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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. How do people live like this? Electric chair

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  2. Boy group stans having no taste shocker.
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  3. Another boy group falls.




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Sanctuary, @ryjm, @evilsin, @Conan, @askew, @sweetlikegrande, @soratami, @enjoy v2.0 (9.5) @junglefish, @eccentricsimply, @ohnostalgia (9.25) @Love Deluxe (9) @Reboot, @OspreyQueen, @savilizabeths
    CHEAP UNNIES: (0) @Miyawakiwi (3) @Empty Shoebox (3.5) @yuuurei (4.25) @thommyh (4.5) @ry123 (5) @Coming Century, @Mikl C, @Vesperly, @Oleander (5.5) @Vixen (6) @Ana Raquel, @He, @Island


    5 voters: 91 (average: 6.00000)
    10 voters: 65 (average: 6.92500)
    15 voters: 82 (average: 6.95000)
    20 voters: 78 (average: 7.33750)
    25 voters: 80 (average: 7.30000)
    30 voters: 89 (average: 7.19167)
    35 voters: 85 (average: 7.36429)
    40 voters: 88 (average: 7.31250)
    45 voters: 88 (average: 7.28889)
    48 voters: 85 (average: 7.39583)

    Eight 10s and couldn't even escape ranking in the 80s. Tragique. With this elimination, we also say goodbye to NCT.

    Baby Don't Stop is a single by NCT U which is a rotating unit of NCT. For this song, only Taeyong and Ten took part. Honestly, NCT U's system is probably the most difficult to understand for me. But I hope y'all got the gist of things ddddd.

    Baby Don't Stop is quite possibly NCT's sexiest single yet and possibly the sexiest song of the whole rate too. It helps that Taeyong and Ten display an enormous amount of charisma to sell the song. NCTwinks did thaT.

    The production is a gem. SM's productions always sound luxurious and Baby Don't Stop's continues that tradition. The synths are deliciously used. I was really surprised at Ten's vocals when I first heard the song. I genuinely thought he didn't have the range ddddd. I remember him as a rapper during The 7th Sense era so I really didn't expect him to be a vocalist here.

    I feel like Baby Don't Stop works better with the visuals though. I find myself enjoying the song more if they are performing it - dance and all. And I don't really stan when I just listen to the audio. It's probably because the vocals can be monotonous at times. There's no variety and the song ends without a change in the vocals. I also don't think this is one of Taeyong's best raps.

    But I really can't separate the song from the visuals so in the end, a score of 8 seemed fair to me.

    Let's start with the thirst comments first. ryjm challenges Taeyong: "Phwoar, Baby Don’t Stop! No, really, baby don’t stop. The best thing to come from whatever the hell NCT 2018 was. Taeyong does things to me and I am more than willing to challenge his stamina. To quote Hayley Kiyoko - so thirsty, i'm drowning in it. This song and the video were basically made for the gays." Good luck fighting with his army of fangirls, unnie. evilsin is maybe aroused?: "The sexiest song of the rate. That synth is so dirty, so in-your-face, so daring, it hooks you right from the start. And then the beat kicks in right with those whispery vocals and I don't know where to get aroused or bop to no end. Probably both." Yeah, I'd say both.

    He is almost won over by the sexy parts: "I like the breathy sexy parts, then I remembered they’re like 15. Fun male track." Ddddd only Chenle and Jisung are under 18, unnie. And they're in the NCT Dream unit. Taeyong and Ten got askew weak: "Do I hear 'Gay Rights' or am I being queerbaited with SM's premier twinks? *Ebony Jenkins voice* Yes." OspreyQueen also asks me questions: "Basic? Yes. Repetitive? Yes. Dated? Yes. Still a complete and utter jam regardless? Yes!" And eccentricsimply recognizes the Twink Twosome's talentry: "Honestly of all groups I didn't expect NCT to release the twinky bop of the year, but alas."

    But a lot of y'all also didn't enjoy this. Empty Shoebox is showing ha age again: "Don't whisper to me. If you want to tell me something say it out loud so I can hear it. Am I getting old again?" You'd probably hate me and my weak ass voice in real life dddddd. Serg. sees a different (non-)problem: "How many NCT song titles have 'Baby' in them? Far too much." Meanwhile this is getting on yuuurei's nerves: "Kind of irritating and I get really creeped out by whispering so this just isn't it for me. Also at the end that guy is literally just making random noises. Odd choice."

    Oleander will never not promo RBB: "Red Velvet did this kind of musical mish-mash way better with RBB." The Reveluv jumped out! Miyawakiwi is bored, next: "the song’s boring and it ain’t going anywhere, the melody doesn’t hold any surprises, and ten/taeyong’s voice/rap doesn’t give it any life either, next." And thommyh has better things to use ha data for: "They can beg all they want to make me not stop using my data to listen to the song but I'm absolutely gonna stop, hun! Keep it!"

    Reboot is maybe gonna give NCT a chance in the future?: "I was ready to write this song off based on the fact that it’s by NCT, but it … kinda makes me want to listen to it on repeat for one hour? The production is really good and I like the build-up to the last chorus." ThighHighs' NCT-hating ass somehow recognizes talent: "When this first came out I thought it was tuneless garbage like the rest of NCTs music. However, after a few listens, it started to make sense to me. I still don’t think it’s all that amazing, but it’s a fun bop and the boys do their best." And surprisingly, Salami is here for it as well: "I like this more each time I listen to it. Had the same with Fire Truck." WAIT @ you being a secret NCT stan.

    I cannot not end this post with Kuhleezi Iggz's rap debut. A whole fucking mess. I stan:
    "It's Iggy Iggz
    Hold up, is this my beat from Fancy 2014
    Who dat K-Pop the kids are stanning?
    PR told me there's sweet coins to make
    Kay, rewind, second take
    First things first don't stop baby
    Cause I'ma show you who the real boss baby
    Got them grills baby no I ain't afraid to use em
    White flow better than your fave Eminem
    Bee ba bee ba da my boo Korea
    Nicki what's good? Where's yo career?
    Buy my face mask for my sweet down under
    Single dopest buss since Cook came to conquer
    NCT let's get it"


  4. Possibly but not truly, unnie!

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  5. And my favourite boy group song of the rare falls. That one hurts, unnies.
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  6. Weird, I had a feeling this one would be the next out. Good riddance tbh, that whispered chorus was literally cringe-inducing.

    Also I did listen to Lullaby and I AM mad! It at least deserved to stay in longer than this NCT-whatever thing. Tasteless heathens etc.
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  7. I thought we had already lost all of NCT's songs dddd
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  8. Ugh, my first 10 and commented track.
  9. Lullaby would be top ten if a girl group did it. There's a lot of songs like that in this list.
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  10. He


    I don't feel bad for any other group falling wherever since Lullaby is out.
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  11. I gave an NCT track a higher score than @Slice of Life ? The decay.
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  13. Curse you, @Kuhleezi! I was planning to include a rap in my commentary but I forgot all about it while I wrote my commentary.

    Plus they have the most sensual song, too.

    Actually, they're tied with Gyeong Ree on that one.

    9Muses is over but please give us a Gyeong Ree mini or something, S*** E*****.
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  14. Happy (Belated) International Women's Day!

    Let's kill another man, shall we?




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Reboot, @yuuurei, @Oleander, @eliminathan (9.5) @eccentricsimply, @Vesperly (9.25) @Love Deluxe (9) @ryjm, @askew, @sweetlikegrande, @Cotton Park
    CHEAP UNNIES: (3.5) @Gintoki (5) @Salami, @Sanctuary, @Mikl C, @codecat, @Ana Raquel, @Empty Shoebox (5.25) @Dangerous Maknae (6) @Serg., @He, @Wills


    5 voters: 59 (average: 6.80000)
    10 voters: 81 (average: 6.57500)
    15 voters: 75 (average: 7.13333)
    20 voters: 85 (average: 7.12500)
    25 voters: 86 (average: 7.21000)
    30 voters: 83 (average: 7.35000)
    35 voters: 73 (average: 7.51429)
    40 voters: 80 (average: 7.47500)
    45 voters: 79 (average: 7.51111)
    48 voters: 84 (average: 7.40625)

    Taemin's lone solo entry, Under My Skin, has just been evicted from the rate at number 84. Que horror! Will this finally unite the feuding Taemints of our subforum and drag us for rating this so low??? Kii.

    Under My Skin is taken from Taemin's first full Japanese album, Taemin. And yeah, I may have rated this lower than I should have shgksdgfks. This is actually stunning??? This is easily a 9 wtf.

    Under My Skin is a power ballad and boy did Taemin kill those vocals. Although Taemin is a competent vocalist, I never really regarded him as a power vocalist. But on Under My Skin, his vocals definitely made some points that I may have not considered before. I mean, his vocals truly soar in the chorus. Iconique.

    I also have to highlight the music video for being so aesthetically pleasing. Even without Taemin doing some intricate dance number, the music video is still very watchable. Taemin in that red coat is a vision.

    He has a confession to make: "I have to admit I don’t enjoy Taemin’s most dramatic moments. But this moody bop is cute." Wills doesn't find this interesting: "He’s great, but this kind of overwrought ballad just isn’t doing much for me amidst all the other, more interesting things going on in recent music." ThighHighs is on the same boat: "I kinda dig the throwback power ballad he’s got going on here, but I don’t think it’s particularly interesting. Still it sounds good and he looks great in the video."

    Serg. drags the Japanese releases of K-Pop artists dddd: "He's had far better in the past but it's a Japanese release no one cares about them since like 2012." So you don't care about Twice's Japan domination huh. Noted. Miyawakiwi is thankful for the lack of hip thrusts: "I’m not a fan of solo Taemin, but his voice does go well with the music, not having him hip thrusting the floor for once in a music video was a first." But it is codecat who really dragged the good sis Taemin: "Sia should have stayed quiet @ Beyoncé's deluxe dungeon instead of expanding to Asia like this." I--- I'm...

    ryjm worships Taemin: "I've probably said this before, but it is worth repeating, Taemin is just so damn spectacular. His voice is so powerful, so beautiful and imbued with so much emotion that it just transcends language barriers. And the video!? The DRAMA...well the wind, a simple yet evocative piece." Even noted misandrist Empty Shoebox is kinda here for it: "This is very smooth. sounds like it should be on a soundtrack." Talent! And thommy just hails Taemin as: "gay vampire king!"

    yuuurei has discovered talentry!: "I'd never heard this before this rate but I really really like it, it's a beautiful song. The lyrics really spoke to me." You're welcome. And Reboot stans for dear life: "Taemin making every other male solo artist in the world irrelevant with this gorgeous song. Talent." I mean, tea.

    Let's have eccentricsimply, Taemin's biggest KPJ stan, end this post even though she didn't give this a 10: "King of VISUALS. Like literally, his music videos seem to be getting prettier and prettier every year and the Japanese ones are so dramatic, it's inspiring."


  15. That was my favourite boyband/male vocals song in the rate so it's diappointing it didn't even make it to the top 10. I do have another boyband 10 left though.
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  16. This was in my top 5 songs of 2018, it's just so grand, so ethereal, so moving. I am just in awe at everything happening right now. @Reboot, @yuuurei, and @Oleander are the only hunties I can trust, the rest of y'all...need Jesus or something I don't know at this point.
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  17. I prefer Taemin’s bops to his ballads but this is still really pretty. Definitely the weakest of the three SHINee solo efforts in the Rate though.
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  18. I wasn't going to give this song a 10 because I don't think it deserves a 10 compared to other stuff in the rate or even in his album BUT y'all still did Taemin dirty.
  19. I couldn't fully get into Under My Skin, so it was only fine to me in the end.
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