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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

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    SUPERSARANG: @ohnostalgia
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @He, @Vesperly, @askew, @Oleander, @ohnostalgia (9.5) @Kuhleezi (9) @Cotton Park, @Love Deluxe, @Island
    CHEAP UNNIES: (0) @Salami (1) @Gintoki (3) @ry123, @eliminathan (4) @Mikl C


    5 voters: 116 (average: 4.05000)
    10 voters: 114 (average: 5.02500)
    15 voters: 111 (average: 5.75000)
    20 voters: 112 (average: 6.08750)
    25 voters: 108 (average: 6.31000)
    30 voters: 109 (average: 6.37500)
    35 voters: 106 (average: 6.63571)
    40 voters: 97 (average: 6.92500)
    45 voters: 103 (average: 6.84444)
    48 voters: 105 (average: 6.73958)

    Yaeji is back to divide us with her lone 2018 single, One More. Yaeji, or Kathy Lee, is a singer/producer from Seoul, South Korea, now based in New York. Thank you, Genius.

    I was pretty sure this would be eliminated really early on so for it to beat a number of singles by bigger K-Pop stars is a testament to KPJ's slow but sure acceptance of Yaeji's music. Yes, her music is so different from the K-Pop sound we know but I think that's what makes her exciting. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a fan - no, not with that score - but I will always champion her for being a new interesting voice.

    One More is definitely not as memorable as 2017's raingurl. But weirdly, I was more receptive to One More on first listen. One More's strength is definitely the production. God, what kind of smoothness? My face can't relate. I don't think I like Yaeji as a vocalist - a common complaint I have for indie artists - but I don't hate her vocals either.

    This weirdly reminds me of Grimes' music pre-Art Angels. I tried so hard to get into Visions because Grimes seemed so cool to me but I just wasn't into her voice. But then Art Angels came and I now stan forever. I hope I'll have the same journey with Yaeji. Bring on your Art Angels, unnie!

    eccentricsimply brings up an interesting take: "I... Don't know how to score this in comparison to everything else in the rate. I like it, but also I don't know if I do? Complicated. Have a 6." I agree. This was my exact voting process dddddd. Gintoki wants more from Yaeji: "Like what is this? Only song she released last year and it really sucks? Does she some creative blockage or something because Park Hye Jin did better Yaeji, than Yaeji did Yaeji." Salami returns to reclaim his rate villain throne with his score of 0: "Erm. I didn’t like this at all." Tell us more. ry123 is also unimpressed: "Just not enjoyable."

    Some unnies took issue with Yaeji's vocals. Reboot: "It’s a cool track, but I feel like I have to knock it down several points for those ASMR vocals." Miyawakiwi: "i hate that ‘baby voice’ singing style but she kinda pulls it off, the music is not bad but it is quite flat." And eliminathan is, for once, a rate villain????????: "I listen to singers. I very rarely listen to people who cannot sing. I absolutely can't get into this song no matter how many times I hear it, very repetitive and not much happens until the very end where a few more layers are added to the music. I do feel bad because it's a supersarang but it's also one of four songs I ranked lower than 4. Let me be the villain for once please." I'm shaken.

    "Whew... who is this secret queen?," asks thommyh. A Stan is Born. Oleander clocks my raingurl comparison dddd: "The heathens are going to do this so dirty, aren’t they? “This is no raingurl, they’ll say.” And no it’s not but it is excellent." ryjm goes very specific: "Hazy, trippy and borderline creepy. This is giving flashbacks of intoxicated nights in trashy clubs when the sun has already risen but you don’t care and keep mindlessly dancing. I’m fascinated by it but don’t think it has much replayability (it is a word…I googled it)." Clubbing? This shut-in can't relate.

    Yaeji breathes coolness and a couple of y'all noted that. askew dreams: "I love the barely-there, soft focus synths cushioning Yaeji's voice. I want to be this cool." ThighHighs is already imagining Yaeji as his BFF: "Queen of cool. She seems like she’s by a fun person to get high with and talk about Vanderpump Rules." He shows us once again that he's indeed a member of K-Indiejustice: "Talent. Coolness. Moodiness. I kinda wish she would produce for Korean artists too. This song is a whole mood and it’s rather perfect."

    Let's have Kuhleezi have the last word: "The good sis Yaeji really out there doing bangers for people into Xanax and not getting enough appreciation for that." Poetic.

  2. Whilst I didn't love the Yaeji track, I'm still really interested to see what she releases next, and some of her previous stuff is cute. It's just that I haven't really found a mood when I might want to play her music.
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  3. She's definitely an artist to look forward to, as she brings in novelty to the table. Having said that, I did give this an 8.
  4. I think if this was a different rate I might have scored this higher, but I just... in the context of it, I couldn't give it a higher score?
  5. [​IMG]



    SUPERSARANG: @Coming Century
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Coming Century (9.5) @Love Deluxe (9.25) @Oleander (8.75) @BEST FICTION (8.5) @RUNAWAY, @vague, @eliminathan
    CHEAP UNNIES: (4) @Mikl C, @Empty Shoebox, @Vixen (4.5) @ry123


    5 voters: 70 (average: 6.60000)
    10 voters: 91 (average: 6.37500)
    15 voters: 94 (average: 6.61667)
    20 voters: 94 (average: 6.86250)
    25 voters: 99 (average: 6.71000)
    30 voters: 104 (average: 6.64167)
    35 voters: 101 (average: 6.78571)
    40 voters: 103 (average: 6.81875)
    45 voters: 105 (average: 6.81111)
    48 voters: 104 (average: 6.76042)

    We go back to evicting boy group songs with EXO's With You as the latest victim. With You is taken from EXO's fifth full album, Don't Mess Up My Tempo. Chanyeol co-wrote the song.

    I must say, this is a chill little throwaway bop. Of course compared to the towering songs in this rate, this stood no chance. But removed from the competition, this is really pretty. The production is something I have never heard from EXO yet and I applaud them for continuing to expand their sound. Other groups can't relate. x

    With that said, I would've still preferred if a stronger EXO album track was chosen to be in the rate. It would've been more representative of the amount of talent they displayed in their 2018 output. Again, other groups can't relate. x

    This track benefited from not having super low scores. Beige always wins! ThighHighs remarks: "It’s nice, but nothing too exciting for me. The vocals are well done, as always." OspreyQueen expected better: "I love the trip-hoppy vibes, but the abrupt ending bugs me. I was expecting the final chorus to have more impact." RUNAWAY drops the "c" word: "this song is a real cool direction for them, and Chanyeol wrote the lyrics which is cool too. It’s got a cool vibe to it." Britney teas. He does the same: "Cool track from these boys."

    "I'm falling asleep," yuuurei yawns. Empty Shoebox clocks the lack of range: "Utterly unremarkable apart from the strained vocals. Which are remarkable for the wrong reason." Meanwhile, Kuhleezi questions EXO's 2018 output: "I can't help but feel quite let down by their output this year. I always feel like their songs this year never quite hit the mark, this one being one of the better ones but not by much and not being interesting enough on its own." Okay, fair.

    The Gravity stans, of course, make another appearance. Wills: "This is very lovely. I’ll maintain that ‘Gravity’ was right there, but more gently this time." Serg. too: "Kinda the most forgettable song on the whole album, I wish Gravity or Oasis were in the rate instead nn." eccentricsimply does not mention Gravity but she doesn't need to: "I appreciate how subtle this song is, and obviously how amazing EXO's vocal line sounds here, but I can't help thinking that there are better b-sides in that album. Welp."

    Miyawakiwi has the cutest commentary ever: "the beat reminds me of the powerpuff girls’ theme song, it’s a really cute song." Bubbles is an EXO-L confirmed. And ryjm just ascended to heaven: "This is just so incredibly dreamy, I love how layered the production is with synths and percussion that almost sound like they’re fluttering around. The sweet and soft vocals, the stuttering production, everything about this is heavenly." Send my regards to Jesus sunbaenim. x

  6. I agree One More isn't Yaeji's best work, but it's still a really nice change of pace in a rate with a lot of similar sounding songs. Deserved top 100 at least.
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  7. DDDD everyone namedropping Gravity whenever they can but we couldn’t get our asses into gear and vote for it in December.
    Boo boo the fools.
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    SUPERSARANG: @OspreyQueen
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @OspreyQueen (9.5) @Oleander (8.75) @vague, @PopZeitgeist, @Vixen
    CHEAP UNNIES: (3) @Reboot, @Wills (4) @Rem (4.5) @Gintoki (5) @He, @soratami


    5 voters: 102 (average: 5.65000)
    10 voters: 103 (average: 5.90000)
    15 voters: 105 (average: 6.30000)
    20 voters: 99 (average: 6.68750)
    25 voters: 98 (average: 6.73000)
    30 voters: 101 (average: 6.67500)
    35 voters: 98 (average: 6.87857)
    40 voters: 104 (average: 6.75625)
    45 voters: 100 (average: 6.87222)
    48 voters: 103 (average: 6.78646)

    Will we ever let @OspreyQueen unnie breathe??? The poor girl has lost, like, 27 10s now. I'm so sorry, unnie.

    Come Back is track number 8 of NCT 127's first full album, Regular-Irregular. It was briefly performed by the group during their comeback stages along with single, Regular. Poor Regular not getting Supersaranged though dddddd.

    And yes, as a new NCT 127 stan, I love this. Don't let my measly score of 7.5 fool you. I just scored (some of) the album tracks lower because I don't want them to defeat more amazing singles. Kekeke. But yes, Come Back is great. It honestly sounds familiar - like it's a song released a few years ago. The song has that classic boy group single feel. I also appreciate the more vocals-focused approach to the song. NCT 127 is notorious for giving 3/4 of the lines of every song to Taeyong and Mark. It's nice to hear the vocal line get the spotlight in a non-ballad song. Winwin stay getting 0.05 lines though. Poor it.

    I do understand why this wasn't chosen as the single though. Come Back is just too mainstream-sounding for NCT 127. With the exception of Touch, all of NCT 127's singles have all been, well, unique. The group's single choices always veer towards more experimental than mainstream. And I respect that. They may not ever bother the Gaon Digital Charts but I appreciate the effort to bring something new to the table.

    ryjm hurts me with this opinion about the album: "One of the shockingly few good tracks from NCT 127’s first (?) album (poor Empathy – you deserved better sis). I forget if this is meant to be on the regular or irregular side of the album because honestly, I savagely gutted the album down to a select few tracks. It’s a good song but pales in comparison to the more experimental and hard hitting NCT 127 tracks, nothing really weird happens here…which is ironically, a bit weird." Meanwhile, I still listen to the ballads every once in a while ddddd. Miyawakiwi impersonates CL: "Not bad… But not good either, the usual boyband stuff." And speaking of CL, her group 2NE1 gets a shoutout from thommyh: "It's ok.. is it comparable to Come Back Home by 2NE1, though? Nup!" Okay, tea.

    He returns to his misandrist ways: "Typical boy group affair. Not much to see here." ThighHighs wanted more originality: "It’s a groovy bop, but pretty faceless." Empty Shoebox gets attacked: "Was all rather adequate and forgettable until the bridge attacked. Yes, I don't like it, but without it I wouldn't have remembered this song at all." You deserve it. x

    Maybe Reboot snapped?: "I’m so puzzled as to how my favourite act of all time is a 90s boyband, but when it comes to k-pop boybands I’m just … not that invested? Is it because I don’t like boys? Is it because boybands release the type of music that I’m not interested in? Is it because I wish more boybands would try to portray more than just two regurgitated staple boyband concepts? Answers on a postcard please." No but seriously, I think you should maybe just focus on the music and not the visuals/concepts? That's what I do anyway. It really increased my enjoyment of K-Pop boy group music. Meanwhile, Wills is appalled at this Supersarang choice: "Yikes, this is a slog to get through. Everything about this feels unimaginative, and it makes me sad that the superior ‘Replay (PM 01:27)’ (or the super version of that, ‘NANANA’) were cut for… this." I can't speak on this matter since my favourite track from the album is the ballad, No Longer ddddddd.

    eccentricsimply is SM trash, we been knew: "I'm honestly really fucking happy that NCT 127's b-sides are in the same level as other SM artists'. They honestly have some gems in their discography. I think this album had better songs, but this is still pretty good." Serg. also praises SM's talent for finding quality b-sides: "I expected something bad, but I was pleasantly surprised but then again it's an SM boy group they're bound to serve with their b-sides."

    And now we go to the ballad of OspreyQueen. Take it away, unnie: "Well, this is my supersarang song! First time I heard it, the vibe I immediately got was ’3rd single from flop X Factor boyband from 2011’ and the nostalgia bias took over from there. Definitely my favourite deep cut K-Pop song from 2018, and submitting it into this rate was a no-brainer."

  10. The menocide is real

  11. Oh for fuck's sake
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    (taken from my profile dddddd)
  13. NCT seem like lovely guys (I've seen their youtube series and they're so adorable) and Taeyong is otherworldly beautiful but their music just isn't for me.
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  14. Wait we already eliminated almost 17 songs so far? Whew! I'm really enjoying this quick elimination rollout...Satan works hard but Slicey works harder!!
  15. What makes you think we're not one and the same?


    I just wanna post more results before I go on another vacation again dddddddd.
  16. He


    Please post sandal shots!!
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  17. I wasn't talking about the visuals, though? I don't bother with most music videos. Even when you get rid of the video and focus on only the audio, Come Back it still fits the whole "we're so tough" concept so many boy bands have. It's just not my thing.
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  18. Thank you.
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