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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. The song screams ending credits of a flop TV movie. Madison Beer is lowkey iconic in the performance though, I would absolutely let her join (G)I-DLE as their 7th member.
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  2. It's decidedly not terrible but I stopped listening to it.
    EDIT: Never mind.
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  3. I doubt anyone would have guessed that I would be the low scorer for a Girdle song.
  4. Pop/Stars is pretty good. I came across one of the not-GIDLE girls on Spotify the other day and I liked what I heard.
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  5. It has its moments.
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  6. He


    I can’t remember how it goes but I like the Fox girl.
  7. Wait, that sounds like I didn't like it, when I actually gave it an 8, ddd.
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  8. noooooooooooooooooooooo I love this
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  9. I like it but yeah... You get bored of it pretty quickly
    As to why they would take this, think about all the exposure they got from this, it was a good move!
  10. @Slice of Life unnie clocking me for recycling my commentary...
    I experienced writer's fatigue...I'm so sorry.

    I will take time to reflect upon my actions and return with a better image.
    ♡ 감사합니다 ♡
  11. Who is that?
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  12. Jeon Soyeon of (G)I-DLE aka the current reigning queen of my heart.
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  13. whew... not me having to read all this pop/stars slander from the past week or so leading up to this elimination (I'll see you in court). Yeah, the song isn't totally perfect and it's kinda of become stale for me now nn. I do bop to it every so often, though. The music video is still pretty gorgeous, tbh!

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  14. [​IMG]



    SUPERSARANG: @Artemisia
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @junglefish, @soratami (9.75) @savilizabeths (9.5) @Oleander (9) @Cotton Park, @Serg., @BEST FICTION, @ThighHighs, @eliminathan
    CHEAP UNNIES: (4) @Wills (4.5) @Dangerous Maknae (5) @ryjm (5.5) @Salami, @Sanctuary, @Ana Raquel, @Conan


    5 voters: 80 (average: 6.50000)
    10 voters: 90 (average: 6.40000)
    15 voters: 85 (average: 6.81667)
    20 voters: 88 (average: 6.96250)
    25 voters: 90 (average: 7.05000)
    30 voters: 91 (average: 7.12500)
    35 voters: 90 (average: 7.28571)
    40 voters: 90 (average: 7.25000)
    45 voters: 88 (average: 7.28889)
    48 voters: 88 (average: 7.30208)

    We say goodbye to our second GFriend song. This is Love Bug.

    Love Bug is taken from GFriend's sixth mini album, Time for the Moon Night. It was written by David Amber, Andy Love and Ryan S. Jhun. And yes, this is great!

    2018 was the year when I truly started loving GFriend's albums. I greatly enjoyed both the Time for the Moon Night and Sunny Summer mini albums. Love Bug was one of the highlights of Time for the Moon Night. I think the production is so precious. It's an energetic take on the retro sound that is ever present in K-Pop.

    The fifteen million key changes are a little unnecessary but I can overlook that. What I can't overlook is Sowon's rapping. I'm sorry, unnie, but your rap on Love Bug is a mess. Thankfully, Miss Babygirl Umji saves the day with the ~lyrics of our generation~: "kiss me quick, my Romeo." Iconique.

    Love Bug didn't get a lot of comments. Honestly, even its scores are a little too safe. No one hated it enough to give it a score below 4. Talent!

    Salami is trying so don't kill him, @junglefish: "I really do want to like them but I just don’t :(" WELL TRY HARDER. yuuurei is back at being bitter: "A little overly saccharine for me." And eccentricsimply questions the song's originality: "I feel like I've listened to this song several times from different girl groups."

    Lowest scorer, Wills, clocks the three trillion key changes: "Is it just me, or does the key change every 10 seconds or so? This goes far too many places, none of which are particularly interesting." He does as well: "Scored higher for the “my sweet romeo” part. The chorus doesn’t need that key change, though." Miyawakiwi uses Fingertip to destroy GFriend: "It’s cute and all, but i wish they would try something new, ever since fingertip flopped it’s like they became scared of trying somenthing else." Fingertip was iconique but it's hardly their best single. There I said it.

    Serg. swerves @eliminathan's attacks: "Sowon stop rapping baby please!!! (Don't come for me @eliminathan) other than pretty much a perfect Gfriend song." Cotton Park is lost yet again: "Their "Hear To The Wind Sing" of 2018. Eh, actually, it's not quite that good. Maybe if I saw them do it. Okay, I just did. Summer Live in Japan. Fuck it. This song is awesome." And codecat goes off-topic: "Ohhh this was so good but I only think about that tweet of Sowon walking down the runway to this why does it send me so much." LINK THE TWEET. I HAVE NOT SEEN IT.

    ThighHighs praises @Artemisia: "God bless the buddy that chose this! The week that they were performing this live was the best week of my life!" That unnie didn't vote though. I'm like TT. And I have to end this post with GFriend's current biggest KPJ anti, ryjm, as he discovers a GFriend song that he can actually stomach: "Shook at the intro to this being a massive red herring! The first few seconds I was like…”oh no please let me like something from these girls” and then *PLOT TWIST* they switched it up and yath this is my favourite thing from them I’ve heard." Baby steps, unnie. Baby steps. EDIT: OKAY WAIT. You only gave it a 5 despite you openly admitting it's your favourite??????? Cancelled again.

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  15. Sis, it’s not the first GFRIEND song out. Sunny Summer has already been eliminated ddd.
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  16. The Sowon antis really showing their ass on this here day tbh. All three of the parts that Sowon did, Yerin also does, but she doesn't get called out. @Serg. found quaking at the sight of Sowon's godly raps.

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    I'm so sorry. I'll edit it now. ♡
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  18. Ddddddd, why aren't people giving 10s to their supersarangs?
    EDIT: Oh, wait @Artemisia didn't vote at all. Got it.

    Love Bug is cute, the twinkly post-chorus and the key change in the chorus are the highlights.
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  19. Noooo Love Bug shouldn't have left us so soon..........a nightmare........................Yuju sounds marvelous in it. Drive me CRAAAAAAAZaaaaaaaAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  20. What do we think will be the last Supersarang standing?
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