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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. I’m So Sick is far better than the other two, they’re not even in the same league.
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  2. It was also probably the gag of the year because who knew the Apink sistren would unleash such a heavenly bop?

    Like we been knew that LOONA & Sunmi would deliver the goods, but Apink absolutely served.
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  3. He


    Yeah, to be honest APink should win. They deserve it.

    If not, %% to win next year's.
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  4. Oh, thank goodness. Now it's a perfect top 3!
  5. This top 3 is really not the top 3 I would have predicted at the start of this. It's ... not great.
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  6. I feel like Dally should've been swapped with See Sea TBQH.
  7. [​IMG]

    Well...it's over.

    The underdog bully queen somehow snagged top 5 and I can't be mad about that when I thought she was going to fall at like top 30 since some people started acting up and calling for ha head. I'm happy I gave ha the 11 points instead of To Do List or Egoist like I was considering.

    @nikkysan and @soratami out here using their 11 score wisely, we stan taste in this house.
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  8. We've been through so much during this rate, I'm amazed at how in sync our tastes have been the entire time so I'm honored to have been 11 sisters.


    Also See Sea was one of my first real tastes of k-pop so it really made sense for me to give it my 11, and I had so many songs that I stanned in this rate that were done wrong so I'm amazed at how far it got.
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  9. The fact that both of you gave See Sea your 11... you're both Jinyoung akgaes... and you're Australian...

    Yeah, I think you're twins. @BEST FICTION found replaced.
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  10. Two 10s and a 9. Even though it was a disaster getting here, that’s not too bad for me in a Kpop rate.
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  11. I have three 10s left.

    So it's...

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  12. A 6, a 7.5 and a 10. I think it’s going to go in the reverse order to this though.
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  13. [​IMG]




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (11) @He, @PopZeitgeist, @Oleander, @enjoy v2.0 (10) @Coming Century, @Mikl C, @ryjm, @Ana Raquel, @nikkysan, @yuuurei, @RUNAWAY, @vague, @Kuhleezi, @Empty Shoebox, @Love Deluxe, @OspreyQueen, @ohnostalgia, @Island, @thommyh, @Remorque, @eliminathan, @Vixen (9.25) @Slice of Life (9) @Reboot, @Dangerous Maknae, @evilsin, @BEST FICTION, @Rem, @GeiPanda, @savilizabeths
    CHEAP UNNIES: (5) @eccentricsimply (6) @Cotton Park (7) @Serg., @Vesperly, @askew, @sweetlikegrande
    SHAMAN UNNIE: 9.25


    5 voters: 8 (average: 8.45000)
    10 voters: 3 (average: 8.82500)
    15 voters: 2 (average: 8.78333)
    20 voters: 4 (average: 8.86250)
    25 voters: 6 (average: 8.90000)
    30 voters: 7 (average: 8.88333)
    35 voters: 8 (average: 8.84286)
    40 voters: 6 (average: 8.91250)
    45 voters: 3 (average: 8.98333)
    48 voters: 3 (average: 8.97396)

    Baby Wolf did that. Olivia Hye (and JinSoul)'s Egoist decimated the other 2018 LOOΠΔ offerings and snatched the bronze medal. Iconique.

    Egoist is the debut solo single of Olivia Hye, the final member of LOOΠΔ. Written by Jaden Jeong and MonoTree's Park Jiyeon and composed by Pablo Groove, Artronic Waves, LAB301 and Lafee (whew, that's a lot of names), Egoist marked the end of the pre-debut solo single era of LOOΠΔ. And I gotta say, Egoist delivered mightily and even exceeded towering expectations. Talent.

    I've said this over and over again but Egoist is really that apocalyptic bop that perfectly bookended an important era of LOOΠΔ history. The song is the most dramatic, most extra, most OTT shit ever. It's beyond. The production is immaculate. It's futuristic without being obvious or robotic? I can totally imagine this being an OST of The Hunger Games. It's that epic.

    But beyond the gorgeous production, I would also like to commend Olivia Hye for her decent vocal delivery. She's not one of LOOΠΔ's better vocalists but she made it all work on Egoist. She sounds emotional and dangerous and ready. She was tasked to be The Final Girl and she delivered. That's no easy feat. JinSoul's rap, I admit, had to grow on me. In isolation, her rap part is really great but in the context of the song, it does sometimes feel unnecessary. I mean, it just doesn't really feel integral to the song's structure. I don't know; it just feels like BBC didn't trust Olivia Hye enough to sell her solo single on her own dddddd. But then again, the theme of Egoist seems to be "excess" and with JinSoul's rap, they achieved that objective with flying colors.

    Now that LOOΠΔ has debuted as a full group, Olivia Hye doesn't really get to showcase the things she did on Egoist which is a shame. Sure, she still gets more lines than HaSeul dddd but I feel like the Olivia Hye in Egoist is still the superior Olivia Hye. I wish we could see that more in LOOΠΔ. Oh well, we'll always have Egoist and it'll always remind us what Olivia Hye is truly capable of.

    Vesperly, who gave this a 7, says: "This could be a 10 if it wasn’t for the unfitting breakdown." Cotton Park found Egoist to be too much: "I kind of like this, certainly not as much as the Orbitals. I just think it has a little too much and I'm not sure I really like the melody for some reason. I get that it almost had to be over-the-top since it was the final piece. And she's great. No question." And ThighHighs feels weird not loving Egoist: "This is really catchy in parts, but the production just doesn’t really do it for me. I don’t really know why, because I’d normally love this kinda glitchy shit, but this one ain’t it for me. She cute tho."

    I'm not really sure if Vixen likes or dislikes Egoist because of this comment ddddd: "The pulsing and overexposed piano at the start is a mood, and God, can we talk about Olivia’s lower register which is so amazing and almost makes the following gooey and pouty vocals a little bit disappointing. The synths, like always with LOONA, are pretty great. I absolutely love the pre-chorus’ melody, not so much the chorus, but then I again absolutely love the post-chorus of “Love myself today, let you go today” and I always find myself doing the routine doing that part." Serg. thinks JinSoul is cosplaying as a vacuum cleaner: "I will never get over the fact that they made Jinsoul spill a guest verse sounding like a vacuum cleaner… I've grown to not hate her part anymore but it's still a bit annoying." I--- And eccentricsimply also comes for that rap break: "I like it even less now than when it came out nñn For once not because of the forum's opinion, but because it's just very subpar if taking the rest of LOONA's pre-debut singles into consideration. And that rap break was honestly soooo unnecessary." #LETJINSOULLEAVE

    "Do I even need to commentate this?," thommyh asks me and sure, you may. "It's sheer excellence, huns!" GeiPanda has also been digging Egoist lately: "Has grown on me so much since the LOONA rate. I'm loving the dark-yet-uplifting nature of this song." OspreyQueen is here to right some wrongs: "Not sure why I didn’t give this a 10 in the LOOΠΔ rate, but I can make up for that now." Reboot is also a new-ish fan: "This one took a while to grow on me, but I really love it now." And even Salami is kind of here for Egoist?: "It started off decent, but the chorus is a bit of a let down. I’ll revisit it though, it sounds like a grower. *edit* yep I’m fully on board with this now." Is this still true, unnie? And Empty Shoebox loses her final 10: "We've talked about this song a lot of times before, about the production, the lyrics, the imagery, all of it. It's just a supreme package. Even now, every time I hear it I instinctively turn the volume up."

    The JinSoul stans are in full force. Number 1 JinSoul stan, vague, has this to say: "as the ending of the first chapter of the LOOΠΔverse story, this is just utterly perfect. even divorced from that context, however, the song (and video) is stunning and a real triumph. JinSoul's muffled rap is probly my fave bit of the song (who's surprised?), but every single element works so well together. god, this is so dang goodt." Miyawakiwi is Team JinSoul too: "One of my favorites from loona, JinSoul fits really well here." nikkysan's wig found detached: "Still one of LOONA’s best solos. Wiiiiiig @ Jinsoul’s rap." Even yuuurei showers JinSoul with the highest of compliments: "I never get tired of this song, the powerful lyrics and splashing, mysterious music are as enthralling now as when I first heard it and Olivia sounds just incredible. JinSoul's verse here is one of my favorite rap parts in LOONA's discography to date."

    RUNAWAY hearts Olivia too: "the last girl got an absolute stomper of a song. What a way to end the reveal of girls." I don't think I can imagine you as a catamaran, Kuhleezi sdjfgjsfd: "Every time I walk up a staircase I can't help but think of those opening piano notes. Impact! I move like a catamaran but those accents make me want to get out in a dimly lit alley and perform some interpretative dancing. Also impact!" And eliminathan walks us through Egoist's endless charms: "This is still, by FAR, the best song released under the LOONA name. What an absolute, unrelenting megabop. I've already said before that this song in particular sounds like a shift in quality in terms of musical fidelity, in the same way that Eclipse sounds better than everything before it sonically. I'm not sure why I think Egoist sounds so much better than everything else but to me it's a head and shoulders above the competition. When the pulsing keyboard starts at the beginning, my third eye opens and I awake into a spectral universe unlike anything else. The people coming for this song have yet to be enlightened by it's grace and haven't truly entered the LOONAverse."

    And ryjm blesses one time with his infectious LOOΠΔ stannage: "Yas Olivia Slae! LOOΠΔ really wanted to finish on an absolute banger. The vicious wolf came to destroy (without hesitation) all our biases and delivered the most visceral and dark LOONA bop to date. The production goes hard with the undulating bass, thick production, demented OEC-esque breakdown, and FinSoul's slick rap. This really was an incredible way to complete a group ready to dominate the world. The MV is one of the most epic videos in their catalogue, with beautifully striking imagery (the binch has wolf eyes that shoot fucking lasers for crying out loud). Olivia Hye’s story of betrayal and self-love is one of the most engrossing arcs within the Loonaverse. It’s a travesty that we never got to see her neck-breaking roll in the video but I’ll let that slide. The video was a culmination of one of the more confusing and darker chapters of the LOOΠΔ mythology and our savage little wolf came for blood. The symbolism, the visuals, the cameos, everything about this felt so momentous. Yves' betrayal, Olivia's laser eyes, YYXY in gurl crush mode, FinSoul's feature, and the showdown with Heejin was everything us Orbitches needed. Olivia Columbia Hye served for the gods with that neck-breaking choreography, proving that perhaps BBC really did leave the best til last."

    And now we to our 11s. Egoist actually got the most 11s out of all the songs in this rate - it got 4.

    He: "What a fucking way to finish the LOONA solos. This song is amazing, incredible, gorgeous, sad, heart wrenching, mature, better than most self-help books. Olivia did that. Oh and the video? Anime girls wish! Faultless."

    Oleander: "Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. Oleander? Giving his 11 to Olivia? *pretends to be shocked* Anyway, the fight for my 11 was a bloodbath and multiple songs almost got it but at the end of the day, this song is quite special for me [see my commentary for this song from the LOONA rate] and it had to get my 11."

    And PopZeitgeist: "An epic ode to self-actualization. Cathartic Dark Electro Pop that you can absolutely lose yourself in. The way it builds, rising and dropping throughout the verses, aspirational explosions in the chorus only for it to shift and swerve abruptly toward's the muddy drop. It really feels like the hero's journey in synths. Olivia' husky low voice conveying doubt, yearning in the verses while pushing forward despite it in the chorus contrasts with Jinsoul's self-assured rap, no doubt taking on the mentor role as she guides her to swallow the sun. The atmospheric final chorus shedding itself closes out the song (and LOONA's build-up to the final girl) perfectly."

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  15. He


    Kii, I didn't remember this was my 11. Well done baby wolf!
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  16. Rooting for Apink but great top 2

    am I the only one with this [​IMG]
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  17. no ddd.
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  18. asfl;lsg,;lfsg I can't tell if this is shade at me for not being complimentary often enough, or just you not knowing that Jinsoul is probs one of my top 5 LOONA members www

    Anyway I'm fine with any order of these top three songs since I gave them all 10s, so to me this is less "third place" and more "triple tie for #1". So congrats to Olivia for taking her rightful place at the top with the other queens of 2018.
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  19. Took a short break a while back... so time for me to catch up 50+ pages before the winner is revealed.

    Prepare for retrospective likes, and an extra delayed reaction to Uni.T being eliminated from the rate.

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  20. The images appear okay to me? What's happening?

    Ugh. PostImage has failed me too. Hold me, @vague unnie...............
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