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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. @ Reveluvs y'all know what to do.
  2. Do I submit my fave or do I submit Jonghyun in honour of @send photo? I really think it would be awful if there is no Jonghyun in the rate.
  3. Sorry, unnie. Please still participate though. ♡
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  4. We need one of the Weki Meki stans to supersarang Metronome.

    Also I bet @Island will troll us all this year too with submitting that Mamamoo track.
  5. If Egotistic doesn’t get a fair representation in this im leaving.
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  6. I'll probably SUPERSARANG the Berry Berry Heart Heart song. Or Cherry Kisses. Or Holiday. Or Sober. Or Curve. Or Havana (Live) by Mamamoo.
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  7. Dddd this was one of my options too.

    But did I choose the best album track of this year by Taeyeon instead? Or I helped Yuri make her way into this?

    Or I submitted Teach You to annoy @Slice of Life? Or I decided to be dragged by y'all with choosing Fermata?

    Or I stole @eliminathan's pick again and submitted Hyolyn's To Do List?

    Clue: Slice of Life really tried to change my mind but I'm one tough bitch and even decided to give my supersarang my 11 so he would seethe.
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  8. Submit RBB to avenge it's unfair placing on the November charts? Gotcha.

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  9. Well, none of my indie faves from this year are here because NOBODY voted for them in the charts, so I’m already kind of thinking I won’t do this. Maybe if someone submits See Saw that would be nice. Guess we’ll see.
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  10. Ugh.. I have my supersarang song ready but if EXO don't have any songs in the rate, I'll have to change my mind and support the kings.
    vote love shot december 2018
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  11. Y'all better not tank Siren out of bitterness of Gashina winning last year.
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  12. Tbh do I fill my December KPJC ballot with December songs or do I fill it with songs throughout the year that were robbed in the hopes that someone else will also help to get them to chart for a second time?

  13. Please be guided xoxo
  14. [​IMG]

    Taemin stans let's get this Under My Skin ppang. Though now I'm still stuck with a big list of supersarang options.
  15. I haven't even started thinking of songs to supersarang but I just know I'm going to end up having an endlessly long list. Well actually, I can probably cut my list down if I ax any ballads because y'all would probably tank them faster than YG can come up with another way to sabotage Blackpink ddd.
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  16. I thought I had my supersarang on lock yesterday but I've already changed my mind about four times. I should probably wait before making any decisions.

    I'm really enjoying listening to the songs and coming up with my preliminary scores. I'm familiar with all the songs, but I haven't watched all of the videos.
  17. Let me submit my subersarang song even though it'll flop.
  18. 8 unnies have already submitted their SUPERSARANG SONGS. And I must say, this is a win for nugus and album tracks. ♡
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  19. So looking at the song list at a glance, 1/3 of songs I genuinely dislike, so you'll be getting a lot of commentary for that.

    1/3 are average to above average and the 1/3 I really love, so my scores are gonna be a REALLY mixed bag.
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  20. I'm really enjoying the boy band songs that are in here. I wasn't familiar with either Jealousy or Look, but they're nice! Also GOT7 are really handsome and I don't say that easily.
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