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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. Exhibit #9474739393920473 of why you should stan talent and girlgroup over boygroups.

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  2. 'We Go Up' is great - it really comes together brilliantly in the the homestretch. Y'all were WRONG for this one.
  3. I actually liked super junior up until Bonamana, then Kangin ruined the group, they stopped being hot and i was forced to go to greener pastures (SHINee's Minho <3)

    After listening to 'we go up' a few times i like it a little bit more :P
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  4. I don't know what kind of pulchritude Super Junior descended into but "Sorry Sorry" is/was one of K-Pop's finest moments. I don't know how anyone can say otherwise.

    And "We Go Up" deserved better. It was the first NCT that ever landed on a playlist here at my house. Because that's obviously the standard we should all judge by. What's playing at Cotton's house. I'm being self-effacingly sarcastic. In case you didn't note that.

    And this is going to be a fun video. I need to get working on it!
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  5. I should have known better than to include hyperlinks in my commentary dd, at least there's only a couple of them left.
    I expected this to bomb out, because it's not a KPJ-friendly song (although some of y'all have been a bit tew eager taking swipes at Neo Culture Technology). The fact that Aegyo: The Song is still in says a lot. I'm preemptively mourning my supersarang as we speak.

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  6. We Go Up definitely deserved better. But you guys didn’t even get Fake Love in, so I’m not exactly surprised.
  7. You know a SOTY rate is gonna be interesting when @Salami defends boy groups in it.
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  8. I’ve never had issues with boygroups - BTS are one of my favourite groups (drag me/block me/report me etc but their music isn’t too bad if you just listen to it and ignore everything else).

    Except Monsta X. They are terrible.
  9. He


    Fake Love is a bop, actually.
  10. Just a heads-up, girls. I'm super busy today so the results may come a little later. But there will be results, I promise. ♡
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  11. DNA slaps a bit but bin everything they’ve done after that.
  12. The only decent BTS song is that one with 'Blood' in the title. Forgot the name xoxo.
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  13. BTS have a few decent songs, but good lord, the trash you have to wade through to get to them. I listened to that compilation of theirs a few months ago for reasons I'm still trying to figure out, and it was an absolute chore to get through all the insipid R&B ballads in search of a few gems. I can't think of another album I've struggled to get through so badly, and this is coming from someone who listened to Icarus Falls in its entirety.
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  14. Sleep in the Car is still better than these songs!
  15. Catching up...

    I know people knock on NCT Dream for being cheesy, but whew We Go Up is just... K-pop production excellence. It's such a well-produced track. The slow build-up throughout, the tension and momentum. I get how the noisy verses can be deceiving, but whew, from the first chorus and that build-up to how the production starts slowly morphing in the second verse and the bridge. The urgency. The talent.
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  16. [​IMG]



    SUPERSARANG: @sweetlikegrande
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @sweetlikegrande, @ohnostalgia (9) @Cotton Park, @vague, @Kuhleezi
    CHEAP UNNIES: (3) @Coming Century (4) @Reboot, @Mikl C, @Slice of Life, @Empty Shoebox, @askew


    5 voters: 115 (average: 4.55000)
    10 voters: 112 (average: 5.17500)
    15 voters: 108 (average: 5.86667)
    20 voters: 107 (average: 6.40000)
    25 voters: 109 (average: 6.30000)
    30 voters: 110 (average: 6.35000)
    35 voters: 110 (average: 6.45714)
    40 voters: 111 (average: 6.51250)
    45 voters: 111 (average: 6.48889)
    48 voters: 110 (average: 6.52083)

    Yes, I am ready to get dragged for that score ddddd.

    We start tonight's proceedings with Victoria Song's debut single, Roof On Fire. It is taken from her delayed debut album, Victoria. It reached number 2 on the Billboard's China V Chart and number 5 on the QQ Music's Chart.

    First of all, I apologize to the good unnie for not knowing the exact title of this song. I cannot believe no one dragged me for writing this as Roof LIKE Fire in the opening post dddddd. Second, I apologize to my fellow f(x) stans for tanking this. I may have given this a lower score because I thought for sure that this would do better in the rate and I would be eternally pressed if it beats my other (better) favourite songs. But judging from its final ranking, I guess most of us are really not here for this. Poor it.

    I don't even think this is bad. I don't ever listen to it because I find Victoria's vocal tone to be very... grating. But whenever I do listen to it, I think it's a cute little number. The production swallows the good unnie's voice, true, but I have to give to it to her for sounding like a legitimate vocalist here. That little vocal moment in the middle 8 is stunning. I guess I just can't with that lazy-ass chorus. I've heard that before, like, a million times already (Jennie's Solo also features almost the same instrumental) and I am so over it. Still, I hope Victoria unnie gets to release that elusive debut album which she has teased since... May 2017.

    Let's switch things up and start with stannery courtesy of ryjm: "I adore f(x) so any new content from my unnies is greatly appreciated (except for ballads…YOU HEAR ME LUNA!?). At least Victoria got the memo and knew to serve for the gays, this surprisingly understated and chill bop. The incorporation of traditional Chinese instrumentation is a great touch and Victoria's voice has never sounded so good (it sounds so much more mature and sensual). The video is an extravagant affair that is a borderline visual overload (in the best possible way) but I’m living for the opulence and sheer lunacy of it all." Sheer lunacy? I see you, gorl. Cotton Park just bluntly states: "Stan f(x)." I mean, I can't stan a group that doesn't exist anymore. xoxo

    Kuhleezi is a pressed MeU: "A bewitching beauty that going by the KPJSC y'all don't deserve." I agree, we deserve better. Gintoki is here to promo his other fave: "Basically Korean version of Kiiara's Gold so yeah I like it!!!!" RUNAWAY is righting some wrongs: "I really enjoyed this song. Never gave it a chance when it came out, but it’s pretty solid. I’ve always really appreciated Victoria’s voice." And Salami begs Sullegend to return to f(x): "PLEASE COME BACK. It’s not bad but stick the other 4 on it at least." The good unnie is busy making Korean netizens pressed. A true hero.

    Maybe there's a reason why Vic's vocals are lowered, ThighHighs: "This is pretty smooth, but I feel like her vocals are mixed way too low in the chorus and I can barely hear her." Serg. clocks Victoria's broken promises: "Remember when she promised a whole album after this and then disappeared? We didn't need proof that you're from f(x) babe." Fatality! But Coming Century would rather not get that album judging by this comment: "all those years of teasing for something this basic? sis..." ry123 has had enough: "Borderline awful."

    Miyawakiwi remembers... other things: "Remember that time Victoria was made fun off because of her ‘bad acting’?, well the .gif image in witch she faints, that’s how this makes me feel." Is this it?

    Let's end this post with He who summarized my feelings for the song perfectly and succinctly: "This is a cool effort, very current and with a very busy video. But it’s also the case of the production completely swallowing and overshadowing the vocalist. And given Victoria doesn’t have much in the way of vocals, and she’s specially coy here, the result isn’t too exciting."

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  17. Victoria deserved a lot better material than that below average song.
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  18. Oh wow. I can’t stand Sulli, I meant the other three. But four sort of stands because that song is a world away from f(x).
  19. f(x) stans: i-

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