of JooE, and maybe a worthy successor to Roly Poly." thommyh enumerates his favourite parts: "This song is truly iconic. Everything about it is so infectious and amazing. Especially the bridge/pre-chorus and chorus." And Reboot believes BBoom BBoom would've been perfect for summer too: "Queens of releasing what sounds like a summer song in January. I’m glad that this has done so well for them."

    Vixen shows her misandrist ways again: "We love queens that piss BG stans off! Here, get a 10 just for this. xoxo ( No, but genuinely, it does deserve a 10. It’s such a relentless bop, it never stops pulling you in with all these different hooks.)" eccentricsimply was one of BBoom BBoom's earliest supporters and that support continues until today: "I was thinking that maybe I would want to give this less than a 10 because I hadn't listened to it in a while and thought hey maybe it's not as good anymore but. I was wrong. It still bops, the actual song of the year." And Kuhleezi just gets it: "To be very honest, this rate is quite pointless: we could stop at song number 2 and we'd already have the Single Of The Year here. There's no denying this mega bop defined the K-Pop scene in 2018, it's like a microcosm of the genre in the past-year. The neon pastel atmosphere, the pre-schoolery bopperoo (while not being too juvenile), the 'we need to give them all lines' rap part sledgehammered in without particular care, never to be mentioned again (iconic moment), an equally memorable and ridiculous dance move: isn't this what we're all in this pit of hell for?" YATH BIH.

    ThighHighs, my love, I know it's hard but it's time to say goodbye to your 11: "My god. What a song! This has remained the song of the year from the moment it came out. 2018 will always be the year that Bboom Bboom took over the world and I will stan for absolutely forever. Unlike any other song last year, this song lifted my spirits every time it came one from January 3rd to December 31st. 363 days of absolute joy thanks to Bboom Bboom."

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  6. I know she wasn't in the latest comeback, but this Daisy erasure isn't the look, sweety!

    For a song that so many seemed to hate, this did better than I thought it would! RIP in pieces, Bboom Bboom!
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  7. He


    @Slice of Life is your dance covers channel still going strong? It was iconique.
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  8. Boom Boom is still a relentless power bop.
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  9. Dddddd fixedT, girl.

    KAJDJSJSJ I wish I was as talented as that unnie tbh. I can barely move my feet.
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  10. @Slicey Can't believe you missed the Japanese Version.
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  11. NO. I'm refusing that narrative. I'm right there with a 10.
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  12. I suspect 'BBoom BBoom' benefitted from voting happening prior to 'I'm So Hot' and its legacy-tarnishing ways ddd.

    In a vacuum? Still a BBanger.
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  13. Okay ... but ... when will See Sea finally sink? I like Hyolyn so I'm not trying to hate, but that song just really doesn't belong in the top 6. This rate is bewildering sometimes.
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  14. Siren, Egoist and See Sea for top 3.
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  15. I want See Sea and Hann to leave next. xoxo
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  16. Ah, well that’s no fun.
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  17. He


    I love See Sea but I feel people confused their voting with Dally which is more iconic.

    The See Sea performances were amazing too, though.
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  18. Ah shit here we go, now that Bboom Bboom is out my fave can’t keep sailing quietly to the win.
  19. Deflect! ‘HANN’ has no right still being here!!
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  20. I had no idea I'd given Bboom Bboom a 9. It's a good song, but I got tired of it pretty quickly.
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