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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. More like tied 7th kii
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  2. Okay the last week's been a nightmare and I know I missed out harvesting likes for what I'm about to say (meaning this is extra sincere!), but:


    Relentlessly, unapologetically top-tier from start to finish. Yes, even the countless displays of questionable taste - the mess was fun, and when it wasn't, @Slice of Life kept things palatable. Expertly done, unnie. (Also: the stats! Giving me everything I've ever wanted and more, we stan.)

    And honestly, what a killer inaugural year for my Kpop fixation! I've been spoiled.
  3. Whew... being away for the week and coming back to see the gag of a double winner. Wig!!!!
    Those two songs really did deserve to be joint winners tbh, both the songs still sound so fresh whenever I listen to this day. And amazing work running all of this @Slice of Life ! your reviews and write-ups for all the songs (and in the KPJ Charts) are always impeccable and captivating to read.

    Now, justice for RBB.
  4. I posted this in the main forum but it belongs here:

    SO+Y 2018: The TV SHOW:

    ENJOY! Saranghae!
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  5. dddd the ending is great!
  6. Watching back what an amazing selection of songs that has been. Whew, wig.
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  7. [​IMG]

    I was ready to see GOT7's Look and Lullaby fall too early but I didn't even remember how badly Taemin and my own supersarang were robbed so this opened up some old wounds ddd. Beautifully done nonetheless though sis.

    @junglefish gave an 11 to Memoria (taste), he didn't supersarang it.
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  8. Do I need to change it?
  9. Only speaking for myself, but it’s fine the way it is. You’ve done such a great job already!
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  10. Egotistic is still an incredible song.
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  11. [​IMG]


    I have a lot of people to thank.

    @eccentricsimply, you are the best back-up host anyone could ask for. Thank you for doing five eliminations while I was away... and doing them flawlessly at that. TALENT. Here's to more collaborations!

    @vague, you have the best GIF-making skills in all of the Milky Way Galaxy and I can't stress this enough. Thank you for offering your expertise and making GIFs almost immediately when I asked you. I'm still shqqk at the efficiency. Thank you also for allowing me to plagiarize your "Leaderboard History" concept. And thank you for your emotional support as well. An icon.

    @Cotton Park, from KPJC to KSOTY, you have been my number 1 partner in crime. Thank you for offering to make a video to showcase the talentry of the songs included in this rate. You're my number one oppa!

    @ohnostalgia & @BEST FICTION, thank you for your help when I was in the preparation stages of hosting the rate. Thank you for the countless advice that you have given me. I have studied your rates religiously to prepare myself for this rate and I must say I learned a lot from you, Rate Host Legends.

    @junglefish, @He & @Dangerous Maknae, the K-OOL GIRLS ddddd, thank you for the emotional help. Thank you for letting me use our tiny group chat as my Rants & Annoyances thread when I got extremely stressed with the rate. Also to @codecat, your meltdowns in our PMs have greatly entertained me ddddd. No but seriously, thank you for always checking in on me and making sure I'm doing okay and stuff. I truly found a new friend in you. @ohnostalgia, my dear mental health friend, I owe you so much. Thank you for always being patient with me.

    @Squashua, come back. No but really, thank you for all the help. Helping you finish the SO+Y 2017 Rate actually inspired me to take on the challenge of running the 2018 version by myself. Thank you for the words of encouragement and for the continued friendship despite you not being an active PJ member anymore.

    @eccentricsimply, @eliminathan and @evilsin, The Triple E if you will, thank you for doing reviews for the K-Popjustice Charts. Running the KPJC and KSOTY concurrently almost drove me mad but with your help, my job truly got easier.

    And of course, I thank you, THE FANS VOTERS, all 47 of you, for... everything. Without you, there would be no rate. I'm not gonna lie. This thread has stressed the fuck out of me. At several points of running this rate, I was just over it and I honestly just wanted to yeet myself out of this rate's premises. When you're faced with 80 more elimination posts to make, you really start questioning why you're doing this to yourself. You start asking yourself, is this really worth all the effort? What even is the point? But one of my most annoying traits is never giving up and so I never did. With all your help, I have managed to write all those elimination posts and more. I have successfully ran my first rate. I'm so proud of myself. Excuse my humility kekeke.

    And some of y'all have stressed the fuck out of me too. Some of the scores y'all have given out didn't make sense to me. I had to beg some of y'all to increase your scores just so your averages won't look troll-y dddd. Some of y'all obviously didn't read the rate rules and changed your scores whenever you felt like it ddddd. Some of the comments I've gotten we're very mean-spirited just for the sake of being mean-spirited. But those are just very few negatives compared to the overwhelming positives. Your funny comments have brightened some of my darkest days. Do y'all remember when @Serg. dragged favOriTe to the pits? Or when the sweetheart @Cotton Park used Subaru adverts to describe GFriend's music? Kii. I still giggle whenever I re-read them. Reading your supportive comments whenever I feel insecure or incompetent have inspired me to do better and be more confident. Honestly, just reading all your comments and your debates and your little fights on this thread became one of the highlights of countless days. And yeah, the likes were nice too kekeke. But really, I'm super thankful for everything y'all have contributed for this rate's success.

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  12. [​IMG]

    Whew, in about five months' time, we'll all be gathered yet again to do all of this all over again. We all have five months to choose our Supersarang Picks and mentally prepare ourselves for all the messery that's about to bulldoze us yet again.

    I'll be upfront; I can't promise to host the 2019 KSOTY Rate. I mean, I would love to but just thinking of my schedule from December 2019 to March 2020... I already feel sick. I'm gunning to finally finish my masters early next year and I feel like that would eat up a lot of time and energy. So if you think you can host the next KSOTY Rate, go for it. It's stressful but also really fun. But we'll see, we'll see. I'd definitely tell y'all if I can host the next KSOTY Rate on November at the latest.

    I think that's it? Thank you all once again and see you around. xoxo

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  13. Reading this warmed my heart so much, especially with the physical and mentally draining day I'm having whew I don't mean to rant but...thank you so much for being so kind. I'll never forget you were one of the first people to make me feel welcome on this pink circle of Hell and I'm happy I made a friend too! x


    also I have a Supersarang up my sleeve already slkhsdlfhsdlgk #98 here we go
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  14. It’s far too much to host a 100+ song rate plus the monthly charts, we both learned that the hard way. I don’t know how this suggestion would go down, but I almost wonder if a change in scoring system to an expanded KPSC Eurovision model would make hosting this less tiring for whoever takes up the mantle. It would also limit the effect of obvious troll ballots.
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  15. Well, you can fit six people into a DM, so we could try five hosts for full mess.
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  16. December-March are my summer holidays so you know.

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  17. I mean, I've only done one lousy review, but you're most certainly welcome and as always thank you so much for keeping hosting the rates, hun.
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  18. We don't say that but now I'm going to say it : The Eurovision style rates are not fun at all dddd. Like, I personally prefer my favorite songs like Holiday, to go out at #90 with a messy fight than them just getting few points from other people with taste. I would understand if no one can host a regular rate because I, myself, am terrified of thinking about running a +100 songs rate but multiple hosts sounds like a much better idea and I'm sure a lot of us will be willing to help along the way if it's needed.
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  19. I know how to run a spreadsheet and make some numbers appear, but writing isn't my strong point, so I could help, but I'm probably not the best person to ask.

    I still want to run the rookie girl group début singles side contest though.
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  20. @Slice of Life you are a joy to work with and you always make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud.

    Like, in front of people and stuff.

    (And you taught me to like the damn eliminations, for Peter's sake.)

    BTW, I was actually thinking while stuck in Cape Cod traffic today how I might host or help host an Album of the Year rate.

    Also thinking of doing monthly album charts videos for everyone. A few of you may have noticed them in the monthy chart TV show lately. I enjoy doing the videos, I really do. You would think that someone that edits video for a living wouldn't want to come home and edit more video, but maybe I just freakin' love KPop. And the subforum, of course.
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