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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. This was way better than Love Shot, if this was “too” risky of a single, then Love Shot was way too safe as a follow up. Not that surprised it’s out already though, it was far too divisive to ever get very far.
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  2. I remember dragging to absolute filth one particular EXO song but I don't remember exactly which and every time one of their songs is eliminated I think it's that one but it's actually not and you're probably making it their highest rated aren't you.
  3. I'm feeling generous so here's another elimination.




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Sanctuary, @RUNAWAY, @eliminathan (9.75) @BEST FICTION (9.5) @Serg., @Slice of Life, @OspreyQueen (9) @Coming Century, @nikkysan, @junglefish, @Rem, @ThighHighs
    CHEAP UNNIES: (2) @eccentricsimply (3) @Vixen (4) @Mikl C, @soratami (4.75) @Dangerous Maknae (5) @Reboot, @yuuurei, @Vesperly, @sweetlikegrande, @thommyh, @savilizabeths


    5 voters: 29 (average: 7.55000)
    10 voters: 69 (average: 6.75000)
    15 voters: 83 (average: 6.90000)
    20 voters: 76 (average: 7.36250)
    25 voters: 82 (average: 7.23000)
    30 voters: 85 (average: 7.25000)
    35 voters: 86 (average: 7.32857)
    40 voters: 91 (average: 7.17500)
    45 voters: 91 (average: 7.12222)
    48 voters: 93 (average: 7.07292)

    And the boys keep on falling. March 2018 loses another representative as GOT7's Look leaves the competition at number 93. On the bright side, this is the first song to reach a 7+ average. Talent!

    Look is the lead single of GOT7's eighth mini album, Eyes on You. The song reached number 15 on the Gaon Weekly Digital Charts. Member JB is credited as a producer and songwriter of the song. Talented oppa!

    Look remains such a bawp. It's GOT7 at their poppiest and most K-Popjustice-friendly. It's a mark of a group that's FINALLY finding a sound that works for them after, like, six decades. I never thought I'd stan GOT7 again after the unholy trinity of Fly, Hard Carry and Never Ever. But here we are.

    That chorus is an undeniable earworm and Jinyoung's voice is just perfect for it. Everyone got a chance to showcase their vocals - yes, even my nasal king Yugyeom. He and Jinyoung SCALPED me with that middle 8. A proper moment.

    In the end, I didn't give it a 10 because the song is not the most original and GOT7 further improved this sound with Lullaby (although I gave that the same score ddddd). It is a basic bop after all. But every time it comes on shuffle, I forget its basicness from that very first verse. It's that good.

    Let's start with the Jinyoung akgaes. Miyawakiwi offers: "It was pretty “Meh” at the beginnig but the first chorus got me <3, Jinyoung º3º." He continues: "When did Jinyoung and co become bop makers? -I like to look at Jackson but his rapping voice… sis, why?" Hide your asses from @eliminathan, unnies!

    Jackson got a few mentions himself... but maybe for not the right reason. nikkysan: "Deducting a point for Jackson’s part in the post chorus." Okay, that's fair. And Serg. mentions my actual favourite part of the song/video/choreography/era: "Jackson's inability to do the chorus choreo is a piece of art." YATHHHHH ICONIQUE. Honestly, I'm not sure if this about Jackson or Mark but let's lump codecat's commentary in this paragraph too: "This is a chorus!! These boys can DANCE!!! I'm goddamn trying to conceal my thirst but unnñghhh the guy with the raspy rap can get it *seizures* (edit: I did a little Google and I am moving to China)" I told you you're gonna be a boy group stan before you know it. *giggles*

    eccentricsimply is FUMING:"No. Like...... I can not stress how much I think GOT7's entire discography is really fucking faceless. They take my statement of "most boy group songs sound the same" and send it to another extreme I honestly can't bring myself to enjoy anything they do." I'd argue JYP boy groups tend to be faceless - 2PM, 2AM, GOT7. I'll give Stray Kids a few more years to grow. Fellow misandrist Vixen goes berserk: "Ah here we go… Back to the male mediocrity that I know and despise. I did think there was something wrong when I listened to ‘Jealousy’ from Monsta X and I was like “Wait, this is good? From a boyband?!”. At least, this is expectedly shit!" Look is better than Jealousy! Next!

    Salami is rather forgetful: "I didn’t realise I’d already heard this. I like the chorus, the rest I don’t. Great choreography though." Empty Shoebox is looking for something: "Is this the boy band song to cure my misandry once and for all? No. It's competent but it misses that special something, that they are hunting, they're always wanting, more and more. Plus, the end is really abrupt." And visuals just couldn't save this for Reboot: "Gorgeous video. It helps that it’s quite a handsome group of boys, which is … not something I’ve said for a while. As for the song, it’s a bit nothing-y. There’s nothing much for me to latch on to and go, “wow this part is really good”. It’s just kind of /there/."

    GeiPanda admits the song is: "A serviceable bop." OspreyQueen is my basic bop sister: "It’s a bit on the basic side, but I can overlook that on account of the fact that it’s a whole ass bop." ThighHighs surrenders: "OK, you whores got me with this one. What a song. The video is slick enough, the chorus is catchy, and the verses pop off. They did that." YATHHHH. And RUNAWAY returns to GOT7's loving arms as well: "fuckkkkkk I fell back in love with GOT7 this year with this song, and it’s still so sooooooo good."

    We'll end this post with ryjm because the good unnie's commentary made me cackle out loud: "I tried with this a lot but I didn’t really grab me like anything from their Flight Log series…hold up! wait…the chorus just came in and I do NOT remember it being this enjoyable. Hold the phone, and my drink, let me give this a lil booty bop and slut drop. I retract my previous statement your honour, she can stay, she’s cute." ICONIQUE.

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  4. YAS! Give CLC that No promo, unnie!
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  5. nn the better GOT7 song outcharted but this is out way too soon. I’m scared for Lullaby now.

    whew I forget how cute Mark is, that cover is lovely.

    @eccentricsimply @Vixen sleep with one eye open, unnies.

    Pop/Stars still being here is getting to be ridiculous.
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  6. Pop/Stars is the best male song here x
  7. No offense but go can we somehow get you back on the beach? Those new eliminations have been criminal.
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  8. Your generosity is not welcome here BEAST.

    And the rest of you apes should all be ashamed of yourselves.
    I didn't even think it was close to being eliminathaned so I didn't pen up commentary yet wow.
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  9. [​IMG]

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  10. Okay but wow at the average score being higher than 7 when we're not even in the top 90. Another prove KPJ is a friendly positive haven (not for men though ddd) and other subforums can't relate.
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  11. Lullaby rightfully outcharting... the taste!
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  12. This song is trash, GOT7 is trash, thanks for coming to my ted talk.
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  13. I’m BEGGING, PLEADING for Pop/Stars to go. My lowest score left by far, in fact I don’t have anything under a 7 still in except a score of 6.75 (wait, I lied, I have one more 6 still in which is a LOONA single oops) which is almost a 7 anyway. If I knew it was gonna get overrated this much I would’ve scored it even lower. It’s just a song that’s so basic that I think only people who still stan defunct UK girl groups or Paris Hilton’s music get their lives to it.

  14. He



    Look deserved way higher placement though.
  15. We been knew about the questionable taste when you stanned all three of those garbage Red Velvet songs but yikes.
  16. Oh no sis, GOT7 is not the hill you're gonna wanna die on when it comes to dragging someone for bad taste come on make it VIXX or SF9's best songs at least.
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  18. [​IMG]

    Goodnight, girls.

    Hopefully our top 90 will be revealed tomorrow. ♡
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  19. For what it’s worth, I didn’t care for any of GOT7’s past singles before Look (especially Hard Carry, yuck), but if they continue down this path they’ve made with Look and Lullaby, I’ll stan.

    But honestly Jinyoung’s solo debut when?

    Now I know you’re not implying Bad Boy is garbage...
  20. DDD not when CookieJar, Power Up and Really Bad Boy exist. Also Sappy happened.
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