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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. It's actually pretty easy stanning talent. Most people in this forum can't relate.

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  2. Those boys when they realize (let's be real, they won't) why your posse came to talk to them:

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  3. [​IMG]
    I think my own Pop/Stars score was average to high but I loved this lmao get 'em!

    Other than that I have nothing to say about these eliminations. But you gays and this thread are hilarious sometimes, thanks for making me laugh tonight.
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  4. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]




    SUPERSARANG: @Sanctuary
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Coming Century, @Sanctuary, @Slice of Life, @He (9.5) @eliminathan (9) @RUNAWAY, @vague, @Kuhleezi, @eccentricsimply, @ThighHighs
    CHEAP UNNIES: (3) @Gintoki (4) @soratami, @enjoy v2.0 (4.25) @Dangerous Maknae (5) @Salami, @Mikl C, @Cotton Park, @Vesperly


    5 voters: 31 (average: 7.50000)
    10 voters: 76 (average: 6.62500)
    15 voters: 96 (average: 6.55000)
    20 voters: 91 (average: 6.91250)
    25 voters: 83 (average: 7.22000)
    30 voters: 87 (average: 7.20000)
    35 voters: 87 (average: 7.31429)
    40 voters: 89 (average: 7.26250)
    45 voters: 87 (average: 7.31667)
    48 voters: 92 (average: 7.08854)




    You think stanning boy groups on Popjustice is hard? Well, try stanning NUGU boy groups. That's where tragedy truly happens.

    Ugh, this result is so disappointing but I have made peace with it. A.C.E's music is for intellectuals only.

    Anyway, my meltdowns aside... Take Me Higher is A.C.E's lone single for 2018 but WHAT A SINGLE THOUGH. Produced by the dream team of Jeff Lewis, Jordan Kyle, MRey and Hyuk Shin - seriously, these people worked on some of EXO's and SHINee's best songs - Take Me Higher is just pop perfection. It doesn't get better than this.

    Take Me Higher sees A.C.E ditching their infamous loud sound (Callin' & Cactus) for the most gorgeous pop melodies. Normally, I would side-eye this gimmick. I have been a fan of A.C.E's weirder sound and I would very much still stan them if they continued on that route. But on my very first listen of Take Me Higher, all doubts about the song flew out the window. A.C.E sound better than before (the amount of crazy vocal flexing on this song still stuns me) and they actually suit this new sound so much. No display of awkwardness! Versatile kings!

    The production is killer. That slower pre-chorus that lead to the most bombastic chorus is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. And the boys perform this song like their life depended on it. The energy! The talent! The visuals! The flavour! Your faves wish they looked good in a crop top as Donghun.

    Gintoki stays bitter: "Sugary boy bands never were my cup so yeah neither is this." Please, this isn't even THAT sugary. Try this. Salami tries it: "It sounds like it’s build my up to a massive chorus and it never gets there." It never gets there? Yeah, just like your taste. ryjm: "I can’t help but be charmed by these guys, they’re just too adorable. The song is enjoyable but when the competition is as tough and fierce as this, I can’t justify rating it any higher." A.C.E survived YG's rat face on Mix Nine; I'm sure they can handle the competition on this rate.

    He leaves a cute comment: "Phew, channelling SHINee here. This song is amazing and didn’t leave my playlist for a whole month." eccentricsimply simply does not forget: "See Slicey? I do enjoy some nugu boygroups." IT NEEDED YOUR 10, UNNIE. But I appreciate this. askew appreciates: "Ok, bass!" And ry123 knows what's up: "Great song and I love the video so much. Crop Tops in boy groups really needs to become more of a thing.."

    Cue the Cute Squad. Reboot remarks: "Cute." Miyawakiwi too: "Such a bright song, really cute." And Serg. as well: "This is very cute song, very chill, relaxing and carefree as it's portrayed by that video and Jun is gorgeous." Jun deserves the world, I agree.

    And here come the converts! Talent! RUNAWAY is giving in: "I really never was even checking for this group, but this song is really really good. I might stan for them now." Kuhleezi knows a thing or two about stanning nugus: "Between this and Cactus they're actually... kinda great? C'mon nugu bois I may stan!"

    We end this hurtful post with the healing words of my love, ThighHighs: "I really grew to LOVE this carefree summer smash! It’s nothing revolutionary, but their vocals sound good, the rap section is catchy and cool, and they dance their asses off like every time." Okay, maybe I won't divorce you. Yet.

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  5. A.C.E didn't sing Take Me Higher for ya'll to not take your SCORES higher!


    I only gave it a 7.75 tho ddd
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  6. The absolute erasure of these bops (even if they are technically not korean comebacks).

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  7. [​IMG]




    SUPERSARANG: @PopZeitgeist
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Sanctuary, @yuuurei, @PopZeitgeist, @Oleander (9.5) @eliminathan (9.25) @Love Deluxe (9) @vague, @savilizabeths
    CHEAP UNNIES: (2) @Serg. (4) @Empty Shoebox, @eccentricsimply, @sweetlikegrande (5) @Coming Century, @Conan, @Slice of Life, @Vesperly


    5 voters: 50 (average: 7.00000)
    10 voters: 45 (average: 7.32500)
    15 voters: 66 (average: 7.33333)
    20 voters: 87 (average: 7.02500)
    25 voters: 95 (average: 6.85000)
    30 voters: 93 (average: 6.89167)
    35 voters: 95 (average: 6.90714)
    40 voters: 94 (average: 6.98750)
    45 voters: 94 (average: 7.09444)
    48 voters: 91 (average: 7.09896)

    Crunchy No More.

    Go Won's solo single, One&Only is the second LOOΠΔ song to leave the rate. And yeah, fair. For comparison, One&Only reached number 26 on the LOOΠΔ Pre-Debut Rate and got a higher average of 7.611.

    For the LOOΠΔ Pre-Debut Rate, I gave this a score of 2 and said, "there is literally no redeeming value here." Dddddd a mess. The song has since grown on me but not to a stanning level. I guess my biggest problem with One&Only is that it followed new and Heart Attack, two of the most interesting solo singles of LOOΠΔ members. Hearing One&Only for the first time was... painful. Like, I love Go Won and her crunchy existence but she literally has the vocal range of a sandpaper. One&Only was one of the few genuine times when I realized LOOΠΔ and Jaden Jeong oppa aren't as invincible as I originally thought.

    But I continued listening to the song because yeah, I'm LOOΠΔ trash and all. And while Go Won still sounds tragic all throughout, I can admit that with a better vocalist, this song would be so much better. The song's verses are especially sinister and I love how it contrasts with the super sweet chorus.

    If Go Won gets to release a solo single, I really hope BlockBerryCreative gives her a song that won't highlight her vocals flaws so much. I have stanned and enjoyed questionable songs from the worst singers in K-Pop (Goo Hara's Choco Chip Cookies is a work of art, for example) and with the right song, I believe Go Won has a chance to redeem herself.

    I'm sure Serg. is celebrating this elimination: "Oh this is very bad. The song is just uninspired and bland, she can't even save the song with vocals or rap cause lets be honest not much there to try and save it with. It's just sad after such a great run of good to great singles to come out with this garbage and also the video was boring as hell for LOONA standards." Ddddd you went in. eccentricsimply and I basically share the same opinion on One&Only: "I think I've made my distaste for this song pretty obvious from the moment it was released. It was just not good enough, especially considering that the ones that came before it were new and Heart Attack. And then Gowon's vocals.......... I adore the lil sis but this is not the tea." Miyawakiwi comes out as a LOOΠΔ anti???: "same problem i usually have with loona’s songs, no strong point, it’s good overall but nothing stands out." And ThighHighs is not here for this too: "This has aged like milk for me. Love her tho."

    The rest of y'all SHOWERED this with the most over-the-top praise ddddd. A fucking mess. I'm not even sure if ryjm truly enjoys this track or he just stans Go Won so hard: "Pretty Rapstar Go Won is a fucking legend and that is the tea unnie, whether she’s slaying with her breathy voice, hyper rapping, bezerk dance moves or arm wrestling, unnie knows she is IT. Queen of the portrait video, wig changes, eating pineapples, and 3D rapping. Our crunchy legend had one of the most polarising solos with One&Only. While I completely understand the valid criticisms the song gets, I can’t deny my unrelenting love for my pineapple princess. Her visuals are out of this world (she is legit getting more and more beautiful with each passing day) and I honestly love how distinct her tone is. Go Won has one of the most recognisable voices in LOOΠΔ and adds much needed (crunchy) texture to the group’s overall sound." You do you, unnie. He also sees the light: "Once upon a time I hated this. But I’ve seen the light, Orbits. This song has gorgeous production, and yes, it’s let down by the CHOICES in vocal production and rapping, but as a whole it is quite magical. Crunch queen sells the fantasy."

    yuuurei won't be happy with this result: "This is one of LOONA's best songs and if you disagree you're just wrong. GoWon's voice is precious and the track is a total bop all about self-love. It's perfect." RUNAWAY is a convert too: "I’ve really fallen in love with this song a lot more since it was released. It’s reaaaaaally good." And Kuhleezi lets the visuals affect his score: "Still the most aesthetic video to have ever existed."

    Reboot has the last word... and request: "In my head, this song is kind of unintentionally overshadowed by all the amazing Loona songs that came before it, but that doesn’t make it less amazing. I hope there’s a 2000-word essay somewhere about what the video is trying to convey." If you look hard enough, I know you'll find A LOT of 2000-word essays about One&Only. Kii.

  8. I would have given One & Only a higher score if we were voting now, like most of the Loona songs in this rate. It's grown on me tremendously in the past few weeks.
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  9. OUR TOP 90 SONGS!!!

    DECEMBER 2017
    Heart Attack - LOOΠΔ / Chuu

    JANUARY 2018
    BBoom BBoom - Momoland
    Heroine - Sunmi
    Bad Boy - Red Velvet
    Roller Coaster - Chungha
    Secret Garden - Oh My Girl

    FEBRUARY 2018
    One Shot, Two Shot - BoA
    Black Dress - CLC
    The Boots - gugudan
    Everybody Knows - BoA
    Dreams Come True - WJSN

    MARCH 2018
    Egoist (feat. JinSoul) - LOOΠΔ / Olivia Hye
    Rosy (feat. HeeJin) - LOOΠΔ / Olivia Hye x Go Won
    jenga - Heize

    APRIL 2018
    Lady - EXID
    Dally - Hyolyn
    What Is Love? - Twice
    Sober (feat. Ummet Ozcan) - HYO

    MAY 2018
    Good Evening - SHINee
    love4eva (feat. Grimes) - LOOΠΔ / yyxy
    Get It - Pristin V
    You and I - Dreamcatcher

    JUNE 2018
    Something New - Taeyeon
    BAAM - Momoland
    Lady - Yubin
    Forever Young - BLACKPINK

    JULY 2018
    I'm So Sick - Apink
    See Sea - Hyolyn
    Blue Moon - Gyeong Ree / Kyungri
    Love U - Chungha

    AUGUST 2018
    Hi High - LOOΠΔ
    HANN (Alone) - (G)I-DLE
    favOriTe - LOOΠΔ
    Yeolgi - LOOΠΔ
    Power Up - Red Velvet

    SEPTEMBER 2018
    Siren - Sunmi
    Save Me, Save You - WJSN
    Memoria - GFriend
    Lil' Touch - Girls' Generation-Oh!GG
    Remember Me - Oh My Girl

    OCTOBER 2018
    Oh! My Mistake - April
    Love Bomb - fromis_9
    Woman - BoA
    La Vie en Rose - IZ*ONE
    Crush - Weki Meki

    NOVEMBER 2018
    I Love You - EXID
    Thank U Soooo Much - Yubin
    Not That Type - gugudan
    Yes or Yes - Twice
    Punk Right Now (with 3LAU) - HYO

    DECEMBER 2018
    Turn It On - Laboum
    Love Shot - EXO
    Amor - BoA
    Days Gone By - DAY6
    Caffeine - Eyedi

    (songs that didn't hit top 5 but charted for two months)
    Baby Don't Stop - NCT U
    Time for the Moon Night - GFriend
    Now or Never - SF9
    Ladi Dadi - AOA
    Countless - SHINee
    Under My Skin - Taemin
    Kiss & Make Up - Dua Lipa & BLACKPINK
    U&I - BoA

    22Century Girl - fromis_9
    Between Us - Laboum
    Black Pearl - Sunmi
    Blooming Day - EXO-CBX
    Circus - Taeyeon
    Egotistic - Mamamoo
    Honey, Don't Kill My Vibe - Yeseo
    I Mean - UNI.T
    Love Bug - GFriend
    Metronome - Weki Meki
    Moonlight - NeonPunch
    Nega Dola - BoA
    No More - UNI.T
    One of Those Nights (feat. Crush) - Key
    Pick Up The Phone - DIA
    Pop/Stars (with K/DA) - (G)I-DLE
    Puzzle Moon - GWSN
    See Saw (feat. Kim Lip) - LOOΠΔ / Go Won x Chuu
    Shinin' - Jonghyun
    Spotlight - Pristin V
    Stylish - LOOΠΔ
    To Do List - Hyolyn
    What - Dreamcatcher
    What's In Your House - (G)I-DLE
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  10. One & Only is rather cute and a grower. I prefer it to quite a few songs left. At least it got over the 7 point average.
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  11. Annoyed to see a handful of 7s vacate before my few remaining 2-5s, but nothing has stung too much so well done, everyone.

    This isn’t quite true, unnie. It was Look!
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  12. Wow the good sis @Slice of Life is really gunning for talent to lose. Disappointed but not surprised.

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  13. Homophobic parents when they pick up on clues that their child is gay

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  14. the song I tanked still there though
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  15. All the December songs could leave right now and I wouldn't bat an eye.
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  16. My Supersarang is gonna end up the highest rated.

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  17. Who’s a Top 90 Queen? It’s my girl, Hyo.

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  18. He


    @Slice of Life, but I was one of the top scorers?!!

    For Take Me Higher, I mean!
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  19. I’m glad we agree See Saw is far superior to One & Only.

    It’s been a loooooong LOOOooooOOONG daaaaaaaaay

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  20. Ddddddd the posts are corrected now, unnies.


    It's time for y'all to make your predictions for the next 10 eliminations! ♡
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