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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. Well it depends what fun you want to have. If you want to make the host deal with a bunch of rude and antagonistic comments, sure it’s “fun.” It’s not fun on the other side, especially when you get thrown into the babysitter slash mediator role.

    Also as someone who has tried to cohost two major rates with just one person, I can already tell you the five hosts idea is pretty unviable. Scheduling issues become a huge problem, let alone any disagreements over tone, graphics, etc. I had a fight with my cohost over me not posting enough eliminations a day for him. We also had many fights over how to write posts, etc.
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  2. If I did it i was thinking about up until #100 doing multiple eliminations with no added commentary in one post, then up until #50 one at a time but with little commentary then leaving the bulk of the commentary to the top 50 because you girls and gays are going to fight whether the posts are elaborate or not. Most of the songs have already had their months at the monthly rate and there’s enough mess through the year nñn KSOTY is supposed to be fun.

    I’d rather it be simple than not happen at all and I agree that multiple hosts is not a good idea.
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  3. Do people actually give abuse? It’s only a bloody rate.
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  4. Exactly. Your idea could work. It seems pretty clear that after two years in a row the current format doesn’t work for the hosts. Something has to change. My suggestion eliminates write ups and having to scan for troll ballots, but your suggestion is also very reasonable. The sheer length of the rate is obstacle 1 in my opinion, then the fighting obstacle 2.

    Also there should be no repeat of the songs who charted two months make the rate rule. That added way too many songs. Someone can Supersarang it instead.
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  5. Agreed!!
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  6. Abuse is a strong word. I don’t think anyone is abusing the hosts.

    But I’ve hosted a versus rate that was undoubtingly detrimental to my mental well being. It can very easily turn into a me vs. them situation in your mind, especially when everybody’s insulting each other and making it a competition to say the worst things about groups they dislike. You begin to feel like you can’t do anything right with a side of “what is the point?” because no matter what you put in your write ups people just want the latest drama.
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  7. idk if it's just my impression but it seems some users submitted supersarangs without actually participating in the rate (no hate, just saying) thus increasing the number of songs to rate, maybe something could be done about it ? Like a 'you can only submit if it's your first time participating or if you participated laste year'-kinda rule.

    I have to say that i'm a 'commentary offender' and i apologize, i was just trying to be funny, didn't realize it could be seen as being mean just for the sake of it (btw, my commentary in yeolgi's elimination wasn't shady lol, i really think the last chorus' energy is the best part) also trying to comment on every song, even the ones i gave low scores to wasn't the best idea lol.
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  8. I don't think it's just your impression. I'm pretty sure this did happen. I'd say half the final average of their supersarang but that doesn't solve the issue of the host and rate participants already spending extra time on the song.
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  9. I will say, one complaint with last year’s rate was that there were way too many songs, supersarangs are fine but I think people should only be allowed to submit them if they participate in voting. I agree on taking out the “special” group of songs that charted twice in a row.
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  10. Well, if we still allow every voter a pick, that's what, around forty songs regardless of what else you do? You could probably make it more manageable by only taking the top four from each month (if you still want to use the charts) and then you're looking at 88 overall. That's still a tough ask for a host.
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  11. Poor Nature.
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  12. Top 3 of every month makes more sense. If a song didn’t even reach top 3 during the monthly charts, it shouldn’t be a contender for the SOTY.
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  13. Yeah I agree with this, top 3 seems sensible. Vote Oh My Girl into every top 3 please.

    Also I thought the fighting was lighthearted, or at least it was on my part so apologies for any offence caused.
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  14. Not y'all forcing out both Blue and Four Seasons with your rules. Suddenly I support the Eurovision format idea.
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  15. Another thought - @Slice of Life is really good about keeping point totals listed in order for each month. We could just select a reasonable number of entries and go by total points instead? I guess I'm worried that in a strong month a really good contender for SOTY could be 4th or 5th and in a weaker month a song that was #3 isn't really a contender.
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  16. Yeah this is a better idea actually.
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  17. [​IMG]

    This rate's impact messery just won't let up three months after it ended huh dddddd.

    But for real, if I was gonna run this rate again, I'm making sure we will only be rating 100 songs, period.
    Breakdown of songs:
    60 - Top 5 of each month
    35 - Supersarang Picks
    5 - Special Songs

    For Supersarang Picks, priority will be given to the people who voted in the KSOTY2018 Rate. Also I plan on using a randomizer to choose the people who can submit their Supersarang picks... just for the added drama and mess. xoxo

    But I'm reading so much good suggestions from y'all so my plans are looking really shabby now ddddd. I guess things will now depend on the actual host on how to run the next KSOTY Rate. Good luck sis!!!
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  18. Was gonna say just do how you wanna do it but by the sounds of it you ain’t doing it which is a shame as you did it well. Big shoes.
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  19. My thoughts, and I was considering doing this for an Album of the Year is to have everyone send in a list (10, 20, 30, doesn't matter) and only the items that had at least two voters would be considered in an initial nomination round. You could even keep an ongoing daily list of them as they come in, so people may want to add something to their list that they might have forgotten.... My thinking is pretty simple, the items are like an motion or nomination and each one needs to be seconded by someone... Robert's Rules, basically. Also, the end of the year rate should be things we listened to together... make sense? (I have a bunch of albums and/or tracks that I'm sure only I like, but I wouldn't expect them to be considered for SONG OF THE YEAR if I'm the only one voting for them.)

    Then the second, final part would be everyone rating all the items that survived the nomination process.

    I think it would be fun and engaging without getting bogged down in everyone's obscure little favorites, as awesome as those often are...
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  20. I also like the rate just the way it is, because it's tied to the monthy rates, but with way fewer songs. Fifty or even forty.
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