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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. No need to feel sorry, unnie.




    SUPERSARANG: @codecat
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @RUNAWAY, @Oleander (9.5) @codecat (9.25) @Slice of Life (9) @ohnostalgia, @Gintoki
    CHEAP UNNIES: (2) @Kuhleezi (3) @Dangerous Maknae (4) @Mikl C (4.5) @Salami (5) @ryjm, @Serg., @ry123, @Vesperly, @Vixen, @enjoy v2.0
    SHAMAN UNNIE: 9.25


    5 voters: 88 (average: 6.05000)
    10 voters: 102 (average: 5.97500)
    15 voters: 103 (average: 6.40000)
    20 voters: 106 (average: 6.43750)
    25 voters: 105 (average: 6.60000)
    30 voters: 107 (average: 6.58333)
    35 voters: 103 (average: 6.75714)
    40 voters: 102 (average: 6.85000)
    45 voters: 102 (average: 6.85556)
    48 voters: 98 (average: 6.88542)

    And another Supersarang bites the dust. This time, it's @codecat's, Lovelyz's wonderful That Day.

    That Day is the title track of Lovelyz' fourth mini album, Heal. Written and composed by Sweetune, the powerful production unit breathed new life to Lovelyz' sound. This is probably my most favourite Lovelyz' single since... Destiny??? That was a long time ago, omfg.

    That Day retained Lovelyz brand of femininity and whimsy. The production, as expected from Sweetune, is iconique. I can't stress enough how that pre-chorus perfectly flows to the chorus. It's stops me from my tracks every single time. The background vocals, especially during the pre-chorus, are a work of art. And when that chorus hits... wigs cease to exist. I don't know how anyone can possibly hate this. This is so happy-sounding and instantly lifts my mood.

    I'd also like to say that Lovelyz are probably the prettiest girl group out there and I hate that their visuals are so understated. Honestly, I had the hardest time choosing the image to use for the song art because EVERY. SINGLE. PROMOTIONAL. PHOTO. for That Day is just perfect. I'm weeping from the amount of beauty.

    Honestly speaking, I don't think Lovelyz will ever be KPJ faves. I think majority of y'all have fallen to the concept that Lovelyz are the epitome of beige which is just wrong. Sure, they don't switch concepts as often as, say, Red Velvet or their music can sound very similar at times. But we also stan groups (I'm not saying which) that frankly never change concepts and we're somehow okay with that. No tea, no shade, I'm just saying it's possible to be true to your sound and aesthetic and still deliver the goods. Lovelyz are masters at that.

    Reboot makes amends: "This song completely passed me by. It’s pretty." ThighHighs is a soul sister: "This is definitely a bit more soulful than their other songs I’ve heard. I love!" And ryjm is also pretty impressed: "Ok gurls this is more like it! The chorus is everything, those wistful vocals and that bouncy joyous synth is all I need. The track is beautiful and airy and the video is dreamy too." But that low score of 5 says otherwise.

    Kuhleezi, our lowest scorer, is bitter: "It's not fair to say I'm over Lovelyz's brand of cutesy cause I've never been into it to begin with. It's just... a lot to process. I desperately need something to balance the sugar, anything really." YOU SHOULD BALANCE THE SUGAR WITH YOUR BITTER ATTITUDE. And his best friend, Dangerous Maknae, joins him in the haters' camp: "I liked the majority of Lovelyz singles up until Twinkle but it has been a downhill since then." I don't even remember how Twinkle goes LJHSAKJFGHJK. Don't kill me, @codecat.

    I'm not sure how to interpret this comment from Miyawakiwi: "Well, it’s lovelyz, and they did it again… for good or for bad." I just smell shade. He channels Tiffany Pollard: "She’s a cute girl, but a bit plain." Meanwhile, Serg. attacks the tacky purple border dddddd: "You can't expect the chorus to carry the whole song, verses are very poor and whats with that purple border in the music video it's very distracting." The purple is a nice touch, beast.

    Gintoki loves some sugar: "This is so sugary, diabetes level, but I like it." And our highest scorer, RUNAWAY, commends nugus' 2018 efforts: "that melancholic vibe is something I just love about this song. All these nugu or flop groups really slayed this year. This chorus is something else." I'd argue Lovelyz aren't as nugu as you think, unnie.

    Let's give the floor to codecat and her ballad. Don't think I didn't clock you not giving this a 10, heaux: "Yes @NancyDrewknae you guessed it - this is my Supersarang. I mostly picked it because: if I'm forced to withstand all these boy group moments, then everybody can listen to a Lovelyz song as well! Key changes are like crack for a gay and guess what THIS SONG IS BUILT AROUND AT LEAST THREE OF THEM. That day is one of the finest examples of the Lovelyz sound: a smart blend of bubbly synths and traditional instruments, somewhere between beaming happiness and concealed wistfulness, and full of intricate harmonies and BVs that are so easy to get lost into. You hear those ahhhhhs? That is the universe whispering beauty in your ears. For each play you give this, you age a year backwards - I have listened to this a gazillion times and I am now a rejuvenated fetus (don't ask how I typed this). Lovelyz had an amazing run on 2018, and both this song + Lost N Found have found a spot for themselves among the group's glory singles such as Twinkle, Wow, Destiny and Candy Jelly Love - and I hope some of you unnies liked this song enough to seek the other ones I mentioned! Slicey if this bombs it is your duty as my fellow LOVELINUS to make sure that some low scores get...accidentally deleted x" A fucking mess.

  2. This was a very fun, bright and JPop sounding song with a memorable chorus, so I gave it an 8.
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  3. Wait.

    I think I'm gonna PM Peter.
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  4. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ....................WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll never be nice to anybody in here again!
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  5. Why is this so... sexual though?
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  6. Hey! Don't steal my act.
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  7. Some of you have never felt happiness and it shows.
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  8. Lovelyz are an act I didn't even know existed until four months ago, but they make cute music.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. You're all a bunch of hateful wildebeests for getting rid of this song so soon. Get your asses to the dump and go find the good taste that you clearly threw away for some reason!


    Me whenever I hear that amazing combo of synths? and those Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doos.

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  11. It's me again. Time to catch up.
    I had to look it up because I don't know fandom names too well but that's GSD's right? I love 'em ♥

    On to results reactions ... okay well, Oh My!'s placement is a damn travesty?! That song is great and adorable, wtf is wrong with y'all low scorers? Disgusting. The first time I'm actually mad in this rate and it's over a boy group song ... who would have guessed? Not that it would have been able to change its placement hugely (... I HOPE??) but if I'd rated it like a week later, I would have given it a 10 - I got kind of obsessed with it after I'd already submitted my votes.
    Thank you, I have laid my faithful old pos to rest and its replacement is on its way.

    Hmm, MMook JJi BBa grew on me a little too, could have given it a bit higher than a 6. Sorry not-Crayon Pop. What does the title of this song mean tho, I never did find out?

    ... That's pretty much all I have to say actually. @Slice of Life it's really nice of you to slow the thread down while I'm away, makes it much easier to stay caught up! This is a joke obvs, hope grad school's not destroying you too much and you have a nice vacay.

  12. HmmmmT.




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Dangerous Maknae, @junglefish (9.25) @savilizabeths (9) @eccentricsimply, @ThighHighs, @soratami
    CHEAP UNNIES: (4) @Salami, @ryjm, @Conan, @Serg., @Empty Shoebox, @askew, @Gintoki
    SHAMAN UNNIE: 8.25


    5 voters: 93 (average: 5.95000)
    10 voters: 95 (average: 6.25000)
    15 voters: 99 (average: 6.50000)
    20 voters: 108 (average: 6.38750)
    25 voters: 106 (average: 6.59000)
    30 voters: 103 (average: 6.65000)
    35 voters: 105 (average: 6.70000)
    40 voters: 104 (average: 6.78125)
    45 voters: 100 (average: 6.88333)
    48 voters: 97 (average: 6.89063)

    We say goodbye to our first big girl group single. The victim? It's GFriend's summery single, Sunny Summer.

    Sunny Summer is the lead single of GFriend's seventh mini album, Sunny Summer. This is GFriend's first collaboration with famous K-Pop producer, Duble Sidekick. Yes, that's the reason why this suspiciously sounds like Sistar's I Swear.

    I'm not gonna lie. Despite giving this a fairly ~low~ score of 8.25, I genuinely use this so much. I love summer music so of course, I love Sunny Summer. This is, like, the best song to soundtrack a trip to the beach. I know because I basically go to the beach every other week dddddd. The chorus is a little undercooked though. And compared to Time for the Moon Night and Memoria, Sunny Summer does sound weaker. But I bop to it all the same... all the time. YEOREUM YEOREUM HAE~~~

    Of course, we can't talk about the song without mentioning the genius way the GFriend members' name were incorporated in the lyrics. It's such a nice touch and I always giggle a little whenever I hear "YUJU be mine" ddddddd. Adorable bbs.

    Let's start with the haters first. thommyh: "nn, sorry hennies this track is way too kitsch for me. Also their choreo in MV looks like they're falling asleep??" Ddddd I admit it's not their best choreography. Wills has moved on: "Kind of like Summer 2018 itself, I enjoyed this for the season, but was more than ready to have it in the rearview by the time September rolled around." Can't relate. It's always summer in the Philippines. Kekeke. Gintoki manages to drag both GFriend AND Sistar: "So this is basically less sexy, more bland version of Sistar's awful summer songs..." You in danger, girl.

    Serg. is angry at GFriend's singles run: "This is bordering on Summer Rain levels of unnecessary, it's something with the 'Summer' in the title. Not a good follow up to Time For The Moon Night, in fact Sunrise was a perfect follow up, released at a wrong time, especially with Sowon's family problems at the time but at least she had a little more lines to shine this time." Okay, but Sunny Summer >>>>>> Summer Rain. Salami is not here for the cheese: "This sounds so cheesy and dated." And Empty Shoebox is not here for the sun: "I never like these songs that can be boiled down to "Wow, it's sunny. Isn't that amazing?!?!?!!!?". My response has always been "Why should I care?""

    Cotton Park's commentary genuinely made me scream OH MY LAWD: "I like GFriend alright, but this reminds me too much of an ad for something. Powdered drink mix. Subarus. Water parks. Vacation travel packages that suburban het couples take on their honeymoons." DDDDD DRAG EVERYONE FOR FILTH, OPPA. The forum's biggest GFriend hater, ryjm, proclaims: "She’s a cute light-hearted summer release, but something about this feels a bit flat. There are some nice production flourishes and the vocals are tight, but the chorus is a tad unremarkable. Not really a fan of the weird DIY/School Project direction of the video, it feels a bit cheap at odds of the upbeat summery vibe of the song." Meanwhile Miyawakiwi is gonna sue Yerin's hairstylist: "hmmm… i mean, it’s nice but hardly something i’ll remember a year from now, whoever did that to Yerin’s hair needs to pay for it." WE LOVE HER TERF BANGS, OKAY.

    Reboot is mildly here for it: "I love the way the girls’ names have been added to the song’s lyrics. This song doesn’t quite sound as good now that I’ve discovered their previous singles, but it’s still cute." Vixen too: "This sounds really fresh and almost…fruity? Dddd. I like how different it feels to the other songs they’ve released recently. You can’t really blame them of releasing the same song over and over again when this sounds so vastly different to something like ‘Time for the’ or ‘Sunrise’. I don’t think this is amongst their best, or even close to, but it’s pretty great nonetheless." It does sound fruity. And Ana Raquel admits being a Fingertip-only Buddy: "This is surprisingly fine. I never really stanned anything from GFriend besides Fingertip."

    Another Sistar shoutout! This time, it's from He: "Sistar who? Yes, Gfriend decided to take on the summer and took inspiration from the best. Really their own little I Swear." GeiPanda appreciates a little treasure hunt: "I was weirdly obsessed with this for a while... possibly because I was enamored by listening out for the girls' names in the lyrics. I wish songwriters would do little easter-eggs like that more often! A cute breezy tune." And eccentricsimply is here to remind us that Navillera is an 11/10 song: "I keep joking that it's a miracle I liked the new GFriend comeback as if I wasn't up Sunny Summer's ass since the moment it was released nñn This really takes me back to my favorite GFriend song (Navillera) and honestly... I was just happy they weren't releasing the same song again nñn."

    We end with ThighHighs who's wanting some D... Vitamin D, that is: "Instant sunshine in a song. The girls had just wrapped up successful promotions for TFTMN when they came back with this ode to Vitamin D and SISTAR. The sound and concept work perfectly for them and the girls working their names into the song is so adorable. It’s not the best thing they put out last year, but it’s probably the most fun."

  13. The song is really not a 10/10 but I knew it will go soon so I thought why not?
  14. Sunny Summer has not aged well. I still love it, but it sticks out like a sore thumb in their discography.
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  15. Sunny Summer was a bit too generic with its melodies for me, although it did have this classic feel to it, which is why it ended up in the middle for me. A 5.
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  16. @Slice of Life I am going to kidnap you and force you to live in the arctic if you mention your goddamn beaches another time.

    Your favourite icicle
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  17. #Justice4RBB (a transcontinental smash that Korean delis in Milan are still playing)
  18. He


    Trash is trash.

    Sunny Summer is great though.
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  19. Fully did not expect this to be out this soon. But it's fine!

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  20. Mmook Jji Bba is basically a Korean version of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
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