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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. Aw, Jenga is lovely. I'm not the least bit surprised to see it out now, but there were definitely more deserving tracks.

    I've been trying to hold my tongue, but seeing anything leave before 'I Mean' personally offends me.
  2. The absolute lack of taste these past few eliminations...

  3. Outsold. Outwitted. Outplayed. Outlasted.
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  4. I guess this song was too intellectual for this rate. I'm not surprised though seeing as it is very lowkey. However, I think that is what makes the song brilliant as Heize is meant to be playing a character that is reaching her breaking point with the unsatisfying relationship she finds herself in. Rather than go for the intensely emotional, she delivers this song with a calm yet pained, downtrodden tone that comes across as the sound of someone who has given up and in need of help. The verses a bit more upfront but they still match the more sulky chorus.

  5. No results again tonight because I studied for an exam. Wish me luck! I promise there will be at least one elimination tomorrow. ♡
  6. AOA found bingle bangleing.
  7. Hwaiting, unnie!
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  8. He


    Ace that shit, unnie!

    And come back with more mediocre male eliminations.

  9. , unnie!!!!!!
    and yasss any excuse for AOA promo
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  10. Kekeke, I just realized that @Slice of Life is a bit younger, so it should be "dongsaeng".
    EDIT: although now I understand that we use it instead of "sis"... I'm a mess.
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  11. Good luck unnie!


  12. Love this subforum.... and yeah...

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  14. Unnie is females yeah?
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  15. Unnie = younger f > older f
    Hyung = younger m > older m
    Oppa = younger f > older m
    Noona = younger m > older f
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  16. I cannot for the life of me fathom how each and every single song we've cut has grown on me more and more with each fucking listen and even after when we've lost songs I wasn't interested in in the slightest initially I'm like 'WTF this deserved better.". Even the nugu groups are on my radar now. I blame y'all.
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  17. Blame yourself for not listening to those songs more before voting. I remember your will to adjust your scores in Kumi's rate, mhmm.
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  18. DDD, a recurring theme in @Remorque's commentary for the French music rate (sent after the original scores) was "I really underscored this!", so I'm seeing a pattern here.
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  19. Thank you for supporting my point.
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  20. Thank you for all your inspiring words, unnies. Now, I will repay you with an elimination.





    SUPERSARANG: @thommyh
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Reboot, @Ana Raquel, @Vesperly, @thommyh (9.5) @Conan, @ThighHighs (9) @Kuhleezi, @ry123, @OspreyQueen, @enjoy v2.0
    CHEAP UNNIES: (2) @Empty Shoebox (4) @Salami, @Mikl C, @nikkysan, @Vixen, @savilizabeths (5) @Coming Century


    5 voters: 50 (average: 7.00000)
    10 voters: 75 (average: 6.65000)
    15 voters: 89 (average: 6.76667)
    20 voters: 88 (average: 6.96250)
    25 voters: 93 (average: 6.87000)
    30 voters: 89 (average: 7.17500)
    35 voters: 87 (average: 7.31429)
    40 voters: 85 (average: 7.37500)
    45 voters: 90 (average: 7.22778)
    48 voters: 89 (average: 7.27604)

    (G)I-DLE take a hit as Pop/Stars become their first song to be eliminated. They still have three more entries though. Talent!

    Let's first explain what a K/DA is. It's actually a fictional K-Pop group composed of Ahri, Akali, Evelynn and Kai'Sa. They are a group formed through League of Legends, an online game. In the music video, Ahri is voiced by Miyeon while Akali is voiced by Soyeon. Evelynn and Kai'Sa are voiced by Madison Beer and Jaira Burns respectively. It's a lot to take in, I know, but we survived LOOΠΔ's pre-debut lore shenanigans. This K/DA stuff is nothing compared to the LOOΠΔverse.

    K/DA's 'debut single' is Pop/Stars. And I can't lie, this is some kind of a trashy EDM bawperoo. I get pumped up every time I listen to it. Once again, Soyeon absolutely murders everyone and their moms with her rap verses. I'm honestly at loss of words at this unnie's talent. She's just... it. I also think this is some of Miyeon's best vocal performance. There's something so rough about her voice here that I don't hear from Girdle's music. It's rather nice. Madison Beer and Jaira Burns also sound solid.

    I will say that I'm afraid this won't age well. I mean, it was just released last November and I'm... kinda... over it already. Still, it's a cute little collaboration for 1/3 of Girdle and I hope we get more in the future.

    nikkysan will start us off. You can now breathe, unnie!: "This sounds like a Little Mix reject." Ddddd I'm not super familiar with Little Mix's music so no comment xoxo. RUNAWAY is disgusted: "this was just…..so basic. Why the fuck did the girls say yes to be on this song? League of Legends? REALLY??" I mean, online games are actually a big market, right? So I understand this collaboration's existence. He serves some honest tea: "I don’t love this as much, to be honest. It was fun live and video form. Soyeon continues to be a goddess."

    "??? I just can’t take this seriously," purrs Salami. Poor unnie. Serg. is over it: "It was cute for the first two listens after that it kinda got annoying, they've done better." And Empty Shoebox? Well, the unnie is NOT FEELING IT: "One point for Miyeon, one point for Soyeon, and no points for R*ot G*mes. Bunch of sexist wankstains. Am I being harsh? Yes, but no more so than usual. I find the lyrics to this to be utter trash. There's probably lots of Korean songs here with worse lyrics, but I don't notice that because I don't speak Korean. Ignorance is bliss after all. Miyeon didn't go to the effort of escaping from YG's dungeon just so her animated character could sit in a launderette." I feel like you have a pail of tea about Riot Games. tell_me.mp3!

    eccentricsimply loves to make teenage boys cry: "I absolutely adore Soyeon and Miyeon participating in a bop and managing to piss off several angry teenage boys at the same time. Amazing. And they don't even have a year of debut." Cotton Park is a little... lost???: "I love that Miyeon and Soyeon get some major Western props but this has that, I don't know what it is, that thing I don't like about Western Pop. (See Kiss and Make Up.) And now... I can't stop listening to it. Fuck." And Miyawakiwi rightfully gives all the credit to our Girdle girls: "Even tho the concept was made by the game company (G)I-DLE made it theirs, they’re probably the best rookies right now."

    Kuhleezi's dreams are getting realized: "I'm getting my hopes up for a 100% edgy girl group banger from these girls." Same though. Soojin will kill us all. Reboot channels Mariah Carey sunbaenim's famous quote: "I still have no idea what this is for/who the other girls are, but I love this song. Miyeon sounds so good." ThighHighs recognizes talentry: "This has only gotten better and better for me. Soyeon is such a star god DAMN!" And ryjm is a recycling advocate: "This gave me a full on nerdgasm, combining all the things I love into one dope ass bop! Gaming (check), KPOP (check)…(G)I-DLE (check…well kinda). This came as a total surprise and has no right to be anywhere near as enjoyable as it is. The song was produced by a bunch of gaming developers and it knocks so hard, the video is also stunning (Break The Ice could never). I could do without the English singers to be honest, this would be even more awesome if all of (G)I-DLE got characters. Once again this just goes to show how much star power Soyeon has, she is a motherfucking (K)POP STAR!" Still love the commentary, babe!

    We give the floor to thommyh. The good unnie's Supersarang Song really had some of y'all pressed dddd: "YAAAS! Alright, this song was my supersarang so, listen up: Firstable, b-i..c-t-h.. I know this didn't get my 11 but I wouldn't want to waste it on one of the first outs (probably..? if this places high I'm gonna be so mad, girl I-) Secondly, this song goes SO fucking hard. I know a lot of people wish it was all K-Pop or all Korean girl group members forming K/DA, but I think all the girls' voices go together really well and they really sell the song as a fun little bussy throbbing club pop bop. G-IDLE's members really, really shine here. The pre-chorus and chorus is so damn catchy and the song just keeps its energy going. Then the music video for this is so fucking smooth and clean and breathtaking. OH and the live performance for it too. Miyeon & Madison's lewks with that black and pink outfits.. oh,_work_bitch.gif. ONLY this nation's #1 digital girl group. I really hope we get some more songs from them in 2019, don't give them the YG treatment, Riot Games!"

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