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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. Exactly.

    It's perfect.

    Oh well.
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  2. These meltdowns for a song eliminated at number 113 omfg...


    Don't worry, girls. I promise more meltdowns to come*.


    *but not for a while. Maybe.
  3. One second I'm a Koons fan.
    Then suddenly the Koons is RV.
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  4. [​IMG]



    SUPERSARANG: @vikeyeol
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (9.5) @PopZeitgeist (9) @RUNAWAY, @Conan, @BEST FICTION, @Vesperly
    CHEAP UNNIES: (2) @Coming Century (3) @soratami (3.5) @Vixen


    5 voters: 113 (average: 4.75000)
    10 voters: 111 (average: 5.25000)
    15 voters: 113 (average: 5.43333)
    20 voters: 113 (average: 6.01250)
    25 voters: 114 (average: 5.90000)
    30 voters: 111 (average: 6.26667)
    35 voters: 109 (average: 6.47143)
    40 voters: 113 (average: 6.37500)
    45 voters: 112 (average: 6.38889)
    48 voters: 112 (average: 6.29167)

    We go back to eliminating Supersarang Songs. Poor it.

    Damage is an album track from EXO's fifth Korean full album, Don't Mess Up My Tempo. It peaked at number 85 in the Weekly Gaon Digital Charts. And I'm sorry but no, this is not it.

    Let's start with the positives. The vocals are great as per usual. EXO have always been excellent vocalists so this was expected. Chen, in particular, stood out from the pack. But that's about it. Literally everything about this is embarrassing. That chorus is all shades of wrong. The random ass "damage!" shouts are so annoying. Who approved this shit?

    I guess the most painful thing about this tragedy is the fact that this was composed by LDN Noise - one of the most consistently amazing producers in all of K-Pop. What happened here? I might have to unstan the production outfit after this mess. Please come back with a more mature image.

    I love you, @vikeyeol unnie (even if you didn't vote dddd), but what was this Supersarang Song choice? Stanning Baekhyun truly damaged you huh. xoxo

    Lowest scorer Coming Century is disappointed: "of all the songs to pick from DMUMT, whoever submitted this had to pick one of the most generic BG noise sounding songs out there :( easily one of the worst in Exo's discography to me." Another B*S shoutout! This time, it's from Salami: "They’re better than this 2015 BTS album track reject." He rejects this shameful display of masculinity: "Oh wow, this is awful. It’s all I don’t enjoy about boy groups. Even the Spotify artwork looks like an AXE bottle. But yeah, the song is just all over the place, and the chorus is incredibly annoying, with tragique vocals. Come back with a less masc image, boys." DDDDDD NAWT AN AXE BOTTLE.

    Others are disappointed because they knew there were better songs in the album. eccentricsimply continues losing her chill: "Whoever chose this song... wHY NOT GRAVITY?" Another Gravity stan is nikkysan: "Gravity and Bad Dream got snubbed of being voted into this rate yet this got picked? Choices..." Reboot also offers some options... I think: "There are much better songs on the rest of the album that I … admittedly can’t remember the names of." Okay, wait. We have more Gravity stans. Wills, please enter the scene: "I’d like to thing I’m something of a boy group apologist, but with the album tracks y’all have chosen here… I’m being tested. Also, and more emphatically than ever, ‘Gravity’ was RIGHT THERE!!!!"

    Meanwhile, Vixen attacks boy groups... and their stans?: "I’m astounded as to how somehow would even submit this song. Not only is it pretty awful, but the rest of the album holds so many better gems than this. Does this even have a hook? Honestly, this is everything I hate about boygroup songs. Like... this is really the albumtrack that you stan? REALLY? I have got to ask. Do boygroup stans deserve rights? Discuss below." I DESERVE RIGHTS, HEAUX. Gintoki reaches out to lower the volume: "Level of yelling in chorus is really unpleasent and everything else less or more." And codecat goes for a self-drag: "This is cringey as fuck!!!! Sorry unnie who Supersaranged this, the poor boys are trying but this attempt at a tough-as-nails song feels more contrived than my attempts at being funny how incredible is that!" DDDDD YOU'RE FUNNY OKAY.

    Miyawakiwi offers some faint praise, I think?: "E-X-O! I mean, it’s nice?? Nothing new, a kinda angry hip-hop style song." Serg. is feeling nostalgic: "This reminded me a bit of XOXO era EXO especially with E-X-O chant before the rap which was a nice little reference moment to themselves." OspreyQueen is still generous even after the disappointment: "Those stabbing synths in the intro promise a 10, but sadly the song itself is a meagre 8." And ThighHighs is bored already: "I don’t really have much to say about this one, but it’s cute."

    askew stans a particular main vocalist: "Chen sounds particularly good on this." RUNAWAY calls this a highlight: "EXO really delivered this year. Their fifth album was awesome, and this song was a real highlight for me along with Gravity and Tempo." But ryjm is stanning for dear life: "One of the stronger tracks from the album, Damage delivers on all fronts. The production sounds ferocious, the swag is on in full force, and the vocals are just so sexy. Phew."

  5. Did anyone give their supersarang a 10 in this rate??
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  6. Power Up should’ve been eliminated before RBB. Don’t @ me.
  7. Also I’m glad that @Monkey0’s supersarang got dragged, but Shownu did that era for the GAYS. YouTube Shownu focus performances and up your scores.

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  8. Okay I kinda don’t know what I was talking about in my commentary.......also, using Lay for your cover when he’s not even on the song......is that shade?
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  9. No ddddddd. I just love and miss him. x
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  10. Same, I could look at him all day. Also, if anyone is looking for a really nice kpop album package, Lay’s new album comes with an entire tarot deck of photos of him. I was SLAIN.
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  11. dddddd @He’s commentary on EXO’s album cover looking like those masc men’s deodorant cans is spot on I’m dying.

    Glad this is out. Tempo had some actual gems and this was supersaranged? Really?
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  12. I don't even remember this song. ddd And I listened to the actual album before doing the scores for this.
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  13. RIP 'Gravity'....
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  14. This is going perfectly so far.
  15. How about a tie at #111

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  16. Damage is just......not it.

    Probably in Exo's bottom 5 of all time.
  17. Oh, kinda expected Really Bad Boy to go early, but not that early. And Damage is a solid 7 and better than Love Shot.
    Well, I most certainly did.
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  19. I don't even remember Damage or why I gave it such a high score oh my god.
  20. He


    A mess.
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