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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. The amount of wrong opinions in this post.... Phew.
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  2. I still bopped to this, even though it is a pretty standard pop affair.
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  3. Y'all kicked out We Go Up before we even hit the top 110, I had to take my anger out on something.
  4. That song is not worth this.
  5. Well that’s a rude elimination.
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  6. 1 out of 2.




    SUPERSARANG: @Vesperly
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Vesperly, @Oleander, @Gintoki (9.5) @PopZeitgeist, @OspreyQueen
    CHEAP UNNIES: (1) @askew (3) @Serg., @eccentricsimply, @enjoy v2.0


    5 voters: 106 (average: 5.45000)
    10 voters: 104 (average: 5.87500)
    15 voters: 102 (average: 6.40000)
    20 voters: 108 (average: 6.31250)
    25 voters: 111 (average: 6.13000)
    30 voters: 108 (average: 6.47500)
    35 voters: 111 (average: 6.45000)
    40 voters: 110 (average: 6.52500)
    45 voters: 109 (average: 6.54444)
    48 voters: 109 (average: 6.57292)

    Okay, just had to get that out of my system.

    The next song to get the axe is the first single of Flavor, Milkshake. Flavor are the first subunit of the upcoming girl group, Fanatics. And they said LOONA has no impacT. HA!

    This song is... a cute girl. I can't fault that production. It really does pop off at times. It's very video game music and we like that here - except you, Bingle Bangle! You stay right where you are.

    I just have a massive issue with the girls' vocals. I feel like there is no character in their voices. For me, a ridiculous concept only works when the artist is ridiculous too. Give me high-pitched Autotuned aegyo vocals and cringeworthy rap over safe delivery any day of the week. For a ridiculous concept to work, you need to go go all in and all out. And sadly, the Flavor girls didn't. We like to drag Banana Allergy Monkey for being, well, a hot mess but at least those girls truly pushed the envelope. And lost stans too, but that's beside the point.

    The music video is amazing (and I almost nominated it for the Best Music Video in the GRAMAMA Awards ddddd) but again, I wish the girls were more engaging. Where are the iljin moves when they were bullying the cow? I need more blood, dammit. I sincerely hope the whole group, Fanatics, will deliver better concept than this.

    At least Vesperly, the one who Supersanged this, had the courage to give this a 10: "I didn’t have a song I absolutely needed to supersarang so I decided to promote quirky nugus. I’m really excited to see what the other sub-unit and the full group is like." Reboot is a fan too: "WHY am I only now finding out this is part of a sub-unit? Very decent song and nice to see Doah again." While Salami decides to disrespect the dead: "This sounds like a 4Minute album track from 2012."

    Miyawakiwi references a meme: "Is this the korean version of ‘Bitch i’m a cow’?, it has it’s charm i guess, lmao." I SCREAMED. Cotton Park is too pure for this world: "My first impulse is to hate this but there's so many little weird, brilliant things going on it this song, I can't not like it." Never change, oppa. He is quite forgiving too: "Ok but this is quite interesting. Sounds like a video game and I love it."

    Here come the activists. codecat stands with the Lactose Intolerant: "I like this more than I should but we have to recognize that this song is on the chaotic-evil spectrum of things. "I'm milkshake?" It's 2019 we are DAIRY-FREE girls." And thommyh (rightfully) drags PETA: "nn Not this song again. Whew... the music video, PETA decided to close shop."

    "I just have to laugh. Where was the effort?," ThighHighs asks me. And I say, no budget, no effort. enjoy v2.0 is not a fan... at all: "I really dont like the constant high pitched synth and yeah once again, it has this "look at us, we are cute!" aesthetic both visually and vocally which is an instant turn off for me. Hope it is not too popular so everybody would not be at my throat during its elimination." Wills throws the girls a bone: "There’s a gentle menace to this that I quite like. Too bad the production sounds kind of cheap, because some interesting ideas are thrown around." But lowest scorer, askew, is over it: "Past expiry."

    eccentricsimply gives us her best Miranda Priestly impression: "The attempt at making something as quirky and funny to listen to like Orange Caramel's releaes is appreciated and I understand their effort, but they failed quite a bit. This song is just not addictive enough for that. And I don't know maybe I'm in a bad mood, but I'm not feeling these vocals either. Exhausting." Drag ha, slay ha, etc. Serg. promotes ha faves instead: "This is just very bad and not even in an ironic way of hate bopping. Glad to see the OGUOGU girls have left the everlasting impact on the industry with their smash hot single 'Ice Chu' though." Now that's a song that truly went there.

    We'll end this with ryjm who managed to drag f(x), reminisce about poor Produce 48 trainees, and shoehorn LOONA all in just a few sentences: "Debuting your group in sub-units, FENT I see you gurl, LOOΠΔ’s impact! It’s always nice to see another girl from the Produce series live out her dream and finally debut, so I’m probably a bit biased here. The song sound like something KPOP was churning out a few years back (very Hot Summer era f(x)). It’s a bit of a trashy bop and comes off a tad one-note, the MV is probably triggering to lactose intolerant people, but the girls sell the hell out of it anyway." Iconique.

  7. You smoothie-drinking heathens.
  8. Milkshake is probably the closest anyone's gotten to recreating the menacing electro magic of early-f(x). The speak-sing verses are basically tailor-made for Sulli, and I think the fact that it isn't an f(5) song is the one thing that stopped me from bumping it up from a 9 to a 10.
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  9. Yeah, excellent point. Done with 2NE1, too.
    At least the Wonder Girls still make music.
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  10. Lemme just steal this gif from @vague unnie:

    It's how I get paid. x
  11. Omg I didn't notice Victoria's song was out cause it's on the bottom of the page! Well at least she got in the rate unlike her former friends from the group

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  12. Only because I took pity on all of you.
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  13. Okay but Lower is lowkey a bop and should've been in the rate.
  14. Lower >>>>>>>> Roof on Fire.
  15. Yes unnie, that's the .gif lol
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  16. What? Not even a 7 average for Milkshake? Travesty.
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  17. [​IMG]




    SUPERSARANG: @Slice of Life
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Cotton Park, @vague, @Slice of Life, @OspreyQueen (9.75) @Rem
    CHEAP UNNIES: (1) @Vesperly (2.5) @Serg., @eccentricsimply (4) @askew, @Gintoki

    5 voters: 59 (average: 6.80000)
    10 voters: 87 (average: 6.47500)
    15 voters: 96 (average: 6.55000)
    20 voters: 98 (average: 6.71250)
    25 voters: 103 (average: 6.67000)
    30 voters: 102 (average: 6.65833)
    35 voters: 104 (average: 6.72143)
    40 voters: 107 (average: 6.66875)
    45 voters: 108 (average: 6.75000)
    48 voters: 108 (average: 6.63021)



    The next person to lose their Supersarang Song is... moi, @Slice of Life. The song I gave my precious Supersarang to is none other than JBJ's second single, My Flower. JBJ were a project boy group consisting of six members who previously participated in Produce 101 Season 2. Thanks, Wikipedia. They're like the I.B.I to Wanna One's I.O.I... but just more successful. They won one music show trophy for My Flower. Talent. Not everyone has that.

    And yeah, I just love this song. I ranked this as my most favourite boy group single of January-June 2018. But that was before the infamous "cat scandal" (1 | 2) which soured my enjoyment of the song. I was actually unsure if I should Supersarang this or not. I was torn between this, MXM's Knock Knock (TAK Remix) and NU'EST W's Help Me as my Supersarang choices. In the end, I chose My Flower because it would be the last time we could rate a JBJ song. The group has already disbanded and I don't see them ever getting back together. MXM are gonna promote as a foursome soon (with Wanna One's Daehwi and Woojin) and NU'EST will for sure serve us more excellence so they'll both have chances of appearing in a KPJ rate.

    I'm just happy some people discovered and enjoyed this. This song, along with the other January 2018 releases, has really helped me survive that month ddddd. My Flower is so sunny and sometimes, you just need that one pick-me-up song to boost your energy. Are y'all surprised I'm not having a meltdown over this elimination? Kekeke.

    Not a lot of comments for this, I'm afraid. He unnie takes issue with the drop: "Very fun chorus. The drop ruins it a bit." Aren't you a KARD stan? You should be here for drops, unnie. Speaking of KARD, here's another shoutout from Gintoki: "This sounds like KARD but without female voices, so no thank you." The misandry jumped out. KARD anti, Serg., naturally isn't here for My Flower too: "Way too basic on the wrong side for me."

    It would be impossible to talk about this song without the "cat scandal" so let's get into that. ThighHighs starts: "This is a fun bop. That guy with the cat scandal is in this one ya? Also, LOL at “cat scandal.” Dddddd, only in K-Pop, unnie. And eccentricsimply throws more daggers: "This sounds like a song Seventeen could've done except better. I adore my son Kim Donghan but not enough to actually enjoy this. And they get one extra deducted point for having an actual comproved asshole amongst the members. Thankfully it's already over and done with." Lowest scorer, Vesperly, buries the knife deeper: "the rap style is annoying. And they have That One Guy in their group." Thankfully, I don't think Kim Yongguk has any projects left after that mess. Poor it.

    "I barely listen to boy groups," starts yuuurei and I thought she was gonna say something complimentary. "But this still sounds like a ton of other boy group songs that I find equally dull." Eaux. It is askew who is actually and shockingly mildly complimentary: "The piano in the bridge is cute." Thank you! RUNAWAY goes all out complimentary: "this song was my jam back in January, and it still holds up a year later. I miss JBJ. They were really great."

    ryjm just had to take a swipe at Wanna One: "Kii at JBJ being more consistent with delivering the bops than the actual winners of Produce 101, show them how it’s done Oppas. Oh boy this knocks! That seductive butter churner (an actual sex position apparently, who knew?) dance move during the chorus kills me every time. All the guys are disgustingly cute and serving for the gods. WHUT!?" YATH STAN VISUALS. And we'll end this with thommyh who has finally chosen his JBJ bias: "Nah... this song serves way too much straight dubstep instrumentals. Sorry hennies! Ok but the guy with the blue sweater is cute.. what's their social security number and address?" TASTE. Blue sweater guy is Kim Dong Han and he debuted as a soloist last year with the amazing Sunset. Check it out! #promo

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  19. I can't remember the JBJ song at all. I don't even know who they are... I do remember liking the video, though.
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  20. Nn what is the cat scandal?
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