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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. I like the "STILL AWFUL RED VELVET" "With You" better. And it's like their worst song. But that's not in the rate. Not sure this should have been, either. Though, I did give it a seven.

    However, I feel a personal irony since I only really started appreciating male groups not named SHINee since I started lurking and unlurking and blurting, gesticulating, and blovating here. I even like BTS more than I did before my PJ debut and I really hated them.

    "Shine" by Pentagon is a really incredible song. "My Flower" by JBJ is amazing.

    I don't think the year-end rate is a place to make some kind of misandrist statement and I would like to assume that's not really happening and people are rating songs purely on their merits and not based on gender. Absolutely. That wouldn't be happening at all.


    but i've been wrong before...
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  2. Okay this made me feel like I'm some kind of rate villain which I'm definitely not....but there goes my only 1, you can now expect only higher scores from me now !!!!
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  3. 'Come Back' was actually one of my favorite boyband songs in this rate. Granted, it's nothing groundbreaking, but then it's music by men, so what did we expect.
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  4. The sheer joy I felt when Countless managed to scam its way into this rate is really going to come back to bite me when it’s unceremoniously booted before the top 80, isn’t it? I almost wish it weren’t included at all!
  5. I haven’t cared for any of the male songs that have gone out as of yet, so maybe we’re just trimming the fat and the great ones will get a lot further... hopefully.
  6. caught it up and with the exception of RBB, I'm fine with these positions so far.
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  8. I imagine the SHINee songs will stick around for a little while longer, but that's me doing wishful thinking. In terms of quality, their songs are miles better than the other boy band offerings, in my mind.
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  9. [​IMG]



    SUPERSARANG: @Island
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Island (9.5) @Oleander (9.25) @FunkyButChic (9) @RUNAWAY, @vague, @He
    CHEAP UNNIES: (2) @askew (3) @Salami (3.5) @enjoy v2.0 (4) @Mikl C, @Slice of Life


    5 voters: 107 (average: 5.30000)
    10 voters: 105 (average: 5.70000)
    15 voters: 99 (average: 6.45000)
    20 voters: 103 (average: 6.56250)
    25 voters: 104 (average: 6.65000)
    30 voters: 103 (average: 6.65000)
    35 voters: 105 (average: 6.68571)
    40 voters: 104 (average: 6.75625)
    45 voters: 105 (average: 6.81111)
    48 voters: 102 (average: 6.79167)

    We open tonight's proceedings with another Supersarang elimination. This time, we say goodbye to @Island dongsaeng's Supersarang, Berry Good Heart Heart's Crazy, Gone Crazy.

    Crazy, Gone Crazy is the first single of Berry Good's first subunit, the spectacularly named Berry Good Heart Heart. With that kind of subunit name, you'd think they are a group with an innocent concept. No ma'am. Crazy, Gone Crazy is sexy, gone sexy!

    I... think I might have been too harsh on this. This is honestly decent. This sounds very Brave Brothers-lite which to me is the best compliment ever. I guess I was just not into that post-chorus; the "nalli nalli nanne nalliga nalliga nanne" portion specifically. I don't know, it's just too annoying to me which is a shame because other than that, the song is really solid. It does sound like it goes on forever and could benefit from a little edit. But in the grand scheme of things, Crazy, Gone Crazy is perfectly fine.

    eccentricsimply whispers: "I get tired of songs with this whispersinging very fast." Whisper-singing sounds exhausting tee-bee-aych. soratami is just like me, sleepy: "Booooring. I mean it is a bit of a chill bop i suppose but seriously i'm half awake by the it gets to the second verse." Salami just bluntly states: "Boring." My ex said the same thing about me.

    I was so sure Serg. meant well with this comment: "Aww bless them." But seeing his score of 5, I now have such doubts. Meanwhile, Miyawakiwi attacks not just the song but the dance as well: "Not a fan of the song, too slow for my taste, btw that’s gotta be the laziest choreo i’ve ever seen lmao." Ddddd, it does look weirdly... laboured.

    Others took issue with the group's name but were ultimately more forgiving when it came to scoring the song. Reboot: "Crap group name, nice song that I’d completely forgotten about till now. Are these girls still in the picture? I love their vocals so I’d definitely want more songs from them." I'm... honestly not sure. I need them to release another Don't Believe. And ryjm accuses me of fraud: "I mean kii at the song and group name, I thought Slicey was having a bit of a moment and just spewed out a few randomised words but ok werk. The video looks embarrassingly cheap at times, but fortunately this does not translate over to the song, which is surprisingly solid! I’m kinda rooting for these girls, slay unnies!" Me, being fraudulent??? Okay, tea.

    codecat reminds us that he is an R&B thot: "This is nice! I like how the verses sound straight out of 00s R&B, it's one of those rare cases where they're much more interesting than the chorus." RUNAWAY is gyrating to the song as we speak: "the 90's R&B feel was already a YAS moment for me, and then the song just got even better."

    Then there are people who somehow missed @Island dongsaeng's iconique promo of Crazy, Gone Crazy. He: "What kind of sexy bop? I never paid attention to this before. What a flop I am. Totally in love with it." And ThighHighs: "OK, when did this happen?? I had no idea they were even still making music and now I find out they released this gem? It’s not amazing, but definitely a good song that I’d put on a playlist."

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  10. I'm not that mad about the Berrygood song leaving. I didn't even realise they were a subunit until now! The song is cute but very forgettable.
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  11. A better P-Funk song than anything Korea's rappers have been able to come up with in the decades they've tried to ape the style.
  12. Wait, what? It has such a hypnotizing chorus, I though it would go higher. It also reminded how every song in 2009-2011 was titled any variation of "crazy".
  13. aside from the song I can't stand their group name. Like, chill.
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  14. I'm sad that nothing Berry Good did last year really jumped out, considering it's probably their last. The album was nice but forgettable.
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  15. I would rather think Berry Good died after the masterpiece that invented tropical genre (Don't Believe) than acknowledging the existense of that Cinderella song they released last year and this one.

  16. Berry Good gave me my favorite rate discovery from the 2k16 year-end rate, so maybe that influenced my score a bit, but I don't think this deserved to be out before the top 100.
  17. I'm not surprised Berrygood didn't make it farther but it's a shame as the song is really good. I think my first taste of them was through one of those instrumental playlists which the little Kidz Bop number known as Love Letter on it which I still find incredibly charming. I much prefer the USA and Europe versions to the original, though.

    And this great song, too. Honestly, the whole Very Berry mini was good from what I remember.

  18. Well everyone, your local bitch is having computer trouble presently, hence my absence here on the forum this past week or so. I'm sure you've all been very sad about this. But I have a little time and a borrowed pc this afternoon, so I thought I'd drop in and see how the rate's going! Prepare for a fairly long comment as I catch up on the ~300 posts I've missed.

    Results reactions:
    - Shoot Out wasn't one of my 2 zeroes but I'm not sad to see it go first. I have to admit I don't know anything about Monsta X but if a boy group's main appeal is their hotness then they really have nothing to offer me, do they?
    - What the Heck isn't really that bad as far as I can recall, other songs definitely could have gone before it.
    - Hopefully the fact that a TWICE song was eliminated third and I wasn't even one of the lowest scorers will finally convince you all that I don't literally hate them. I just think they're kinda dull.
    - Fun fact, before I looked into the group I didn't even realize it was Hyuna and not just some rando trying to sound like her. #yikes
    - @Slice of Life, I want to respect you as our host and a person, and I don't even like IGAB that much anymore, but it's nowhere near as horrendous as RBB and I will not accept the comparison. Thank you for reminding me to stay hydrated though.
    - I don't even remember that EXO song or how I rated it? DID I rate it? confused.gif
    - Guess NCT Dream just didn't go up far enough.
    - Victoria's Song didn't deserve to go out that early, it's not that bad. I'm going to assume you all just watched the mv and are racist against elves, or demons, or whatever that guy was meant to be. Shameful.
    - I don't really remember that Flavor song either. Must be the dementia. Regardless, I don't think I scored it that low, but I do think Orange Caramel had a better milkshake-themed song.
    - I think the JBJ guy's cat "scandal" is probably over-exaggerated but it's still more interesting than the song. Sorry!!
    - My commentary for Jealousy is one of my longest of the whole rate and it's not even positive. Why do I sometimes find it easier to write critical commentary than complimentary? Don't answer that.
    - Shine actually had an okay score from me when I first went through the song list, but on my relisten I realized I really couldn't stand it. I might have scored it a little lower than strictly necessary but it's what my cold dead heart told me.
    - Don't recall the Yaeji song or the other EXO track OR the NCT 127 one. Either I need to make an appointment to test for Alzheimer's, or they were a little too weak to leave a lasting impression of any kind on me.
    - My lack of commentary means I didn't really have any specific thoughts on Crazy, gone crazy but I don't think it was bad enough to warrant this low of a placement. But ... whatever.

    And with that, I'm caught up! Phew. I can't say I'm devastated about anything that's gone so far. I hope my other 0 leaves soon though, but I've seen some praise for it in the thread so I'm guessing it'll stick around a while.

    Anyway, it took me ... way too long to do this on this slow and ancient pc I'm using, so I'm out.
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  19. Why is this so shady omfg

    Thanks for the likes bih. ♡
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  20. I forgive you because I think you might be a fellow dai5y. And because you made me spittake over Victoria's creepy (but oddly hot) elfman.
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