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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. It has been that way since the beginning tho
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    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Sanctuary, @vague, @OspreyQueen, @eliminathan, @Vixen (9.5) @Kuhleezi (9) @Cotton Park, @GeiPanda
    CHEAP UNNIES: (3) @Coming Century, @eccentricsimply (3.25) @yuuurei (4) @Serg., @Empty Shoebox, @sweetlikegrande, @soratami, @Gintoki


    5 voters: 86 (average: 6.20000)
    10 voters: 96 (average: 6.22500)
    15 voters: 106 (average: 6.20000)
    20 voters: 104 (average: 6.55000)
    25 voters: 107 (average: 6.38000)
    30 voters: 105 (average: 6.61667)
    35 voters: 108 (average: 6.60000)
    40 voters: 108 (average: 6.60000)
    45 voters: 105 (average: 6.81111)
    48 voters: 107 (average: 6.67708)

    March 2018 loses its first representative as Monsta X's Jealousy exits the competition. Jealousy is the title track of Monsta X's sixth mini album, The Connect: Dejavu.

    And honestly, wtf @ me. Why did I give this a measly score of 6????? There must have a mistake. Jealousy is lit. I did lower the scores of the songs that I didn't listen to that much so yeah, Jealousy suffered because of that.

    I guess what separates Jealousy from Shoot Out is that the former is less rap-focused. And the rap parts aren't actually abrasive. While I do prefer Shoot Out to Jealousy (drag me, slay me, etc), I think Jealousy deserves the higher rank. And it deserves to stay longer in the rate. But y'all had other plans.

    Kihyun stays being the King of Vocals especially in the chorus. He is so underrated; it's so unfair. True, he is not as hot as, say, Shownu but the talent that he possesses is undeniable. I wish him all the best.

    Y'all had A LOT to say about this so let's get to that quick. Let's start with thirstery, this time courtesy of codecat: "I never listened to this before this rate and it's good???? After watching the video I...really had to take a moment and collect my thoughts to then write this. These guys are really the most beautiful men in the world and this video left me PANTING sdlfsddojasrgnh I'm not OK!!!!" You're welcome. And please tell us who your bias is. GeiPanda clocks me: "Now I know why Slicey stans so much. This is incredible. The chorus soars and is a complete earworm. The "jealously, oh baby jealously" breakdown is HAWT, please post a (preferably shirtless) photo of whoever does that part." I think that's Hyungwon, unnie. Are you sure he's your bias? Like, super sure?

    Boy group hater, Vixen, is impressed?: "This has no right being this good… Nor does that chorus have any right to be this…POP?! Like this is some NSYNC/BSB kinda stuff. Like that chorus just absolutely soars. Wow. Probably one of the strongest offering from the men in this rate. So congrats!" He is slowly accepting that males are capable of bringing good music... sometimes: "I really enjoyed this? The chorus is lovely, the raps less so, but as a whole, really good non-annoying boy group song." Baby steps, unnie. And I'm so sure Kuhleezi will be pressed with this result: "Boybandjustice kinda did that."

    Miyawakiwi knows ha priorities: "Nothing new… I stan Wonho and the tattoo on his butt tho." ThighHighs is... unsure: "The chorus and singing parts have me all “yea” but then the rap parts are a “nah.” Luckily, the chorus knocks. Unluckily, the production on the rap parts gives me a headache. This wasn’t a fun listen." And despite dubbing Monsta X as the worst group ever, Salami is actually kinda here for this song: "Monsta X have always seemed a bit try-hard so at least this is a bit more subtle." I just wanna let you know that I'll never know peace again after learning of your BTS stannage. You continue to shock me. Bae.

    yuuurei serves multiple levels of critique: "While this isn't terrible, it has several aspects that I find off-putting about a distressingly high number of songs by boy groups. It's obnoxious at times and oddly aggressive at others, replete with random noises and vaguely dorky English (did I seriously hear the word "swagging" in a song from 2018?), and gives the overall impression of trying so hard to be cool that it's just the opposite. Add in my personal distaste for whispering in songs and it just isn't a track for me." I... this is iconique, unnie. Coming Century continue doing the most: "jealousy is just even more generic boy group noise from the most generic boygroup that can only produce noise." While askew is not content with just fun, no ma'am: "Fun, but loses its luster by the time the final chorus hits. The ad libs especially are just... there."

    "Everything Monsta X releases either sounds extremely basic or just like everything they've released before," eccentricsimply attacks. "Beautiful was the only song of theirs I could get behind but that's probably because it was the first one I listened to nñn Yeah, it's a no for me, but let's throw in some points because they seem like good dudes." Hmm, I think you should try their latest album. It's really good, I promise. Just skip Shoot Out. thommyh rebukes the straightness of it all: "Ok. So, I only have room for two male-sung songs: Jump by SHINee and Giddy Up by The Boyz (so far). Anyway, I was in fact enjoying the opening verse and then that chorus came in and then I remembered why I don't care about male artists, the disappointment... Idk? I just feel like their vocals are so condescending nn it lowkey just gets me mad listening to the "yeah eh eh eh" bit. Like, shut the fucc up! The song is just so... straight. Keep it!" Are you okay, sis?

    Empty Shoebox is slowly losing ha memory: "I forgot how this one goes approximately four seconds after the song finished." Take some ginkgo biloba, boo. Aggressive unnie, Serg., isn't actually here for some aggression?: "The rap is too aggressive like always with Monsta X songs and I hate that." Reboot just needs a little bit more from these boys: "I really love the chorus, but some of the rap is stopping it from being anything higher than an 8." Gintoki offers faint praise for the chorus too: "While the chorus is fine, everything esle is just too cringy, especially that middle 8."

    ryjm forgives some of the the faults in exchange for the looks: "I am shook, my dumb ass literally has their entire catalogue already in my music library but I’ve just failed to listen to anything form them. This does seem like it errs a tad on the messy side when it comes to the production, but these oppas are serving some ferocious looks and choreo. Let me stan a bit." YATH. And poor Monbebe OspreyQueen loses another 10: "I just love the urgency of this song. The warbling bass underneath it, the frantic synths in the chorus, the rap segment in its entirety, it’s such a rush."

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  3. The real kii is that the Jealousy album and the Shoot out album have way better songs than the singles but nobody was going to vote for them in the months they were released. At the very least I'm glad y'all went and dogpiled Monsta X instead of GOT7.

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  4. I'm a little concerned that I am this upset about a boy group elimination but where is the taste? I can think of some far worse male offerings in this rate...

    'Look' for example...
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  5. I still wish I like Jealousy more than I do. It's just that something's missing for me.
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  6. Sorry about your taste sis

  7. Honestly fair. Drag me. I am ready to accept my tastelessness.
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  8. I, for one, am pleased neither of my fave boy group tracks have gone out so far.
  9. I gave it a 9.5
  10. Oopth, fixed. ♡
  11. Look should be top 3 boy group tracks, let's keep it cute gherls.
  12. All of them


    When Wonho says "Why are you talking about Shownu?"

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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Considering there are two SHINee tracks, two good EXO tracks and one great EXO-CBX track, I think the fuck not.
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  15. I didn't expect KPJC top 5 tracks to start falling this soon but I guess March was really a shit mon...

    *Gets killed by @eliminathan*
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  16. I'll try to post one more result tonight but for now, this is the last one.




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Sanctuary, @Slice of Life, @BEST FICTION, @Vesperly, @Oleander (9) @Cotton Park, @Kuhleezi, @Serg., @ThighHighs, @Wills
    CHEAP UNNIES: (0) @GeiPanda (1) @yuuurei (2) @soratami, @Gintoki (3) @enjoy v2.0


    5 voters: 88 (average: 6.05000)
    10 voters: 99 (average: 6.10000)
    15 voters: 107 (average: 6.15000)
    20 voters: 101 (average: 6.65000)
    25 voters: 96 (average: 6.84000)
    30 voters: 92 (average: 7.03333)
    35 voters: 92 (average: 7.12857)
    40 voters: 96 (average: 6.96250)
    45 voters: 95 (average: 7.02778)
    48 voters: 106 (average: 6.73438)


    Another 10 in the casket.

    We say goodbye to another boy group single, Pentagon's Shine. Shine reached top 5 of the KPJC in April 2018. Remember when we (as in, the boy group-stanning unnies) pushed for this to reach number 1? Fun times.

    Shine is taken from Pentagon's sixth mini album, Positive. It is also the last single that featured former member, E'Dawn. Shine managed to become a minor hit for the boys as it reached number 27 in the Weekly Gaon Digital Charts.

    And yes, I am still madly in love with this. Ugh, this is such a gigantic bawp. Let's be real; Pentagon were probably inspired by the success of iKON's Love Scenario and Shine was their answer to that. But the thing is, Shine easily trumps Love Scenario. Like, there is no competition. Shine is just it. Shine just felt more organic and accomplished and fun. It is soooo fun and I don't think I'll ever not enjoy listening to it.

    Frankly, I expected this do much better in the rate. Sure, E'Dawn's rap is very divisive. You either hate it or love it. Even I can't stand it most of the time. But in Shine, his ~unique~ rapping tone really complemented the vibe of the song. It gave the song much more character and I frankly cannot imagine the song without his rap. Maybe I have become a E'Dawnster huh. Is this how HyunA felt?

    GeiPanda, our 0-giver, is not impressed. Oh, at all: "I can't deal with the awful way the rapper does his parts, it literally makes my skin crawl. I never want to play this again." Maybe his rap is too ahead of its time. He is also anti-E'Dawn: "Someone in this group has a very annoying tone of voice, and it brings down the song a tad. It’s fun though." Gintoki has some choice words: "This is torture to listen and it's not helping that they all look like homeless people." Umm, yikes. Meanwhile, yuuurei continues being hateful: "From the gross throat-clearing noise, to the My First Keyboard-esque beat throughout, to the shouty chorus, to the occasional actual shouting in the background, to the general corniness ... almost nothing about this song is remotely good to me. I'll give it 1 point for that one long high note before the final chorus."

    "I'm in the very small minority that prefers Naughty Boy and by a large margin at this, nn," Coming Century announces. We been knew. ry123 is pressed at Shine's success: "This song gets way too much love." Please don't tell me you prefer Love Scenario. Reboot needs more danger: "A bit boring." Empty Shoebox proves that she's a math wizard: "On the plus side, I guess they all sound distinctive. On the minus side that pitiful choreo is really dreadful."

    Salami discovers a new boy group to tolerate: "I’ve never heard of them before. The choreography is all over the place but the song isn’t too bad." Vixen too: "This is one of the better offering from the male part of this rate, but it hardly reaches the same heights some of the girlgroup songs do. I mean, it’s cute and a little funky, and rarely, there are some decent vocals here and there." Give us another installment of Vocal Vixen please juseyo. And Cotton Park is hopeful for more Pentagon goodness: "This track made me really appreciate what Pentagon is capable of. Ready for more." Me too, oppa. Me too.

    RUNAWAY is shockingly not here for this: "I don't know, this song just didn't do really anything for me. Perfectly lovely." But thommyh is not shockingly not here for this: "The rap bit sucks, the fortnite-quality dances are annoying, girl I-." Finish your sentence, please. soratami calls for less messiness: "Terrible vocals and chanting and a messy structure that just doesn't work. It feels like a bunch of bits of different (bad) songs glued together." And enjoy v2.0 begs for maturity: "This is kind of juvenile (which is like the cardinal sin for me) and those vocals at the chorus are not the tea. The production is kind of cute, i suppose."

    eccentricsimply is not here for the OT9 shenanigans: "This song will never be iconic when performed anymore because Cube had to get rid of the best member of Pentagon nñn I mean it's still great but it's not the same, you know?" The best member is clearly Kino but I digress. Another E'Dawn stan (I assume) is Miyawakiwi: "I wonder how’s it gonna be without E’Dawn. The song’s ok." I guess we'll see soon enough, unnie. Last E'Dawn shoutout courtesy of ryjm: "The last comeback with E’Dawn before CUBE decide to become messy bitch of the year. Weirdly gave me Goosebumps whilst re-watching the video – this is just an unrelenting explosion of joy. The video is ridiculous and everything about it is disgustingly cute and enjoyable. The song captures the exuberance of being young and dumb and just puts a smile on my face every time. Those dance moves are so incredibly awful I just can’t. Embodies the title of the mini wholeheartedly." A correct opinion.

    Serg. is Team Shine obviously, duh: "Love Scenario done fun and done right. One of the most catchiest songs not only in 2018 but ever accompanied with a fun 'meme' choreo was destined for at least international success. I'm glad Pentagon could get a minor hit before disbandment." Please don't mention the "d" word, unnie. And Wills have some serious praise for Pentagon: "Pentagon was second only to SHINee in swerving the most annoying, self-serious elements that deter me from most of the big boy groups. This track, as with ‘Naughty Boy’, is the distillation of joy - goofy, unabashed - the year sorely needed." YATH.

    We'll end with ThighHighs because ha comment perfectly captures the essence of Shine. Take it away, my sweet: "I was resistant as hell to this song at the beginning. I thought it was corny and lame and try-hard. Then after about a month and a half I was finally won over by it. It IS corny and lame, but that’s part of the charm of it. These losers got me, and I can’t say I’m really that mad about it."

  17. Wow even I thought Shine should be one of the highest rated boy group songs and definitely didn't deserve to be out of top 100. The hate for men is real.
  18. [​IMG]

    Naughty Boy should have been in the rate...
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  19. Hating on and tanking male entries in this rate is not a personality trait! Find it somewhere else!


    I BETTER not see your name on the list of highest scores for some of the trash thats still in the rate.
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