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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. I discovered my first real fuck-up on the spreadsheet.

  2. .....excuse me?
  3. [​IMG]

    It's not that bad, I promise.
  4. I can't believe this means RBB actually placed at #1! Talent always wins!
  5. I'm actually working on the video and I just wanna say:

    Sha Sha got ripped off. People.


    (And you thought I was gonna bitch about RBB (or fantasize about it being #1) because I'm a slavish Reveluv but no!)
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  6. I hate taking the spotlight away from CLC and their first win but an unnie has a job to do. And that unnie is gonna eliminate another song now.




    SUPERSARANG: @ThighHighs
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Coming Century, @ThighHighs (9.5) @Slice of Life, @eccentricsimply, @BEST FICTION (9) @ryjm, @yuuurei
    CHEAP UNNIES: (4) @ry123, @sweetlikegrande (4.75) @Dangerous Maknae (5) @Reboot, @Salami, @Miyawakiwi, @Ana Raquel, @Conan, @Empty Shoebox, @Vesperly, @enjoy v2.0


    5 voters: 86 (average: 6.20000)
    10 voters: 91 (average: 6.37500)
    15 voters: 95 (average: 6.58333)
    20 voters: 99 (average: 6.68750)
    25 voters: 93 (average: 6.87000)
    30 voters: 96 (average: 6.81667)
    35 voters: 99 (average: 6.86429)
    40 voters: 99 (average: 6.90625)
    45 voters: 97 (average: 6.94444)
    48 voters: 99 (average: 6.85417)

    We open our top 100 with an elimination of - you guessed it - a boy group song. Talent, etc! The latest victim? Seventeen's impeccable single, Oh My!

    Oh My! is one of Seventeen's four 2018 singles. Released in July, Oh My! peaked at number 8 on the K-Popjustice Charts. Seventeen are probably one of the more ~accepted~ boy groups in KPJ and for good reason - they almost always release winning singles. And Oh My! is another testament to that.

    Oh My! is a throwback to Seventeen's earlier ~cuter~ singles. And as an OG Seventeen stan, this was such a welcome return to their roots. I love when Seventeen goes for the charismatic concept a la Clap or Don't Wanna Cry but I can't lie, my trash self still stans their cuter moments more dddddd. They just make the cute concept work which is soooo easy to fuck up when you're a boy group. Not that Oh My! is an aegyo mess, no ma'am. There's a maturity to Oh My! that is absent in their earlier cute efforts. But I swoon all the same.

    The reason why I didn't give this a 10 is because I didn't think this was their best 2018 effort. Don't kill me, my love, @ThighHighs. I just thought Thanks would've been a better representative of Seventeen in this rate. On that note, stream Thanks! Thanks.

    Are you sure you were rating Seventeen instead of NCT Dream, He???: "This is messily fun, even if it goes into kidz bopz territory." Reboot is similarly not won over: "To be fair I really struggle with boybands that have that hard, “tough” aesthetic that most boybands have, so I quite like the softness of this video. The song itself is not great." More for me! Miyawakiwi is in need of a deep slumber: "quite boring, i almost fell asleep during the bridge Zzz." Make sure you pray before you snooze or I'll visit you in your sleep. xoxo

    Serg. goes nostalgic: "This was kinda cute but not as good as their previous singles, thinking of 2017 particularly." Okay, fair. askew takes issue: "The bridge is... unpleasant, something about the delivery is deeply dissatisfying."

    Kuhleezi, on the other hand, is here for that bridge: "That bridge is wiggy." Thank you. I'm gonna make you stan boy groups, codecat. You just wait: "Oh my the aesthetics and the dance! Well done, twinks!" Even yuuurei is kinda impressed: "Honestly pretty cute." Praying for your computer woes, sizt.

    eccentricsimply is positive and critical in equal measure: "Taking into consideration the songs I've had to listen to reach this point, Seventeen is a massive ear cleanse. In my humble opinion these brighter, happier concepts are what Seventeen succeeds at and honestly I wish they'd stick to it rather than some of the other.... Stuff, they've released." But ryjm goes all out with the praise: "Much like Pentagon’s Shine, this song is the sheer epitome of joy. Light and carefree, the flourishes of piano add to the playful vibe of the track. Seventeen never fail to deliver and this is no exception." WHY DID YOU REMIND ME OF SHINE OMFG. I'M NOT OK.

    ThighHighs, please cradle me with your sweet words: "My KINGS, who should have THREE songs in this rate. This was my favorite of their singles for the year. I honestly can’t find anything to complain about with them, which is BIZARRE for a boy group. They just have it all together and couldn’t be more perfect. They make me feel like a teenage with my first crush again, not because they’re all attractive (altho 10 of them could get it and the number keeps growing), but because they GET what I want from a boy group. Soft, pretty boys singing about how cute I am. They better never try it again with shit like “Getting Closer.” Their worst charting single since “Mansae” put them on the map and they deserved to flop." I saw that Mansae shade, you gizibe. The divorce papers are on the way.

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  7. CLC winning and Seventeen losing a song in SOTY. Cheshires eating good tonight.

  8. I knew I should have gone with Thanks, but the heart wants what it wants.
    I would never. I'm saying that Mansae brought them to the charts and Getting Closer flopped to oblivion and only charted at 86. We need to see chart IMPROVEMENT! Speaking of charts...

    Cheshires wish they could flop like Seventeen and still chart in the top 100.
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  9. One?
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  10. alkalkajlkdhu I'm still screaming at the energy this post has

  11. Remind me some time to do another rate with no tens.
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  12. First of all, I'd like to apologize for the sudden decrease in elimination posts. This has been the busiest week of my life and I am physically and emotionally drained ddddd. Why did I ever enter graduate school ddddd. But I promise once I'm over this report that's currently killing me and after my vacation next week ddddd, things will pick up again. WE WILL FINISH THIS RATE.

    Okay, time for your daily elimination.




    SUPERSARANG: @Empty Shoebox (you didn't even give your Supersarang a 10 omfg)
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @FunkyButChic, @soratami (9.5) @OspreyQueen (9) @Cotton Park, @Conan
    CHEAP UNNIES: (1) @askew (3) @Dangerous Maknae (4) @Sanctuary, @Vixen, @enjoy v2.0


    5 voters: 67 (average: 6.65000)
    10 voters: 97 (average: 6.17500)
    15 voters: 92 (average: 6.70000)
    20 voters: 93 (average: 6.88750)
    25 voters: 99 (average: 6.71000)
    30 voters: 95 (average: 6.85000)
    35 voters: 100 (average: 6.85714)
    40 voters: 101 (average: 6.86250)
    45 voters: 102 (average: 6.85556)
    48 voters: 99 (average: 6.85417)

    @askew's revenge.

    The boys get to breathe for a day because our eliminated song for today belongs to Saturday, a seven-piece girl group from SD Entertainment. This is MMook JJi BBa.

    MMook JJi BBa (why is this such a pain to type out ddd) is the debut single of Saturday. And yes, the Crayon Pop influence is strong on this one. I had to check if one of Crayon Pop's producers wrote this song. Sadly, I don't think that's the case. I also had to check what the hell MMook JJi BBa means and apparently, it is Rock Paper Scissors. Now you know. xoxo

    I don't really have a lot of thought about this. It's a cute little ditty and I do bop whenever this comes on shuffle. BUT, it does get annoying if you listen to it in quick successions - which is exactly what I did when writing this post ddddd. I appreciate the nod to Crayon Pop too but if I have to be honest, I'd rather to listen to, like, Crayon Pop's Bar Bar Bar instead of this. Still, MMook JJi BBa is a solid debut and I hope to God these girls don't disband after two more comebacks. We need more of this concept in K-Pop.

    Also, Yuki is my bias. She looks like a hamster omfg. I stan.

    Let's hear the Crayon Pop stans first. yuuurei: "Thought this was Crayon Pop for a second. It's cute." 10-giver, FunkyButChic, has this to say: "We’re never gonna get another Crayon Pop comeback, but Saturday are gonna die trying."

    Others saw shades of Orange Caramel instead. Fair enough. Oleander is angry: "This is kind of highkey My Copycat’s long lost twin sister which makes me lowkey sad because Orange Caramel are never coming back. Fuck you, Pledis! Oh right…...Saturday. I really like the song." And Dangerous Maknae is ready to read: "Dddd I feel like people submitted songs like this to make others smile for a few minutes which is cute but I don't give good scores to Orange Caramel rip offs that were recorded by 12 years olds. I'm sorry." Heartless beast.

    codecat remembers AOA: "Everybody wink wink? I hope my AOA girls are getting their 0.01cent royalty check every time these girls quote their critically-acclaimed debut single ELVIS." FNC Entertainment can't relate. And I just realized that this comment from He is for MMook JJi BBa and not for Seventeen's Oh My! Forgive me unnie: "This is messily fun, even if it goes into kidz bopz territory."

    eccentricsimply is probably unhappy with this rate discover: "This rate's sole purpose is making me find out about girl groups I had no idea even existed. This sounds like another attempt at getting a song a bit like Bboom Bboom even if it's not as obvious as UNI.T's I Mean. And well, it's a fun song. But I'm not too sold." Reboot is unbothered: "This is a bit too juvenile even for me. But it’s still nice." Miyawakiwi wonders: "really upbeat, the beat reminds me of another song but i can’t really remember wich… ." I'd say Crayon Pop's Doo Doo Chit? Kuhleezi questions the group name: "Must. Be. The. Group. Name." And askew shadily says: "They sound happy." He gave this a score of 1.

    Salami thanks me, I mean, @Empty Shoebox: "I’d never have heard this song without this rate, and I love it." You're welcome. I wish I had one ounce of ryjm's enthusiasm for everything: "A surprisingly strong debut from a group under a small agency, the song is a bop and I’m low-key addicted…the chorus and that sax is already stuck in my head. The girls all deliver so many cute and funny moments in the video that I can't help but root for them." PLEASE TELL ME YUKI IS ALSO YOUR FAVE. And ThighHighs loves nonsense: "The kind of batshit crazy stupid nonsense that I am 100% here for. Romper Room fuckery and that is EXACTLY what I came here to do." So that's why you love me.

    We'll end with Wills: "I’m somehow troubled that I like this as much as I do. The sax, the melody line - everything should be annoying as hell, but I’m bopping gently." Just accept it, boo. Embrace the song with no shame. We won't judge. xoxo

  13. I was just thinking about where this would come in the rate while watching their new comeback. Honestly, I love this song. It's an adorable bop and I'm someone who loves this kind of sickeningly sweet crap. I'm sold.
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  14. Not only did I not give my supertrash a ten, I didn't even provide commentary.

    (Because I started commentary with the trash and haven't had time to finish)

    My other choice for a super trash was Girdle's Maze, which would have got an eleven, but nugu prevailed.
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  15. It's a cute song, love the sax, although the chorus overall was a bit weak. A 7,5 from me.
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  16. It shouldn't have been even in the top 110 so good riddance.
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  17. SCREAM!
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Whew my impact, singlehandedly getting @Empty Shoebox's Supersarang into the top 100. You're welcome!

    I did give one of the NCT songs a 10 though so don't @ me.
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  20. Oop I'm bopping to 2 singles I sort of tanked and they slap a bit so now I feel bad for attacking them

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