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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. Ah I see the trash deservedly went out first.

    Let's keep up the same energy and get rid of Jealously too.
  2. Yas this is it.

    Probably Saturday which should go soon too.
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  3. Jealousy is the second best male song in here you beast!

    You too @Dangerous Maknae x
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  4. Speaking of Nugus, anyone remember this one?

    I like to refer to it as the song by the group with that one member that stole Key's rainbow hair.

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  5. You'll find me liking every post that calls for a male song to go out (even those that I like myself ddddd) so don't take my likes seriously, kii.
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  6. Still a beast x
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  7. So a 7 and a 6,5, okay, I see how it goes.
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  8. Just sitting here waiting for my supertrash to be roasted and tossed out.

    Also thinking back on it, i was way too generous with Shoot Out.
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  9. While we are on the topic of nugus

    5TR34M N0

    Jealousy is very much NOT the 2nd best male song here, but it's still good enough to not need to be out this early.
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  10. Not while there's literally toxic waste left here.
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  11. [​IMG]



    SUPERSARANG: @savilizabeths
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Rem (9.75) @savilizabeths (8.75) @nikkysan, @BEST FICTION
    CHEAP UNNIES: (1) @Wills (3) @Reboot, @Dangerous Maknae, @askew


    5 voters: 114 (average: 4.70000)
    10 voters: 116 (average: 4.80000)
    15 voters: 115 (average: 5.31667)
    20 voters: 114 (average: 5.67500)
    25 voters: 115 (average: 5.81000)
    30 voters: 114 (average: 6.05000)
    35 voters: 116 (average: 5.97857)
    40 voters: 116 (average: 5.90000)
    45 voters: 115 (average: 6.09444)
    48 voters: 115 (average: 6.07813)

    HO! is taken from Twice's fifth mini album, What Is Love? Member Jihyo is credited as the sole lyricist of the song. Kween!

    I'm not gonna lie. I was pretty taken aback when @savilizabeths unnie chose this as her Supersarang entry. Not that I'm against album tracks being chosen, it's just that we all know (or at least the people who bothered listening to Twice albums) this was far from Twice's best album tracks this year. Sunset was right there.

    With that said, I still really like HO! How can I not love a song about myself? Kekeke. No but seriously, I'm a sucker for these high energy, retro numbers and HO! just hits all those marks. The vocals can be a bit piercing here and there but not to an annoying degree. She's a cute girl, etc.

    I'm not into games so I don't understand the reference, Miyawakiwi: "I’m pretty sure there’s a Crash Bandicoot game with this same music lol, the song has that twice cheerful sound." ryjm is equally baffled to this Supersarang selection: "This feels like an odd track to single out from the mini and is basically Twice on autopilot." yuuurei drags the ~Golden Age of K-Pop~: "This sounds like something that would have been popular 5 years ago. I'm so bored." Meanwhile, thommyh just lost ha will to live: "Yeah, this song really isn't doing too much for me." Dangerous Maknae has this to say: "My ears hurt." Aren't you a Tiffany Young stan? I'm not gonna link the gif because I love you. xoxo

    "I laughed out loud when I saw the title of this song in the list of Supersarang songs," sneers Reboot. "The song itself is kinda shit. I feel like the quality of their album tracks didn’t really get good until Yes Or Yes." I'd say the What Is Love? EP has some really cute b-sides too. But yes, the Yes or Yes EP was a game-changer. Coming Century cuts me from praising Twice's albums: "they're really not album artists huh...." K-Pop artists are rarely album artists, so...

    eccentricsimply questions the legitimacy of this Supersarang too: "Like this song is cute, but whoever submitted this did it for the meme right?" Wills thinks so too... and plugs M-Train in the process: "I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but… was this a joke submission? I mean, glad to see Meghan Trainor ha impact lives on, but NO(!)." Oh wait, another Meghan Trainor shoutout, this time courtesy of askew: "Meghan Trainor Sunbaenim <3" I AM DISGUSTED. HOW MUCH DID SHE PAY Y'ALL???

    Okay but why does He sounds like my grandma: "Hmm, lower that pitch, please, girlies. Rather painful." SCREAMING. codecat decides to be messy and call out one particular unnie: "@junglefish you are a HO!" I mean, tea. Last word to Serg., the only real stan who left a comment: "Every song Jihyo has songwriting credits on is a legit bop, Sunset, 24/7 , Eyes Eyes Eyes. Yes ma'am show Taylor Swift how to do the damn game." Jihyo for #TS7!

    Oh, wait. Who is that? Eaux, it's ThighHighs: "A song named after @Slice of Life, how sweet. Too bad it isn’t better!"

  12. Yeah Twice......do not have good album tracks.

    Sunset is an anomaly in that statement though.
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  13. Whole twicetagram album begs to differ, beast.
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  14. THERE IT IS! Successfully dragged through the damn mud. I am but a tasteless TWICE stanning HO!

    Still shocked that someone rated this higher than I did though. Damn.
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  15. NOT two Meghan Trainor references. I choked.
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  16. I HOLLERED when I saw your prediction ddd. Hopefully my two 1’s being among the first three to vacate will help establish me as someone with taste xx

    (Until everyone sees my ‘Power Up’ score and it all comes crashing down, so please take no offence @savilizabeths & @FunkyButChic xoxo)
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  17. The thing is that they do have some which is why submitting Ho! instead of, say, Sweet Talker, was a choice and a half nñn
  18. He


    Ha, here to claim my grandma title.

    This song is not the tea though.
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  19. The last result for tonight...

    ...as I tend to my KPJC duties ddddddd.




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (9.5) @Conan (9) @ryjm, @eccentricsimply, @ThighHighs, @Vixen
    CHEAP UNNIES: (2) @Miyawakiwi, @yuuurei, @Wills, @soratami (3.5) @ry123


    5 voters: 111 (average: 5.10000)
    10 voters: 110 (average: 5.45000)
    15 voters: 114 (average: 5.36667)
    20 voters: 114 (average: 5.67500)
    25 voters: 113 (average: 6.06000)
    30 voters: 115 (average: 6.03333)
    35 voters: 114 (average: 6.10714)
    40 voters: 114 (average: 6.10625)
    45 voters: 114 (average: 6.20000)
    48 voters: 114 (average: 6.09375)

    Fourth straight Supersarang entry to be eliminated. Can we let them breathe, unnies?

    Retro Future is the second - and last - single of coed group, Triple H. The group is made up of HyunA, E'Dawn and Pentagon's Hui. It still feels weird to not tag E'Dawn as a Pentagon member.

    It was obvious to me that this song will be slaughtered early in this rate. Retro Future is not easy listening. The hook is memorable, I'll give it that, but the rest of the song is just so hard to get into. I don't necessarily think the song is bad - I still gave it a 6 after all. I appreciate the fact that this was ~experimental. But at the end of the day, the song just doesn't quite spark joy in me.

    The music video, though, is a scream. I love it in all its tacky glory. Do I know what's happening? Of course not. But HyunA and E'Dawn are so watchable, I'd practically watch everything they do. Oh and Hui is there too, I guess.

    Even RUNAWAY, noted stan of almost everything, just isn't here for this: "I’ve never been a fan of their music. It seemed just unnecessary, when we could’ve just had solo Hyuna. I assume this project was to also promote Pentagon, but the music just wasn’t very good, and their visuals were always…..questionable." Miyawakiwi is confused AF: "Really boring, Hyuna and E.dawn fit well together but that other guy is 3rd Wheeling not only in real life but in the song too, also wth was the video about lmao."

    You are so wrong for that last sentence, Cotton Park: "There've been better uses of that Grandmaster Flash sample. I almost wish this was a Hyuna solo." Please noooo. Meanwhile soratami is giving me Natalia Kills vibes with ha comment: "It's one thing to be inspired by certain sounds/eras, but this is just a complete pastiche in the most uninspired way." Wills is offended: "Boring, goes nowhere interesting - I’ve never understood the love for this."

    Reboot digs deep to find something worth praising: "This song + video is not for me sadly (I’m into k-pop so I can get away from videos like this to be honest), BUT I love that it’s different and a little daring. Hyuna deserved better." Kuhleezi is a hook-er, we been knew: "Wired: the hook. Tired: pretty much everything else."

    "Borderline awful," ry123 shouts at me. Rude! And yuuurei just guilelessly calls this: "Just a bunch of obnoxious noise." You know who's surprisingly here for this though? Our famed rate villain extraordinaire Salami: "I love this. Another one I’m keeping. That sample is fantastic." You're a wild one, unnie.

    BUT THERE ARE LEGIT FANS TOO. ryjm is all over this: "Yath at the sheer lunacy of Triple H, the song, the visuals... THAT sexual chemistry, it's like one giant acid trip and I live (poor Hui having to be the third wheel…only there to serve vocals and act as chief cockblocker). I'm so in love with the whole aesthetic of this and I don't know which of the three I fancy more. They properly clicked with me as a group with this release (and then it only went and imploded on itself when Cube decided to become cocksucker of the year). The retro vibe of the song is so refreshing and any HyunA content is always appreciated." He is here for it too: "I kinda love this. It’s fun, sassy, and just totally enjoyable." ThighHighs shows ha thirsty tendencies again: "Smutty sexy bop." And we have eccentricsimply, Hui oppa's only KPJ stan: "I bop so hard to this song, even more now knowing Hyuna went and convinced Cube to get her a subunit with her boyfriend and her boyfriend's friend. Though... rip Triple H. I'll miss you. Also Hui's voice. So good."

    As for Serg. who chose Retro Future as his Supersarang Song, he has this to say: "Literally not even a fan of this song that much anymore I just wanted to make sure we had to rate Hyuna this year also. You're_welcome_gif"


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